Fan Fiction

The Fry-trix
By Max Bellamy

Scene: Planet express. Fry, Leela and Bender are sittinga round watching "All My Circuits"

Calculon: Honey unit, where are you? (Gasp!)

Monique is on the ground with oil spilling out of her.

Calculon: Monique! NOOOOOOO!!!!

T.V goes to commercials for slurm.

Fry: Great, in two weeks, half of the characters from the show just got killed off!

Bender: Yeah, I heard that it's the human next.

Fry: Well, we could live without him.

Leela: I'm just wondering where Calculon's evil half brother is?

"All My Circuts" comes back. Calculon's half brother randomly explodes.

Leela: Forget I asked.

Professor walks in.

Farnsworth: Good news everyone!

Leela: Oh crap.

Farnsworth: Today you all will be making a special ordinary delivery.

Fry: Great! Where's it going to? Mars, Neptune, Urectum?

Farnswoth: This is no ordinary delivery!

Bender: But you just said.....

Farnsworth: I said nothing! Go to hell!

Bender: Been there done that.

Farnsworth: Anyway, this delivery is what I like to call a"Cyber Delivery!". You'll be making a delivery to "The Matrix".

Fry: WOW! I love that movie!

Farnsworth: What movie?

Fry: Nevermind.

Farnsworth: Now you need the proper equipment for this, so I must put this thing in the back of you neck.

Pulls out a plug.

Leela: Oh damn.


(Time lapse) Fry is rubbing his head. He has a plug in his neck so does Leela. Not Bender, because he already has a plug.

Farnsworth: Now, the box you delivering will be next to you once you're hacked in, so don't worry about finding it. Now, i'll just be putting this long pole through your neck and you'll be hacked in. I must warn you though, this will feel a little weird.

Fry: That's what Morpheus said.

Farnsworth: What?

Fry: Just put the damn thing in!

Farnsworth plugs them all in.

They all enter "The Matrix" (Pun intended). It looks like old New York and looks very, very real.

Leela: I never knew old New York looked like this.

Bender: Yeah, just bash some of the buildings and you get the one that's under New New York.

Fry: And what are we doing in these fancy get ups?

They are all wearing trench coats and sunglasses.

Leela: We need to deliver this box. Come on!

Fry picks up the small box.

Fry: Hmm. Looks a little small to be very important.

Bender: Come on, meat bag, the cyclops says to come on!

Fry: Ok.

They go to the Mail station. It's closed for an hour.

Leela: Great. It's closed, what are we going to do in the next 59 minutes?

Fry: Hey, there's a cellphone in my pocket! Mabye we could call the professor.

Planet Express: The phone rings no answer. Farnsworth is on the couch sleeping.

Fry: Damn! No answer. Well, I'm out of ideas.

Leela: Well, I guess we could find some lunch. Come on you two

Voice: You're not going anywhere.

Fry: Uh oh, I don't like the sound of that voice!

They turn around. It's Mr. Smith!

Fry: Hey! I thought you died!

Smith: Dead? Oh no, I am very much alive you see. When the one called Neo so called killed me, a part of him was grafted on to me and now I am free of the system and I can do whatever I want.

Fry: Like drink beer in your underpants?

Leela slaps him.

Smith: No, we were allowed to to that even when we weren't free. But now let's get to the matter that matters most. I won't let you deliver that package Mr. Fry.

Fry: Try and stop me Smith!

Smith runs up, pushes Leela and Bender away and punctures Fry with his hand , trying to turn Fry into a Smith.

Smith: Any last word?

Fry: No one pushes Leela when I'm around!

Fry punches Smith square in the face sending him flyin in to a wall. Smith gets back up.

Smith: I tried to make this easy for you but you just won't give up

Fry: Do your worst,

Doors open and 100 Agent Smiths pour out of them.

Fry: OK.

Fry helps Leela and Bender up and they run into a play ground where they are trapped. The Smiths swarm in surrounding Fry.

Smith: It's time to die Mr. Fry.

Fry: In your dreams!

A big fight breaks out. Fry is having the upper hand with them yet more and more are surrounding him.

Fry (Thinking): Why am I so strong? And what is up with this package? Uh oh.

Fry is punch into a wall. Fry gets back up and rips a pole out of the ground. He then jumps up in the air and uses the pole like a helicopter and floats down. Fry hits the Smiths as like they are baseballs an he is the bat. This goes on for a long time until one of the Smith's knocks the pole out of Fry's hands and all of the remaining smiths (about 55) dog pile him.

Smiths: It's inevitable Fry!

Fry: Go to hell!

Fry the launches them all in the air, and Fry quickley grabs the pole and spins it around and all of the Smiths are launched some where one by one until they are all gone. Fry, tired and bruised, drops the pole. And turns around to see Leela and Bender staring at him with amazemenet and fright. Fry then drops to the ground unconsious.

Leela: Fry!

Leela runs to the fallen hero's side and holds him. His glasses are broken and he has cuts and bruses all over.

Leela: Oh Fry. Bender go find some help.

Voice: You won't need to.

She turns around and sees three mysterious figures.

Leela; Who are you people?

Voice: I am Morpheus. And this is Neo and Trinity.

Leela: What!



I hope that was a good first chapter. I will be back with THE FRY-TRIX: RELOADED