Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 6
By Raziel


It has been two weeks since that fateful day and it was now morning of the first week. It was time to take queen Amy back to her beach tiger clan. So Fry went to one of the guest chambers that he so cratiously let her use for those two weeks. He knocked on the door and told her that it was time take her back to her people. He then left to go prepare the ship for take off.

When Amy finished getting dressed she started down the hall towards the front door of the palace until she was stopped by Fry's daughter bira. She asked where she was going and this is what Amy told her; your father is taking me back to my people and he also told that he will try to find a way bringing my daughter back. With that said she left. When she got aboard the ship Fry gave signal that she was ready to leave so off they went.

But unbeknownst to them Amy's daughter was ploting her revenge at that very moment. Tigare thinking; I must get my mother back but how? I got to find a way to get that bastard to not only bring her here but also surrender this planet. To do this i will act as if I returned to normal and once they think I am normal he will release her back to me. They have no idea that it is a trick to get my mother and make her one of us again and to give up this planet, but how? I got it! I will kidnapp his daughter Bira he will do any thing for her and since she is my childhood freind I will reward her by turning into what I am. That is how I take my revenge.

So with that idea in mind Tigare summoned the leader of the vampier horde and told him to take twelve of his best soldiers and go kidnapp the princess of the Tigerclaw empire. But you must make sure that is during the cover of night.

Meanwhile back at the palace Tiger Cove queen Amy was safely returned to her people and show captain Fry her thanks. She decided to throw a feast in his honor, this was his reply; your majesty your gratitued is most appreciated but I can not stay. I must get back so that I can spend time with my daughter and to find a way to bring your daughter back. So I bid you good day.

When he got back aboard his ship he was greeted by Lilith the ship's computer which told him that he had subspace communicÚ from the G.D.C. She asked will you accept? Yes he said so the message was played. Instead of seeing Yancey it was a young female lieutenant colonel. She said that a report that just came in pretaning to the problam at hand, which is the space vamires. The report said that not only were they looking for a queen but they were also looking for a planet that they could conquer. They would then create a nest, infest the planet and inslave the population as well. It turns out that the queen just so happens to be queen Amy's daughter Tigare. The planet in question is Tigoria and the people are the Tigorians. You must put a stop to this before they conquer the planet and enslave the inhabitants. After that was said the message ends.

After that there was a conversation between Fry and and the ship's hologram Lilith and this is what the conversation was. later that night every one was asleep, Leela in her and Fry's sleeping chamber's, Bira in hers and fry decided to sleep aboard the ship prephiably in the captain's quarters. So while everyone in the palace was a sleep was when Tigare put her plan into action. The vampire leader and the 12 soldiers that he picked himself moved across the courtyard and scaled up the wall. They entered Bira's room and when they got in they made their way over to her bed. They then bound and gagged her. As soon as that was done they left.

Later the next morning Leela a woke and thought that today she might spened some time with her daughter. Before she had to plan for the wedding that will be on Saturday April 5th and the year was 3041 [authors note the mariage between Leela and Fry will be explained in the captains log that will be in chapter 20 the ultimate battle]. Anyways when Leela arrived at the door leading to her daughter's room. When she opened the door she saw that Bira was gone.

Meanwhile back on the ship Fry woke up and went to go take a shower. When he was finished Lilith's holographic form pop up and told him that he had a message from Tigare. He wasn't suprised though so he told her that he will take the it in his cabin. He turned on the screen and this is what the Tigare had to say: Tigare to captain Fry. I have kidnapped your daughter and unless you give complete rule over this planet and surender I will be forced to have to kill my childhood friend Bira. You have one solar day to comply. With that said the message ends.

Fry thought long and hard about this. He knew that being king means nothing if you don't have a family to rule with so he called up Tigare and told that the ansewer was yes. Tigare told him that he would have to come and get her. What Fry did not know was that he now has just damned not only this planet but he also damned his family and every one else.

Tigare and her vampiric horde took over the palace so he, Leela and their daughter had to live on the ship and watch as the inhabitant were all made into slaves. With this sight burned deep into his mind Fry knew what he had to do he had to kill Tigare. He told his wife and daughter of what he had to do and they both begged him not to go but he would not hear of it.

So he left and went straight to the palace, taking out some of the vampire guard along the way, until he made it to the throneroom. He challenged Tigare to a fight to the death and suprisingly she accepted so each drew their wepons and they faught long. Tigare charged for another attack with the speed and strength of her tiger like ancestors. Her claws were out and ready to taste more of Fry's blood but Fry had a trick up his sleeve. With the reast of strength he started to chant which made Tigare stop and stare in confusion. When he was through chanting the end result was the summoning of his shadow guardian. With this new found strength he took hold of his father's kitana and sliced of her head thus ending the control she had on the planet. Before he left the leader of the vampire horde swore that he will have revenge for the death of their queen. He also said the next planet in path to universal dominance is Orgath and that they will start attacking the planet's capital known as Lorgath.

Fry said that where ever you may go I will be there to stop you and send you straight to hell. With that said Fry left to go tell the people that they are free and Tigare is dead. Badly injured, with blood dripping from the cuts on his arms and face, with one arm haging limp and holding Tigare's severed and bloody head in the other he walked to the balcony and proclaimed with all his strength that Tigare is dead.

What will happen when the vampires reach Orgatha? Will the upcoming battle lead to divorce between Fry and Leela? Stay tuned for the answers to these question's and many more in chapter 7 the battle of Lorgath. Written by Raziel. I know that some of you may be confused and all that but all will be explained in chapter 20 the ultimate battle, so if you have any idea's for chapter 7 -19 email me at dtanglin@.sbcglobal.net. So thank's to Teral for puting up my fic and to the little space hero who lives in my head.