Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix, Part 5
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Rooftop

Fry steps out. Leela, Neo and Bender walk to greet him.

Bender: Hey skintube!

Fry smiles but the sharts to shake violently. His vision is covered by code as if he could see it. Flashes from normal to code, but he then sees normally agin and collapses. Leela rushes to him.

Leela: Fry!

Fry:(Weakly) I'm ok.

Neo: What happened? What did you see?

Fry: I saw code. Just like you Neo. But it was just quick flashes. Is that normal?

Neo: No. But your not in any damage so your ok.

Fry: All right.

Leela: What did the Oracle tell you?

Fry: Everything I need to know.

Neo then stands back up quickly as if he senses something.

Neo: We have to go.

Bender: I'm not even done drinking yet!

Neo: Come on!

Neo grabs everybody and flies off. Just then, about 10 agent Smiths burst through the door and sees them fly off.

Smiths: Damnit.

Smith #4: We have to search for them.

Smith #2: They're heading for the nearest payphone.

Smith #8:It's downtown.

Smith #1: Then let's go.

Scene: Planet Express

Amy is still at the controls. Just then, Hermes walks in.

Hermes: Sweet Neo of Sandrio! What are they still doing in that god forsaken machine?

Amy: They met some people and have to follow them.

Hermes: What?

Scene: Downtown

Neo sets the gang down. Just then, Fry's cellphone rings.

Fry: What the......?(Fry answers the phone) Hello?

Hermes: Jah damnit! Where are you?

Fry: Jeez! Don't get your pants in a roll! Were on our way out.

Hermes: Did you deliver the package?

Fry: Not quite. I'll explain when we get there.

Hermes: Fine.(hangs up)

Fry takes out the package.

Fry: Hmm... There was no adress to where this package was going.

Neo: That means someone planned to bring you here.

Fry: We have to get out of here. Neo, you first.

Neo: I hope we meet again.

Fry: I bet $5 that we will.

Neo: Deal.

He picks up the phone and disappears.

Bender: Neat.

Fry: You next Bender.

Bender: This was fun. But i miss the real world and it's liquor.

Bender picks up the phone and disappears.

Fry: Leela.

Leela steps to the payphone but then stops.

Fry: What's wrong?

Leela: Nothing, it's just....... We went through a lot of things here and I just have a weird feeling.

Fry: What?

Leela: That it's not over yet. That something bad is about to happen.

Fry: Nothing bad is going to happen.

Leela: Are you sure?

Fry: Not really, but i'm 99.5% sure if that's any help.

Leela: Thanks Fry.

She kisses him on the cheek. She picks up the phone and disappears.

Fry: I'll continue to never wash this cheek again.

He picks up the phone. The phone is immediately shot and explodes. Fry turns around to see not 100, but 300 Agent Smiths. Fry's jaw literally drops to the street. One Smith steps out of the crowd.

Smith: Mr. Fry. Surprised to see me?

Fry: Yes and no. No because I was expecting you to show up again, and yes because you now have 300 COPIES!!!!

Smith: Correction. 600.

Fry Turns around to see 300 more copies of Smith.

Fry: I'm in trouble.

Scene: Planet Express

The crew is gathered around the screen.

Leela: You have to send me back!

Hermes: Are you mad woman? The closest i'll get to him is 5 miles away!

Leela: I'll make it.

Hermes: I don't think.....

Leela grabs him.

Leela: Listen you! That's Fry out there. He always dies if I don't help him and if you don't let me in, I'll crush you like a green snake under a surgar cane truck!

Hermes: Ok! Ok!



The agents are closing in on Fry. Fry then remembers the Oracle.

Oracle: If you belive you can beat him, then you will.

Fry smiles and gets in a fighting stance.

Fry: Bring it!

The agents charge at Fry. Fry then anihillates a whole bunch of the Smiths in a battle that has to be seen on film to belive it. Fry charges left and right as if he was an unstoppable bull. He gets a few hits but the Smiths but Fry doesn't care. He hits with every blow he's got. He takes a Smith by the foot and swings him around like it was nothing taking out as many as possible . One agent hits Fry into a wall. Fry then rips a pole out of the ground and smashes the Smith who punched him. Fry looks around. There are aproximatley 400 left. Fry spins the pole and carhes as if he was carrying a sword and hits with every ounce of energy that he's got. Agents fly in to windows and cars and even so, more keep on coming and Fry keeps on hiting them. Fry then spins the pole round and round and round hitting the Smiths as if an avaocado hit a blender with no top on it sending everything flying all over the place. 200 left. Fry still fight with everything. Slightly weakend. Just then a Smith kick him into a wall. Fry gets back up, shakes him head and opens his eyes. Something is diffrent. He can't see normally any more. He can see code. He looks around and reads every remaining Smiths movement. Fry smiles and charges right at them. He jumps into the pile of remaining Smiths. Suddenly, an explosion of Smiths go everywhere and Fry hits them all while they are still in mid air sending them every where possible. 1 Smith left. The Smith cowers in fear.

Smith: Please no.

Fry: Don't bother me again.

He hits the Smith and the Smith goes flying. Fry starts doing a little victory dance. His phone rings.

Fry: Hello?

Hermes: Leela's in trouble!

Fry: WHAT?!