Fan Fiction

The Fry Files, Part 5
By Slikdude12592

This script wraps up my first FanFic about Fry's developing change for Leela. But fear not, I will probably add a prequel and sequel.

Opening Song: "Change" by Conner and Jay

Planet Express Lounge
The Confrontation

Leela is watching The Real World: the Sun

Leela: Oh, come on! 5,000 degrees is not that bad.

Amy Walks in

Amy: You one-eyed liar! Stop lying about Fry's size

Leela: Oh, not this again. JUST LET IT GO! Just because my guy is well-equipped, doesn't give you the right to confront me every day, you horny bastared.

Amy: Really, well, explain the locker room that one day. How THAT come what we saw

Leela: For your information, Miss. Jealous, he was cold. That's why he was in the steam room in the first place. His feet are bigger than Neal Armstrong's for #### sakes. Now shut up, give Kif some pills, shut up, Fry is great, just shut up.

Amy: I'm sorry. Curses under her breath in Chinese.

Amy walks out as Fry, Zoidberg and Preacher Bot walk in

Fry: Hi Leela. Gives kiss It's time to plan the wedding.

Preacher Bot: We are having it on the Nimbus's new guest room, a room roughly the size of the Trump Trapezoid's first floor. We would have the whole wedding there, and then, we'll drive a Limo convoy to The Hip Joint, which we rented out, and then, we send you guys off to your honeymoon. Where would you like your honeymoon?

Leela: Wow, you planned this, Fry? Cool. Let's go to Tropicana27, the vacation planet.

Preacher Bot: Processing Order. That three-part all inclusive comes to $15,997. Please slide cards.

Leela: That's it?

Fry slides his credit card

Fry: Yeah, we rented out the Nimbus for free, because Kif's now in command, the Honeymoon included everything for 14 grand, and the Hip Joint accounted for the rest.

Preacher Bot: Transaction complete. Printing papers.

Fry: Okay, we have two passports, the Hip Joint voucher, the Limo company voucher, and the Tropicana voucher. We have 300 invitations, a multipurpose envelope, and a leather case to hold it all. Thank you preacher bot. See you in the Nimbus in a day. The wedding starts at 12:30PM sharp in 2 days.

Leela: Okay, everything is set up, let's get ready.

Fry: Takes out two Palm Pilot 3000's. Gives one to Leela Okay-

Leela: You bought us these?

Fry: Yeah, we need em' for work anyway, and they're perfect for planning.

Leela: Thanks.

Fry: You're welcome. So, you make the invitations. I already invited everyone, so you just deliver them. And take this voucher to Giant Beagle, and they'll give you the food in two very large crates. Drinks and food for the Nimbus. Put them in the ship's freezer. The Hip Joint provides a DJ, food, and custodial services. I am going to go set everything up with the Limo company, the Hip Joint, and Tropicana27, so meet me on the Nimbus in 7 hours. I picked out my Tux with Doctor Z, you pick out your gown.

Leela: Impressive. Sounds good. I love you. Gives Kiss

Fry: I love you, too.

Leela enters Planet Express ship with Amy and Zoidberg.

Fry knocks on Hermes' office door

Hermes: Come in, mon.

Fry: Could you help me?

Hermes: With what?

Fry: I need someone to help me get a good spot and room and lock in the deal with the Hip Joint and Tropicana27 for my wedding.

Hermes: Ok, mon. Let's go.

They enter Fry's car, discussing the matter

Fry: First stop: The Limo People.

Planet Express Ship
Nearing Giant Beagle SuperCenter

Leela: Okay, It's time to pick out a dress.

Amy: Um… how about this wedding short skirt.

Leela: Too Skimpy.

Amy: Okay, how about this see-through dress.

Leela: Too Slutty. How about this one, it has a hoop-skirt like from Fry's time, and white netting to go over the face. Yeah, Zoidberg order this one.

Amy: So you're all set. You've got your dress, your ring-

Leela: Oh, no! I forgot to get a ring.

Zoidberg: Don't worry. I picked out rings for both of you. I am always lurking in the shadows! ALWAYS!

Leela: Uh… okay. Anyway, we're here, let's get the food.

Fry's Car
On The Road, Again

Fry: Well, we did everything. Let's reward ourselves with some Klassic Fried Chicken.

5 minutes later

Fry: Chews food So- Space Vapor ball hits car, Fry slams on the brakes.

Hermes: Those stupid teens. Here, take care of em' **Hands fry a Colt .45**

Fry steps out of car, finds teenagers

Fry: I've got a little surprise for you. Waves gun around

Teen: Watch out, he's got a piece!

Fry shoots their vapor-making machine

Fry: Don't ever throw anything at MY car again, or that would be you.

Fry walks back to car, gets in, drives towards Nimbus

The Nimbus
Curiosity Stabbed a Pedestrian

Fry: Ok, we've got the food setup, the chairs, the stage, uh, ok. Everything's great. Leela got the right food, we've got every setup fine. Now, about the invi-

Leela walks in

Leela: Yes, I delivered the invitations.

Fry: Cool. I set up this bed and TV where we could sleep tonight and I for one am tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep right now, to rest up for tomorrow.

Fry takes off jacket, shirt, shoes, and pants and lays them on an empty table

Leela: Yeah, I'll turn in too. After all, tomorrow's going to be a long and wonderful d-

Amy rushes by and panses Fry

Fry: Damn it, Amy. Why do you just do that?

Amy: (gaping) I… uh… DID IT BECAUSE I'M CURIOUS!

Fry: Yeah, and you're a fantastic ass, too.

Amy starts crying


Amy leaves room, Fry and Leela get in the bed

Fry: I'm going to uninvite her.

Leela: No, don't. You know Amy. She always has to have the best. But this time, I got the best!

Fry: Hahaha. Well, I do what I can. Goodnight, honey.

Leela: Goodnight.

The Nimbus
Goooood morning

Fry: stirring Ahh… What time is it? Glances at watch 7:30? Hmmm… I'll get ready before Leela.

Fry takes shower, brushes teeth, applies cologne, gets dressed, etc… etc…

Fry: 8:30? Right on schedule. Wake up, Leela.

Leela: Mmm….? Oh, right. I better get ready.

Fry: Ok, well, I'm gonna leave now. I have to be prepared. Remember, the event starts at 12:30. When you're done, meet Amy and Zoidberg at this address. Hands Leela the piece of paper and a kiss

Leela: Bye!

Fry: (fading) Later…

Sean's Salon
The Dressing of Fry

Fry: (being fixed up by salon employees) So, Sean, why did you break up with her again?

Sean: Well, I played the holophoner naked, on her couch every day, but then one afternoon, I was sipping coffee at a café, when this beautiful woman came up. Her name was Morgan P. One thing lead to another, and then Leela found out.

Fry: Oh. Well that's too bad. (Employees finish)

Hermes: Wow, Fry. You look better than my famous jerked chicken, especially that tuxedo. Nice!

Sean: Who did you say you were getting married too?

Fry: Starts to walk out door Oh, her name is Turanga, Leela.

Sean: Getting mad Why you two-timing son of a- Fry closes door

Kif's Salon
The Dressing of Leela

Amy: (Helping Leela into gown) I'm sorry about last night. It's just that Fry has changed so much since we were dating, that, I got jealous of you. I'm sorry.

Leela: Ah, no hard feelings. But you should be saying sorry to Kif.

Amy: Yeah, about that. He doesn't exactly "know."

Leela: You mean you didn't tell hi-OW!

Employee: Sorry, Miss Leela!

Leela: It's ok. But as I was saying, you didn't tell your OWN boyfriend?

Amy: No, and it's gonna stay that way!

Leela: Ok, he's your partner

Amy: Well, we're done, and you look very nice.

Zoidberg: Yes, just like Edna before she was killed.

Leela: Uh, thanks. Let's head to the wedding.

The Nimbus
This is it!

Fry: (Thinking) Well, here I am, getting married to the girl of my dreams. Bill Gates the 200th my be rich, but he doesn't have this. I'm so lucky.

(Hermes starts playing "Here comes the Bride" Jamaican style on the keyboard) (Professor walks Leela up to the alter)

Preacher bot: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two in Holy Matrimony. If there is any reason why these two should not be, please speak now or forever hold your peace. Turanga Leela, do you promise to love and respect Fry, to have and to hold, through rich and through poor, through sickness and in health forever until death do you part?

Leela: I do.

Preacher bot: Fry, do you copy and paste her response?

Fry: I do

Preacher bot: By the power invested in me by the Democratic Order Of Planets and the state of New New York, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

(Fry and Leela both lean forward and share a long kiss) (Music starts playing and rice is thrown) (Fry and Leela walk out of chapel and get in limo)

Fry: Well, we're married, and I couldn't be happier.

Leela: Me, either.

Fry: So, now would be a good time to… PARTY!

Leela: Hahaha. Ok, let's head to The Hip Joint.

The Hip Joint
8:36 PM
That Was Fun

Leela: Wow! that was a great party.

Fry: Yeah, when Amy tried to get Kif to-

Janitor: Hey, beautiful, lose the zero and get with the hero!

Fry: Uh, I beg your pardon?

Janitor: I wanna be on your wife.

Fry: Son of a Bi-- Janitor is bleeding on the floor with a busted hip Nice job.

Leela: Now let's head to the sun!

I Eat Nails

Fry: Ohh, this is a nice breakfast table.

Leela: Yes, so colorful and soft.

Fry: I'm getting some food, you coming?

Leela: Hmm... bacon and eggs, pancakes, French toast, English muffins, Foldger's double gold blue premium plus coffee. This is cool.

Leela and Fry both sit down and the resort owner asks a question

Owner: Which of you couples have a job where you work together?"

Fry and Leela both have a mouthful of food and say in Unison

"We do!"


Ending Theme: The Game is Never Over by American Idol Winners

Everything was done by me in my spare time.

Also, special thanks to "Missy" on this site for inspiring me to do this whole thing with her Delicious Surprise. Found it in Google. Also, tell that guy who did "Fry's Disappearance" to do the fifth one or I'll do it. Thanks everyone at TLZ.

All FanFics were written in Microsoft Word 2003, spellchecked, converted to TXT format and mailed to TLZ. Anyways, there will be a Prequel and Sequel to the Fry Files, as well as a separate FanFic: Anthology of Interest1: What Happened?