Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Has You, Part 4
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

Leela's Almost-Last Stand
By Mattybwoy

This is a part of a project started by Soulkid2000 and Max Bellamy (creator of The Fry-Trix), named The Fry-Trix Has You. Myself and around 5 other authors are joining to make the kind of Animatrix of The Fry-Trix - stories based on scenes from the real story. This one is based on the scene where Leela is making her way to Fry battling the the final battle in the final part. Read, enjoy, rate and if you have any comments on this story contact me at mattybwoy@aol.com. If you have any comments regarding The Fry-Trix or The Fry-Trix Has You, contact Max Bellamy at Futuramafan1987@aol.com, or contact Soulkid2000 at gwapo64@optonline.net. Who knows, maybe The Fry-Trix will be turned into some sort of religion... :P

Amy has just finished hacking Leela in. Leela is in an alleyway, and is making her way to a nearby ladder.

Her cell phone rings.

Amy: You okay there?

Leela: I'm fine. I just ended up in some stupid alleyway.

Amy: Be careful Leela, an Agent could pop up at any second.

Leela: I guess that is likely, I mean, seeing as there are about 600 of them around here.

Leela hangs up. She climbs up the ladder, but halfway there she slips on something slimy and falls. Well - she half falls, for her foot are trapped in one of the gaps. She is hanging upside down, clasping onto her cell phone so she doesn't drop it.

Leela: Perfect.

Amy rings, and Leela answers.

Amy: You have your guns, right? Use them.

Leela whips out a pistol and shoots at the ladder steps, and she is free. She twists in mid air and lands on her feet.

Leela: Right, now how the hell am I supposed to get back up? I just shot probably half the ladder away.

Amy: Well, you've seen how these Matrix guys move. Believe, and you can move like them.

Leela looks around. She does a split jump, one foot pressed against one wall and one foot pressed against the other. Slowly, she climbs up. Amy rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Leela jumps, finally getting onto the building. She sees Fry battling the Smiths downtown - Fry is bashing two of them against a pole. She jumps from building to building, and her cell phone rings again.

Leela: What?

Amy: You're almost there.

Leela: Yeah, I know.

She hangs up. She jumps onto another building - then an Agent steps in.

Agent: You're not going anywhere.

Leela: No, but you are.

The Agent rushes at her and punches her in the stomach, sending her flying into a wall.

Agent: Oh no, I'm staying right here.

He runs up to her, but she jumps into the air and kicks him in the face. He stumbles, and she kicks him twice in the stomach then punches him round the face. He falls to the ground.

Agent: Aaah.... feeling good, are we?

The Agent gets up and dodges one of Leelas kicks. He kicks the leg shes standing on, sending her to the ground. He tries to stomp her, but she grabs his foot and twists it around, then pushes him aay. She gets up, and grabs him. She throws him into a metal pole, which falls to pieces. He gets up, grabs a large piece and backs off a little, not taking his eyes off Leela. Leela grabs two medium sized pieces and holds them in both hands.

Agent: Are you feeling lucky today Leela?

Leela: I've felt luckier.

Agent: But are you feeling lucky NOW?

Leela: A bit.

Agent: Ain't good enough.

Leela rushes and swipes at him with the two poles, but he blocks the attacks with his pole. He takes a massive swipe, but Leela jumps backwards, out the way, just in time. She lands and runs at him while his pole is still in the air. She whacks him round the head twice, then kicks his throat, sending him flying backwards, dropping the pole. Leela drops her poles and rushes off, jumping over two buildings before been stopped again by the same Agent, who appeared in front of her.

Leela: What...how....

Agent: I don't give away my secrets!

He now has an even larger pole, and swipes it at Leelas head. Leela ducked under it. Thank God, she thought, or else her head would have been whacked right off. She grabbed both his legs and pulled, knocking him to the floor. She kicks him on the chest a couple of times before picking up the pole - not without alot of effort.

The Agent gets up and makes his way towards her. She turns around and swipes several times, but the Agent either jumped, side stepped or ducked out of the way. He then punched her and she fell off the building.

He walks over and bends down, looking.

Agent: Today wasn't your day, was it Miss Leela?

He turns around - and there she was, clutching the pole.

Leela: Dodge this.

She whacks him round the head with all her might, and he falls off the building.

Leela: I'm coming Fry.

He hadn't seen her grab the ledge, shimmy round the other side and get back up.

Amy and Hermes are watching her, Amy with lemonade and Hermes with popcorn.

Hermes: Mmmm. Dis is good watching! And good popcorn!

Amy: It's a good watch, but my lemonade tastes sour.

Cut to Zoidberg, who is putting sour milk in the lemonade cooler.

Zoidberg: Aaah, two of the most wonderful drinks rolled into one. A drinking feast, I shall have!

Cut back to Amy and Hermes.

Hermes: Good ting I'm taping this, it could sell thousands! I'd better make sure I can get a good supply of copies.

Amy: Wouldn't we be done for snuff?

Hermes laughs.

Hermes: Oh, hell no.

Leela is going down the elevator, whistling and looking at her watch.

Leela: Oh come on man, Fry's probably gonna die then I'll have to miss Suicide Booth TV to go to his funeral.

The door opens.

Leela: Finally, a....

An Agent is standing there. He grabs her and throws her out the elevator.

Leela: Ow! What the...

Agent: Why hello there.

He grabs her and bashes her against the wall. She then takes her by the legs and smashes her all over the place. She manages to kick him in the face, and he lets go. She flies right into the bathrooms. She rushes into a cubicle and closes the door.

The Agent walks in. Everything is silent.

Agent: I know you're in here Miss Leela.... I'm-a coming to getcha!

The Agent kicks the first cubicle door and it smashes up. Water splashes over the place. He approaches the second cubicle and kicks it - this time someone screams. But it wasn't Leela. When the dust had settled, the Agent saw a man was sitting down with plaster and wood stuck in his chest. Blood was dripping from his wounds.

Man: Uuuh.....what..........

Agent: Sorry old man.

The Agent whips out a pistol. Leela hears several shots and then footsteps coming to the cubicle she was in.

She didn't have another chouice. She grabbed onto a pipe on the ceiling and started to swing. She flew above the cubicle door, which the Agent was standing next to, grabbed another pipe and kicked him into the cubicle. He went straight into the door and landed on the toilet, smashing it into two. His head was soaked. Leela ran out, getting a quick glance of the corpse of a middle aged man, bloodied up and riddled with bullets and splinters.

Amy and Hermes are watching, worried.

Hermes: I hope Leela isn't killed, it would make me feel more guilty selling da tape.

Amy: You'll just have to put the price up wouldn't you?

Hermes: I guess so.

Leela is running down a corridor as fast as she can go, but the Agent catches up. He karate chops her in the shoulder and she falls to the floor. He starts stomping her. A few seconds later, she kicks him in the.... uh..... she kicked him away. She attempts to get up, but the Agent kicks her in the face and she flies out a window.

She lands, gets up and looks up. The Agent is about to jump out. She runs back into the building, without apologisng to the owner of the Yorkshire Terrier that died breaking her fall. The Agent jumped out, landed then ran after her, not apologising to the friend of the owner of the dead Yorkshire Terrier, who died breaking HIS fall.

Leela runs ap the stairs and kicks the door down - and the Agent is right there.

Leela: What... how...

Agent: My brother already told you what I want to say.

With that, he kicks her right in the left kneecap, really hard. She falls to the floor.

Leela: Aaaaaaahh!!!!

Amy and Hermes watch as Leela's health gauge decreases, and flashing text at the bottom reads 'LEFT LEG BROKEN'.

Amy: He's killing her! Do something!

Hermes: Only Fry can save her.

Amy: Try calling him you idiot!

Hermes picks up the headset to call Fry.

The Agent picks Leela up and holds her in front of him. He runs through the wall, thehn another, then another, before throwing her against another. Blood is splattered over her face.

Leela gets out her twin pistols and starts firing at the unseen Agent. She opens her eyes, and the Agent is right there in front of her. She tries to shoot him, but she's run out of ammo. Too weak to say anything, she just watches as he gets out his pistol and pulls the trigger. A flash, a sharp pain in the chest, and everything goes blurry. Blood stains the floorboard. She falls through a window. She begins to fall... but then Fry, flying like an angel from heaven, grabs her and carries her away.

Agent: Goddammit it!

Fry is flying skywards.

Leela: Fry.

Fry: I'm here Leela.

He flys down and sets her on a rooftop. She is fading away from him.

Fry: Leela. Just hang on. The Leela I've known and loved never gave up like this.

Leela: Fry.....I'm sorry.

Fry: I'm sorry too. Listen, this will hurt a lot. The bullet is still inside.

Fry moves his hand down to the wound and goes right through it. Leela screams loudly as Fry pulls out the bullet. He's sucessful, but she is still suffering.

Leela: I'm sorry.

Fry begins to cry as she kisses him on the cheek. And then she closes her eye and stops breathing. Fry breaks down over her body. He then pick up her head and looks directly into it.

Fry: Leela. I know you can hear me. I'm not going to let you go. I can't. Because I love you too damn much.

He puts his hand back inside and starts to pump her heart. She suddenly wakes up, shocked to be alive. She then give him the most passionate kiss ever and then hugs him like he's the one who's dying.

Leela: Looks I like I owe you.

Fry: You owe me nothing.

And then they exit the Matrix, leaving the Agent that nearly killed Leela watching from a nearby building.

Agent: You haven't seen the last of me! Unless you delete the Matrix. Then you have.

And that's the end. Thanks to Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000 and Kenneth White (I can't believe Universe of Malice is over... that was an epic!) I'm not gonna bother putting up a disclaimer cuz none of you are gonna read it anyway, so this is goodbye from the proud English dude Mattybwoy ;-)