Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix: Rebooted, Part 4
By Max Bellamy

Scene: The Matrix

Neo and Fry run out of club Hel.

Fry: What the hell was that?

Neo: I don't know. It's strange. Come on we have to go.

Fry: Where are we going now?

Neo: We're going to go see her.

Fry: (Thinks for a moment) Oh. Ok. Let's go.

Scene: The Nebbucanezzar

Link, Trinity and Morpheus are looking at the screen.

Morpheus: How long have they been inside?

Link: About 25 minutes. (Alarm blares) What the....?

Trinity: What's happening?

Morpheus look at scanner. A familiar presence is coming.

Morpheus: Oh no.

Scene: The Matrix-Apartment building.

Neo and Fry walk in. They go on the elevator to the top floor. When the elevator stops, they get off and go to a door.

Neo: It's time.

Neo's phone rings. Neo answers it.

Neo: Hello? (Listens) What? Where's the nearest exit? I'll be there (Hangs up) I'm sorry Fry. I have to go.

Fry: Where are you going?

Neo: I'll tell you later.

Neo walks away. Fry turns to the door. Slowly he reaches the door knob. Before he could open the door opens. On the other side is a small girl. Fry looks at her curiously.

Fry: Hello?

Girl: Hello.

Fry: Who are you?

Girl: My name is Sati. You must be Fry.

Fry: That's right. I am. Is the Oracle here?

Sati: Yes. She's waiting for you. Come in.

Fry walks in. Sati runs to the kitchen. Fry walks to the kitchen. When he steps in, he sees a woman much too different from the Oracle. "That can't be the Oracle." goes through his mind. The Oracle he remembers look different than this one. The Oracle looks at him and smiles.

Oracle: Come on in. (Gives Sati a bag of cookies) You go with Seraph now ok?

Sati: OK.

Seraph walks in and takes Sati. Seraph looks at Fry.

Serpah: Hello Fry.

Fry: It's been a while.

Seraph: Looks like we won't be having that rematch anytime soon.

Fry: (Chuckles) You still remember that?

Seraph: (Nods) Until we meet again.

Seraph walks out of the door with Sati. Fry walks up to the Oracle.

Oracle: My goodness look at you. You did all right for your self didn't you? (Fry just stares) You don't reconize me do you?

Fry: Only a part of you. May I ask what happened?

Oracle: Well, I made a choice, and this was the concequence. I deleted my old shell for a new one.

Fry: What choice did you make.

Oracle: To help you. To guide you to your path.

Fry: Do you know what happened here? Whay is the matrix back. You told me that the disk was used to delete it. To make it dissappear.

Oracle: It did didn't it?

Fry: It did. But why when I put it into Bender's brain. It rebooted?

Oracle: You see, When you deleted the matrix. You didn't destroy it. You just shall we say, stored it on to the disk. The things I told you what would happen , did happen, but we programs just lived on. No humans walking our streets, no cars or any kind of human activity whatsoever. Do you remember the sentinals?

Fry: Yes. They tried to kill Neo.

Oracle: Ever since you "deleted" the matrix, they had nothing to live off of. Now they just feast on electricity. Have you ever had blackouts?

Fry: Yes.

Oracle: That was them. But now that you have rebooted the matrix. They are confused. Angry. Now they are coming for the person that rebooted the matrix.

Fry: Oh no.

Oracle: They're coming for you Fry. And they would kill anyone who gets in there way.

Fry: Leela! How long till they come.

Oracle: About 2 hours from now.

Fry: I'm going.

Oracle: Wait Fry. Even if you stop them. In a few hours you won't be able to save your friend.

Fry: What are you talking about.?

The Oracle pauses for a moment.

Oracle: Everything that has a beginning, has an end. I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading. Someone else is coming Fry. He has already taken over half of the matrix as we speak. And you are all that stands in is way.

Fry: Smith.

Oracle: When you got rid of the matrix, he was stored in here justlike the rest of us. With no chance of spreading, he stopped. But now.....

Fry: What is he?

Oracle: He is you. Your opposite you negative. Just two equasions trying to balance themselves out.

Fry: He took over half of the Matrix. That's why he was able to control Bender.

Oracle: Very soon, this battle will end. Tonight, the future of both worlds will be in you hands.......or in his.

Fry: How do I stop him?

Oracle: You will find out. But now you must go. (Phone rings) that phone will bring you back.

Fry: Is this that last time we are going to speak?

Oracle: Yes.

Fry: (picks up the phone) Then this is goodbye.

Oracle: Goodbye.

Fry holds the phone to his ear and he gets sucked into it.

Scene: Planet Express

Fry wakes up.

Leela: Are you OK?

The phone rings. Fry quickly gets up and answers it.

Fry: Hello?

Neo: Fry!

Fry: Neo what's wrong?

Neo: We're being chases by sentinels. I think they're coming for you.

Fry: I know. There's more coming in over an hour. How long can you get here?

Neo: About 2 hours.

Fry: Do you have an EMP on your ship.

Neo: Yes.

Fry: The moment you get up here, you hit it. I will try my best to fight them when they get up here.

Neo: We will be there as soon as possible.

Fry: OK.

Hangs up.

Leela: Fry. What's going on?

Fry: We're going to war.

Scene: The Matrix: The Oracle's apartment.

The Oracle is sitting down smoking a cigarette. She hears the door creak open. The footsteps come closer and closer. A Smith walks in. Soon, five Smiths are in the room. The leader walks toward the Oracle.

Smith: The great and powerful Oracle, we meet at last. (She just gives him a hard look) You don't look surprised to see me, then how could she be, she knows all, she sees all. Then if she knew I was coming why did she stay....why didn't she leave? (Smith looks down to see a plate of cookies. As fast as he could he knocks them against they wall) Maybe you knew I was going to do that, maybe you didn't, but if you did you baked those cookies right there delibratley, purposefully, just as you are sitting right there deliberately, purposefully.

Oracle: Are you done?

Smith: Almost.

Oracle: Just do what you came here to do.

Smith: Yes mam.

He kneels down and plunges his hand into the Oracles arm. The black goop surrounds her and covers her up. Suddenly the room shakes and all of the Smiths are confused as to what's happening. The shaking stops. The Smiths to turn to see l the look on Smith's face. He looks shocked. The Smith he has created gets up. He walks up to his creator. He grabs him by the neck and breaks it. Killing him. The Smith takes off his glasses, he looks at the other Smith and laughs. The other Smiths looks at the dead Smith, knowing what he has done.

He has created the powerful Smith in the world.



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