Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix, Part 3
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Planet Express.

Farnsworth is still sleeping. Amy walks in.

Amy: Professor! How long have you been sleeping?

Farnsorth doesn't listen and keeps sleeping. Amy swears a little in Chinese. She walk to the office and finds Fry, Leela and Bender hooked up to a large computer with code running down the screen.

Amy: They're still on the delivery?

Amy goes to the computer and puts a headset on.

Amy: I hope I remember what the Professor taught me.

Scene: In the matrix.

Fry, Leela and Bender are in a car following Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. Fry's cellphone rings.

Fry: Huh? It's my cellphone.(He pick it up) Hello?(Listens a bit) Amy?

Amy: Why are you still there? Shouldn't you be done by now?

Fry: Oh crap! I forgot about the delivery! We just met a bunch of people and we have to go somewhere. Listen, can you work that machine your at?

Amy: Of course.

Fry: Can you read code?

Amy: Yes. I'll keep an eye on you guys incase something happens.

Fry: OK. Amy, thanks.

Amy: Keep in touch.

Fry hangs up the phone.

Fry: Amy's at the machine. She'll be watching us from now on.

Leela: OK.

Bender: Whatever, meatball.

Leela suddenly stops the car. Bender spills his beer.

Bender: My booze!

Fry: Why did we stop Leela?

Leela: Because Morpheus's car stopped.

Fry sees Neo, Morpheus and Trinity step out of the car. Neo shows them a signal to get out and follow them.

Leela: Well, let's go.

Scene: Huge building.

The whole gang walks in and takes the elevator.

Fry:Who are we visiting?

Morpheus: The man we call the Merrovingien.

Fry: That's a strange name.

The elevator opens. They all step out. They confront a french guy who looks like a restaurant waiter.

French guy: May I help y---? Oh. Right this way.

They walk into a really nich place. Smoething that millionares would be in.

Fry: Wow, this place looks more expensive than Elzar's.

Leela: No question here.

They all stop at a large table. There is man and a very beautiful woman there.

Morpheus: The Merrovingian.

Merrovingian: Well, well the great Morpheus. And who are all you new friends?

Morpheus: This is Fry, Leela, and Bender.

The Merrovingian looks at Fry.

Merrovingian: So this is the Fry I've been hearing about.

Fry: Say what?

Merrovingian: Not very smart though.(Looks at Leela and cringes a bit) A cyclops? Well this is a first.

Leela: I hope you didn't just cringe at my eye.

Merrovingian looks at Bender.

Merrovingian: I'm surprised Morpheus. Your fighting againts the machines, yet there is a machine on your side.

Bender: He's pending for a Bending?

Merrovingian: And he's so violent. Well, not that you three have met me, I am the Merrovingian and this is my wife Persephone. She doesn't talk much though. Now why are you here?

Morpheus: We want to know what is in this package. Fry.

Fry takes out the little package from his trenchcoat and gives it to the Merrovingian. He carefully studies it and suddenly has a shocked look on his face.

Merrovingian: Great power.(he throws the package back at Fry) I can't talk about this! Leave!

Mopheus: Why?

Merrovingian: Leave now!

They all get up and leave. The Merrovingian sits down.

Merrovingian: That thing contains more power than I could imagine. Go after them.

To men dressed in white get up. These me look like the other as if they were twins.

Scene: Parking lot.

Fry, Leela, Bender, Morpheus,Neo, and Trinity enter.

Fry: I don't get it. What is so important about this package?

Morpheus: I'm not exactly sure.

All of a sudden, the two twin figures drop through the ceiling.

Trinity: The Twins!

Morpheus: Get in your vehicles!

They all start running. But Fry and Neo stay behind.

Leela: Fry come on!

Fry: I'll catch up!

Neo: You think you can take them?

Fry: Well, since I just saw their "Ghosting" ability. Then no. But I'll try.

Neo grins a bit. The twin fly right at them. The twins throw every move at them yet Fry and Neo block them all. Fry tries to punch, but one of the ghosts out and reappears when the punch passes.

Fry: Oh crap.

Leela swirves her car and stops toward Fry.

Leela: Fry get in!

Fry runs in.

Fry: Neo come on.

Neo: Go, I have other means of transportation.

Fry's Car takes off. Neo then kneels down and takes off before the twins could attack. They get in their car and go after Fry.

Scene: Fry's car.

Fry turns of his cellphone and calls Amy.

Amy: Operator.

Fry: Amy! I need some weapons.

Amy: OK. But you can't download the weapons from the future Fry. The time you are in the matrix is around the 2000's.

Fry: That fine. Asign these weapons. For me I need two uzi's, for Leela a machine gun and for Bender....

Bender: No thanks I'm good.

Fry: Just me and Leela.

Amy: Ok downloading now. You'll find them in Bender's chest cabinet.

Fry Opens it up and the guns are there.

Fry: Ok. Great.

Leela:Fry incoming!

Fry: OK Amy I got to go.

Amy: Good luck.

Fry: I'll need a lot.

The twins car come in and starts to shoot up Fry's car. Leela swerves to avoid the bullets but each bullet keeps coming. A random car get in the way of them yet the Twins don't care and blow away the car. Then one of them "Ghosts out" and flies into the car and forms back into human form. Fry then fights him in the car until Fry fires a bullet and the twin ghost out and files out of the car. He then goes back into the car he came out of. They continue shoot at Fry car until they hit a tire. The car swerves and stops at a bridge. They get out and Leela sees a motorcycle truck starting to come by.

Leela: Come on!

Bender: You two go one without me. I got some buisness to take care of.

Fry nods and both Leela and him jump onto the truck. Bender sees the twins car coming.

Twin #1: It's the robot.

Twin #2: Crush him

Bender: It's benderin time.

The car comes as close as possible and Bender garabs to car and bends it the car then explodes. Fry and Leela see the explosion.

Fry: Bender!

Leela: Come on. Grab a cycle.

Fry: Do you know how to ride this thing?

Leela: Of course.

They both hot wire the motorcycles and take off. They start riding around and they see a truck with a familiar face on it.

Fry: Bender!

Leela catches up to the truck and jumps on it. Suddenly, an agent jumps on it to. Fry sees this.

Fry: Leela!

Leela fights the agent and she seems to be winning until she gets hit once and she gets weakend. Fry gets angery and starts going head on at the truck.

Agent(to Leela): You are only meant for one thing. Termination.

He starts heading towards her. Fry jumps of the bike at full speed and flies right up to the agent and kicks him right into another truck. Killing him.

Leela: Fry you saved me.

Fry: We have bigger problems.

The truck is about to explode but Neo pops out of nowhere and grabs them and files off. As the truck explodes.

Fry: Neo!

Bender:Wheee! I'm flying!

Neo: Come on. I'm taking you to a safe place.