Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 2
By Raziel


One morning while still on the planet of Amazonia, Fry decided to go out for a walk. He stoped when he saw a very good sized rock wich he decide to sit on and do some thinking. You see the reason he was so deep in thought was because of something the priest of fire said to him when he was just a boy, which was ofcourse the prophecy which told of the final battle between him and the ultimate evil entity of the Universe. Wich has no name so therefor no one knows who or what the entity is. It was also fortold that he will encounter many battles that will make him stronger and faster in order to defeat this ultimate evil. When this evil is gone there will be peace and order in the universe for all eternity.

But know back to the present we go from seeing Fry sitting on the rock to the throne room of the palace. The queen has asked her daughter Leela to go find her future boyfriend and bring him back so the queen can ask him for his help in riding this planet of the evil that has been plaguing them for a millenia. So off she whent to go and find him. The first place she tried was his ship the U.S.S Lilith. She checked every room including the captain's quaters and the crew's quaters but nothing. But there was one room she did not try and that was the ship's cockpit. When she got to the cockpit she gasped because she never saw anything so huge in her entire life. I mean huge. It had stuff that was so advanced on two walls but on the third wall were things from the twentieth century like pinball machines and arcadegames. So when she was able to walk again she whent over to the catain's chair which was also the helm. She sat down and turned it on which activated the ship's computer which was simply known as Lilith and she appeard in the form of a hologram. The hologram asked what she was doing. She said she was looking for the captain of this ship and she told the hologram that she had looked in every room but she could not find him. The hologram said that he is not on board. It also told her that when he got up this morning he told me to watch the ship while he whent out for a walk. Leela asked the hologram which way he went. He told me that he was heading towards the mountains serenity. She thanked the hologram for the information and left for the Mountains of Serinity to go and take him back to the palace so he can talk to the queen about this proposal.

When she got there she found the spot were he sat. She could see that he was in deep thought about somthing but she did not know what so she carefuly walked up to him but she stoped when he looked right up at her. He asked what are you doing here. She told him what the queen had said so he agreed and went back with her. On the way back to the palace Fry started to get a strange deja vu vibe from her. Just then he rememberd something that the priest said in his dream that he would one day marry a woman who is not of this earth. He thought could she be the one from the prophecy, if she was does she even know it. How could she know she probably doesn't even like me. I try dammit, I really do. Even the girls of my village wouldn't give me the time of day. So why do I get that weird felling when I'm around her.

When they reached the palace they whent straight to the throne room and Leela said that she would wait by the door. So he went in and there up the stairs was the throne incrusted with jewels and on that throne sat the queen of Amazonia. She beckoned him closer so that she may speak with him. So he steped forward and asked what she whanted and this is what she said. I want to know if you would help us by geting rid of this evil force that plagues this world. If you agree to this our planet would finaly be free of this curse and that means the death of all those innocent Amazons were not in vain. You will be handsomely rewarded for this selfless act by being made general of our armies and the palace security forces.

The end or is it? Will this dream come true and what of this evil the queen is talking about? What is it with this weird feeling? To find out stay tuned for part 3 written by raziel so thanks to the little happy space captain who lives in my head.