Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix, Part 2
By Max Bellamy


(Scene) Abandoned warehouse: Leela walks in with Fry's body. Bender, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity follow. Leela places Fry on a table.

Leela: Will he be all right?

Morpheus: He'll be just fine. He just needs rest that's all.

Bender: Why are we hiding here?

Neo: It's the only place where agents can't trace us. We designed this place ourselves.

Bender: Yeah whatever. You got any beer?

Trinity: Not yet. (Trinity picks up a cellphone and calls someone) Link, I need a six-pack of beer.

Beer pops up

Bender: Alright!

Bender starts drinking.

Leela: How did you do that?

Morpheus: Back in the real world, we are allowed to communicate with the operator, and he sends us things like weapons, equipment. He even hack into us and gives us special moves in the Matrix.

Leela: Where do you guys live? You know, in the real world?

Morpheus: We live in the sewers.

Bender: You guys don't look like mutants to me.

Morpheus: That's because we live in the sub sewers. Mutants are only in the sewers.

Leela: What are the sub sewers like?

Morpheus: Oh you know, robotic squdes and other ships.

Leela: Wow, I only thought there were sub mutants down there.

Morpheus: We made that up so no one would go down there.

Leela: I see.

Morpheus: Come, Trinity will show you to you chamber.

Scene: Trinity and Leela are walking to her room,

Trinity: You'll be staying here for tonight.

Leela: Thanks. Trinity?

Trinity: Yes?

Leela: Are you sure that Fry will be alright?

Trinity: Of course.

Leela: OK.

Trinity: Are you two an item or something?

Leela (Blushing): No! We're just good friends.

Trinity: You care about him more than anyone you know don't you?

Leela: Well, he gets into more trouble than I could imagine. But I know that he loves and cares about me.

Trinity: Has he ever shown that he loves you?

Leela: Countless times. He saved me from marrying a person that was a shape-shifter whom I thought was a cyclops. He gave me his oxygen when I was running out. He tried to save me from a giant bee, but we both got stung. He even made a deal with the robot devil to win me over.

Trinity: Then why didn't you ever go out with him?

Leela; Because he is childish, and not the smartest book in the store.

Trinity: But that doesn't mean you don't love him.

Leela: Look, I'm really tired and I need some sleep.

Trinity: OK. See you later.


That night, Leela dreamt on her coversation with Trinity. She though of all those time when Fry saved her from death and even herself.

Leela (Thinking): Why did I never got out with him? He is the only one that has ever loved me. Even more than Sean. I'll talk to him tomorrow.


The next morning: Fry is sitting down eating a bowl of cereal. Neo comes up behind him.

Neo: Good morning Fry.

Fry (Surprised): Whoa! I didn't see you there.

Neo sits down across from Fry.

Neo: How are you today?

Fry: Great. How's Leela? Is she OK?

Neo: She is just fine. She carried you here you know.

Fry: Really?

Neo: I see that she cares a lot for you.

Fry: Well I get into a lot of trouble. Like those Agent Smiths yesterday.

Neo: Do you love her?

Fry: More than ever.

Neo: Does she love you?

Fry: I'm not really sure.

Leela sneaks behind a corner listening to Fry's conversation.

Fry: I mean, she can get a little bossy sometimes. But she is the sweetest person I have ever known. I know she cares about me, but I don't know if she loves me. I do all these things, yet it's never enough for her. I almost died for her. Yet, I feel there is at least one single thread of chance that she loves me. And i'm never going to let go of that chance.

Leela smiles. Admiring Fry's unwillingness to give up on her.

Neo: I saw you fight yesterday. I'm really impressed. But let's see if you can fight me.

Fry: Aw, come on! I'm tired. But OK.

Bender walks in and sees Leela

Bender: Moring meatbag.

Leela; Hey Bender.

Bender: What are Fry and trenchcoat dude doing?

Leela: They're getting ready to fight.

Bender: Ooooo! Calling all bets! (Trinity and Morpheus walk in) I bet on Fry, the great red headed hope! Come on.

Morpheus: I'll take that bet. I belive that Fry could be more powerful than Neo.

Trinity: What? No one is more powerful.

Morpheus: Let's see.

Neo and Fry are at fighting stance. Fry, more nervous than usual, still is keeping a straight face. Neo charges at Fry and the fight is on. Both are fighting fast and furiously at each other. Blocking each attack the comes. Neo then hits Fry in the gut sending Fry backwards into the wall. Neo then jumps up in the air atempting to land on Fry. Fry catches Neo's foot and then throws him into a pillar. Neo gets back up and the fight continues. Fry upercuts Neo, sending him flying at a wall, but Neo jups off the wall and picks up a pole. Fry then grabs a pole two and they start fighting with them as if they were swords. Neo attempts to trip Fry, but Fry then jumps and hit Neo in the side launching him into another wall. Fry is about the finish him off but Neo stops him.

Neo OK. Stop! You win. Yor much stronger than I imagined.

Fry: Thanks. I don't get that a lot.

Fry looks at the people watching him. Leela is amazed, Bender is collecting money from Trinity, and Morpheus is smiling at Fry's acomplishment. Fry then helps Neo up.

Fry: I didn't hit you very hard did I?

Neo: No, that was fine. I can take it.

Neo stumbles a bit, Fry helps him.

Fry: Are you sure?

Neo: A little.

They walk over to the gang.

Leela: Fry, that was amazing!

Morpheus: Yes but we have to go.

Fry: Where?

Morpheus: To pay a visit to an old friend.