Fan Fiction

Fry's Return, Part 2
By Silverwolf

Lost in Old New York

Notes before reading(READ!!): I`ve never really been to New York other than looking at it from a boat, so basically winged it for this chapter. Just so you know. Enjoy!

Leela wandered the streets of New York, people gave her weird looks and she returned them. She was covering her eye area, but still looked out of place --even more-so than in NNY. Leela didn`t admit it, but she had no clue where she was going. She just couldn`t stay in that little apartment, even if it meant being at risk out here. Looking at all the people, there weren`t any aliens, or robots or anything. All normal two-eyers. It was kind of depressing, it also wasn`t anything like she`d thought it would be as taught in history class. Leela could understand why Fry got so worked up when somebody got a detail about his homeland.

Leela sat down at a bus stop to rest. She hated all this walking, but couldn`t take a taxi or bus or anything because she had no 20th century money, didn`t know exactly how the system worked, and didn`t trust transportation by wheel. As they often do, Leela`s thoughts drifted to her identity, and her people and homeland (if they were still around somewhere), this situation made her think about it. How hard it would be to adjust to living in a completely different world like this one if she ever found her home planet or anything. She had always sympathized with Fry about being lost from their own people, Fry was back with his now but she was still lost. Leela sighed and wished she was home.

"Well, might as well keep walking.", Leela told herself and got up. She rounded a corner and gasped at what she saw. Trees. Pigeons. Two things she`d barely saw in her lifetime. This time Leela had to admit that it was cool seeing extinct species and became engrossed in her surroundings.

Fry dropped everything he was carrying and began to panic.

"Oh, Leela, Leela. How can you do this?!", Fry said, scared. He had faith in Leela but she had only been in New York a day and didn`t know her way around. Knowing her usual attitude, who knows what trouble she could get into?! Fry imagined Leela in a scientist`s lab while people buzzed around her, he quickly shook away the image, shaking. Looking into the hallway, he found part of what looked like a boot print and ran down that way thinking, if I was sexy starship captain with bad depth perception who didn`t know the city very well, where would I go?

Leela was actually enjoying herself a little and getting used to this place--until she rounded a corner and couldn`t remember whether she`d seen that hot dog guy before...... all these buildings were looking strange too. Leela glanced around and realized somehow she`d lost herself. She gulped and tried to calm down. But the more she thought about it, the worse the

problem seemed, the only person she could trust in this whole huge city was Fry, and she had no clue where he was or how to get back to his apartment. Plus the sun was setting. Lost in an unknown city in THE DARK?!

"Okay, Leela, this isn`t like you.", Leela mumbled to herself under her breath. "You can get out of any problem, you`re in charge." But still, Leela wasn`t used to feeling so helpless, she had a flashback to a time when she was very young, about three or so. She was crying and running in a place she`d never been before screaming a word she couldn`t remember, possibly not of the English language. A voice called out, "Toronga! Be brave!" Leela woke up from the vision, more frightened than ever.

Leela speedily walked down the street looking up for and billboards she might of seen before. One of the flaws of being one-eyed is you can only look in one direction at once, and while not keeping her eye the path in front of her, Leela bumped into a person. She stepped back and apologized to see the person was a tall shady-looking character, she decided not to trust him and began to walk away.

"Hold on there a second, beautiful.", said the man as he grabbed her. "You don`t look like you`re from around here. Can I be of service?"

"I`ll be going now.", Leela said, backing away. She bumped into someone from behind and since she was scared, Leela`s self defense reflex came in and she whipped around and gave the person a hard kick. It was only a kid, Leela gasped at what she`d done. Just then a police car pulled up.

"Alright, what`s going on here.", the police man said. He squinted at Leela, who was wishing she could shrink and crawl away. "Could you remove your glasses, ma'am?" Leela was nervous, embarrassed, and sweating.

"Amm-mmm-ummm.", she stuttered.

Fry ran down the street squinting for anything purple. He saw a crowd and went to see what the fuss was about.

Suddenly, Leela saw a familiar face break through the gathering of spectators and was filled with unimaginable relief. It was Fry.

"Look! It`s ummm.... the Backstreet Boys!", Fry blurted out.

"Where?!" several people shouted out and turned their heads. Fry made a motion for Leela to follow him and they ducked from the crowd. Fry led Leela down a few allies, over a fence and across a fire escape until they stopped to catch their breath. Both were shaky over the whole ordeal, and they hugged.

"Leela. Don`t ever do that again! You had me scared out of my mind!"

"I`m capable of making my own decisions, Fry--", Leela argued, but then stopped in her tracks when she remembered this familiar conversation, that was Fry`s reply after she had lectured him on straying away in New New York. "Oh.... I`m sorry Fry."

"I`m just glad you`re okay. This is my world, if you got hurt or captured or anything I`d NEVER forgive myself.", Fry continued, his voice was breaking a little and Leela thought she could see a hint of a tear in his eye.

"I know, I know.", Leela softly said. "This is a day I`ll never forget. I guess I`m just used to being the one in charge." Leela and Fry just kind of held each other as they caught their breath.

"Let`s go back.", Fry said and they started walking. "Sorry I don`t have enough money for a taxi or anything...... you know, I`ve got something to show you. Just so you can see a different side of New York."

Fry led Leela with a hand over her eye up a fire escape and onto the roof of a building.

"Can I look yet?", Leela asked, with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"You can look..... now.", Fry said. Leela opened her eye and gasped at the scene before her. New York at night was really beautiful, all the shimmering lights. Although she`d seen all kinds of technological stuff and going into space was a normal thing, this was pretty cool. "I love to come up here and just relax.", Fry said as he sat on the side line.

"I love this city. It`s where I grew up and spent most of my life. If you learn nothing from this, just remember

that sometimes you just have to not care about responsabilities or your future and look at all the cool stuff around you that you take for granted." Fry rubbed a carving in the railing that roughly read `Phil Fry [heart] Michelle'.

Leela sat and looked out into the night as she thought to herself, I thought I`d been on ever adventure possible, but never had an experience like this. Through it all, Old New York isn`t that bad. Wouldn`t want to live here though! Leela smiled.

Fry relaxed and stared out at the night sky. He couldn`t see much with all the lights, but a few stars and the moon shined through. Fry never imagined that he`d ever look up at this sky and be able to say that he`d been up there. Living out his sci-fi fantasy was great, but oh it`s good to be home again. Back where he was supposed to be. Still there were disadvantages of being here, but hey, they`d iron out. It didn`t matter now, besides, he Fry was determined to show Leela a good time. Still, he wouldn`t see her much the next day, he had things to take care of in the city and didn`t want her with him for a few reasons. Tomorrow was another day......