Fan Fiction

Forbiden Journey - The Quest Begins, part 2
By B.E.N.D.E.R.

Sting and his crew went out the door to fight.

Fry: Maybe we should do what he says.

Leela: No way we’re getting out of here.

Bender: But he took the Keys.

Leela: I’ll find spare Key’s.

Fry: Uh guy’s.

They turned round to see they were surrounded by zombies carrying knifes and asks (since ask is axe I thought well you know)

Bender: We’re boned.

Sting: You’re not boned

They saw Sting shooting at all the Zombies

Zombie leader: Retreat.

Sting: Get in you’re ship. Danny get everyone inside now. Let’s go

The PE ship landed and Fry, Leela and Bender came out.

Hermes: Back early Mon.

Bender: Kill him.

After hearing that Hermes ran off but Bender was chasing after him.

Back in space.

N: Sir the fakes have landed on Earth

Fry: Fake’s

Sting: Their robot you.

Leela: Who built them?

Sting: Someone Evil.

Bender: Robot’s aren’t that evil. (He was using it to cover up stealing their wallets) Where we going any way.

Jimmy: To New New York so we can destroy the evil robots. Plus you’re the only ones who can defeat their Boss.

Back at planet express Hermes and the others were hiding from the robots. Then the robots looked up to see the real PE ship crash through the roof. The door was kicked open and Bender stepped out with a chain gun (which shoot’s Lasers)

Bender: Say Hello to my little friend!

He started shooting at them while the other’s snuck round the back of them.

Chuck: This is gonna be sweet.

They started firing at the robots to. They stopped firing to see them still standing. The Bender drone grabbed Bender and threw him against the wall.

Fry: Bender.

Sting: Daniele, Denis help Bender the rest of you with me.

Daniele and Denis went to help Bender while the others ran outside

Fry: That was weird.

Just then a bright light appeared in front of them. Out stepped a strange figure. The light disappeared reveling a man. He stood there for a second then fell to the ground.

To be continued