Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix: Rebooted, Part 5
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Planet Express.

Fry and Leela try to devise a plan to stop the sentinels.

Fry: I'm out of ideas.

Leela: But your only idea was to drop a big bomb on them.

Fry: Any better ideas?

Leela: Well we could call (gulp) Zapp Brannigan.

Fry: Maybe he could help us out. Unless that's a problem since you two did the hippity-dippity.

Leela: Fry, you should really stop mentioning that.

Fry: Sorry.

Scene: Doop Headquarters.

Zapp is looking at the new model mechanical suits.

Zapp: Wow, these suits are great. You could really blow up some stuff with these. What do you think Kif?

Kif: They're OK.

Amy: Kif, when I said we could go on a vacation, I meant AWAY from Zapp.

Kif: I'm sorry Amy, he wouldn't let me leave.

Zapp: Yes. Who would shave my arm pits when you're gone?

Solider runs in.

Solider: Sir, we have a transmission from the Planet Express building!

Zapp: Well, well, well. She's crawling back to me.

Scene: Planet Express.

Fry and Leela are talking to Zapp on the communicator.

Zapp: Crawling back to the Zapper eh?

Leela: Zapp! Me and Fry are together now.

Zapp: What?! But.....I...

Fry: Can it Zapp! We need your help.

Zapp: Any sex involved with that help?

Leela: NO!

Fry: Look, giant robots from the sewer are coming towards New New York and only you have enough firepower to stop them.

Zapp: Why should I help you?

Leela: Look, If you don't help us, I won't be the only one with one eye!

Zapp: Well, since you are involved with this, I will send wave after wave on men at you disposal. I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Communicator turns off.

Fry: Well, At least we got some help.


10 minutes later............

Zapp's ship drops down. Zapp, Kif and Amy step out. Fry and Leela walk out of Planet Express.

Leela: Amy! Kif! I thought you two were on vacation.

Kif: Long story.

Zapp: Well. Everbody's here.

Fry: What weapons did you bring?

Zapp: I brought Cybernetic suits. I have about 25 of them yet only 23 of my men, including me, can pilot them.

Fry: I'll pilot one.

Leela: Me too.

Fry: No, Leela. It's too dangerous.

Leela: I laugh in the face of danger. Then I kick its ass!

Fry: OK. (checks watch) Oh no! We have only 20 minutes until they get here!

Zapp: Men! Suit up.


15 minutes later........

Everyone is suiting up. Fry attempts to get used to the controls.

Fry: Let's see. I use my legs to walk. My arms to move the well..arms. And these triggers to shoot.

Fires a bullet.

Man: Watch it!

Fry: Sorry!

A noise is heard.

Leela: Oh no.

Fry: There here.

Zapp: Men! Listen up! I don't know what we are facing here, but I swear we will survive. If you don't, then I will survive. But all I'm saying is, If we have to give them you lives...WE GIVE THEM HELL BEFORE WE DOOOO!!!!!!!!

Men cheer. Fry looks at Leela.

Fry: 10 bucks says he dies.

Leela: Done.

Fry pauses for a moment.

Fry: Leela, if we don't make it........

Leela: Don't talk like that. We will make it.

Fry nods. The ground shakes. The fire hydrant blows off.

Zapp: Load up!

The mechs pull out their guns, to ammo shoots out of the sides and latches on to the guns. All of the suits aim at the ground.

Leela turns to Fry

Leela: For Bender?

Fry: For Bender.

The ground blows off, tearing the earth a new one. The sentinels burst out in thousands.

Zapp: Fire!

Everyone fires. Millions of bullets fly in the air hitting sentinel after sentinel. One sentinel looks at Fry and guns for him. Fry sees it and aims right at it and fires into the squid like robot, tearing it up and exploding in Fry face. Fry gets blown back and falls.

Leela: Fry!

A sentinel flys straight towards Leela.

Fry: Look out!

Leela turns around, the sentinel hit Leela and knocks her down. The sentinel is about to attack.

Fry: Hey!

The sentinel looks and sees the barrel of a gun looking straight at it. The last thing it sees is a burst of light and it explodes.

Fry: No one touches my girl.

Leela gets up.

Leela: Thanks.

The battle continues. One mech gets attacked by five sentinels and get torn to shreads. Bolts and body parts go flying everywhere. The army rapidly loses mechs. Multiple buildings are destroyed by sentinels. More and more sentinels try to kill Fry but they keep getting destroyed before they could. Another mech gets dragged down into the hole the sentinels made. Another gets implaled by one of the sentinel's tentacle. The Planet Express bulinding takes heavey damage. Kif and Amy are in the building with extra ammo for the mechs. Despite all this, the Doop is still winning. Every sentnel has been detroyed by tons of bullets. Fry checks his ammo meter, it's almost empty. Almost everyone's ammo is gone. The sentinels dissappear. Only Fry, Leela, Zapp and a couple of men are left.

Solider: Are thay gone?

Solider # 2: We won! Yes.

Fry: This doesn't seem right.

The solider walks up to the hole.

Solider: What are you talking about? They're gone! We won!

All of a sudden, he and his mech are impaled by multiple tentacles. The tentacles tear up him and the mech. More sentinels than before burst out of the ground. The last solider tries to run but the sentinels catch up and tear him apart. Zapp sees he's low on ammo.

Zapp: Kif!

Kif runs out side with ammo. Sentinels pass by him. Kif climbs up on the mech and puts in the first ammo container. He tries to put the second one in, but it's stuck. Zapp sees the ever growing army approaching him.

Zapp: Forget it Kif!

Kif: NO! I won't let my captain die!

Kif put in the second ammo container. Zapp pushes him off. And aims at the sentinels.

Zapp: This is one battle I won't be getting out of.

Zapp fires straight towards the army. The army keeps getting closer and closer to Zapp. Fry and Leela watch as Zapp gets swallowed by the wave of Sentinels. The army leaves. Kif runs to the mech and sees a bloody Zapp. Kif cries over him. Fry and Leela hold back their tears. Zapp may have been a jerk, but he was deep down, he was a good man. They continue the battle, but Leela's ammo ammo runs out. The army heads towards Leela, but she jumps out of the mech before they could get her. She runs into the Planet Express building leaving Fry to battle the sentinels. Fry gets out of his mech and runs to Zapp's. He takes Zapp out and lies him down.

Fry: I'm sorry.

The phone suddenly rings. He quickley runs to it and answers it.

Fry: Neo!

Neo: We'll be there in one minute! You have to signal us somehow!

Fry: OK!

Fry runs to the mech and gets in it. He shoots into the ground.

Scene: The Nebbucanezzar.

More sentinels are following them. They go straight up. They see the hole that Fry is making.

Neo: Faster!

Scene: Outside Planet Express building.

Fry quickley gets out of the mech and some sentinels follow him.

Fry: Leela! Hit the armor button.

Leela hits the button. Armor slides down the building, Kif jumps in before Fry. Fry jumps in before the sentinel gets him the armor crushes the sentinel sending parts everywhere. The Nebbucanezzer bursts out of the ground. The sentinels look.

Morpheus: Burn it Link!

Link hit the button. A EMP blows up. Sentinels drop like flies. The battle is over. All the sentinels are dead.

Amy: It's over.

Fry: Leela! The war is over! Leela?

Leela is on the ground. Her head is bleeding.

Fry: Leela!

He runs to her. He checks her pulse.

Fry: She's unconcious.

He wipes to blood from her head.

Fry: She must've gotten knocked out from the exploding sentinel.

He presses. A button. The metal armor rises up. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus walk in. They see Fry with Leela.

Neo: Fry. Is she....?

Fry: No. She's ok. Nothing a bandage can't fix.

Trinity: It's over now, right?

Fry: No. There's still one more thing I have to do.

Neo: What?

Fry: I have to go back in the Matrix.

Neo: What?!

Trinity: That's crazy.

Link: That's not crazy, it's suicide!

Fry: I have to. It's the only way to stop Smith.

Morpheus: He's back?

Fry: I don't have time to explain! All I know is, I have to stop him from spreading beyond the Matrix!

Fry walks to the chair and sits on it.

Neo: Fry, this is crazy. Smith is very powerful, You might not make it.

Fry: I know. But I'm going to stop him if it kills me.

Amy: Fry.

Fry: Tell Leela I said goodbye.

Amy: I will.

Neo picks up the stick.

Neo: Fry.

Fry looks at Neo.

Fry: Yes?

Neo: What is you cna't stop him? What if you fail?

Fry: I won't. Goodbye Neo.

Neo: Goodbye.

Neo sticks the stick in Fry's head. Fry closes his eyes knowing what will happen when he goes back.

He will defeat Smith. Once and for all.


TO BE CONCLUDED...................