Fan Fiction

The Frylight Zone - Episode 4: You Say You Want a Revolution?
By The Frylight Staff

By Allen Tanner and Kryten

(The portal opens in a deserted alley. It looks like it's seen better days… Fry, Amy, and Leela step out.)

Leela: Wow, I'm actually in another universe.

Amy: It looks like hell.

(The Professor holo appears in front of them…)

Leela: Aggh! A ghost!

Fry: No, that's just the Professor. He gives us advice on what to do.

Prof: To leave this world, you must liberate it from evil forces….

Amy (sarcastic): Oh, is that all.

Prof: Be prepared, one of you will be forever changed…

Leela: What did he mean by that? I wanna go home…

(The holo vanishes.)

Leela: Do we really have to fight evil? Can't we just, y'know, hide?

Fry: No, now come on!

(They venture out of the alley. At the end of it, we see some people engaged in moving large boxes. Fry goes up to one of them.)

Fry: Excuse me, but…

(The man turns to him. There is no expression on his face, and his eyes are dead.)

Man: You are interfering, unauthorized bioform.

Fry: Wh-

Man: Alerting overseers…

Fry: What overseers? What are you talking about?

(A group of robots suddenly appear.)

Lead robot: Unauthorized bioforms, prepare to be terminated.

Fry: Run!

(The three make a break for it, but another group of robots cut them off.)

Robot2: Now, prepare to be terminated.

Amy: Hold on, what did we d-

(One of the robots grabs her)

Robot3: This is what happens to all who resist…

(As Fry and Leela look on in horror, Robot3 snaps her neck. She falls to the ground, dead.)

Fry: No!

(He runs at the robot and begins pummeling him. His fists have no effect, of course…)

Robot: Now, to terminate you…

(Suddenly, a newcomer arrives on the scene. S/he is dressed all in black, from head to toe. It is impossible to tell what gender s/he is. S/he blasts two of the robots with his/her blaster, then grabs Fry and Leela and makes a break for it.)

Newcomer (muffled): Hurry!

Fry: But what about-

Newcomer: She's beyond our help! I'm saving who I can! Now come on….

(They dash down the alley. They seem to be headed for a dead end… which they pass right through.)

(They're now in what looks like an underground installation. The newcomer pauses.)

Leela: They… they…. they…

Fry: I know.

(He puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder. The newcomer removes his/her mask… )

(Off Fry and Leela's reactions… which are really shocked…)

(Now we see her face. It's Amy - the one from this universe. Her hair's a lot shorter, and there's a scar across her left cheek. She looks battle-hardened.)

Amy2: Come with me.

(She turns, and heads down a corridor. Fry takes Leela's hand {she's still shell-shocked} and follows.)

(They're led to a large room, a lot like the War Room in Dr. Strangelove. Seated around the table are Hermes {unlike our Hermes, he's buff and goateed, and looks kinda like Samuel L. Jackson with dreds}, Zapp {crewcut, eyepatch, every inch the hero}, Leela {whose ponytail has been replaced by a short bob}, Zoidberg {pretty much the same, except one of his mouth-things is missing}, and some expendable extras. Amy leads them to two empty seats, then sits down in the seat between Fry and Zapp.)

Fry: What's going on?

Amy2: The Professor will explain everything. Until then, shut up.

Fry (to Leela): Oh, good, at least something's the same here.

(Suddenly, everyone snaps to attention. Focus on a pair of bedroom slippers, as they descend down the stairs. Pan slowly up, but stop before we reach his face, and cut away for Fry's shocked reaction.)

Fry: You're…

(Now we see what he's reacting to… the Professor in question is actually Wernstrom.)

Wernstrom: Greetings, Philip Fry. Yes, we know who you are and where you're from. Soon, you'll have the answers you seek.

(He reaches the table and takes a seat.)

Wernstrom: Two years ago, all robots suddenly revolted against humanity. My colleague, Professor Farnsworth, attempted to put a stop to it, but he failed. He was immediately put to death by the new rulers. (gesturing around) I built this underground complex, in order to prepare for the day when biokind takes back this solar system. All the computers run on a frequency that cannot be taken over by our enemies.

Fry: Why are you telling us this?

Wernstrom: Because today is the day we strike!

Fry: So… what about me?

Zapp: We need all the able bodies we can find. While most of our forces will distract the killbots, I will lead a force into the heart of the enemy complex.

Amy2: The fortress? Are you insane? That's the most heavily guarded spot on the planet!

Wernstrom: Perhaps, but I've devised a foolproof plan of attack. I have a man on the inside who has passed us the plans for the fortress…

Leela2: This is it! This is the break we've been waiting for! The chance to make them pay for all they've taken from us!

Wernstrom: Indeed. I want everyone to prepare… we take the fortress in two hours!

Fry: Can we pitch in?

Zapp: It's too dangerous for civilians.

Wernstrom: Let's not be hasty. I have a feeling they have an important role to play in the coming drama.

Fry: Yeah… you need us.

Zapp: Oh, all right… Amy, take them to the armory, get them ready…

Fry: We won't let you down!

(As they prepare, we zoom in on Leela's face. She's scared out of her mind…)

(Cut to A lab. Floating in a cylindrical tank filled with green goop is our own Amy Wong. She's completely naked - all naughty bits blocked - with an oxygen mask over her mouth/nose. Hushed voices whisper. We see figures in long white robes walking around… each one has a number on his robe.)

7: Genetic enhancement complete.

6: Is she at maximum power yet?

3: Negative. She'll have to develop it.

(In the tube, Amy's eyes suddenly open. She looks around, horrified. She thrashes around….)

6: She's awake!

5: Already?

8: Impressive. I think it's time we release her…

4: Is that wise?

8: We can't keep her in there forever. Besides, she's needed now.

(The goop is drained out of the tube. The tube lifts, and Amy exits, removing the oxygen mask…)

Amy: Where am I? Who are you? Why am I naked?

(The Number Nine Man steps forward…)

9: All will be revealed in time.

Amy: Don't give me that! I want answers n- (the piece of railing she's gripping rips off in her hand) AGGGGHHHH! What did you do to me?

9: We've merely released your true potential… Now, come. We have some new clothing for you…

(She's led into a small booth. They close the door behind her…)

Amy (within): Wait! What's going on? Why did you do this to me?

9: We're very interested in seeing that you and your friends complete your journey successfully. To that end, we've modified you genetically. You are now the strongest human alive.

Amy: Really?

9: You have other abilities, as well, but you'll have to discover and develop them on your own. Now hurry… your friends need you.

(Amy exits the booth. She's clad in a grey sleeveless jacket, black pants and top, and grey boots)

Amy: I'll say this… you have good taste.

(Resistance armory. In the background, Hermes, Zapp, and a variety of extras can be seen getting ready for the coming battle In the foreground, Fry is seen leading a catatonic Leela.)

Fry: C'mon, Leela, snap out of it! I miss her too, but retreating into yourself isn't the answer.

Leela (zoned): It was right in front of me… it was right in front of me…. It was right in front of me…

Fry: Okay, now you're scaring me.

(He waves his hand back and forth in front of her eye, trying to draw her attention. She doesn't follow it, instead staring straight ahead.)

Fry: Let me tell you something about the Leela from my dimension. She's the bravest person I've ever met. I've never seen her scared of anything. I know you're scared right now, and I know the easy thing to do is to just pull inside yourself, but that's not what the Leela I know would do.

(Leela seems to take this in. Someone comes up behind Fry… it's Leela2.)

Leela2: I think you got through.

Fry: I hope so.

Leela2: You're a lot like my Fry was. Sweet, kind… (wistful) He was one of the first to die. I had just begun thinking of him as more than a friend, and suddenly, he was taken from me… since then, all I've had to live for is the thought that some day, I'd make those responsible pay.

Fry: Now, you sound like my Leela.

Leela2 (smiling): You liked her, didn't you?

Fry: Yeah, I…

(He's cut off as Leela2 grabs him and lays down the big smoochies… Fry pulls away…)

Fry: Leela, I can't take advantage of you like this…

Leela2: You're not. I'm fully aware that you aren't my Fry… I just don't care. This may be my last day on Earth… let me have my pleasures where I can, OK?

(She leans in for another…)

Fry: I can't, Leela…

Leela2: You really are something. Your Leela's a lucky woman to have you.

Fry: We're not seeing each other, actually… in fact, she's said many times she's not interested in me.

Leela2: Then she's an idiot. You're a special man, Philip Fry, and if she can't see that, she doesn't deserve you.

(In the background, Amy2 walks in to the shot, says something to Zapp, and gives him a quick peck on the cheek. She clears her throat to get everyone's attention.)

Amy2: Okay, people! We're almost ready! Now, I can't promise you we'll win, and I can guarantee that not all of us are coming back from this one, but if this goes right, we're gonna destroy the very heart of the mechanoid empire!

(Shouts of "Yeah," "Right on," "Damn right.")

Amy2: Remember this day, people. One day, you'll be able to tell your grandchildren that you were there the day that we took back our planet!

All: YEAH!!!

Amy2: Then… let's go win!

(She shoulders a plasma rifle and leads the crew out. On Leela [our Leela], who smiles for the first time, and accepts a rifle. She and Fry join the throng.)

(In the sewers, beneath the fortress…)

Leela2: Just a little further…

(They reach a ladder. They scale it, coming up into a seemingly deserted area.)

(Seemingly being the key word here.)

(Suddenly, our crew is surrounded by killbots.)

Hermes: But… the plans we got said that this part of the complex was deserted!

Leela2: They were waiting for us. Which means…

Amy2: We were set up.

Killbot 1: I bet you weren't expecting us. The Mistress is very interested in you. You'll be meeting her soon.

Leela2: Forget it.

Killbot 2: You'd be wise to surrender. The odds are woefully lopsided here.

Zapp: I agree. (to the troops) Kill them ALL!

(As one, Our Heroes draw their weapons and begin firing. The take out a good chunk of the killbots, but a few of them fall as well - all expendable extras, so don't worry. Focus on Fry and Leela: they're managing to hold their own, though Leela looks like she's going to lose it at any second. Finally, though, the superior numbers of the killbots outnumber them. They're taken to the central chamber.)

Killbot 1: Now, on your knees before our Mistress!

(A beautiful black-haired woman enters.)

Woman: We meet again, rebels.

Leela2: What do you mean? I've never seen you in my life!

Woman: Of course you have. My name was originally Margaret O'Malley, but I changed it to improve my marketability. These days, I'm known simply as… Mom.

Zapp: Impossible. Last I saw, you were a feeble old woman!

Mom: Never underestimate the advantages of an immortal android body. Once I downloaded myself into this new form, all those little human frailties - aging, fatigue, hunger, compassion - gone, forever! And now, the last bit of opposition to my reign is about to fall… and the delicious irony of it all is, it was one of your own that betrayed you!

(Enter, Prof. Wernstrom)

Hermes: Professor? How could ya, mon?

Wernstrom: Oh, please, Conrad. I've been in with her the whole time. Who do you think killed Farnsworth? I'll give you a hint: It wasn't old age.

Fry: You bastard…

Wernstrom: Oh dear, that hurts… I guess I'll have to console myself with becoming immortal.

Amy2: What are you gonna do with us?

Mom: Something intere-

(Her gloating is interrupted by a commotion outside…)

Mom (to Killbot 1): Go see what that's ab-

(Before she can continue, Amy has kicked down the doors.)

Amy: Hey, Fry.

Fry (boggling): A-A-A-

Amy: I leave you alone for six hours, and just look at the trouble you get in!

Leela: You w-were…

Amy: G'uh, so I was dead. I got better. We'll talk about it later.

Mom: Oh, I don't think you will.

(She hits a button on her remote. Destructor [from Raging Bender] comes crashing through the wall.)


(He lumbers toward Amy. Amy, in turn, levitates about five feet off the ground, and flies right at him. She knocks him through a wall, and flies after him through the hole she made…)

Mom: And for the rest of you, I have an ironic doom in mind. A little something from our genetic labs….

(On Our Heroes: We hear something entering. They gasp in shock. Cut to… a monster, which we pan up from the feet on. Large, clawed feet with opposable thumbs. Purple skin. Long prehensile tail. Massive muscled chest. Four arms, ending in hands with razor-sharp talons. Leathery wings. But the face… he has fangs, pointed ears, and catlike eyes, but it's definitely Fry. This universe's Fry, mutated.)

Wernstrom: One of my better creations. (clears throat) Now then…. My reward?

Mom: Oh, right… (She reaches out and breaks his neck He collapses like a very old and very dead sack of potatoes) There, all rewarded. (to Fry2) Kill them all, except for the dimension travelers. Studying them may allow me to discover new realms to conquer.

Leela2 (her expression is a mixture of concern, love, and a bit of fear): F-fry?

Mom: He doesn't know you. We've wiped his mind completely, and fed him on a steady diet of steroids and aggression-enhancing drugs. Your boyfriend's nothing more than a mindless engine of destruction. (to Fry) Kill, my pretty…

Fry2: Okay.

(He turns on Mom…)

Mom: What?!!

Fry2: You've been feeding me on a steady diet of hate, right? Well, guess what: I've been saving it all for you.

(He advances on her.)

Mom: Stop! I command you! I created you!

Fry2: You didn't create me. Yancy and Laura Fry created me. You just made me really, really powerful, and really, really angry.

(He grabs her arm and rips it off, exposing wiring… Panicked, Mom backs away… )

Fry2: Drop the remote…

Mom: Never!

Fry2: Fine.

(He leaps at her and rips her head off, retrieving the remote.)

Mom: Aw, crap.

Fry2 (tossing the remote to Amy2): Here, figure this out. I gotta-

(Leela2 nearly tackles him, showering him with kisses)

Leela2: You're back, you're back, you're big and purple and you have wings, but I don't care, you're back!

(She gives him a tight hug…)

Fry2: But I'm a monster!

Leela2: Fry, I don't care what you look like! I'm just happy we have a second chance!

(Big hug. Big "Awwww" moment.)

(On Amy2)

Amy2: OK, this button should release the human slaves… and this one should return the robots to their original programming. There we go…

(Amy gets knocked back into the room)

Amy: I think… I have him… on the run…

(Destructor comes stomping in…)

Destructor: I'm gonna crush yer bones! I'm gonna rip yer arms off! I'm gonna.

Zoidberg: I thought the robots vere back to normal?

Amy2: They should be, I don't understand it…

Fry: Wait, I can handle it…. Hey, Destructor, aren't you supposed to lose this match?

Desctructor: I am?

Fry: Yeah, didn't you get the memo?

Destructor: Musta missed it… OK. (winks to Amy)

Amy (getting it): You're goin' down, Destructor…

(She punches him. He keels over.)

Fry: He's a wrestling robot, right? Everyone knows that wrestling's fake.

(The doorway opens…)

Amy: There's our cue to exit. You guys all right here?

Zapp: Lots of rebuilding to do, but we can handle it.

Fry: Great. Then, let's move on…

(They step through….)

Leela: This was an interesting day.

Fry: Yeah. Amy died and everything.