Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix: Rebooted, Part 6
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Planet Express

Neo lets go of the stick after inserting it into Fry's head.

Neo: Good luck Fry.

Neo turns and sees 5 sentinels pop out of the hole and charge at the building. Neo quickly goes to the button that Leela was at and presses it. The metal covering wraps around Planet Express, blocking the sentinels from getting in. Neo picks up the unconscious Leela and sets her down by Fry.

Morpheus: How does Fry think he could destroy someone as powerful as Smith?

Neo: He'll find a way. He always does.


Scene: The Matrix

Fry is standing on a tall building looking around. Rain pours from the sky. To him, it's just code. Fry sees millions of Smiths all around the city. But only sees one stretch of road with Smiths standing in a row on each side. Fry flies down on to the street, curious on what is happening. He walks down the road and sees every Smith staring at him with an evil look on their faces. Fry looks at them like there nothing. Fry looks up and sees hundreds of Smiths inside the buildings looking down on him. Fry begins to worry, not knowing what awaits him. Fry stops. A single Smith walks out of the crowd and turns to him.

Smith: Mr. Fry, welcome back. We missed you.

Fry keeps on staring.

Smith: Like what I done with the place? It's better than I imagined. It seems the machines world is now MY world.(Fry keeps looking)I see from your silence you don't want to say anything, but you will.

Fry: It ends tonight Smith.

Smith: I know It does.

Fry: How's that?

Smith: I've seen it, Mr. Fry.

Fry has a confused look on his face.

Smith: Confused? Well, I knew you would be. You see after you left. I visited an old friend of yours. Someone you know very well.

Fry: The Oracle. You.....

Smith: Yes Mr. Fry I did. now I am more powerful than anything in this world and in yours. I know every outcome of everything. Including what will happen this night.

Fry: What?

Smith: I'm the one that beats you.

Fry: I choose my own fate. No one else can.

Smith: You can't fight fate, Mr. Fry.

Fry: Yes I can. And after tonight, I'm the one that beats you.

They clench their fists as they stare into one another's eyes with anger and hatred. They soon run at each other, they know that everything that has transpired has come to this. After tonight, one of them will win.

The battle is on. Each punch that is thrown has the force of a sledgehammer, and each punch is blocked. Fry manages to get a hit but Smith bounces back by grabbing Fry and kneeing him in the stomach. Fry hit Smith hard in the gut. Smith flinches but strikes back, hitting Fry in the face. Fry and Smith throw a punch at the same time, and they collide at the same time. Fry and Smith fly in the air and they both crash into the ground, creating small craters. They get back up. Smith charges at Fry and knocks him on the ground. Smith begins to punch Fry around. Fry grabs Smith and throws him to the side. Fry quickly gets back up and hits Smith over the head and uppercuts him, sending him flying in the air. Suddenly, something is different, something that Fry has never seen before.

Smith has stopped....in midair.

Smith: I told you Mr. Fry! I am the most powerful being in this world, and nothing can stop me! Not even you. It's inevitable Mr. Fry!

Fry flies up in the air at supersonic speed and headbutts Smith in the face, breaking his glasses off. Smith grabs Fry by the leg and spins him around and throws him at a building. Fry hits a building so hard that the glass ripples like water and almost instantly shatters and implodes on Fry. Smith watches the building crumple. He looks up and sees to his shock that Fry is still in midair. Fry flies to him and kicks him in the side sending him spinning. He stops himself and flies right back at Fry. Fry throws a punch but Smith grabs his fist and throws him over his shoulder, flying into another building. Fry falls on the wood floor of the building. His sunglasses are wrecked. He takes them off and looks at the hole he just came through. He sees Smith on the other side. Smith flies in but Fry jumps right over him and Smith flies around the room and stops and sees Fry. They both fly at each other and hit each other. Smith is unharmed and Fry hits the wall and falls down. Fry spits out some blood and he sees Smith walking over to him.


Scene: Planet Express.

Leela is waking up.

Leela: Ugh. What happened?

Trinity: Neo. Leela's awake.

Neo: Leela? Are you OK?

Leela: Neo? What are you doing here?

Neo: We destroyed most of the sentinels with our EMP. We should be safe for now.

Leela: Where's Fry?

Leela looks to her side and sees Fry hooked up to the matrix.

Leela: What's happening?

Neo: He's fighting Smith.

Leela: But he's going to kill him! Why didn't you stop him?

Neo: We tried. He wouldn't go through with it.

Leela: I'm going in.

Neo: No Leela, it's too dangerous. He might kill you.

Leela: I'm going to save Fry whether you like it or not! Now do it.

Neo: Are you sure?

Leela: I would die for him.

Neo: OK then.

Neo hooks her up to the Matrix.


Scene: The Matrix

Smith is walking up to Fry.

Smith: Can you feel it Mr. Fry? Oh I can. I really should thank you after all, it was your life that taught me the purpose of all life. The purpose of life is to end.

Fry gets up. He runs at Smith and knocks him down and smacks him around alittle. Smith grabs Fry and throws him against the wall. Smith gets back up and walks over the Fry. Smith grabs Fry and throws him out the window. Smith jumps down and makes Fry's decent towards earth faster. They hit the ground, making a big crater. Smith punches Fry around.

Smith: You can't win Fry!

Voice: Hey!

Smith turns and sees a fist fly at his face. he get knocked back and falls on the ground. The person who punched him was Leela. She sees the wounded Fry and tends to him.

Leela: Fry! Wake up.

Fry: Leela?

Leela: Fry.

Fry: What are you doing here?

Leela: I came to save you.

Fry: Are you crazy? You have to go now before he comes back!

Leela: Fry I don't think he would--

Leela is grabbed by the neck by Smith and is thrown across the street. Leela slowly gets up. Smith grabs her neck and raises her up in the air. Fry is too weak to get up.

Fry: Smith..! No!

Smith: You have interfered in our fight. Now I'll make sure you do that no more.

Fry: (Weakly) Don't do it!

Smith plunges his hand into Leela's chest. Fry looks on in horror as the black goop surrounds Leela's body. Smith lowers her down as the process is finishing. Leela has now turned into a Smith. Smith looks happly at the Smith that he created. Suddenly, Smith hears a loud rumbleing from behind him. He turns around and sees Fry burst out of the crater with glowing green eyes. He has gathered all the strength and energy hes has to fight.

Fry flies fast Smith and picks him up and takes him to the skies. Fry punches Smith multiple times and throws him in the air. Fry flies over Smith and punches him as hard as he could. Smith falls down onto a building and the building collapses on him. Smith is buried in the wreckage. Fry turns around an sees the Smith, still standing in the street looking at him. Fry still sees Leela inside of him.

Fry: I can still save her....I can.

Fry flies at the Smith at supersonic speed and dives into the Smiths body. The Smith doesn't know what just happened. Suddenly, he begins to shake, the skin is cracking with a green glow. The Smith screams. He explodes and Fry flies out with Leela's body. He sets her down gently on the street. She's unconscious.

Fry: Leela, please wake up. I lost you once, I'm not going to loose you again. So please, just wake up. Please?

Leela: (Wakes up) Fry? What happened?

Fry hugs her. Tears of joy form in his eyes.

Fry: You came back.

Fry looks at the ruined building. He knows Smith is still alive, watching, waiting. Fry's smile soon disappears knowing what he has to do.

Fry: I'm sorry. You have to go. (takes out cellphone. He calls link)

Link: (on phone) Operator.

Fry: Link I need an exit for Leela.

Link: You got it.

Fry: (To Leela) Listen to me, you have to go.

Leela: I'm staying with you.

Fry: No, I'm not going to loose you 3 times. This is my problem. Now I must end it.

The pay phone next to them rings.

Fry: You have to go.

Leela walks to the payphone.

Leela: Will I see you again?

Fry: I don't know.

Leela: What if you fail?

Fry: I won't.

Leela:If you did, what will I do without you? Who will comfort me? Who will be by my side?

Leela cries. Fry walks up to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

Fry: Leela, even if I don't make it. You can still see me.

Leela: How?

Fry: All you have to do is close your eye. And dream. I'll be there. When your awake, you may not see me, but I'll be there. Now go. I want to see how it ends.

Leela nods. She steps inside the payphone.

Fry: It's strange. This place brought brought us together. Now it will bring us apart.

Leela: Good-bye Fry.

Fry: Good-bye Leela.

Fry kisses her and closes the payphone door.

Fry: I love you. Always.

Leela: I love you too.

Leela puts the phone to her ear and disappears. Fry steps out onto the road. He looks at the crumbled building.

Fry: I know you out there Smith! Come out.

The ground rumbles violently. Smith explodes out of the ground with hate in his eyes.

Fry: Let's finish this.

Fry gives Smith the "Bring it" hand signal. Smith flies at Fry. Fry flies at Smith head on. Their heads collide sending a shock wave. The wave breaks thousands of windows. Glass shard rain upon them as they continue the fight in the air. They rise up fighting as the Smiths below and in the buildings watch and wait who will be victorious. Lightning strikes past them, narrowly avoiding hitting them. Fry flies off. Smith waits for his attack. Fry flies at Smith and delivers a triple punch to the gut and Smith flinches. Smith grabs Fry's arm and throws him through many buildings. Fry goes flying back through the holes he made straight back at Smith. Fry kicks Smith over the head sending him spinning out of control. Smith stops and circles around Fry like a shark. Fry waits for Smith to attack. Smith flies straight at Fry. Both of their attacks are ready, both strike at the same time.

The two attacks collide.

A shock wave of water from the rain spreads throughout the city. The wave clears. Fry falls from the sky. Smith hits Fry to make his decent faster. Fry keeps on fighting Smith during the fall. Both fall closer and closer to earth. They hit the ground with a loud BOOM! They make a giant crater that takes out 5 buildings. The Smiths walk towards the crater, wondering who has won the ultimate battle. They look over and see Smith, standing triumphantly over Fry's body. Smith looks down at Fry. Fry wakes up. He begins to crawl.

Smith: Why Mr. Fry? Why? Why? Why? Why do you do it? Huh? Why get up? What, do you think your fight for something other than for you survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it for truth, perhaps peace? Could it be for LOVE? Illusions Mr Fry, vagaries of perceptions. Feeble constructs of the human mind that serve without meaning or purpose! And all of them as artificial as the matrix itself! Although, only a human mind can come up with something as insipid as love. You must see it, you must know it by now! It's impossible to deny it! I'm going to win Fry! Why can't you understand that? Why do you keep going? Why must you do this? Why Mr. Fry? Why do you persist!?

Fry gets up.

Fry: Why? I keep fighting, because I caused this from happening. I keep fighting, because I want to end this. I keep fighting, because the only woman I cared about, almost died because of you. I keep fighting, because I have to save my friend. I keep fighting... because I choose to.

Smith runs up to Fry and punches him in the face. Fry tries to block the attacks but is too dazed from the impact of the fall. Fry is punched in the stomach and blood flows out of his mouth. Fry blocks an attack. With all his strength, he delivers the most powerful punch he has ever delivered. He hits Smiths face like the force of a sledgehammer. Fry delivers more powerful punches to Smith's face. Smith is dazed and on the verge of falling down. Fry punches Smith in the chest, sending him into the side of the crater. Fry stands tired. He looks up at the Smiths. Nothing is happening. Fry knows the battle isn't over. The ground rumbles and Smith bursts out.

Smith: This is MY world! MY world!

Smith grabs Fry and throws him around. He grabs Fry again and punches him multiple times. Smith throws Fry against the wall. Fry falls. Smith walks up to Fry, but stops himself.

Smith: Wait. I've seen this. Yes this is it, this is the end! You were laying there, right there, just like that. And...I'm supposed to say something. I say..."Everything that has a beginning has and end Fry."

Fry opens his eyes. He remembers what she said during the conversation.

Fry: (whispers) I know what I have to do.

Smith: What? That's what I say? No, that can't be right.

Fry gets up.

Smith: Get away from me!

Fry: What are you afraid of? Isn't this what you wanted? Isn't this what you dreamed about?

Smith: It's a trick! Your tricking me somehow!

Fry: No. You were right Smith. You were right. It was inevitable.

Smith runs up to Fry and plunges his fist into Fry's chest. Fry looks down, accepting his fate. He closes his eyes.

Fry: (whispers)Leela.

The black goop covers his face. The goop vanishes and a Smith is in place of Fry. Smith looks at his creation. Still afraid of what might happen.

Smith: Is it--is it over? Is this the end?

The Smith shakes his head. He opens his mouth to speak. Smith is terrified because the voice is not of Smith........but of Fry.

Fry: No. This is.

Smith/Fry shakes violently, the shell of Smith begins to break. The shell shatters and underneath is Fry made up of glowing Matrix code. Smith is scared.

Smith: No! No! It's impossible!

Fry: Not impossible. Inevitable. Good bye, Mr Smith.

Light glows out of Fry's eyes as he screams at the tip of his lungs. His arms stretched out with light glowing out of his hands.


Scene: Planet Express.

Fry's eyes are glowing and he is screaming. Everyone is covering their eyes. The sentinels outside are wondering what is going on.


Scene:The Matrix.

Fry glows brighter and brighter, Smith covers his eyes. All the energy in the matrix is transferring itself to him. He remembers what he said to Leela.

Fry: "I want to see how it ends"

Fry smiles. He closes his eyes and......


An explosion of energy spreads throughout the matrix, destroying everything in sight. Smith is incinerated by the blast and all the other Smiths are eliminated. Every building is destroyed.


Scene: Planet Express.

A burst of energy comes out of Fry and knocks everyone back. The metal armor explodes off the building and destroys all the remaining Sentinels.

It's all over.

Everyone gets back up. They see the glow of Fry has disappeared.


Scene: The Matrix.

Fry is still standing in the crater. Hi arms are still outstretched. He looks down and sees the Oracle lying there in place of Smith. Fry smiles. He falls to the floor and closes his eyes.

Fry dies.


Scene: Planet Express

Fry lets out one last breath and dies. A tear drops from Leela's eye. She looks down and sees Bender's disk. She picks it up and removes the disk from Bender's head and places Bender's disk in his head. Bender wakes up.

Bender: Hey!

Bender looks and sees everyone standing around him. He sees the wreckage around him.

Bender: What happened?

No one says a word. Bender sees the Matrix Disk in Leela's hand. He sees the matrix equipment. He takes out the chord which connected him to the machine. And lastly, he see Fry's dead body on the chair next to him.

Bender: Is he.....?

Leela nods and a tear drips from her eye. Bender gets up and looks a the dead Fry. He begins to cry, but he tries to hold it in. He takes a blanket, and puts it over Fry.


(Time lapse)

The coroner comes and takes Fry's body away. Neo comes up to Leela.

Neo: He was a good man.

Leela: No. He was a great man.

We go into the matrix disk.


Scene: The Matrix.

The Matrix is still functional inside. The Matrix is now fixed. The destruction has been repaired. The differences are that Smith is no more. And a gravestone for Fry is at the grave yard. The Oracle, Seraph and Sati are standing in front of the grave stone.

Sati: Will we ever see Smith again?

Oracle: No.

Sati: What about Fry?

Oracle: No. We won't. But SHE will.

Seraph: Who?

Oracle: Someone who really cared about him. And he loved her so much, that he died for her.

Seraph: What?

Oracle: You see Seraph. Fry didn't do this for his friend. He didn't do this for me or anyone else. He did this for her. The woman he truly loved. Now, when she dreams at night. He will appear to her. He will spend everyday in her dreams. Until she dies too. You see, he did this for love.

Seraph smiles. Seraph takes Sati and walks away. The Oracle looks back at the grave and reads. The Oracle smiles. Sati calls out.

Sati: Come on Oracle!

Oracle: Well, it was fun while it lasted.

She walks away from the grave. The Grave reads

"Here Lies Phillip J. Fry. The One Who Brought Us A New World, And Will Never Be Forgotten."



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