Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 5
By Raziel


When we last left our hero he was being watched by Leela, queen of Tigoria. As they watch one of the gaurd told her the last of the Dark Monarchs is making her move on the palace.

Shold we go tell him my queen? Yes we should. Just as she said that Fry was no longer in the library. It did not leave him much time to finish the book because he could sence she was aproching. He knew that he had to kill her before she could kill Leela and their daughter. When the door of the library shut Leela turned back around to the screen. She saw he was gone and that is when it took hold of her. As Fry said the battle was a pain in the ass but he was able to kill her and with her death the planet was at peace.

Not long after he recived a subspace transmission from the G.D.C. aka the Galactic Defense Core but it was not from the Core's headquarters on Earth it was from G.D.C orbital base 51. Fry was in his room since he and Leela were not married yet, even though they had a daughter, anyway he was on his bed in deep thought when it arrived. He answered it and it was his brother Yance Jr, who is an admiral in the G.D.C. space fleet and Fry is the captain of the most priced ship of the fleet and well known in every galaxy that the G.D.C. we're sent to. This is what the message said: captain Fry, we have reason to belive that the most vile of evil is on a direct course to the planet that you are on. Fry shot up with a look of anger on his face and he said to his brother: tell me are they the ones that have elluded me for years, you know, the space vampires. Yes they're the ones I speak of. When are they coming. They will arrive in two days time.

On the second day they arrived and found an old abandoned castle. that is where they put all of the things that they brought with thEm to make this fell like home this is the time they decied to take the queen of the beach tiger clan to make her their queen. To make sure that she does this they plan to make her daughter one of them. One group left to carry out the task and the others went to prepare the queen's sleeping chambers for her. As well as the vampirezation chair. When everything was done and the queen of the beach tiger clan now theirs they returned her daughter tigare back to the palace and leave.

We swich from the vampire stronghold to the home of queen Leela. Leela was doing the things a queen does like filling out forms and such. Fry was playing with their daughter bira and from time to time working out in the holobay with programs that let him reenact the battles that he has been in. Today was such a day. The trainig program that was running was the battle of Odega Prime, wHich by the way was a really bloody battle with casualties on each side, and then suddenly he was interrupted. Fry said: what is it lilith? Lilith said: there is a message for help coming from the beachside resort of Tagri should I patch you through? Yes said Fry. On the screen appeared queen Amy's daughter Tigare. She said the reason she is calling is because her mother has been kidnapped. And you, captain Fry, is the only one who can rescue her, so what I'm trying to say is: will you help me get her back? This is what Fry said to her: yes I will help would you mind coming to the palace? When you get here you can tell me what happened so that I can get an idea of how to rescue her from the people who have her. She said: yes I will come and thank you for agreeing to do this. It is no trouble Fry said.

Meanwhile Fry's daughter Bira was out in the royal trainig facilite trying to match her father in strength and speed as well as in agility. Her spirit detection also in her fighting style because she want to be like her father so that she will be ready for the day she recive her own pair of katanas. until that day comes she must keep on traning.

After the conversastion with the daughter of queen Amy, Fry left the ship and started walking back to the palace. When he got there he saw Bira living the traning facilite. He could tell that she was thinking about something but he did not want to bother her by asking so he made his way to the communications room to send his report to admiral Yancey JR, Commander in Chief of G.D.C. orbital base 51 just outside of Earth's orbit, to tell him that the space vampires have landed on the planet and have taken a hostage as well. they seem bent on trying to conquer this planet and makng it their's. They intend to make the hostage one of them as well and that he agreed to help her daughter go and rescue her so if Yancey can send reinforcements he would appreciate it very much. Signed captain fry

He scrolled over to the button that said send and he clicked on it. With the message sent he left the communications room and went to his room do some meditation for now until his meeting with Tigare this evening.

Get this, while he was meditating Leela was thinking about asking him to marry her today. So the time came and it was time for Fry's meeting with the daughter of queen Amy, about how he should go about rescueing her mother from being turned into one of them. what Fry did not know was that Tigare was bitten by one of them. It would take two days for the transfomation to be complete so there was still time to rescue her if he went tonight she told him. Everything there was about the kidnappers she told him, where they took her. When she was done Fry told her that he would go bring her back tonight. His daughter Bira was there because she and Tigare have been friends since they were little and she asked him if she could go. Fry said that she could because there was no use in arguing with her about this so off they went.

What Fry or Bira did not know was that the vampires wanted Amy for their queen but instead of her the true vampire queen is none other than Tigare herself. She went off to tell the vampire cheftain that his archenemy captain Fry is coming to rescue my mother and to see if the vampirization chair did it's job. Before Fry and Bira went to the vampire stronghold they headed to his ship to get the nomality-serum to restore the queen to her normal form. With that done they grabed some machineguns and some ammunition that were hollow tipshells filled with some liquid that is a mixture of garlic, melted silver and holywater. With weapons in hand they boarded his starfighter Soulreaver 1 and headed off to the stronghold.

In a matter of minutes they arrived. They went through the big oak doors and made their way towards the room that held the vampirezation chair. When they got there they saw that she was gone they started looking all over the room for her. Just then they heard a voice behind them. They turned arouned and saw that it was Tigare and she was clapping her hands congratulating them on making it this far. She ordered the gaurds to take their weapons except that they missed one which was Fry's dagger and he made sure that they did not find the serum. He hid the serum in one of his boots and the gaurds took them away. They put Bira in one of the cells in the dungeons, Fry they took to the temporary queen's sleeping chamber.

When they took Fry to the queen's chamber he saw the book case that was on one wall. He walked up to it and he saw a staircase going down so he went down and saw a coffin at the end of the room. Fry looked to one side of the room and saw that there was a door leading to the hall that he and Bira were just in. Just then he heard a criking sound. Fry tourned arouned to see Amy standing before him and he was surprised to see that her transformation was allready complete. He decided that if he was going to get her and his daughter out he needed to administer the serum fast so Fry took the vial from his boot took the queen's arm and injected the serum. He took her back up stairs and laid her on the bed that was there. When he first saw the bed he guessed it was for him. Whil eshe rested he was thinking about were they took Bira. As soon as the queen was back to normal, which should be about in 5 4 3 2 1, and just as he said this Amy returned back to the way she was, he told her that her daughter was the true vampire queen and she was just a sub. He told her that he and Bira came here to rescue them but were taken prisoner by Tigare. She said: we must escape so we can get out of this room, find your daughter, get out of here and go home. That is easier said than done. Fry told her about the door he found when he was in the room that had her coffin in it.

So down the stairs they went. When they reached the room with the door Fry opened the door that led to the hallway that was just outside the maindoor of the queens chamber. They whent down the hall. While they were running Fry asked her if there were any prisontype cells here. She said that there is a dugeon, maybe that is were they took Bira. So off they went to the dungeons. They saw one gaurd sitting in a chair next to a cell that had number 14 marked above it. Fry took out his dagger hid it in the sleeve of his shirt walked up to the guard and stabed him in the gut. The person inside cell 14 heard the noise and asked who is there. Fry said: it is me, your father and I got what we were sent to get. Is that queen Amy who you are talking about father. Yes she is, so let's get our weapons and get the hell out of here. So they left the dugeons and made their way to the weaponsroom. They got their weapons and started for the main doors until they were stopped by a group of vampire guards led by the queen herself. She said: stop right there, return my mother back to us or die. So Fry and Bira cocked their macinguns and let loose a torrent of lead striking every guard in the group. The queen was untouched. They saw that they were running out of ammo and unsheated their katanas. See by this time Bira already has her own set of katanas so armed with their swords they charged at Tigare but by the time they reached were she was standing she vanished and all they heard was her voice saying that she will have her revenge and her mother will become one of them again. As the voice slowly faded away they left and boarded the starfighter Soulreaver 1. They flew back to his and Bira's home and told Amy that she could stay the night. Fry would take her home in the morning.

Will Tigare have her revenge? Will Fry accept Leela's marriage proposal? Will Bira become just like her father and be a captain in the G.D.C. spacefleet? To find out stay tuned for part 6 written and directed by Raziel and thanks to the little space hero in my head.