Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix: Rebooted, Part 3
By Max Bellamy

Scene: The Nebbucanezzer

Link is sitting at a blank screen drinking coffee.

Link: Oh, I miss the good ol' days. Fighting the machines, saving the world. Now it's just one uneventful day after another.

Suddenly, a line of code runs down the screen.

Link: What the hell.

More lines of code run down the screen until the whole screen is covered in code.

Link: Uh, guys! There's somesthing I think you would want to see!

Neo, Trinity and Morpheus run in.

Neo: What's going on?

Link: Look.

Trinity: Oh my god.

Morpheus:What happened?

Link: I don't know sir. First the screen was blank as it always was, but now.....

Trinity: It's back.

Morpheus: What did this?

Neo: No, WHO did this?

Trinity: Fry?

Morpheus: Why would he do this?

Neo: I don't think he would intentionally do this.

Trinity: How can you be sure?

Neo: I'm not. But I'm going to find out.

Scene: Planet Express.

Fry and Leela have finish hooking Bender up to the machine.

Fry: OK. I'm going to go in.

Leela: Wait, I'm going with you.

Fry: No. Who's going to operate while I'm in there?

Leela: Only Amy knows how to do this.

Fry: Amy's on a vacation with Kif. I don't think she could help now. You can do this. It's just like piloting the ship. Only with more buttons.

Leela: Fine.

The phone rings.

Fry: Who could that be? (Fry picks up the phone) Hello?

Neo: Hello Fry.

Fry: Holy nuts! Neo?!

Leela looks in surprise.

Fry: What's happening?

Neo: I could ask you the same thing.

Fry: You Know?

Neo: Yes. It's all over our screens.

Fry: That must've happened after me and Leela attached him to the machine.

Neo: What happened?

Fry: We took Bender's disk out and threw it in a pile of other disks and when we decided to put it back in, I put in the wrong disk. It was unintentional, believe me.

Neo: I believe you. Are you going in?

Fry: Yes

Neo: Who are you going to see?

Fry: What do you think?

Neo: I'm going in with you.

Fry: Why?

Neo: There's someone we have to pay a visit to.

Fry: Who?

Neo: The Merrovingian

Fry: Why? He has nothing to do with this.

Neo: He has placed a bounty on our lives the moment we visited him last time. We will go to him.

Fry: OK. Where do I meet you?

Neo: Meet me at the downtown bridge.

Fry: See you there.

Fry hangs up.

Fry: Ok. I'm going in.

Leela: Good luck.

Fry: Thanks, I'm gonna need a lot of it.

Fry lies down in the chair. Leela sticks the rod in the back of Fry's head. Fry's eyes close.

Scene: The Matrix

Fry walks under the downtown bridge. Neo then appears.

Neo: It's good to see you Fry.

Fry: Same here.

Neo: Are you armed?

Fry: Yes.

Neo: They'll be a gun chaeck to where we are going.

Fry: By the way, where are we going?

Neo: A place called club hel. There will be guards there. (Neo looks around) We must go.

Fry: You feel it too?

Neo: Yes. For some reason I feel someone may be watching us.

Fry: Right. I'm getting the willies as well.

Fry and Neo walk away.

Scene: Outside of Club Hel.

Two guards stand outside. They hear footsteps. Neo and Fry appear out of the shadows.

Guard#1: I don't believe it.

Neo: We've come to see the Merrovingian.

Guard #2: Yes, but you have to get past us first.

Fry: Fine by me.

Fry and Neo kick the two guards, sending them flying into a wall.

Neo: That was too easy.

Fry and Neo enter the elevator. Fry takes out two guns from his sleeves.

Neo: Why do you need guns? You have the same power as me.

Fry: I don't know, thought it would be more fun this way. Besides, when I run out, it's ass-kicking time.

The door opens. Many gaurds see them walk through. Fry fires round after round into the gun check man trying to reach for a gun. The remaining jump on the ceiling Fry runs out.

Fry: See, I told you i'd run out.

Neo: Did those guys just jump on the ceiling?

Fry: That was cool.

A man come out behind a pillar and fires a shot at Neo. Fry quckly catches the bullet and throws it right back at the guard, peircing his head. More guards appear and Fry and Neo split up. Neo jump kicks a guard off the celing and garbs him by the hand and spins him around. He then throws him into another guard. A guard jump in front of Fry. Fry drags him off the ceiling, the guard tries to trip Fry but Fry jumps on the ceiling and pnches the guard in the head, Knocking him out. Two more guards fire their guns at Fry but Fry doges them. Neo flies and kick the two guards, knocking them unconcious. Fry Jumps down from the ceiling.

Fry: Thanks.

Neo: Don't mention it.

Fry: But I just did.

Neo and Fry walk through the door and see everyone dancing. They walk though the crowd. The crowd stares at them knowing who they are. On the balcony, The Merrovingian sees them walking.

Merrovingian: What ze' hell?

The music stops. Fry and Neo stop and look up and see the Merrovingian staring right back at them.

Merrovingian: Well this is big surprise. Fry and Neo. what are you doing here? If you are here to turn yourselves in, be my guest.

Neo: You know why were are here.

Merrovingian: Yes, but do you know why you are here?

Fry: To see you.

Merrovongian: Yes, of course. Come up. Have a drink with me.

Fry and Neo walk up the stairs and sit down.

Merrovingian: I see you are here because you know something. If you are here then that means that this program has been rebooted.

Neo: Yes.

Merrovingian: If you are wondering what, happened, but I do not know. Do you.....know?

Fry: I do. I rebooted the system.

Merrovingian: Well, now, wasn't that sweet?

Fry: It was an accident. If I could, I could go back and change it.

Merrovingian: Well f you know, why are you here.

Neo: We're here because of you. We've come for the bounty you set on our heads.

Merrovingian: Well if you don't want to be hunted down then i'm afraid I cannot do that, you see. If you won't turn your selves in. They will do it for you.

Fry and Neo turn around and see two white figures walking towards them.

Fry: Oh, crap.

Neo: Not these guys again.

The crowd runs out of the club. Fry and Neo jump off the balcony onto the floor. The Twins jump down as well.

Twin #1: You may have defeated us last time.......

Twin #2: But not this time.

Fry fight Twin #1. Every punch and kick Fry throws, the Twin turns into a ghost. Neo is having the same trouble. Fry gets hit in the stomach and flies into a wall. Fry get right back up.

Fry: OK. Everyone has a weakness. (Closes his eyes) Concentrate, concentrate.

Twin #1 jumps at Fry and before he could land a punch, Fry grabs his arm. And kicks him in the stomach. Fry opens him eyes and sees the Twin on the ground.

Fry: Yes! Neo!

Neo: What?

Fry: Just concentrate! You're faster than him! Don't think.....Know!

Fry is grabed by Twin #1 and has a sword aimed across his throat. Fry elbows him in the gut and grabs his sword. Fry swings the sword at the Twin. The Twin truns into a ghost and Fry lunges, the sword goes into the Twin. The Twin is surprised by this. Fry lifts the sword up and cuts the Twin in half.

Fry: They can be killed by their own weapons. Neo!

Fry throws the sword at Neo. Neo catches it. Twin #2 takes out his sword. The sword fight. Neo's getting the upper hand. Neo the slices Twin #2's head off. The Merrovingian sees the head roll.

Merrovingian: They may have failed me, but I will survive you! I-----

The Merrovingian jerks foward. Fry and Neo watch as black goop sorrounds him and covers him up.

Neo: We have to go.

Fry and Neo leave. The Merrovingian turns into a Smith. Behind him was A Smith.

Smith #1: Thank you.

Smith #2: My pleasure.

A swarm of Smiths come out of the shadows.

Smith #3: What do we do now?

Smith #1: We will go see an old friend of ours.

Smith #4: Who?

Smith #1: Someone named......Mr. Fry.