Fan Fiction

The Fry Files, Part 4
By Slikdude12592

Hey, everyone. Sorry it took so long to get this one out. I have been really busy lately.
Anyway, this part gives us the climax and problem, so grab a snack pack and settle in for FF3.

PE Lounge
Amy's Little Chat

Fry: Well, ya I guess it could happen. Well, I'll be right back. I gotta go do number 2.

Fry leaves room
Amy enters room

Amy: Well, now that you and Fry are an item, I guess you'll be pretty miserable from now on, eh?

Leela: What do you mean?

Amy: Well, lets face it, the guy's a loser. He's poor, he's stupid, mean, and “small,” if you catch my drift.

Leela: Oh, really? Havn't you noticed his changes? He took classes at Mars U, he's more mature, he is very sweet, and, FYI-

Fry Enters Room

Leela holds up seven fingers and makes a gesture.

Fry: Hey, what's everybody talking about?

Amy: We're talking about your pe-

Leela: So, let's see what's on All My Circuits!

PE Exit
Not a normal goodnight

Fry: See ya, Leela! Come on, Bender.

Fry and Bender walk to their apartment

Leela: Ok, see you tomorrow.

Leela whistles as she walks the other way and feels someone cupping her mouth. She faints.

Dark Alley

Leela: Ah! My head! They probably got me with the chlorphil. Ugh...

Voice: That was a very erotic time. I always love the unconscious ones.

Leela: Who the hell are you?

Voice: Your Kiddnapper. And previous lover. I'm... ZAPP BRANIGAN!

Leela: I know you were a windbag and a jackass, but I never thought you would sink so low as to-

Zapp: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Slaps Leela

Other Voice: No, I think you're the one who needs to shut it!

Zapp: Try and make me punk, whoever you are.

Fry appears, punches Zapp, ties him up while he is stunned

Zapp: Woah! You've got it all wrong! I didn't kidnap her.

Fry: Yes you did, I know the whole story. You see, I was at my apartment drinking Slurm when I saw Leela being kidnapped. Leela is a great fighter, so I didn't get concerned. I however, did call her apartment to make sure. No answer. This is bad for you for three reasons. Number one, Leela is my girlfriend. Number two, I hate you! Number three, Bender gave me his gun. Nighty night.

Fry shoots Zapp in the face blowing off half his head.

Leela: Wow, Fry! Thanks. I love you! Let's go out to dinner this Friday! And I want to spend the night at your apartment.


The Ship
Apartment Talk

Leela: Fry, can I ask you something?

Fry: Sure, anything.

Leela: I wanna move in with you, but neither of our apartments are big enough.

Fry: Awesome! Yes! Ok, well, I was gonna save this as a surprise, but, I already rented the bigger apartment next to mine. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, four other rooms. So, we could have a bedroom, and a storage bedroom.

Leela: Oh, Fry, that's wonderful.

Fry: I know, and I wanted to ask you something, too.

Leela: Ok.

Fry gets down on knees

Fry: This is my first time doing this, so correct me if I'm wrong. Huh-hmm. All my life, I have been plagued by bad luck. Girls who hated me, or treated me bad, my brother stealing things, smelling bad, being immature, not being able to play the holophoner, being poor, and being stupid. I tried to remedy these things, thanks to your support, it worked. So, I ask you, Turanga Leela, will you-

Fry starts gagging and faints

Leela: Oh no! Fry!!!! Doctor Zoidberg! Get in here!

Dr. Zoidberg: I'm coming I am! Woah! What the... Put him on this stretcher. I'll take him back and see what's wrong with him! Wub-wub-wub....

Leela: I'll call the professor! Leela gets the professor on the phone Hello? Professor! Fry is dying!!!!!!

Professor: Wha? Oh yes, I know.

Leela: What do you mean you know?

Professor: You have a worse memory than me. He-hem. Remember the death clock I invented?

Leela: Yes?

Professor: The clock said him was to die at 5:00PM tomorrow.

Leela: So, I can't do anything?

Professor: No, I'm afraid there is almost nothing you can do.

Leela: What do you mean, "almost nothing?"

Professor: Well, a few years ago, I upgraded the death clock to work on robots. I tried it on Bender and it said he was to die, or get thrown away, as robots do in exactly one month. Sure enough, he was in the hospital, and paralyzed for life. Except, by a twist of fate, Beck saw him and gave him arms. My death clock didn't see that because it wasn't supposed to happen. You can probably save him by a, "revelation" of sorts, but it must be before 5:00PM.

Leela: I'll try my best. Oh, and do you know what's wrong with him?

Professor: Yes! It's Zoidberg's fault! His head has been chopped off his body so many times, and the lack of what he likes most besides humans is causing his head to reject his body.

Leela: Thanks, bye!

Zoidberg enters the room

Zoidberg: Look, I don't know what's wrong with your stupid friend, but I did find $50.

Leela: Well, it's your fault it's like this, so HIIII-YAA!

Leela kicks Zoidberg and snatches $50. Leela, enters escape pod and flees but puts a tracker on the ship

Leela: Ok. Let see. The thing Fry loves the most besides friends. Hmmm...

Leela flashes back to Anthology Of Interest 1.

Fry: I'm good at video games and nothing else...

Leela: That's it! Fry needs games! I'll get them at Dillard 6-the mall planet.

Dillard 6-Entertainment Sector
The right store

Leela: Ok, let's see; games for fun, games for death, games for poop, games for games, Aha! Games for Life!

Clerk: Can I help you?

Leela: Hi, yeah, uh I need to save my boyfriend's life.

Clerk: What kind of gamer is he?

Leela: Uh... NinSega, I believe.

Clerk: Ah, the advanced gamer, well, here is the NS pack. Feed him the super mushroom, and when he starts to glow, put this brass ring on his wrist. That'll be $15.00.

Leela: Uh, can I also get a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Toronto City.

Clerk: Uh... that makes it $50.00 even.

Leela: Thanks. Bye.

Medical Room (PE Ship)
Pant Pant

Leela: ***pant pant pant*** I hope I got here quick enough. Okay. Fry! wake up.

Fry: Huh? What's happening?

Leela: It's okay I'm here to help you.

Fry: Gee, thanks Leela.

Leela: Okay, here is what you have to do. Eat this mushroom.

Fry: Okay. Gulps it down in two bites. Starts glowing.

Leela: Okay, quick put this on your wrist.

Fry: Okay. Glowing Stops, Fry sits up. Hey! I feel a lot better.Thanks for saving me Leela! I love you.

Leela: No problem, sweetie. I also got you this.

Fry: Wow! Toronto City! I've been dying to play this!

Leela: Before you fainted, did you want to ask me something?

Fry: Oh, yes. Could you hand me that black box on the counter?

Leela Hands it to Fry

Fry: Pretend like I just gave that speech again. Heh-hem. Turanga Leela... will you marry me?

Leela: Oh my gosh! Ahhh!!! Yes! Yes I will!

Pulls Fry into a tounge luck.

Fry: I love you, and happy endings to suspensful, plotful, climactic stories.

Leela: The ending is about to get happier for you.

Drags Fry to the bedroom.

Roll credits while playing Michael Jackson's "ABC 123."

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Oh, and there will be another Fry Files, which will be the last one.
Here is a preview of my next FanFic, called "AI1: What Really Happened?"

We all watched and loved the Futurama episode "Anothogy Of Interest 1" When Leela was "shutting Fry up," what happened when she turned off the lights. Did she go back to Fry, or kill him as well? Find out in AI1: What Really Happened? December 2004.