Fan Fiction

Future Foursome, Part 4
By Mitch

Turanga Leela's eye was now fixed on the screen before her. The images of the What-If machine featured a New New York under siege by robots that resembled Mom. What was more, soon she would see herself in all that chaos. That wasn't anything Leela thought she couldn't handle, but this less experienced Leela on the screen may have been more challenged by this than she would be.

Leela poked her head from the manhole cover, not wanting to be discovered. She found herself looking at the Foursome Express building. She fully exited the sewer and sighed. She still had mixed feelings about returning, but it felt nice to see the place again.

What's that noise? she wondered, suddenly noticing unfamiliar sounds behind her.

She turned toward the city and saw hundreds of robots tearing the city apart!

Okay, she thought, maybe I've been out of the loop too long.

She realized that Fry and the others would be in the thick of this. She was about to go find them when she realized she should have protection and transportation. She knew where to find both in the building near her.

Citihall would have never faced such turmoil, except perhaps at he last debate Mayor Poopenmeyer had with his opponent. That was nothing compared to this opponent. This was Mom and her extensive resources. The city of New New York would be facing the forces of the most dangerous master of robotics on the planet.

It would be fun to watch once the Future Foursome arrived.

The remaining three members of the Foursome were busy on their way to Citihall. Fry had been melting the Mombots as fast as the life of his flame would allow, Bender was trying to clobber them despite the hindrance of his slow speed, and the Professor wrapped himself around as many as he could although he felt strained from stretching himself.

They fought well, but the limits of their powers were getting to them. Also, it was still the three of them against an endless army. Ten to twenty Mombots came to replace each that fell, and that was a lot. Things were starting to look their worst as more robots arrived as the three of them were already busy with the ones at hand, when Fry noticed something in the sky. As it came closer, he recognized what it was. Also, a shapely armored figure fell from it. This being, this woman, literately fell into the midst of the battle. Her fists and feet met the Mombots with a frightful fury. From the craft that brought her fell a small metallic device. Energy waves from it caused all the Mombots in the area to collapse. The threesome looked at the new arrival as the craft landed, apparently by itself.

"Leela?" asked Fry, as he approached the figure.

The woman removed her helmet, revealing her unmistakable single eye and purple ponytail.

"How'd you guess?"

Fry went up to her and hugged her. He felt Leela gently, perhaps awkwardly, pat his back.

"So," said Fry, breaking the hug, "you wanted to visit us from your homeworld?"

"Let's just say for now that I know where I belong," said Leela.

The Professor looked at the craft.

"This is no spacecraft; it's part of the Foursome Craft," he explained, "but who drove it?"

"Yo! Down here, Genius!" said a familiar voice.

The Professor looked down into the craft.

"Cubert? What are you doing here?"

The Professor's son exited the craft, looking annoyed but also proud.

"I had to show her how to use that electro magnetic pulse bomb," he explained, "it still needed adjustments so it wouldn't effect Bender's RNA. Besides, she was never shown how to fly one of these things."

"I would have used auto-pilot," explained Leela, "but he insisted on coming. This is some kind of adjustable battle-suit I found in the Professor's stuff, by the way."

"So," asked Fry, hopefully, "you're back with us? Even after finding your home?"

"It's sort of complicated," said Leela, "but let's just say that this is my home and I want it saved."

"Let's cut the mush and get back to clobbering," complained Bender.

After dropping off a protesting Cubert at the Foursome Express building, the Flaming Fry, The Bend, Senior Future, and Leela took the Future Craft straight to Citihall, but found it avoided from the invaders. The mayor was there to greet them.

"The Future Foursome! Thank God! So, where are the Mombots?"

"Everywhere else, apparently," explained Leela.

"It could be that the announced attack on Citihall was actually a distraction," concluded the Professor.

"So, what does Mom really want?" asked Fry.

"Knowing her," explained the Professor, "she would want no less than the DOOP headquarters in New Jersey!"

"Then let's stop yappin' an' start clobberin'!" complained Bender.

"What about the Mombots already in New New York?" asked Fry.

"Oh, the police can take care of that," said the Professor angrily, "or not! Whatever!"

Amy was surprised how uncomfortable she felt while wearing clothes. She was at the DOOP Headquarters to speak on the behalf of the actions and intentions of the Foursome, but they wanted her in formal Martian attire, which always struck her as too fancy and not flattering enough for her. The latter part was just as well, since she was invisible anyway. She also felt uncomfortable speaking to such a large audience. Normally, she would imagine the audience naked, but in this case, she would prefer just the hot guys and there weren't any.

"Ms. Wong, what do you say on the charge that your group is a magnet for trouble?"

"Well, sir, with all due respect, you're not the only ones that feel threatened by us. The situation is that we've made some powerful enemies who would like to get us out of the way."

"Alert!" said an announcement on an intercom, "a wave of armed robots are approaching the building!"

"Er, case in point," said an embarrassed Amy.

The ambassadors panicked as soldiers armed themselves and charged out of the building. Amy turned to Kif.

"Whatever this is," said Amy, "I volunteer for anything I can do."

"The offer," said Kif with a smile, "is appreciated and accepted."

They were about to leave when a familiar and unwelcome figure stopped them.

"I'm afraid I can't let you leave. You were obviously in on this to distract us. Then, you were to help us defeat this army to prove your value!"

"Captain Brannigan," said Amy with some anger, "I'm in as much danger as the rest of you and that charge is unproven!"

"Not officially, but it's proven in my book," he declared, "so I place you under arrest."

"Sir," said Kif, "would it be all right if I place her into custody?"

"Well, I didn't think you had enough of an age difference to adopt her," said Zapp, misunderstanding, "but all right."

Kif smiled, grabbed Amy's arm, and ran to a rear exit.

"We can't face them up front," said Kif, "it's best that we call your teammates."

"Zapp's men took my single device when I got here," explained Amy, "so I guess it's just me."

She disrobed in front of him. Her body was already given the special spray for limited protection. She was pleased by the obvious effect she had on him; Kif's skin was rapidly changing colors due to his nervousness.

"If it weren't for this invasion," said Amy teasingly, "I'd have time to give you a show. You'd still have to use your imagination though."

Dr. Mom smiled under her mask as her clocked craft, flown by her sons, landed on the DOOP building. It was all going according to plan.

The Foursome arrived to see a tremendous battle in front of DOOP Headquarters. They detached the four components so each of them could help each flank. The soldiers were grateful for the assist; they did not agree with Zapp's charges or most of his other policies. The battle was long and fierce with no end in sight.

"This is taking too long," said Amy, armed with a proton rifle, "can't we stop them at the source?"

"We have to protect the delegates in the building at all costs," said Kif, who looked like he was realizing something, "which means the enemy may be in the building with them!"

They ran to the entrance when Amy heard a voice she hadn't heard in a while.

"Hey Amy. Feeling cold?"

Amy turned around and saw an armored but familiar figure.

"Leela! You're back?"

"Yep," she said proudly, "I'll help you guys in there if you want me."

Kif nodded, but noticed something.

"Look out!" he cried, pointing to behind Leela.

Leela turned around and saw a Mombot behind her with it's gun aimed at her. Even her armor couldn't block that! Kif leaped in front of Leela and fired just as the Mombot did. Both blasts hit a mark and one of those marks was Kif.


Amy rushed to her love and held him. Leela quickly collapsed her armor into a small handheld size and tore off the bottom part of her tank top. She wrapped it on his wound as a make-shift bandage.

Amy picked up her proton rifle; Leela could hear her fighting back tears. For a second, Leela was afraid Amy would take her grief out on her. Actually, she fired at several of the surrounding Mombots. After her rage had subsided, she looked at her rifle.

"One charge left," she said grimly.

"Then let's not waste it," whispered Leela. She picked up Kif, figuring there was no safe place right now anyway, and carried him inside the DOOP headquarters with Amy at their side.

The first thing Leela noticed was that the delegates were still sitting silently in their chairs. The second she noticed was that delegates had not been quiet in a thousand years. Something was very wrong.

Leela looked up and noticed an odd device strapped up to the ceiling. It was shaped like Mom's head and an odd humming came from it.

Also Leela looked to her side, she noticed something else entirely.

"Amy, do you know you're becoming visible again?"

"What?" Amy looked down at herself and quickly covered her front with her proton rifle.

"I'm visible? How?"

"My guess is that the wavelength of that thing is interfering with your powers," said Kif, trying to pay more attention to the device than to Amy as well as fighting his injury by staying professional, "what I don't understand is why it's affecting the delegates somehow."

"That's because it's not," said a familiar, but echoing voice.

They turned to see Dr. Mom with her clock and her sons close behind her.

"I used a trick I learned from an extraterrestrial race to put the delegates under my control," she explained, "the device on the ceiling will permanently neutralize the powers of the Foursome."

"You mean I'll be visible forever?"

Amy joyfully threw her arms open; one hand was still holding her rifle.

"This is great! I can face the world again!"

"Um, I think you'll need this, then," said Leela, tossing her collapsed armor to the visibly naked Amy.

Amy grabbed it and armored herself.

"Hmm," mused Amy, "it covers a lot, but it's also flattering."

Leela took Amy's rifle and aimed it at the device on the ceiling.

"I wouldn't do that," said Dr. Mom, "that would trigger an explosion that would take out a city block!"

Leela quickly aimed her rifle at the entrance and fired, sealing the door from the outside.

"This lessens the chances of the others coming in and losing their powers," Leela explained, "too bad that was the last charge."

"Enough talk," said Dr. Mom, "boys, get them!"

Walt, Larry, and Ignr charged at the three heroes. The two heroines braced for battle to protect themselves and the injured Kif.

Outside, the battle raged on, but Fry was worried about Leela and Amy. He saw them rush into the building a minute ago, but now the entrance had collapsed. He suspected that there must have been a battle there.

He need some time. Concentrating, he fired a powerful nova blast straight into the most immediate Mombots, but so they wouldn't harm Bender, the Professor, or the soldiers. With the last of his flame, he flew to the roof of the DOOP headquarters and tried to think of a way in. Leela may not want him to interfere, but he had to be sure she was okay. He was also worried about Amy and what's-his-name from the DOOP.

"Leave my Kiffy alone!"

Amy and Leela had knocked Walt and Larry, but Kif was having trouble with Ignr She pulled Ignr away from Kif, who was now gasping for air after being grappled, and his injury didn't help matters either.

Leela looked at Amy tending to Kif, who already looked better in Amy's arms, and smiled.

"You like him, don't you?"

"Yeah," said Amy, "he's not like any boy I know and I mean besides that he doesn't have bones. That reminds me, Fry really missed you."

"I gathered that," said Leela, sighing, "I don't think I share his feelings for me, but I know I missed him as a friend. I just wish I realized that sooner."

"I think he missed you that way as well," said Amy.

Leela had not thought of it that way.

Then, she remembered Dr. Mom and turned around to face her.

"You still lose," said Dr. Mom, "only I know how to free the delegates!"

"We could just beat that secret out of you," declared Leela, "Kif might have restrained from hitting a woman, but Amy and I won't!"

"Perhaps," said Dr. Mom, "but I doubt you can survive against my armor!"

Her armor cackled with bio-kinetic power, creating an imposing image.

"I wouldn't risk using your friend's puny armor against this," Dr. Mom declared.

"I just know I don't want to be naked again," said Amy.

"Come to think of it," said Leela, "isn't it getting hot in here?"

"Oh, please," said Dr. Mom, "you expect me to fall for that?"

"No," said Amy, "she's right. It really is getting hotter and that doesn't work wonders with this armor."

"Is it?" asked Kif, "I can't tell; I'm cold blooded."

"Wait a minute," said Dr. Mom, falling on her knees, "it really is getting warm. I can feel it in my suit. It's becoming unbearable! What could be causing this? I think I'll collapse in a few moments!"

"I think I know," said Leela, "and if you don't free the delegates right now, you'll pass out long enough for the authorities to arrive!"

"I'd rather have another chance to rule the world than to be caught," said Dr. Mom, "you win for now."

Dr. Mom closed her eyes and muttered something in a rarely heard language. When she opened her eyes, Leela could hear the delegates waking, muttering, and even already arguing. She turned to them and saw them slowing coming to life.

"Yes!" said Leela, "Fry, you can turn it down, now!"

Out from a ventilation duct came the Flaming Fry.

"Fry down," he said as his flame flicked away, "how'd you know it was me, Leela?"

"I'm not sure," said Leela, "I guess I had a feeling. That was pretty clever, Fry."

"Best I could do under the time I had."

Leela looked at Fry and thought, what the heck. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Fry, surprised, rubbed it and smiled. Some of his flame went up again. Leela smiled; she knew he did that when he got excited. She remembered Dr. Mom and turned to her. She was slowly recovering.

"There will be a next time," she said as she pushed a button on her belt.

Dr. Mom and her boys disappeared in flash of light, obviously teleporting somewhere. Leela blamed herself until she figured there would be other chances to get her in the future.

She looked at Amy and Kif, who seemed rather preoccupied with each other. She was rather happy for them.

There goes the man eater I once knew, thought Leela, and it makes me wonder if there's a chance for me with someone special after all.

She looked at Fry, innocently looking at her, and decided to put him in the "maybe" file of her mind.

Leela had just finished her paperwork and decided to relax in her new office. She still sort of missed Amy. After losing her invisibility, Amy had left to join the DOOP with Kif's recommendation. After a couple of favors, she was put on Zapp's ship, so she would always be able to keep an eye on Kif. Leela almost figured she would return soon, but finally decided that Amy had found her rightful place. They both had.

The alarm went off and Leela shrugged. It seemed to go off twice on a good day. She was glad that they based her uniform on her old outfit, but with the Foursome colors. She ran into the hanger and found Senor Future, the Bend, and the Flaming Fry in their usual seats.

"Hey, Leela," greeted Fry, "the Moleguy is attacking Times Square again. Does my favorite sewer mutant feel like doing some non-powered butt-kicking?"

"You know it," said Leela, leaping into her seat, feeling very alive.

The Future Craft flew off and the Future Foursome went off to save the city yet again.

Everyone was in awe of what they had seen on the What-If machine.

"That was fun," said Munda, "and my little cutie got to be a hero all over again!"

"Way to go Leela," congratulated Fry, giving his girlfriend a strong pat on the back.

Leela smiled, a bit embarrassed for being thanked for something she could have, but hadn't, actually done.

She noticed Amy, who was quietly looking at the now blank screen.

"I'd better give Kiffy a call," said Amy, choking some tears, "we really need to see each other in person more often."

She ran off and Leela had sympathy for her.

"Well," said Bender, "at least I got to kick some tail!"

"As did I," said the Professor, "although it did not look as much fun for me as I had previously thought."

"Mom, Dad," called Leela, "I want to show you the roof. There's a great view of the night sky from up there."

"Sure thing, sweetie," said Morris as he joined his wife and daughter out of the lab and to the hanger's exit.

Leela turned around and called, "Fry? Want to come with?"

"Hmmm? Oh, sure Leela!"

And this family of four went off to see the stars.