Fan Fiction

The Fry Files
By Slikdude12592

This, yes, is going to be another FanFic where Fry and Leela are together.
There will be 5 episodes, and each will be about the same length.
The first episode takes place right after the episode "Why must I be a Crustacean In Love?"
The second skips ahead to right after "The Farnsworth Parabox."
The Third skips to right after "The Devil's hand's are idol playthings."
The fourth involves no skipping.

On with the show!!!!!!!!!!!

PE Ship
Back room.

Leela: Docter Zoidberg, you moron! You chopped of Fry's head and leg!

Zoidberg: What do you expect? I said I was an expert on Kif's people!

Leela: I don't remember that! You we first came to Planet Express, you said you we're an expert on humans!

Fry: I don't mean to be picky, but I'm ABOUT TO DIE! Please put my head in one of those temporary head jars, LEELA! You'll never tough me again Zoidberg! The PROFESSOR, someone who knows what he's doing, can reatach it when we get back!

Leela: Here you go. Is that all right?

Fry: Yes it is. Thank you LEELA!

Zoidberg: The Professor can't reatach bodies!

Fry: Yes he can! You remember when we crashed because you couldn't drive in Amy's new car!

Zoidberg: Oh Yes! That was a nasty one, it was.

Leela: Oh you too, just shut up and make up! Fry, when we get back, you could chop off zoidbergs head so he can see how if feels.

Fry: I would, be it would just grow back.

Autopilot: We have arrived!

Fry: Finally! I miss my dirty fingnails and my beer hand.

Hermes: Mon, I hope you didn't screw this one up.

Leela: Nope! We made the succesfuldelivery of Eggsacks to Vergon 14.

Hermes: Ok. But where is Fry man.

Zoidberg: I, uh, chopped off his head I did.

Hermes: Why in the name of Jerked Chicken would you do that?

Zoidberg: I was trying to reattach his arm... which I chopped off earlier.

Hermes: Zoidberg, mon, you have the rest of the week off. Go and manage your little planet SPA5.

Zoidberg: Oh! What a happy day it is! The trash on that planet is wonderful! Wub-wub-wub-wub....

Leela: Finally, he's gone!

PE Building
Professor's operating room

Professor: Well Leela, Bender, and Amy. I did all I could do.

Leela: You he's

Professor: Good as new? Yes... wait.. didn't I say that exact thing when I repaired Felxo... ah! who cares?

Fry: Thanks professor! Hey Leela and Bender?

Leela & Bender in unison: Yes?

Fry: Because I have my body back, I would like to take you guys to that 24-hour diner, my treat.

Bender: Good! I still didn't have dinner and I spent all my money on old booze.

Leela: Thanks Fry. That's very nice! **Gives Fry hug**

Fry: Well, let's go. Everyone in my car.

Bender: You have a car, meatbag?

Fry: Yeah, I won the $100,000 Junior Lottery.

Everyone walks outside and gets in car

Leela: A Toyola Hover-Camry! Those are like $30,000 dollars!

Fry: I know. I needed something to get me places faster, plus I just got my Driver's License.

Bucks Bigboy Diner
Midway between meal

Fry: I have a surprise for you all!

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yes. I spent $50,000 on me, and I'm giving you guys the rest. Leela, here is $25,000 to spend however you please. Bender, here is a $5,000 gift card to Boozer's store of Alcoholic drinks. And 20,000 to spend however. I hope it's enough for you.

Leela: Fry, thank you very much. **Kisses Fry for 3 seconds*

Bender: Yeah, fleshpile, you know how to make people happy. **Cries**

Leela: I know it's none of my business, but may I ask how you spent yours?

Fry: Yes. 30,000 on the car, 5,000 on video games and stuff. And the rest... on a college tuition at Mars U. You wished I could be smarter, so I'm doing it for you.

Leela: Oh, Fry!

Fry: Well, I hoped you'd like it. Is everybody done? Let's go.

Fry's Car
12:00 Midnight
Robot Arms.

Fry: Well, Bender. Bye. I'm going to drp Leela off at har apartment.

Bender: Uh... Ok buddy.. Wink-Wink.

Leela: That's really nice of you, Fry.

Fry: It's the least I could do. It wouldn't be fair to leave you in the street.

Leela: Well, here we are. I had a great time.

Fry: Let me walk you to your apartment.

Leela: Ok. Thanks again Fry

Fry: We're under the mistletoe again!

Leela embraces Fry

Fry: Wow! My first real kiss from a girl who is not a jerk! Bye!

Fry skips to his car

Fry: YES!!!!!!!

Leela: Yes!

Fry's Apartment
1:00 AM
Turning off TV

Fry: Ah, time to hit the hay.

Bender: Goodnight buddy. Say, was that kiss good?

Fry: How do you know about that??

Bender: You think I wouldn't leave one of my eyes in the car if you went off with a woman?

Fry: Good point. Anyway, it was the best feeling I've ever had in my life

Bender: Yuck, man! Your making me sick with your human interfacing! And I mean that from the processor!

Fry: Uh, ok.

PE Building
Walking in

Professor: Oh, Fry, I built a garage for your car around back!

Fry: Gee, Thanks professor

Fry parks car, comes back and sits on couch with Leela and Bender

Amy: Spluh! I need to get my car today because I graduated with all C's.

Bender: Cool! I also have to get my ass serviced.

Leela: Let's go....