Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 3
By Raziel


It was early the next morning and it's been two weeks since that fateful crash which put him in the coma inside the med lab. It was quiet and there was nobody around. All of a sudden Fry started to wake from his unconscious sleep to find that he was healed and his strength was back. He found out that the cloking device that he put on the swords that were given to him by his parents before they had to abandon him on the island of Japan to keep him safe from whatever was trying to kill him. When the realization of where he was took effect he started to get out of bed. When he was just about to get up one of the bio-surgeons came into the med lab and saw that he was awake. She then turned around and went straight to the throne room to tell the queen that he was awake and she could ask him what she wanted to know. So she followed the bio-surgeon back to the med-lab. wWen they got there the bio-surgeon showed where his bed was. When she got to where his bed was she stoped in awe of what she saw: standing there before her was the perfection of the male species. After she stoped gazing at him she walked over to him and started to ask him why he was here and everything else for that matter. When she got through asking all these questions and after he answered every last one of them, the queen was not finished asking him. She had one more thing to ask of him and that was would he take care of this certain evil which was not Dark Fry or his son but it was more like the daughter of dark Fry jr. Her name was Dakrea and she had been terrorizing them for a mlllenia and a half and she was wondering if he would like to erase his archenemy from existence. This is what he said to her: I would love to and with Dakrea's death the Dark Fry bloodline will finaly be gone. The quenn agreed and she asked how long will it take too kill her. He told her that it will take two days and within those two days he will return with the head of Dakrea.

The queen's daughter did not want him to go. She said: I'm worried that you might get killed. He said that the fate of her people and her planet depend on me. Then leela said that you could have said no. Fry told her that there was no need to argue, he was going and that's it. She said with great concern in her voice that she might kill you. This is what he said: like I told you no one can kill me for I am immortal so don't worry I will return. She said: but why... But before she could finish her sentence he interrupts her by saing that he was doing this for her and their daughter Bira, for every body here. So make sure that BVira stays put and also make sure that she does not find out about this. The only thing that you can tell her is were her grandparents are. If i should get killed go and tell the queen and she will contact them and tell them what happened. After that she will take my body and put it in one of the ship's stasis tubes and and set the ship's autopilot to the exact coordinates for Earth. OOnce the ship reaches Earth my father Yancey, the ruler of Fire Island and my mother Laura, ruler of the Sunken Kingdom known as Raindrop, will take my body back to be buryied in the royal cementary next to the graves of my ancestors.

Will Fry survive the upcoming battle or will he indeed lose his life? To find out stay tuned for part4 of Fry's Destiny. Who know's, but all I can say is that there will be a new destiny in this chapter written by raziel and i like to thank the little space worrior in my head.