Fan Fiction

The Frylight Zone - Episode 5: The Id Within Us
By The Frylight Staff

By Allen Tanner and Kryten

(As the scene opens, we see empty darkness. Two glowing eyes are suddenly seen and we can hear sinister laughter.)

Evil voice: They're coming, and I am prepared for them. (Sinister laughter continues to echo through the darkness.)

(Meanwhile, a blue doorway opens and our heroes fall out. The scene before them is much like the world in the last dimension. Most everything is destroyed, except for a building off in the distance, that could give the white house a run for its money in appearance.)

Fry: Where are we now?

Amy: I don't know.

(The Professor holo appears again)

Prof: To leave this world, you must prove that good can triumph over evil.

Leela: How?

(The hologram vanishes)

Leela: Why does he do that?

Fry: We don't know.

Amy: It might be a glitch in the way he communicates with us. That may be why it only lasts a minute.

Leela: So what do we do?

Amy: My guess is we head toward the only building still standing.

Leela: You mean the one that looks like it's two miles away? You can fly now, but that's an awfully long walk for me and…ahhh!

(Leela discovers that she's now a few feet off the ground. Amy had picked up her and Fry, while she was still blabbing, and had headed toward the building.)

Amy: (smugly) I'm also stronger now.

Leela: Did I mention I'm afraid of heights and flying?

Fry: Is there anything you're not afraid of?

Leela: Are you kidding? I'm afraid of breathing.

Fry: (Groans) Long way to go, long way to go.

Amy: I hate to interrupt, but we're here. (She lands in front of the door) Once again, we'd like to thank you for flying Air Wong. We hope you've enjoyed your flight and that you'll continue to use our services.

Fry: That reminds me of Bender. I miss him.

Amy: Four dimensions and not one sign of him.

Leela: He was in mine.

Fry: Yeah, but we didn't get to see him.

(They hear a laser gun click behind them. They turn around to see Bender, fully armed.)

Bender: (Robotic voice) Destroy intruders!

Amy: (looks at Fry) Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

(Amy prepares to beat the Bender drone, when he speaks again.)

Bender: Orders have changed. Engaging sleep gas.

(He opens his mouth and a sickly green gas begins to envelop our hero and heroines. They try desperately to fight it, but are unsuccessful in doing so and succumb to sleep.)

(Amy suddenly snaps awake. She quickly finds that she can't move. Her feet and hands are bound by strong metal clasps. Suddenly, the walls light up with static, revealing them to be one giant TV screen. A pair of glowing eyes appears on it.)

GE: Hello Miss Wong. Comfortable, I trust?

Amy: Not exactly. Who are you?

GE: I don't have a name, but it's not important. What is important right now is you. (A syringe is lowered, via mechanical arm, and is injected into Amy.)

Amy: Ow! What the hell was that?

GE: A truth serum that I invented. It's 100% more reliable than any other found on the market. It causes no confusion, and forces you to answer all questions asked correctly. It's fast acting and takes 24 hours to wear off. Let's test it, shall we? I'll start by asking a question that you would normally lie about. What was your nickname in school?

Amy: S…Sleazy Amy. I hated that name! God, you make one mistake and you're branded for life.

GE: Spare me the story, I'm not interested. (A picture of Fry appeared on the screen)

Amy: Fry! What have you done with him?

GE: Aww, does the harlot care about the idiot?

Amy: Y…yes. He's my friend and so is Leela.

GE: Ah, but you think of Fry as more than a friend, don't you Amy?

Amy: N…N…Ahhh! YES! I LOVE HIM! I ADORE HIM! I have a statue of his head that I sculpted myself in my closet. My wall is plastered with pictures of him. I say his name in my sleep and scream it when I…

GE: Ok that's a little more info than I wanted to know. So, let's get to the point. If you love him so, why haven't you told him?

Amy: His heart belongs to another.

GE: Leela?

Amy: How did you know?

GE: Real lucky guess. So why don't you get rid of her?

Amy: Friends don't kill friends.

GE: Kill? Interesting suggestion. Wish I'd thought of it.

Amy: You just did!

GE: That statement could have meant anything. You came up with the kill statement. That means you've thought about it. Haven't you?

Amy: (Bursting into tears) Yes. I'd never act on it though

GE: Oh really? (The picture changes to show pictures of Leela yelling at Fry, turning him down, and Fry's depressed face.) You could stop her abuse of your beloved.

Amy: Ha! The Leela he loves isn't in this dimension though. So there!

GE: You're right, but what about this one? (The picture changes to an imprisoned Leela.) If you kill the one you brought with you, you could kill your world's Leela.

Amy: (unsure voice) Really?

GE: Really. Get rid of that Leela and you could have your heart's desire all to yourself.

(Amy's mouth begins to form a wicked smile.)

Amy: I'll do it…for Fry.

GE: Admit it.

Amy: What?

GE: You know.

Amy: I'd kill for Fry.

GE: Good. (Amy's clasps unlock.) Now go do it. She's in the hallway to the left.

(Amy heads off to find Leela.)

GE: Two down. One to go. (A door slides open to reveal Fry locked up.) Interesting conversation, hmm?

Fry: (amazed tone) I had no idea she felt that strongly.

GE: Although, it's been your dream to have a woman kill for you.

Fry: (shocked) How did you know? I didn't even really know until just now.

GE: That's because you didn't, not really anyway. Most of anyone's darkest desires never come to light. Think back to when you first met the Leela that is traveling with you now. Remember the man who said his name was not Philip?

Fry: Oh my god. You're him?

GE: More to the point, I'm the essence of your most evil and darkest thoughts.

Fry: Those thoughts terrify me. You're…the Ferror!

GE: The Ferror huh? I like it! Fry and Terror mixed together. Thank you! I now have a name.

Fry: How did you get to be separate from me?

(A person stepped out, disguised by the shadows)

Ferror: The Big Brain's stupefaction ray did have an effect on you. It separated us and I jumped into the Big Brain.

Fry: What do you mean?

(The person stepped forward revealing Bender. His mouth opened and let a pink cloud escape. The cloud took on the form of Fry.)

Ferror: This is what I truly am. I leap from life form to life form. I can't stay in one body for long before I lose control. I can stay in robots longer because there are no good forces to fight, but I want to have a real body. To have that though, I have to defeat you. To do that I have to take away your friends.

Fry: What does that do?

Ferror: Watch. (He turns on the screen, which shows Amy approaching Leela's cell.)

Leela: Amy! Thank goodness you came to save me. (Amy opens the cage door.)

Amy: I came here to kill you! My love will no longer have to put up with you! (She begins to beat up Leela.)

(In the other room, Fry kneels over in pain.)

Ferror: You see Fry? Your friends make you strong, but if Amy succeeds in killing Leela, she'll be my evil puppet to command. Leela will be dead and you will be severely weakened, allowing me to take control of your body without a fight.

Fry: How?

Ferror: How is it possible that your friends make you stronger? Easy, they are connected to you, but that's all I'm saying. You won't be "around" to figure it out anyway. (He flows back into Bender and kneels down to Fry.) Poor Fry. Ya know when I break the barrier, I think I'll keep your Leela around. She has such fiery spirit. It'll be fun to blast it into submission bit by bit. Oh, to be there when she finally succumbs and says, "Your wish is my command."


(Meanwhile, Amy has beaten Leela to the point of death, when they both hear Fry's scream.)

Leela: Fry's in trouble. You've got to help him.

Amy: I'll help him by killing you.

Leela: Is that what Fry would want you to do?

Amy: (pauses) No, but I love him and I want the Leela he loves out of the picture.

Leela: Why would you think that killing me is going to kill her?

Amy: The glowing eyes told me so.

Leela: And you trust strange glowing eyes since…when?

(Amy falls down and starts crying)

Amy: Oh my god, you're right. What the heck was I thinking?

(Leela crawls over to Amy and puts an arm around her.)

Leela: It's OK.

Amy: (crying harder) No it's not! I almost killed you for my own selfish reasons.

Leela: Hey, being in love isn't selfish, but it doesn't sound like my brother was having a good time. What do you say we go rescue him?

Amy: (Smiles and grabs Leela's hand) Let's.

(The camera switches back to the Ferror's main chamber where he stares up at the screen in disgust.)

Ferror: Well, looks like your friends are coming to rescue you, too bad it won't be "you" they'll be rescuing. Your body is weakened enough that I can take your body without much of a fight.

Fry: Wait a second! Why haven't you already taken my body? Why do you need me in a weakened state?

Ferror: Enough questions!!!

Fry: It's because good can win, isn't it? If you took over my body while I was stronger, you'd be obliterated. Even now, it's risky because without me being in a weakened state…we'd become one again.

Ferror: Shit. Not now. You can't become smart right now.

(The door to the chamber begins to give way, indicating that the rescue attempt is underway.)

Ferror: No! Well, the only thing I can do right now is this. (He slaps Fry in the head, knocking him against the wall. He falls unconscious.) Now, it'll be awhile before you can tell your friends what you've figured out. Gotta run!

(The Ferror takes off in a run, just as Amy and Leela enter the room. Amy notices Fry lying unconscious and rushes to him, forgetting that she was holding up Leela. She falls to the ground.)

Leela: (to Amy) I'm all right. Go help him!

Amy: (bends over to check his pulse) He's still alive. I'll have to carry him though.

(She picks him up and heads back to Leela to help her up.)

Leela: So any idea why he's unconscious?

Amy: Well, I couldn't hear very well, but it sounded like his captor didn't agree with something he said.

Leela: So what do we do now?

Amy: We'll have to wait until he wakes up to tell us what he knows.

Leela: Uh, Amy?

Amy: Yes?

Leela: Could we run while we wait?

Amy: I suppose so. Why?

(She turns around to see a whole lot of guards surrounding them)

Amy: Now that you mention it, I think we could use the exercise.

(She begins beating up some of the guards, while Leela runs to a corner and cowers in fright.)

Leela: (thinking) Amy could really use some help. After all, she's trying to hold Fry as well. I'm such a coward. Well, not any more!

(Leela cautiously approaches a guard about to sneak up behind Amy)

Leela: Please don't hurt me sir! (She hits the guard in the nuts and he falls over) Well, that wasn't so hard.

Amy: (smiles) Glad you joined the fight, Leela.

Leela: No problem. (Almost faints)

Amy: (catches her) Whoa, you okay?

Leela: Yeah, now let's finish k-kicking t-their b-butts.

(The two resume fighting. In a few short minutes, Amy's victims are barely able to move. Leela is bandaging her victims and handing them apology notes.)

Leela: (to each one) I'm sorry. Are you okay? Here's a nice apology letter for beating you.

Amy: What are you doing? They just tried to hurt us, and you're handing out apology notes?

Leela: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

Amy: Whatever. Let's go. (Picks up Fry and heads out the door.)

Leela: Ok. (to fallen guards) Bye! Sorry again! (runs off to join Amy)

Bandaged guard: What a nice girl! Gave me a nice note and everything.

(The camera pans back to our friends as they wait for Fry to wake up and he does so very groggily.)

Fry: W-where's the Ferror?

(Amy and Leela exchange confused glances)

Amy: The Ferror?

Fry: My name for the unnamed evil.

Amy: That's cool, but what does that mean?

Fry: Fry + Terror. It's the essence of my darkest, most terrifying desires.

Amy: Take it easy. You sound like you're going to lose consciousness.

Fry: Can't hurt Leela. Ferror wants us divided. Can't give into evil, no matter how tempting it is. If you do, he could use you again. (Fry fades into sleep again)

Amy: Well, he was at least able to give us that. I don't know how he knew I was trying to kill you, but it appears this Ferror has plans for us.

Ferror: That's true. Pity you don't understand why.

(Leela and Amy whirl around to see the Ferror, still in Bender's body.)

Amy: What do you want?

Ferror: Right now? I want you. You will join my evil forces.

Amy: Are you messed up? What makes you think I'd join you?

Ferror: Do the words "WARRIOR MODE" mean anything to you?

(Amy's eyes light up with a bright sickly green dull look)

Amy: What is your command?

Leela: What have you done to her?

Ferror: A little side effect of the truth serum. It makes the person injected with it do whatever I command when the code word is spoken. Sadly, since the truth serum wears off, so will the effect. I had hoped to corrupt her into helping me, but now I'm afraid she will have to kill you and take a long walk off a short cliff herself. Then I'll get what I want. Amy, kill her.

Amy: (monotone voice) As you command.

(Leela is terrified as she watches Amy slowly approach her. Then something inside her snaps and she runs at Bender's body.)

Leela: Noooo! (She hits the body, causing it to fall down and her to cry out in pain.)

Amy: You have hurt my master. Now you will die. (She runs at Leela)

Leela: Amy stop! You don't want to do this. (Amy stops, confused)

Amy: You're right, I don't want to do this. What was I thinking?

Ferror: Destroy her, Amy!

Amy: (her eyes flash green again) Yes, my master! (Begins to advance toward Leela again.)

Leela: Remember Fry, Amy? He wouldn't like this. (Suddenly she gets an idea) Amy, how much do you love Fry?

Amy: M-must answer question. Ahhh! I love him more than life itself. I would kill anyone who hurt him.

Leela: Have I hurt him?

Amy: No.

Leela: See the robot lying on the ground? He hit Fry and knocked him unconscious.

Amy: Must DESTROY the robot that hurt my beloved. (She begins to approach the Ferror.)

Ferror: Now let's be reasonable. I told you to carry out an order and I expect you to do it.

Amy: (picks him and throws him down causing a huge dent in his metallic body) No one hurts Fry!

Leela: She was never THIS protective of Fry. Maybe that's another side effect of the truth serum. It could be enhancing her original feelings and emotions, making them stronger.

(Amy is now jumping up and down on the body. Leela runs to stop her.)

Leela: Ok Amy. I think you've hurt him enough.

OSV: Hey, can we help?

(They turn around to see the guards Leela helped)

Guard #1: Since this guy came, all we've ever known is evil, but the purple-haired girl showed us how nice it was to be good. Now we all want a turn kicking him.

Leela: (amazed) Uh, sure.

(All the guards enveloped the battered Bender body and began to beat on it. At the same time, Fry regained consciousness. Amy and Leela rush over to help him to his feet.)

Fry: Well, I see you guys must have done the trick of proving that good does prevail over evil.

Amy: How do you know?

(Fry points behind them where the doorway has opened)

Leela: We beat the Ferror! Yes! (She steps through the portal)

Amy: I'm glad to have you back Fry! (She hugs him and goes through)

(Fry looks at the guards kicking Bender's lifeless body. He knows the entity inside is long gone.)

Fry: It's not over yet. (He steps through and the door vanishes.)

(The camera pans to look at guard #2. We see his eyes light up in a dark red color.)