Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix, Part 4
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Rooftop

Neo sets down Fry, Leela and Bender.

Fry: Thanks for saving us from that explosion Neo.

Neo: Don't mention it.

Fry: But I feel like it.

Neo: Come one, she's waiting for you.

Fry: "She's waiting...." Who?

Neo: The Oracle.

Fry: The... THE ORACLE?

Neo: Yes.

Fry: Why does she want to meet me? I'm just a delivery boy.

Neo: She knows more about you than you can ever imagine.

Fry: Are you guys coming with me?

Neo: No. They stay. Only you can see her.

Fry walks in the door and down a hallway where there is one door on the side. He feels she might be in there. Before he opens it, it opens by itself.

Fry: Weird.

He walks in to see a man wrapped in some kind of karate suit. He takes a sip of water and gets up.

Man: Hello, I and Seraph before i take you to the Oracle, I must apoligize.

Fry: For what?

Seraph: For this.

Seraph lunges at Fry and a fight begins. Blow after blow, block after block. Fry is getting a upper hand. He throws Seraph into a wall and is about to finish him off until he stops him.

Seraph: Stop. Good. The Oracle has many enemies, I had to make sure.

Fry: Of what?

Serpah: That you are the one they call Fry.

Fry: Well, you could've said "Hey, what's your name?" and I would say "I'm Fry."

Seraph: Come, she is waiting.

Seraph takes Fry down another hallway and to another door.

Seraph: She's in there.

Fry: Thanks.

Seraph: I hope we meet again.

Fry: I don't know. Mabye I'll want a rematch

Sreaph grins and opens the door and Fry walks in. He walks into a empty room, nothing but a couch and a regular 20th century TV in there. Fry then walks into the kitchen where he sees a woman sitting there with her back to him, waiting for something.

Fry: Hello?

Woman: Sit down child.

Fry: Um....where.

Woman: There's a chair right next to you.

Fry: OK.

He sits down. The woman turns around, it's the Oracle.

Oracle: Let me have a look at you.(she inspects him a bit) Your more handsome than I thought.

Fry: Um...Thanks....I guess.

Oracle: I can see why she likes you.

Fry: Who?

Oracle: Not too smart though.

Fry: So Neo tells me you know everything.

Oracle: Well...not everything. But the important thing is the questions you have for me.

Fry: Right. One question is....why am I stronger here than in the real world?

Oracle: Oh. That's a tough one. You have a gift Fry. Everyone does. In the matrix, everyone's special gift is let out, once you belive in it. You have to....free your mind.

Fry: Free my mind? Are you saying that if I free my mind, I could become stronger than Neo?

Oracle: Well, you beat him today didn't you?

Fry: Well yeah. But I thought I was just lucky.

Oracle: Luck has nothing to do with it. You beat him fair and square. You believed you are stronger than him, therefore, you beat him. But...that won't help you down the road.

Fry: What? What's going to happen.

Oracle: You know what's going to happen.

Fry: No I don't.

Oracle: Yes you do. You seen it in your dreams.

Fry chokes a bit.

Oracle: What did you see?

Fry: Don't you already know?

Oracle: I wouldn't be much of an oracle if I didn't. I just want to hear it from you.

Fry: I.......See Leela. She seems to be in some kind of gunfight, i'm not really sure. But then....she gets shot. And she falls. Deeper and deeper into darkness. I thought it was just a nightmare, just once and that's it. But the dream kept coming every night. Now it's all I think about.

Oracle: Fry. That time will come, much sooner than you think.

Fry: Are you saying that Leela will die.

Oracle: Yes but you can stop it.

Fry: How? How can I stop it?

Oracle: By sacrificing your life, to save her's.

Fry: Fine then, I die, she lives. I love her, and i'll give my life for her.

Oracle: It's not that easy Fry. If you die, it could mean the destruction of earth.

Fry: How's that possible? Neo can stop it from happening any time. It's not like I'm the most important person in the universe or some thing (The Oracle looks at him with a look on her face) You're kidding me. First I save the world from giant brains, then I become my own grandfather, now, i'm the only person in the universe who can stop the universe being destroyed by a machine? All I was doing was delivering a package!!

Oracle: The package is what's important. Than package can stop the inevitable from happening.

Fry: What?

Oracle: The package contains a disk.

Fry: A disk?

Oracle: Yes. Thak disk holds the key to the future of the matrix. Once you download it. Every person hooked up to the matrix will be freed instantly, destroying the machines. Once freed and taken care of, they will be brought to the surface, where they will live among you.

Fry: And what happens to you?

Oracle: Well....I'm a program, and all programs must be deleted.

Fry: But.

Oracle: Fry. I know what your about to say. Your a sweet kid. And i know you don't want to take a life, but face it, I'm not human. I'm no diffrent than any other program here. But it's also the only way to defeat Agent Smith.

Fry: Yeah, he has been bothering me.

Oracle: Fry, you must get that disk downloaded as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be the end of the universe as we know it.(checks her watch) Our time is up.

Fry: That's it? But there's another question, I want to know if...

Oracle: She does love you. And she will tell you, in time.

Fry smiles a bit.

Oracle: I'm sorry to bring bad news. But It was nice talking to you.

Fry: It was nice talking to you.

Fry walks to the door and exits.

Oracle: Good luck kiddo.