Fan Fiction

The Frylight Zone - Episode 1: Brain Spawn
By The Frylight Staff

(Allen Tanner and Kryten)

The Frylight Zone: This episode brought to you by Rod Sterling’s Head who got it severed for talking too much.

(inter. Planet Express Meeting Room)

Hermes: Now our profits have soared which means we will now be working 24 hours a day instead of 48.

Everyone: Yay! (They look like they haven’t had sleep in weeks.)

Prof.: Good news everyone! I’ve just modified my What-if Machine! Come see!

(Everyone groans as they get up to follow the professor)

(Inter. Secret Lab)

Prof.: I call it the Elseworld Machine. All you do is ask a question and you can visit the dimension that it happened in. Using this speaking device, I can stay in contact with you and push this button to kill. . .err. . .bring you back. (He looks around at the slightly terrified crew.) Any volunteers?

Fry: (raising his hand frantically) Ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Prof.: All right Fry, you can be my next victim, err volunteer! Come up to the machine. You too, Miss Wong. You can operate the machine.

Amy: Are you sure it’s safe?

Prof.: Of course! Now, just let me get behind this reinforced steel door and you can start it up! (He runs away and shuts himself in a nearby steel door and gives the thumbs up.)

Amy: (turns on the machine) Okay Fry, ask the question.

Fry: (now standing in front of the machine) What if I hadn’t come to the future?

Bender: (OS) Fore!

(A golf ball soars into the room and smacks the machine, causing the rectangular doorway to go haywire. Everyone tries to avoid the suction.)

Amy: (pulled into the doorway hangs on for dear life) Help me!

(Fry moves to help, but only succeeds in pushing them both through the doorway, which grows smaller until it disappears.)

Leela: (looks around) Is everyone all right?

Everyone: Yeah.

(The professor runs to check the machine, and is horrified to find it in disrepair)

Prof.: Oh no! The machine is damaged beyond immediate repair. I can’t bring them back!

Leela: (slightly angry) You mean to tell me my friends are stuck in another dimension?

Prof.: All is not lost. I have created a machine that can help me track them and keep in contact with them for five minutes. (He brings out said machine and sets it up.) Aha, it says here they are not beyond help. In 48 hours, another doorway will appear, but only if they solve a problem with that dimension. That done, they will be able to go home. All I have to do is tell them what to fix and they’ll be on their way. (The machine suddenly sparks, indicating something is wrong.)

Leela: What was that?

Prof.: The communication device broke down. Now I can only keep in contact for 1 minute.

Leela: Professor, what happens if they don’t find the doorway in time?

Prof.: They’ll be stuck in that dimension forever.

Leela: Oh ok. (tries to strangle the Professor) You said it was safe!!

Bender: (enters the room with Zoidberg) Has anybody seen my golf ball? (Everyone glares at him.)

Bender: What?

Leela: You dolts! Because of you Fry and Amy have been sent to another dimension with almost no hope of getting back.

Bender: Geez! Sorry!

Prof.: Shut up friends, I’m going to contact them now. Fry? Miss Wong? Can you hear me?

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

(Inter. Planet Express Meeting Room)

Fry: (shakes his head) Ugh, Where are we?

Amy: It looks like we’re right where we started.

Fry: If that’s true where is everyone?

(We see a pretty trashed Meeting Room. The table is turned over, the chairs are broken, and the windows are smashed.)

Amy: Wow, what the heck happened here?

(Suddenly a small square door way appears with the Professor’s face inside.)

Prof.: Fry, Amy! Listen to me! You have 48 hours to find the doorway. Brain Spawn. Hurry! (The small box disappears)

Fry: O. . .kay. What did all that mean?

Amy: He said something about 48 hours to find the doorway. That could be how much time we have.

Fry: Brain Spawn might be a clue as to how to find it. That name sounds familiar. Let’s take a look around.

(They walk outside of the Meeting Room to find that the whole building is deserted)

Fry: I wonder where everyone is.

Amy: This is a what-if universe. Do you remember your question?

Fry: Sure. I asked what if I never came to the future.

Amy: Then this universe is based upon that question. In simpler words, whatever happened here is a result of your not being frozen.

(They walk onto the streets of New New York. They can hear a loud speaker in the distance.)

Loud speaker: All hail Big Brain! Be on lookout for the Frybrain! All hail Big Brain! Be on lookout for the Frybrain!

Amy: What is that talking about?

Fry: The Brain Spawn! Do you remember my “story” about alien brains who made everyone on Earth stupid?

Amy: Yeah, we thought you were making that up.

Fry: Well, I wasn’t and this is your proof. Come on! I know where to go!

Amy: Where?

Fry: The Cryogenics Lab where Leela used to work. I was the reason she quit. If I’m not here, she must still be working there. She can help us.

(Along the way to the lab, they see people doing odd jobs, such as carrying metal to the smaller brains with a blank, stupid look on their face. They enter the Fate Assignment Room.)

Amy: You were saying?

Fry: Aw shit!

(Leela is talking on the phone, giggling like an idiot, with a goofy grin.)

Leela: We just did it yesterday, my you’re fast to recover. Okay, see ya tonight Big Z! (She hangs up the phone and notices Fry and Amy for the first time.) Hello, like, can I help you?

Fry: Uh, yeah. We’re from out of town and we’d like to know what those flying brains are.

Leela: Big brain been here forever. He keep us from making mistakes. Also introduced me to Big Z. (She giggles again) You new here? Big Brain say everyone get zapped. Please come with me! (She grabs Amy’s hand and starts to direct her to another room. Fry stops her by grabbing Amy’s other hand.)

Fry: Uh no thanks. We’re just passing through.

Leela: (Speaks in a slightly angry tone) Big Brain decreed all inhabitants of Earth be made slaves of the Brain Spawn. (She grabs Amy and shoves Fry away. She continues dragging her toward the room. Fry pushes Leela away from Amy and they run out the door.)

Fry: Come on, we’ve got to hide. She’ll probably call reinforcements. (They look back to see Leela outside giving chase, while talking on a cell-phone.)

Leela: All units! In pursuit of bad people down Big Brain Street. Need backup! (Suddenly, hordes of the Brain Spawn come flying after them. They run as fast as they can into a nearby building.)

Fry: (Wheezing and panting) We made it Amy. (Hears no response) Amy? (He turns around to find that Amy’s not there.) Oh shoot!

In another part of parallel NNY

Big Brain: You can send them in now. (A door opens and Leela walks in, dragging a kicking and screaming Amy with her.)

Leela: Hail Big Brain! I brought new slave.

Amy: I’m not a slave!

Big Brain: No, but you’ll soon be so stupid, you’ll do anything I ask. (The Big Brain emits a purple ray which hits Amy, making her really dumb.) The Frybrain is here! I can see it in the info I stole from her mind.

Leela: What’s a Frybrain?

Big Brain: It is the one thing that can harm us. He is immune to our stupidity ray. I saw it long ago from the info of a young Nibblonian who was about to retrieve it to stop my plans. Fearing he may still come, I devised a way to control him. (hands Leela a small chip) This will allow him to receive my thoughts, thus controlling him. I want you to find him and implant this chip, is that clear?

Leela: Yes, I won’t fail in my mission. (walks into the door)

Big Brain: Then again, I better send an intelligent person as backup. (Turns to his companion) Get DOOP on the phone.

DOOP Operator: Hello, DOOP Headquarters. Who do you wish to speak to? (incessant sounds are heard) Hold please.

Zapp: (Hears phone ring) Kiff, will you get that?

Kiff: (giggles stupidly) Right away sir! I get to answer the phone! Whee!

Zapp: (Thinking to himself) Ah! This is the life! Everyone is so stupid they obey me without question.

Kiff: (walks in holding the phone) Its for you sir.

Zapp: (takes phone) Hello. What? It can’t be! Of course I’ll help. You think I wanna lose all this? (Hangs up phone) Kiff, we’re going to Earth. Kiff: Whee! We get to go to Earth! We get to go to Earth! (He runs to set the controls)

Zapp: So, Mr. Fry thinks he can disrupt my paradise, does he? We’ll see about that.

Back on Earth

Fry: (thinks aloud) Oh man, I can’t believe this is happening. We’ve got less than 24 hours left and Amy’s probably as dumb as a post. That means I have to figure out how to defeat the Brain Spawn all by myself and I certainly don’t have the element of surprise here. I’m the smartest one left and everyone is out there looking for me. I wish I had a light. (He gropes around until he finds a switch and flicks it. A TV turns on. To his surprise, Zapp’s face appears on the screen.)

Zapp: If this video is discovered, it probably means I left it in the VCR, instead of putting it in my private library. Anyhow, I am responsible for the way things are. A true paradise, all for me. The Brain Spawn came within Earth’s atmosphere about a year ago. Our orders were to blast them away. I secretly met with them, hoping to persuade to give up easily, so I could appear to be a hero. They instead offered me an unquestioning army and a willing woman of my choice, if I let them take Earth. I agreed and made sure they weren’t fired upon by disabling our guns. This next part is my selection process. (The camera now focuses on the line of women in a white room.)

Big Brain: Okay Zapp, choose your woman and we’ll make her your devoted sex slave.

Zapp: B.B. May I take a before and after look at her with this camera?

Big Brain: Of course!

(The camera focuses on Leela who has a hateful look in her eye.)

Zapp: Hey, baby. How’d you like to do it with the Zapper?

Leela: Bite me, you traitor!

Zapp: My, my! It sounds like someone needs an attitude adjustment. Big Brain, if you please? (A purple ray engulfs Leela) Let’s try that again. How’d you like to do it with the Zapper?

Leela: (smiles in a seductive way) Whatever you say, Big Z!

(The camera switches off. Fry lets all this sink in.)

Fry: Zapp is responsible for this? (gasps) If this is a dimension of my non-existence, he must have made the same deal in mine. (Walks over to the VCR and ejects the tape) I better take this with me for evidence. (puts video in jacket pocket.)

Leela: There you are! I been ordered to implant your uh Assignment chip in you.

Fry: Not a chance! I’m not going to be a pizza delivery boy!

Leela: This much better job. You get to be slave of the Big Brain.

Fry: Sorry, being a slave doesn’t pay well. (Begins to run off)

Amy: (Stands in the way) Where you going, Fry?

Fry: Oh man! They got to you too?

Amy: (grabs him) Okay, you can implant the brain control thingy now.

(Leela approaches a screaming Fry with an insertion gun.)

Leela: Relax, this won’t hurt us…err I mean you a bit.

Fry: (Thinking to himself) I’m sorry to do this but. . .(Kicks the gun out of Leela’s hand) I gotta fix this! (He then jabs Amy with his elbow knocking her down.)

Leela: You’re not going anywhere until I implant this chip.

Fry: I’m a little busy. Can we reschedule? (Runs off)

(Looking back, he sees the building he has run away from. It is the remains of the NNY Library.)

Leela: He got away! We failed in mission.

Amy: Me have idea! He has crush on you. Pretend to return same feelings and implant chip when he off guard.

Leela: (smiles a stupid grin) I have you now, Mr. Frybrain!

(Fry walks around in the deserted streets of NNY)

Fry: Aw man, what do I do?

(A monotonous chanting is heard in the distance, but gets louder and closer.)

Crowd: Capture the Frybrain! Capture the Frybrain!

(Fry takes off at top speed, looking for a place to hide. He sees a deserted mall and runs inside. The doors slam shut behind him. Big Brain’s voice is heard on the PA system.)

Big Brain: Welcome, Mr. Fry. You could say I have you right where I want you. I have decided to be a fair opponent and play a different version of hide and seek. The rules are quite simple. If you are caught, you become my slave. If you manage to escape, you will be killed.

Fry: (yells into the air) You call that fair? No matter what happens, I lose.

Big Brain: Oh yes, this is what you would call a catch-22 in your situation. I’m sorry that I can’t be fairer, but I’m close to finding the dimensional barrier, and I can’t risk your interference. The game begins now. Happy hiding, Mr. Fry. (PA system shuts off)

Mysterious voice: I heard you planned to destroy my paradise. I can’t allow that to happen.

(Fry turns around to face Zapp)

Fry: This all your fault, you traitor! I can’t believe what you did to Leela. You’ve betrayed your universe and perhaps thousands of other dimensions to have a stupid slave obey all your commands?

Zapp: Best time I’ve ever had. Also once the Big Brain finds the dimensional barrier, I’ll have thousands of different Leelas to play with.

Fry: You bastard! (Runs at Zapp)

Zapp: I’d stop if I were you. (He directs Fry’s attention to the ceiling, which Leela has been tied to. I won’t hesitate to drop her. I’ll have thousands more to play with. You on the other hand, have feelings for her no matter which one it is. I’m betting you’ll go quietly for her safety.

Fry: All right. I’ll surrender once she’s on the ground untied.

Zapp: Of course! (He lowers the rope and Fry unties Leela. Much to his surprise, she gave him a long passionate kiss before grabbing him and running off.) Hey, come back here!

Leela: I’ve been freed from the Brain Spawn’s control. Now I get to tell you that I love you.

Fry: You don’t know how long I. . .wait a minute! You never met me in this dimension and you spent most of the time chasing me! How could you suddenly develop feelings for me?

Leela: (sighs and grabs his arm) So much for Amy’s plan. (She prepares to insert the chip. Fry manages to snatch his arm away in time.)

Fry: Nice try! (Runs off down the aisle) I have to figure out a way to defeat them. His mind suddenly plays back to The Day the Earth Stood Stupid.)

Leela: My god! They’re like flying televisions!

Fry: Hey, thinking hurts him!

Leela: My god! They’re like flying televisions!

Fry: Hey, thinking hurts him!

(He snaps back to reality)

Fry: If thinking hurts him, then nonsense created by humans must kill him! Now where would one find such nonsense? (gasps) Television! Mom always said it would rot my brain. Now I just need to find perfectly unbearable nonsense. (He stops in front of the video and TV sections and smiles.) Perfect!

Meanwhile, search in another part of the store.

Zapp: Aw, don’t worry babe! B.B. won’t hate you for letting that mean guy escape your sight.

Leela: I feel like a failure though.

Zapp: Your intelligence has been lowered so he’s smarter than you. That’s why B.B. sent me to help.

Leela: Huh?

Zapp: Exactly!

(Amy approaches Zapp and Leela with a sad look on her.)

Amy: I no find him.

(Big Brain’s voice is heard over the PA system again.)

Big Brain: Why is this so hard for you? It should be a fairly simple task.

Zapp: Perhaps we are underestimating his intelligence.

Big Brain: Impossible! The only reason he is able to resist me is because he’s too stupid to be reduced to any further level.

(Fry’s voice is suddenly heard through the PA system.) Fry: Hey Big Brain! Are you scared of me?

Big Brain: No one frightens me!

Fry: Then why do you send your minions after me, instead of getting me yourself? I don’t think you can do it.

Big Brain: I accept your challenge! (SOTTO) When I have him distracted, you three capture him and implant that chip. (Normally) Where can I find you?

Fry: I’m over by the TV section! Let the chase begin!

Big Brain: Indeed!

(Within minutes, the Big Brain is inside the TV section, finding himself surrounded televisions. He hears the doors shut behind him.)

Fry: Let me introduce you to the world of television! (The televisions turn on, showing Barney, pro wrestling, and Old Navy commercials.)

Televisions: I love you, you love me. I’m going to mess you up. Old Navy tie-dye T-shirts.

Big Brain: (Shudders in complete agony) NOOOO! It’s unbearable! Minions, shut them off! (He notices that they had been cut off by the closing doors.)

Fry: I took the liberty of closing off your escape routes before they could get here. What’s the matter? Don’t you just love television?

(The Big Brain’s aura changes from a purple color to a weak lime green. The brain’s pink color begins to fade to white and was forced to land. Then Fry comes out from his hiding place and begins to read a magazine. This drives the brain completely haywire and sparks begin to fly showing that the Big Brain was overloading.)

Big Brain: NOOOO! The Big Brain is defeated by a mere idiot! (The Brain falls over, dead.)

(Fry opens the doors and lets the slightly confused women and one angry jerk in.)

Zapp: Well, it appears that I have saved Earth once again from this horrible threat caused by the Brain Spawn. (Leela and Amy look at him in mild confusion.)

A&L: You did?

Zapp: Yes, you may worship me now.

(Suddenly, the programs on the televisions change to a picture of Zapp’s face, revealing his part in the plan. Then the camera focuses on Fry, holding a remote, smiling smugly.)

Zapp: NOOO! (He leaps for the remote to shut it off before the women see it, but he is too late.)

Fry: I also took the liberty of broadcasting this via satellite so the whole world can see it.

(Zapp turns to face a very pissed Leela, who has just finished watching the selection process. The camera now focuses on Fry and Amy, as struggles and screams for help are heard.)

Fry: Uh, Leela? The DOOP might need his body so he can be tried for his crimes. Ooh! Ouch! Wow!

Leela: (Reluctantly lets go) Okay, you’re right. Who are you two? Earth owes you a lot of thanks.

(A rectangular doorway appears with a shifting blue backdrop in it)

Fry: (Turns and smiles) Just a friend. (He and Amy step through the doorway, which vanishes from sight. Leela stares in wonder as what just transpired.)

Back in our dimension

Prof.: Good news, everyone! They did it!

(Everyone cheers and stands awaiting the blue doorway’s return, but nothing happens. A light flashes on the tracking machine. The professor goes to check it.)

Prof.: Oh dear. This had a one in a million chance of happening.

Leela: What?

Prof.: Do you all remember the legend of The Dimensional Traveler?

Leela: The storyteller at the Orphanaruim used to tell that legend. It supposedly started in the year 2003. The legend foretold of a brave man who would travel from one dimension to the next, righting various things gone wrong. This was to prevent the dimensional barrier from ever being discovered.

Prof.: According to legend, if the dimensional barrier is ever broken, it would destroy them all and create one dimension. Every dimension is a result of a decision or situation that is different from this one. If there are no other universes to hold these differences, everyone in the universe would have thousands of personalities. No personality would remain in control for more than a few minutes before another one takes over. This would create total chaos.

Leela: What does that have to do with Fry and Amy?

Prof.: The question is what does it have to do with Fry. I believe Amy’s going was an accident.

Leela: You’re not saying that. . .

Prof.: Fry is the legendary Dimensional Traveler? Yes I am. He and Amy will be unable to return until all situations that could lead to the dimensional barrier’s discovery and breakthrough have been corrected.

Leela: I thought the golf ball caused this to happen.

Prof.: It did. Fry still would have had to do this anyway if that hadn’t happened. Hmm. My tracker gives me a complete summary of what has just transpired. I shall put this and all other episodes in a file known as “The Frylight Zone”...