Fan Fiction

Fry's Return, Part 4
By Silverwolf

Fry, Michelle, and oh Leela Too

Thanks for taking interest in my writing! anyway, my "Fry's Return" saga may turn out to be not as long as originally expected. I may be able to end it in one or two more chapters, just so you know what's ahead. Fry and Leela only have two more days before the porthole to the 31st century opens up....

A girl, about 25 or so, walked about her apartment in New York just as the microwave went off, signaling her fat-free popcorn was done, and at the same time, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be at ten at night?", the girl thought aloud as she opened the microwave. She poured the popcorn in a bowl, cradled it in her arms, brushed back her dark hair with her hand, and headed for the door. When she opened it, her mouth opened wide and she dropped the bowl. Standing there in the doorway was her ex-boyfriend who she had believed dead for two years, and in the background a strange-looking girl with purple hair and huge dark glasses (what kind of fashion statement was she trying to make here?!) holding a dog.
"Room for three more?", Fry said as cheefully as he could.
"Fry!", the girl yelled out in complete surprise. "Where--wha--ugh! You`ve been missing for two years and you think you can just show up with a mutt and a complete stranger and mooch of me again?! You`ve done it this time! I never want to see you again... and yet…. oh, Fry! You`re alive! I felt so bad after that thing New Years night!", the girl blurted out in a rush and moved close to Fry as if to kiss him.
"Michelle, I`m sorry. Look, I`ve been though a lot lately and I just need a place to crash until I can get a job..... please? I`ll pick up that popcorn off the floor... and eat it too."
Michelle chuckled.
"Oh, Phil, I can`t stay mad at you!" She then glanced at Leela and whispered to Fry,
"Who`s she?"
"Oh... she`s my... friend from... far away.", Fry thought up quickly. "Leela, Michelle, Michelle, Leela." The two examined each other and went on into the apartment.
"One of you can take the bed in the extra bedroom, and the other on the couch. We`ll talk later, Phil."
Fry and Leela went back into the extra bedroom and Leela let Skippy down on the floor, he quickly ran aound sniffing everything. Leela removed her dark glasses... and Fry handed her a sleeping mask.
"I`m really sorry, Leela. Oh, what a day, what a day. You can take the bed.", Fry said to her as he headed out of the room. Leela sighed, took off her boots, let her hair down, and crawled under the covers. This was a big mess they were in. That --combined with Fry`s faint arguments with Michelle -- were Leela`s last thoughts before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, Leela came into the kitchen to find Fry already up, smiling, and drinking coffee.
"Michelle left early this morning for work, she`ll be back later in the day.", he said.
"I`m going to see if I can find a new job today.", he said.
"You`re in a pretty good mood this morning, Fry."
"Well... I did score last night."
Leela sputtered drinking her coffee, gave Fry one of her `looks'. Fry chuckled.
"Anyway...", he said still smiling as he got some left-over bacon scraps for Skip and flipped through the morning`s paper. He handed half of the `help wanted' ads to Leela and flipped through the rest.
"So, explain how this system works again...", Leela said while skimming the ads, "how can somebody just get a job without being told exactly what they have to do?"
"Well, you look through a paper for something you know you can handle. Then you go and apply for the job, they interview you and stuff, and then they decide if they want to hire you. Problem is, I`m not very qualified."
"Hmmm... convienience store worker?"
"I want to try to stay away from the life-threatening stuff."
"How about being a mascot?"
"For what?"
"Rathole exterminaters."
"Nope..... damn, there`s nothing in here! Here's one I could try....", Fry sighed, clipped the advertisement, and headed for the shower.

Later that day, Leela awaited Fry's return from his job interview. He came through the door with a hard-to-read expression on his face.

"Well, Leela, there`s good news and bad news. The good news is I got the job. The bad news is...", Fry continued as he reached from behind him and pulled out a hot dog shaped hat that read `Wowee Hot Doggers!' ".. that I got the job. Man...."
Fry collapsed on the couch. "I`ll be back later tonight, Michelle should be home around 5, try not to talk to her much." Fry headed out the door again, and Leela walked around the house.
She picked up Skippy, who was asleep on the guest bed, and scratched behind his ears. In no time at all, Leela heard somebody unlocking the door. Michelle. Leela dashed into the guest room to grab the dark glasses. Michelle skipped in and hung up her coat, she turned around and met with Leela.
"Oh... Lila.", Michelle greeted her.
Leela chuckled nervously.
"Uhh, it`s Leela.", she corrected.
Leela decided she didn`t like Michelle much and sat down on the couch. Michelle buzzed around her kitchen as she put together something to eat, every once in a while she looked over at Leela and Leela did the same. It was very awkward overall. Leela was extreemely nervous about being alone with Michelle, what if her glasses fell of? They were barely balancing. What if Michelle asked her some things about "present" time that she didn`t know? Leela silently pleaded that Fry would come back.
Michelle finally walked over to Leela and sat on the end of the couch. They were both silent for a while, then Michelle spoke up.

"So.... I don`t know how long you`ve known Fry, but asking you this is worth a try. Have you noticed that he`s been acting strange lately"
"Strange?", Leela questioned.
"Yeah... it`s little things. He`s been kind of skittish. He also forgot a few simple things, like for example, he stared at a door and felt the wall beside it before realizing he had to turn the handle to open it. He also quickly changed the subject when I was joking about sci-fi stuff -- a topic he loves..."
Leela was trying her best not to laugh.
"....and, I might be crazy, but I thought I felt something metal in his hand.", Michelle finished. "I haven`t seen him in two years... maybe he was aducted for scientific experiment."
Michelle laughed and Leela forced a smile. Leela wasn`t exactly sure what she should say. "Ah, I`m probably imagining all this.", Michelle suggested and reached for the TV remote. "I love this soap opera!"
"Uh, yeah, it`s great!", Leela blurted. She was relieved when Skippy bounded into the room and jumped on her lap.
"Hey... I remember that mutt. Fry called him Scrappy or something.", Michelle said as she looked over at the dog.
"Skippy.", Leela corrected as she let Michelle pet him.

"What a cutie!"
Skippy wagged his tail and the three of them sat on the couch watching TV and making small talk. Leela was doing her best to avoid a conversation about herself or Fry. At about 7:00 pm, Fry walked through the door.
"Hi, Phil sweetie!", Michelle greeted him and the two kissed. Leela watched them, and the feeling of being left out mixed with a pinch of jealousy came over her, but it was a phase and it went.
Fry walked over and squeezed himself between Leela and Michelle on the couch. Skippy rested his head on Fry's leg.
"'As the Record Turns'? Come on, Mich...", Fry joked.
"Awww, I know you like this. When Shaniska and Kentucky kissed, I saw a tear in your
eye...", Michelle teased.
"I keep telling you, it was because there was too much onion in the onion dip!"
Michelle smiled, kissed Fry lightly on the cheek, and the two held hands. Leela sighed very softly and looked the other way. She was used to feeling left out like this, and had vowed to not let it bother her. Besides, she convinced herself she could do better than Fry in the romantic department... but, still, seeing someone she was so close to -- as a friend -- have an open relationship right in front of her really really got to her. Leela would never admit it in a million years, but deep inside, she wished she had somebody sweet like Fry that she could always talk to and walk along holding hands with, and everytime she thought of that, she pictured herself with Fry.

Fry couldn`t help watching Leela out of the corner of his eye. He felt awful doing this to her, and more than anything wanted to comfort her. He had a sudden day dream of pushing away from Michelle, french kissing Leela, and runnning away from all this with her. But, reality check! Leela would shove him off and he'd make a idiot of himself. Sigh. Although Fry was happy to have his girlfriend back, his heart really wasn`t her's anymore. But he couldn`t do anything about it, or he and Leela would be thrown out into the streets.
"Fry?", Michelle said, and Fry awoke from his thoughts.
"Oh, sorry, I`m okay.", Fry answered her.
Michelle gave him a sly smile and fluttered her eyelashes; that was the look she gave Fry to remind him "You`re mine!". Michelle loathed Leela's presence on the couch and wanted to get rid of her.
"Hey, Fry, how about a round of video games? We haven`t played in a while, still think you can beat me?", Michelle playfully suggested.
"I never turn down a challenge!", Fry said and looked around for the game controllers.
"Leela, you in?"
"Hmm?", Leela said as she turned to look at the couple. Michelle gave her a `look'.
"Ummm, not now. But thanks anyway." Leela couldn`t stand being in that room with them. Seeing her duck out like that made Fry feel even worse, but Michelle easily grabbed his attention back. Leela went back into the guest room and looked around for her wrist computer. She wished the mission would be over and she was back home in the 31st century.