Fan Fiction

The Fry Files, Part 2
By Slikdude12592

Welcome to part 2 of The Fry Files! This part skips ahead to right after The Farnsworth Parabox.
Also a line is used in this part from the movie "50 First Dates." That line causes a normal G-PG rating to go up to PG-13, because of use of the S-Word. I don't know if this conflicts with The Leela Zone's standards, but it is just a warning. I also have use of a building name from the game: "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

On With The Show!

PE Building (Lounge Room)
5:15 PM
Watching Cartoons

Bender: Hey, meatbags.

Leela: Yes?

Fry: Huh?

Bender: Does everything seam... squished, to you?

Fry: Uh.... *Stands up* ....no.

Bender: Hmmm.... maybe it's just that glitch in the bending unit caused by drinking booze older than 50 years...

Fry: Yeah, I bet. Anyway, I won't be back til' late tonight, so here, I got you a set of the keys made so we would both have some.

Bender: You really are coming through, skintube.

Bender Leaves Room

Fry: So, what coffee house do you wan't to hit tonight? I heard the Tarbrush Café has over 2000 types of coffee.

Leela: Sound's good to me.

Fry: Your chariot awaits!

Tarbrush Café
8:25 PM
Drinking Coffee

Fry: So, how long did you work at Applied Chryogenics, before you quit?

Leela: A while back. I started when I was 16 as a summer intern.

Fry: You really have a good life. I don't. My girlfriend was a little wench. I should have never dated her. She suckered me in way too many times. Amy didn't take me seriously. I have a lot of money, and it can buy me things, but not happiness. Oh well. Leela, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me weather you like me that way or not.

Leela: Wow! Fry! Those lessons are paying off.

Sean: Yes, well, you are pretty stupid, I guess you need a little lesson, so a brain slug won't starve. Hahahahaha!

Fry: Shut up, you piece of crap. Who is on the date? Me or you, Mr. Jealous? You suck.

Leela: Yeah. You only care about yourself.

Sean: Shut up! Slaps Leela

Fry: Oh, it's on now! Punches Sean in gut

Leela: ...Ya! Kicks Sean in face

Fry: Yeah you better run you little freak! Are you okay Leela?

Leela: Yeah! I'm feelin' crazy! Wanna skip down the road and go sky-diving to get rid of this energy?


Jrr: Blorg mo kipes Bloog zigne. That's Omicronion for "Look at those two shitheads!"

Leela's Apartment
11:05 PM

Fry: Leel. I had a really good time tonight.

Leela: Me too. I really like you a lot. Maybe on the next date, you can come into my apartment and we could...

Fry: Wait. You mean.. there's another date, and we might...

Leela: Yes, Fry. Goodnight. Gives Fry Kiss

Fry: Goodnight Leela. Fry skips to car, yelling YES!!!!!

PE Building
7:55 AM
Professor Talk

Fry: Professor. I need some girl advice.

Professor: Of course, Fry. When I dated Mom, I got advice from the expert, Kif's uncle Kiz. Kiz is no longer with us Unfortunately, but Kif is. He's on Jupiter, taking a break. Go and see him. Your drivers license qualifies you to drive the ship.

Fry: Okay. Don't tell Leela. IF she asks where the ship is... tell her Zoidberg took it in for repair.

Professor: Okay... here are the keys.

Jupiter (Vacation Sector 9)
2:10 PM (10:00 AM Earth Time)
Kif's Advice

Kif: So you're trying to win over Leela, huh?

Fry: Well, yeah, and I know she likes me a lot, but I wan't her to love me! And, I'm know I'm not in that condition, so could you tell me the things I should do to increase my chances.

Kif: Okay, but be prepared for some constructive criticism. Here is a pen and paper to write this stuff down. Ready?

Fry: Opens pad and ready's pen Ok.

Kif: Women love a man with a "clean shave" which means you'll want to shower every day before work, and if she'll see you that night, shower before she comes over. You'll also want to wear deoderant, combed hair, although, in your case, it looks fine the way it is. They love a man who is strong and can fight for them, so go to the gym often, and don't watch as much TV. Your lessons at Mars U really helped your intelligence and maturity, laziness, and politeness. Always listen to what a woman has to say, because they are very sensitive beings. They love clean, so make sure you clean your whole apartment at least every month, clean before she comes over, and, use some of that money to add a shower to your apartment, instead of using the one at Planet Express. Got all that?

Fry: Confused about Kif knowing about the money Uh... yeah. Recites list

Kif: Good! I hoped this helped.

Fry: Sure, nice work. Here's a couple hundred bucks.

Kif: Thank you very much Extremely happy

Fry's apartment
6:30 AM (1 week later)
Getting ready for work

Fry: Okay. Got the place cleaned up. Got myself cleaned up and bought all of that stuff. Now to take a shower. Get's in shower, turns on Ooh... that feels good. I should have tried this a long time ago. Takes shower, get's out and dries off Ok, now to get dressed. Ok, underwear, pants, deodorant under each armpit, on neck, shirt, jacket socks, shoes, Ok! I'm ready, but hungry. HEY BENDER!

Bender: Ya?

Fry: You wanna go to Einstein Bros with me for breakfast?

Bender: Sure let's go!

Planet Express Building
8:07 AM
Stamping Virtual Time card

Leela: WOW! Fry, you look really good! And you smell good, too!

Fry: Thank you very much.

Leela: Ready to go into work?

Fry: Yes. I sure hope this works.