Fan Fiction

The Fry Files, Part 3
By Slikdude12592

This part skips to right after "The Devil's Hands Are Idol Playthings."

Rating goes to PG-13, because of Sexual related business.

On with the show...

Cartoony Leela

image of Cartoony Leela and Fry kissing

Leela: Fry, that's beautiful . It's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Fry: I... Well... now I don't have the devils hands so your opera was ruined. I'm sorry. ... Leela... where are you?

Fry feels himself being dragged across the stage, into the closet

Fry: Uh, Leela, I can't see a thing.

Leela: Good. Do you know what I'm going to do to you now?

mHop Lounge
Bender Finds Out

Bender: Say, Calculon...

Calculon: Yyyeeess?

Bender: Well, besides the fact that you're not on screen right now, where are those precious ears of yours?

Calculon: They are at... um... the dry clean... no..um-

Sounds of a woman's groaning, and a man shouting

Bender: Do you hear that?

Calculon: Yes, in fact on All My Circuits, I frequent- Bender: Who cares? I think it's coming from the stage.

Bender walks on stage followed by Calculon

Bender: Hey, jerk-face, why are you huddled behind me like some Irish guy?

Calculon: Did you say that wwee'rree nnoott on sseett?

Bender: Whatever. Anyway, it's coming from that door.

Bender opens door

Bender: Oh his god! You guy's are doing the same thing like you were on the Professor's machine thing.

Fry: I know! Isin't it great?

Bender: Yeah, as long as you let me blackmail you.

Leela: I never thought I'd say this, but I don't care. I love Fry!

Calculon: Lady, have you ever tried out for All My Circuits?

PE Meeting Room
9:39 AM

Hermes: So tomorrow, we all have to make the phunk delivery to planet Sporgon 23. Now we only need one person to stay go on this mission, who is stayin' here? Really? No one? Where's Fry. I know he wouldn't pass this up.

Fry: I'm right here, and I'm actually going.

All Gasp

Zoidberg: No! You need bed rest!

Fry: Actually, I'm going because, I care for Leela's safety. I love her.

Hermes: Okay... one hour until the ship launches.

Fry: Cool. Hey, Professor, do you know any good jewelry shops?

Professor: Oh my, yes. You see, there's the one down the street, ironicly called 69Her's The take custom orders.I reccomend them, highly, and not because they told me to do it.

Fry: Uh, okay. I'll go down there. 69Her's right?

Professor: Wha? Oh yes.

Jeweler Shop

Fry: What could I do for her. She is special and I don't want her to have an ordinary ring. Ooh! I know... Could you have a diamond out of a ship-I mean sculpt a ship into a diamond?

iZac: You got it. That comes to $299.99 It'll be ready by... now. Here.

Fry: There's ya money. This is perfect!

The Ship
The Delivery

Leela: So, Fry, you ready for our date on Friday?

Fry: You bet! I mean, yes.

Leela: Fry, it's okay to be wild and impulsive. That's why I love you!

Fry: I love you too! Say, why didn't Bender come along.

Leela: He told me we should be alone together a million lightyears from Earth for two days. And he prepacked our food.

Fry: So, what do ya wanna do?

Leela: Well... I have an idea. Heh-ha-ha-ha...

Fry: Oh, God, yes! My room love chamber will finally get some use! And so will my-

Leela: Shhhh... Come.

The Ship
6:25 AM
The Next Morning

Leela: Wake up, my king.

Fry: Hey, baby. Didn't you say that to Al?

Leela: He was my king. But you're my fantastic lover, now. Al was too jerky, and Sean was all show. Zapp was just plain bad.

Fry: Yes! I'm finally the best at something besides video games! So, let's go eat breakfast.

Leela: I have some Beerios and Captian Munch.

Fry: I'll get them for you. What up, Autopilot?

Autopilot: Not much. Well reach our destination in 10 minutes.

Leela: Hey, Fry, last night was special for you. I usually don't do all that. I'm usually standard.

Fry: When you're "Standard," does that mean you don't g-

Leela: Oh, no, that's standard. I'll do that a lot, but only for you.