Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Still Has You
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

The Oracle Meeting
By Max Bellamy

Fry and Morpheus stand at a door.

Morpheus: I can only show you the door Fry. It is you who must walk through it.

Fry: Why?

Morpheus: Because I'm lazy.

Fry: Oh.

Morpheus: Now I must go, for I have a game of D&D to complete back in Zion.

Morpheus walks away. Fry Turns toward the door. He slowly reaches for the knob when the door suddenly opens and a monster appears.

Monster: BOO!

Fry: AHHH!!!!

The monster turns out to be Seraph in a mask.

Seraph: Ha Ha! Scared you!

Fry punches Seraph. Seraph falls to the floor unconcience. Fry walks into the room and sees a bunch of children playing.

Fry: Hmm... Must be the other potentials.

Fry sees kids using their minds to play with the blocks. He then turns to see a kid bend some spoons with his mind.

Fry: Hmm...That looks interesting.

He walks up to the spoon kid. The Kid gives Fry a spoon.

Spoon Kid: Do not try and bend the spoon.

Fry bends the spoon.

Fry: What? I wasn't paying attention.

Spoon kid throws a spoon at Fry. Fry runs away in terror into the kitchen, where he finds the Oracle.

Oracle: I bet you made the spoon kid angry.

Fry: How did you know?

Oracle: I could hear you know.

Fry: Right.

Oracle turns around.

Oracle: Let me get a good look at you.

She grabs his face and turns his head.

Oracle: Say ah.

Fry: Ahh...

The Oracle retches.

Oracle: Ugh! You have bad breath.

Fry: Look, am I the one or not?

Oracle: Let me read your palm.

Fry: What are you? Ms. Cleo or something? I'm not gojng the let you read my plam!

Oracle: Oh for heaven's gate!

Grabs Fry's hand. The Oracle reads Frys palm.

Oracle: Oh ho. Uh hmm.. Ah Ha!

Fry: What?

Oracle: Bender is going to steal you wallet in 2 seconds.


The real world.

While Fry is hooked up to the Matrix, Bender snatches Fry's wallet from his pants!

Bender: I'm gonna go get hammered!


The Matrix

Fry checks his pocket. The wallets gone.

Fry: Wow. Your good.

Oracle: Duh. I'm the Oracle!

Fry: So, am I the one?

Oracle: No, Neo's the one.

Fry: Damn!

Oracle: Your the Two.

Fry: Double damn! What does that mean?

Oracle: It means your Neo's succesor.

Fry: So if he dies, I become the one? Zam!

Oracle: Yes.

Fry: Ok, that's all I need to know. Bye!

Oracle: Wait! Take a cookie.

Fry: Oh, fine. It better not have poison in it.(Takes a bite) Oh man this is great!

Oracle: Cookies need love like everything does.

The Oracle grabs Frys arm. Fry looks at her.

Fry: AHHHHH!!!!!!

Fry drops the cookie and runs away.

Oracle: I should've taken this cookie and shoved it right up his--