Fan Fiction

The Frylight Zone - Episode 2: Triangle Squared
By The Frylight Staff

By Allen Tanner and Kryten

V/O: Theorizing that one could travel between parallel timelines, Professor Hubert Farnsworth created the Elseworld Machine, and his test subject, Philip Fry, vanished. He awoke to find himself in a parallel universe, facing a history that was not his own. His only companion on this journey is Amy, a co-worker from his own universe who appears in the form of a cute sorority girl. And so, Fry finds himself jumping from world to world, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping that the next jump… will be the jump home.

(Int. Planet Express conference room. It's completely empty. A rectangle of light comes into being… Fry and Amy step out of it, and stretch…)

Fry: Okay, we're back… so where is everyone?

Amy: I don't know… but I need to, y'know…

Fry: What?

(Amy whispers in his ear)

Fry: OH… okay, I'll wait…

(She walks off. He waits, looks around. She re-enters, smiling…)

Fry: That was quick…

Amy: I know… I just couldn't stay away.

(She advances, an amorous look in her eyes…)

Fry: Uh, Amy? Am I missing something?

Amy: I know what I'M missing…

(She pulls him close, and gives him a huge kiss, definite tongue action. Fry, startled at first, relaxes into it. They come up for air…)

Fry (a la Sam Beckett): Oboy.

(Opening credits. Then, back on Fry and Amy)

Fry: Amy, this is wrong.

Amy: OK, if you wanna play it that way… (mock fear) Yes! It's so wrong. I hope we don't get caught! Because that would be bad…

Fry: What about Kif? Doesn't he mean anything to you?

Amy: Hmm… Kif? Skinny green guy, head like a pickle, hangs out with Zapp Brannigan? Should he mean something to me?

Fry: He's your boyfriend!

Amy: Wha… Are you feeling okay, sweetie? I went out with him once, and he never called. (sighs) I don't know why you're suddenly all antsy. You knew I had a history…

Fry: SWEETIE? Amy, we broke up over a year ago! Maybe you should see Dr. Zoidberg or…

Amy: That ISN'T funny. I can't believe you'd joke like that!

(She storms off… and enters again from the other side…)

Amy: Fry, I think something's wrong here…

Fry: Yeah, you've gone completely mental! Look, we had a nice time for a couple of weeks, but there's nothing between us anymore!

Amy: G'uh… As though I'd go down that road again.

Fry: So just get that out of your mind, okay.

Amy: Believe me, there's nothing further from my mind. Besides, there's something more important. (deep breath) I don't think this is the right universe.

Fry: Huh? It looks just like our world!

Amy: There was two-ply toilet paper in the bathroom. Hermes hasn't bought two ply since Zoidberg got addicted to it.

Fry: You're crazy. Stop being crazy.

(He spots Bender)

Fry: See? There's Bender. Good ol' Bender.

(Bender whirls around… and it's not Bender.)

Flexo: Don't you dare mention that robot's name again! (beat) Nah, I'm kiddin', we're cool.

Fry: What are you doing here?

Flexo: My job, sausage link. What's it look like?

Amy: Still think I'm crazy?

Fry: Not any more…

(A hologram of the Prof's head appears behind Bender)

Prof: Thank goodness, I've finally found the right frequency. I've improved the projector so that it can display this hologram. Now pay attention: to leave this universe, you must unite two soul mates…

Flexo: Hey, watcha starin' at? (he turns around) Hey… that is an interestin' wall!

(He continues to stare, oblivious to the Prof hologram.)

Fry (whispering): I guess only we can see it.

Prof: A lonely heart must find true love… this is your ticket home!

(the hologram vanishes)

Fry (to Amy): We need somewhere private to talk.

Flexo: Oh, riiight… "talk". You organ banks never stop wit' the exchangin' of fluids, do ya? Just use Fishface's old office, like you always do.

Amy (sudden comprehension): Of course…

(She pulls Fry along with her. They head to Zoidberg's office… which is now being used as a storeroom)

Amy: Okay, now, are you familiar with Waid's theory of timeline splits?

Fry (obviously lying): Sure, who isn't?

Amy (realizing she's going to have to explain it): Say you're having breakfast, you have a choice between orange juice and grapefruit juice: you choose the orange juice.

Fry: Right.

Amy: But in another timeline, you chose the grapefruit juice.

Fry: Gotcha.

Amy: And in the universe where you chose the grapefruit juice, it was rancid and you got sick and missed work. So the choice you made has repercussions.

Fry: I see.

Amy: All possible choices exist somewhere. So, somewhere out there, there's a reality where Bender is 500 feet tall or one where Leela's a psycho killer. Or a world where everything's based on some moronic caste system and my middle name's Georgia.

Fry: OK.

Amy: Do you understand?

Fry: But there's a flaw in your theory.

Amy: Really?

Fry: Yeah. I had a can of Slurm and three Twinkies for breakfast.

Amy: Fry, you're missing the point! (sighs) Okay, now, what's missing in this universe?

Fry: Zoidberg's furniture. And his equipment. And his nameplate. And everything else in his office. And Zoidberg.

Amy: Right…. So Zoidberg's absence from the office has consequences. Like Flexo replacing Bender.

Fry (realizing): And we never broke up.

Amy: And we never… what?

Fry: That was the other you who kissed me. Not you you, but this you. The one from here.

Amy: I kissed you?

Fry: Yeah.

Amy: Hmmm… I think I know what's going on, but I have to see the personnel records.

Fry: Sure, okay.

(At the computer console set into the conference table, Amy hacks away, while Fry looks over her shoulder.)

Amy: See, in this universe, Zoidberg mated successfully. Which means he died and wasn't there to disrupt our date on Europa. And, I guess we didn't break up.

Fry: Okay, but what about the hint: "Unite two soul mates... lonely heart?"

(Cut to the hangar.)

Leela: So… jeez, this is hard for me to say… The thing is, Fry…. I like you. A lot. And I know you're seeing Amy, (pull back… we see she is actually talking to a mirror) but I think we have a shot at something really special and…

(She stops. Realizes how stupid she sounds. )

Leela: No, that won't work at all. (sigh) There's no way that he and that (bitch) woman'll ever break up.

(She sighs again, and goes back to her welding)

(Back in the conference room)

Amy: I'm sure it'll become obvious to us eventually.

Fry: I hope so. It… (he cuts off suddenly, making a choking noise)

Amy: What i-

(She can now see what Fry saw. It's her double (henceforth Amy2) coming down the hall. She dives under the table.)

Amy (whispering): Act natural!

Amy2: Who were you talking to, hon?

Fry: Nothing. No one. I'm all alone in here by myself, boy howdy.

(She sits down next to Fry)

Amy2: I wanna apologize for before. I know you were originally gonna stay home because of that tainted grapefruit juice.

Fry: I was?

Amy2: Yeah.

Fry: Oh…. Well… it must be a memory lapse from the grapefruit juice.

Amy2: Really?

Fry: Yep.

Amy (under the table, sotto): Am I really that gullible?

(While Fry distracts Amy2, Amy crawls out from under the table. She makes it into the hall, and looks out the window, where she sees… Fry2 approaching)

Amy: Uh oh. Better distract him…

(she exits)

Fry2: Morning, chocolate… I didn't think I'd make it, but I did…

Amy: Good morning. Let's go somewhere… somewhere that isn't the conference room.

Fry2: You hate the conference room, too? Oh, don't get me started on the conference room.

(She leads him away…)

Fry2: I was thinking… let's go out right now. I have something I'd like to ask you…

Amy: Okay, sure…

(Conference room)

Amy2: So I'm all "G'uh", and he's all "M'eh", and I'm all…

Fry (nodding): Uh huh… uh huh… uh huh…

(Leela pokes her head into the CR)

Leela: Fry, can I see you for a minute?

Fry: Sure. (to Amy2) Can you give me a minute?

Amy2: Sure, whatever…

(Interior, hangar)

Leela: I've been trying to figure out exactly how to say this…

Fry: Say what?

Leela: (pause) Fry, I've been attracted to you for a while now.

Fry (unbelieving): I… see…

Leela: Now, I know you're seeing Amy, but, well, I was hoping you'd give me a shot.

Fry (beat): Okay.

Fry's Brain: Wait a minute…

Leela: Great. I've been so lonely…

(Fry recalls the Prof's words)

Prof (floaty head thingy): A lonely heart must find true love… this is your ticket home!

Fry's Brain: That's why you're here… you have to unite Leela and Fry!

Fry's Libido: Shut up, brain! This is my big chance!

Fry: C'mon, I know just the right place…

(Interior, Famous Cosmic Rays. Fry2 and Amy are at one of the booths)

Fry2: You have no idea how happy you've made me.

Amy: No kidding… so, what did you want to ask me?

Fry2: This… (he fishes something out of his pocket…)

Amy (eyes widening): Is that…?

Fry2 (offering her the ring): Will you marry me, Amelia Wong?

Amy: Gee… I don't know… this is so sudden… I need time to think it ove--

(Over Fry2's shoulder, she spots Fry and Leela entering the restaurant…)

Amy: Excuse me, I need to… uh… turn something off at home….)

(She dashes to the door. Meanwhile, outside, Fry sees Amy with Fry2)

Fry: Wait, maybe we should go somewhere else…

Leela: Why? This looks like a decent place.

Fry: I just gotta check something out. One second…

(He enters, and hijacks Amy inside. The retreat to the alcove by the bathrooms)

Fry: What are you doing here?

Amy: I got sucked into a date with you… the other you.

Fry: Well, I brought Leela here. I think we're supposed to get her and myself together. My other self, I mean.

Amy: They're the soul mates? I know you're hot for her, but soul mates?

Fry: What's so hard to believe?

Amy: Skr'uh, she's all… and you're… (giggles)

Fry (indignant): What?

Amy: It'd never work!

Fry: It would, too!

Amy: Besides, the Fry here would never go for Leela. He just proposed to me!

Fry: Proposed? This is bad. This is very bad.

Amy: Fry, we can't break them up!

Fry: Maybe you're right, but I just have this feeling…

Amy: Fry…

Fry: This is how it has to be, I know it.

(She looks back at Fry2 sadly. Then at Fry… then behind him, out the window at Leela… and then behind her at something shocking…)

Amy: Fry, look!

(Across the street, we see Amy2, locked in an embrace with some young stud.)

Fry: Well, that solves one problem…

Amy (embarrassed): I'm such a slut…

Fry: Amy, that's not you. You're not like that. (beat) Anymore.

(She turns back to Fry2)

Amy: You're right. I have to do this the right way, not like her…

(She goes back to Fry2. Sits down opposite him)

Fry2: So, have you decided?

Amy: Yeah. (pause) I'm sorry, Fry.

Fry2: Well, if you're not ready yet…

Amy: In fact, I'm afraid we can't be together anymore.

(Fry2's face falls)

Fry2: Why?

Amy: Well, it's complicated, but I just don't think you and I belong together. You deserve better than to be stuck with me…

Fry2: B-but…

Amy: There's someone out there for you somewhere, Fry… probably closer than you think. I'm not that someone.

Fry2: Then this is goodbye?

Amy: Of course not. We'll always be best friends, I promise. But for now… (she gets up) Goodbye.

(She leaves him, and rejoins Fry by the bathroom…)

Fry: So?

Amy: We're officially broken up. (sighs) That was the hardest thing I've ever done…

Fry: Yeah, but you did good.

Amy: But did it work?

(Outside, Leela gets tired of waiting, and enters. She walks over to the booth where Fry is sitting. )

Fry2: Hi.

Leela: Hi. So… what were you and Amy talking about in there?

Fry2: She dumped me.

Leela (not really): Oh what a shame. I guess this means you'll have some nights free.

Fry2: I guess so. (smiles sadly) You know, before I was with Amy, I kinda had a crush on you.

Leela: But not anymore, huh?

Fry2: Well, actually…

(Fry and Amy are watching the whole exchange. Fry2 puts his had on Leela's… and the dimensional doorway opens behind Fry and Amy.)

Fry: Awright, we did it!

Amy (unenthusiastic): Yeah. Great.

(They step through, on to their next adventure, Amy pausing to glance back with a sad smile…)