Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix Has You, Part 2
By Max Bellamy, Soulkid2000, Mattybwoy and Rye Guy

Stupid Training
By Soulkid2000

We join as Fry is walking with Morphesus.

Morpheus: Fry, you have been chosen to join the Matrix.

Fry: What Trix? You mean the Trix cereal.

Morpheus: No. The Matrix is just your imagination. And is the future.

Fry: This is the future now. And also if it's my imagination, can I imagine girls gone wild?

Morpheus: Look, are you going make my job even worse?

Fry: Maybe?

Morpheus: Look, you're the second chosen one. You have been dreaming of things that are not real, right?

Fry: Yeah...

Morpheus: Well, first The Matrix is just like a video game except you have no lifes. You have to fight alot in order to win.

Fry: Where's the controls?

Morpheus: What?

Fry: You know, the controls for the game.

Morpheus: You get inside The Matrix. And there is only one enemy, Agent Smith.

Fry: Is that the bald guy with big cheeks?

Morpheus: No, that's not him. That's my mom. Anywho, I will train you how to become a good player in The Matrix.

Fry: Okay. Sure.

Fry talking in his head: Oh, man. No naked ladies.

Morpheus: Fry, I can show you the way to be good at The Matrix by going to this door.

Fry: Huh? What door?

Morphesus: You're facing the wrong way.

Fry: Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh....

Morpheus: Come.

Fry and Morphesus go through the door.

They get out of the door.

Fry: What the heck is this?

Fry looks down and sees a road.

Fry: We're on the Two Towers?

Morpheus: We're not on the Two Towers, that's at England. We're on the Twin Towers at New York City.

Fry: Wow. It sure has updated ever since it was destroyed by "you-know-what".

Morpheus: Jump off this building, please.

Fry: What?! Why should I listen to you?

Morpheus: This is for you to learn how to handle a situation, Fry.

Fry: Whatever. As long as I will be okay, right?

Morpheus: Yes, you will be fine.

Fry: Here I go...

Fry jumps off te Twin Towers.

Fry: Go.........................

Fry falls down the floor and his body parts come off.

Morpheus: Hold (beep). Why did I let him (beep) do that (beep) that he didn't want to (beep) do. I'm such a (beep).

Fry: I'm okay.

Leela finds Fry.

Leela: Fry, are you playing a game?

Fry: Yeah.

Leela: Then hold on.

Leela takes out her hospital kit that says "Those Who Have ULTIMATE bottoms."

A few minutes later...

Leela: Done!

Fry stands up and is perfectly well and just right.

Fry: Thanks Leela. How do you know I was playing the Matrix?

Leela: I'm also a player for The Matrix. Also the rst of the crew is, but we din't want to tell you because you might be ignoring us or not good at The Matrix at all. But since you are now, that's clear out now.

Morpheus: Leela, how about you come with us for Fry's training.

Leela: Okay.

Fry flys then flys around and hits a building.

Fry: Son of a (beep).

A few minutes later...

Fry is perfectly well and just right.

Morpheus: Well done, Leela. Now you must fight Agent Smith.

Fry: No promblem.

Fry's cellphone is ringing.

Fry: Hello?

Fry dissapears and then lands on a couch.

Oracle: Get off me!

Fry: What? Oh, sorry.

Fry gets off The Oracle.

Fry: Who are you?

The Oracle: The Oracle. I'm the one who knows everything from ou being a bad boy or being naughty to your girlfriend.

Fry: I hope you don't know that when I'm making out with Leela. Do you even know my name?

The Oracle: Yes. You're name is Phillip J. Fry.

Fry: Okay...

The Oracle: I gottta go. Need to cook some cookies.

Fry: Okay, bye.

The Oracle slams the door.

Agent Smith: Mr. Fry, surprised to see me?

Fry: Maybe if you give me free pizza because I'm hungry.

Agent Smith: Well the great about me is my secret that will show up soon.

Fry: Just shut the heck up and see what you got.

Agent Smith: Okay.

Fry hits Agent Smith's balls.

Fry flys away.

Fry: That was too easy.

Agent Smith: Ow!!! Son of a (beep)! It won't end forever, Mr. Fry! MaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

Agent Smith coughs alot.

Agent Smith: Crap. MaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa.