Fan Fiction

Future Foursome, Part 3
By Mitch

Morris was chugging down a Bender-Ale, his daughter's own brewed beer (the robot Bender served as the brewery). Although he was proud of that accomplishment and others, he was currently engrossed in the simulation they were witnessing. He kept wondering how large Leela's role would be, since she didn't gain powers like her friend's did in this What-If world.

Fry and Bender were in the lounge, watching TV as usual. While Bender was in his usual drunken state, Fry was going through depression. The Professor entered the room.

"Fry, Bender, I'd like you to meet our newest member: B.O.B.B.I.E. the Robot! He's a Bending Outgoing Bubbly Buddy Integrated with Electronics!"

A small hovering robot with a cute face floated into the room.

"Greetings friends!" B.O.B.B.I.E. declared.

Without looking away from the TV, Bender's fist smashed the smaller robot to a pulp.

"There!" declared Bender, "that'll save our fan base."

"Oh, pooh!" said the Professor as he walked away sadly, "I suppose recruiting Susan the Elemental or her cousin Repunzel won't do well with you either."

Bender noticed Fry's solemn expression.

"What's the dillio? Still mulling on our long gone captain?"

"It's been almost a month," said Fry, not looking at him, "I just wish that she said goodbye in person."

"Ah, I bet that's not all you wish from her, Matchstick!"

"And what does that mean?"

"What do ya think it means, Mr. Hot-For-Captain?"

"Okay, that's it! Fry Up!"

Fry angrily burst into flame.

"Okay," declared Bender, "if that's how you want it, it's Bending Time!"

Bender picked up the piece of floor Fry was standing on. Fry lost balance, but straightened up in the air after remembering he can fly. He then flew at his friend.

On a floor above the lounge, Amy sighed as she heard the noise downstairs. Sometimes she thought those cosmic rays affected the boys' attitudes; they were more temperamental each day. Amy had been living in the rooms above the Foursome Express offices until the Professor could fix her invisibility. At least she got a good code name: "The Unseen Hottie". She went from rich man-eater to famous and desired hero overnight. It wouldn't be so bad if she could control her invisibility. Her clothing didn't mesh with her "power" without unstable molecules wrapped into them. Instead, she had to strip to go into action, since the Professor only had enough unstable molecules for the clothing of the other three members, or so he said.

Anyway, she could still see herself, so she still spent time in front of the mirror. She put lotion over her body; she liked keeping it smooth under the circumstances. A special formula kept her body warm with some degree of protection during battle. She only wished that she didn't just sneak up on the villain or hope she was forgotten to save the others. Her teammates usually got more credit than her, anyway. Even the centerfold she posed for "Playdude" didn't give her the recognition she hoped for, but that was probably due to the circumstances.

She put on moisturizer, put her hair into curlers and went to bed, hoping for new opportunities in the near future.

Late that night, a small lazer cut through the window on the roof of the Foursome Express building. A certain DOOP officer sneaked in.

Kif Kroker did not like this mission. He felt like he was intruding on privacy, not investigating a potential cosmic threat. Although he did officially have reservations concerning the Future Foursome, Kif had no proof they were collectively up to anything. So far, they had proven themselves heroes. And here they were being repaid by this intrusion.

He wondered if using telescoping binoculars from outside would have made him feel less guilty. Probably not, he figured, since he'd still be spying. It was late at night, so he was doing his best to be quiet. His Amphibious form made stealth easy for him. He was small and could cling to walls. Although these were common features for his species, he wondered if this could actually allow him to join this team if he wanted to. He shook his head, figuring they would not approve of his forced entry anyway.

He was in the attic of Professor Farnsworth, or "Senor Future" as he called himself these days. Most of his inventions there looked dangerous, but Kif and the DOOP already had suspicions about him. He decided to try the other levels above the offices.

Amy was only starting to nod off to sleep when she heard a nearby automatic door open. A glance told her that it wasn't her own. She decided to investigate. She got out of bed and sprayed her unclothed body with the shielding chemical. She looked at herself in her full length mirror and smiled at herself, figuring that every straight male of Earth and Mars missed this sight.

Kif had gotten through a couple of automatic doors already, assuming that the Foursome had gone home or were asleep, since the doors were almost quiet. He was about to make it to another door when he heard a footstep. His training told him that it was a small, human foot. He instinctively turned around and pointed his gun, and saw a face covered in moisturizer with curlers above it. He realized who had been stalking him right before he was tackled the face's unseen body. He panicked for a bit and realized that this body pinning him down was refreshingly soft and the face, as much as he could make it out, was lovely.

"Okay", demanded a fierce but charming female voice, "who are you?"

Kif knew that his must have been the famous Amy Wong, but was surprised how captivating she was in person, even in this situation.

"I am Lieutenant Kif Kroker of the DOOP ship Nimbus," he explained, figuring it was best to act professionally since he was still the authority figure here, "and I'm here to investigate the Foursome!"

"Investigate?" asked Amy, "are we suspected of anything?"

"My superior suspects that you are up to something and has sent me to find out what. Um, would you please get off me?"

"Hmmm? Oh, right. Sorry."

They both sat up in a less compromising position. For some reason, Kif's cold-blooded body felt warmer than usual.

"So," asked Amy, sounding a little worried ,"am I under arrest or something?"

"I guess you're in my custody," answered Kif nervously, "honestly, I didn't want to go on this mission; it seems wrong, but I do have my duty."

"I believe you," said Amy. Kif could swear she had her hand on his glove.

Just then, the automatic door opened and Professor Farnsworth entered in his pajamas.

"What's all the hubbub? Amy? As glad as I am to see you getting back to your love life, I must warn you that this is a place of business! Take it up in a hotel room or something!"

Kif felt awkward and wondered if Amy felt the same way. From what he could make of her expression, she seemed to be musing the Professor's suggestion.

Fry was alone at the meeting table that night. He had made up with Bender after their fight and he had gone to drown his sorrows. Fry didn't feel like going. He still hadn't gotten over the video tape Leela sent them last month. He was watching it right then:

"I've finally found my parents and my people," she exclaimed from an undetermined location, "so I herby resign from Foursome Express. You guys can go on fine without me, particularly you, Fry!"

There was some bitterness in that tone that Fry didn't like.

"Just forget about me and don't try to find me," she explained, "goodbye."

Fry stopped the tape, although there was nothing left after that. He sighed.

"At least she's happy," he said to himself.

"And the best part is that I'm happy!" said Leela to the large headed Dwane as she passed him by in the sewer mutant village.

"Whatever," said Dwane, shrugging as he left.

Leela just stood there and smiled. Then she remembered to get dinner. She went to Sewer Burger and placed an order. Some of the people there looked at her funny unless they saw her eye. This uncomfortably reminded Leela of her life on the surface, except in reverse.

She returned home with two arms full of sewer burgers and rat fries. She sat down with her parents and they chowed down. They relaxed for the evening, discussing how the day had gone and all.

"So, Leela" Munda asked her daughter, "did you have a good day?"

"Oh, yes," said Leela enthusiastically, "every day's a good day! I have you guys and I'm where I belong! How can I not have a good day?"

Morris and Munda looked at each other and then back to Leela.

"You sure of that?"

"Certainly. I mean, the people here don't look at me funny, well, not as much as they used to. At least I don't miss anyone. Well, I miss Fry sometimes. I mean, he was nice to me. And I sort of miss Amy. At least she tried to share some girl talk with me; no one had done that with me before. And I do miss the sky, and sunlight, and air, even with smog, and tap water before it's used. And I miss slug burgers."

She started to realize what she was saying. Her eye was wide and she looked into space.

Munda patted her back.

"Whatever you want dear," she explained, "we're behind you."

"Amy has what?" asked an upset Fry.

"She's gone to the DOOP to plead our case," explained the Professor, "her social standing helps make her a good defendant for us."

"I guess," said Fry sadly, "but I'll miss her."

"Sheesh, Fry," said Bender, "every time a woman walks out on ya, ya get all teary eyed!"

"Amy's a friend," Fry emphasized, "and Leela, well, I was hoping we'd be more, but I don't think we got to a good start. Why are you so insensitive about this?"

"What's that saying you humans have? 'There's more bass in the ocean?' Anyway, you gotta get out there and look for more members of yer opposite sex for sex."

"First of all," started Fry, "with our luck, I'll probably get a super-villain's stepdaughter and learn she was long replaced by one of the Insect People or something. Second, I think Leela and I had a special bond. It may have a lot to do with our loneliness, but I like to think that there was some magnetism between us."

"'Magnetism'? Ah, don't talk like that, man! That's so insensitive!"

"Sorry," said Fry, "but I guess we should hope that there won't be a villain attacking or something while the girls are gone."

"Oh, let's forget about the fairer sex and watch the news," said the Professor as he turned on the monitor.

The image of an armored and cloaked female figure appeared on the screen.

"Citizens of New New York," she declared, "I am Dr. Mom! I am the former employer and lover of Senor Future of the Future Foursome."

Fry, Bender, Hermes, Zoidberg, and the Professor's son, Cubert, looked at him.

"Well," he said, "can't I have some secrets?"

"For years," continued Dr. Mom, "you have known me as the owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company! Now, an attempt to give myself power like the Foursome has failed, but has put me in a better position to best them. With this weapon bearing armor shielding the fate of my former beauty, I am now the most powerful being on Earth. My intellect makes me the perfect ruler, with the government you know as pointless fodder. I challenge the Future Foursome to stop me from conquering Citihall!"

The screen went off and the crew looked at each other.

"Ah," said Bender, "we don't need two young dames ta stop an old one!"

This was getting a little more complicated. Amy was feeling more concerned about the DOOP and her own role in this story. She decided to mask her concern.

"Who wants Martian Margaritas?" she asked the others.

Morris, Fry, and Bender raised their hands. Leela eventually did so too.

To be concluded!