Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix: Rebooted
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Centeral Park.

Fry and Leela are sitting down, watching the sunset.

Leela: It's beautiful.

Fry: Yeah. But there's something more beautiful than a sunset.

(Leela blushes)

Leela: I wish everyday would be like this.

Fry: Do you think we should tell them. It's been a year since we got together.

Leela: Has it it been that long?

Fry: Yep. I counted the days.

Leela: Maybe tomorrow.

Fry: OK.

(The sun sets. Fry and Leela get up.)

Leela: Well, good night Fry.

Fry: I better get home, Bender might get suspicious. I told him I was getting robot porn for him.

(Leela kisses him)

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you, too.

They smile, and walk off separately.


Scene: Planet Express - Day.

Fry and Leela walk in. No one's there.

Fry: That's weird. It's 7:30. Why isn't anyone here?

Leela: Maybe it's a day off.

Fry: Well, I guess we'll tell them tomorrow.

Bender walks in.

Bender: Tell them what?

Fry: Bender!

Bender: What did you want to tell us?

Fry: Ummmm...

Leela: I think we should tell him.

Fry: Ok. Bender.....


Fry: How did you guess?

Bender: This is so juicy! I can't wait to tell them about you guys!

Fry: Bender don't!

Bender: Oh yeah! I'm gonna tell them on this loud speaker!

He opens his chest cabinet and a loud speaker appears. Bender walks outside.

Bender: Attention New New Yorkers! Fry and Leela are...................................

Benders eyes close. His disk gets pulled out by Leela.

Leela: There. Now no one will know.

She opens the closet and throws it into a pile of other disks.

Fry: Whew. That was close.

Proffesor: What was close?

Fry: Oh Crap! Umm, Nothing. A bug was about to attack and Leela stepped on it.

The Proffesor walks away confused.

Leela: Fry. Put the disk back in.

Fry: Ok.

He opens up the closet and there' a whole bunch of disks

Fry: Which one?

Leela: The top one!

Fry picks up the disk and inserts it into Bender's head. Benders eyes open but nothing happens.

Leela: That's weird, the last time he sprung up immediately.

Fry: Let's leave him here until the rest of the crew arrive. He should be loaded up by then.

Leela: Ok.

Fry and Leela leave Bender.

Scene: inside Bender's head. His centeral computer is online.

"Centeral computer online......."

"Rebooting Matrix Program......."

"Matrix Program online......."



Sorry for the long set up. Will return later with the second part.