Fan Fiction

Forbidden Journey - The Quest Begins, part 1
By B.E.N.D.E.R.

Another typical day at Planet Express. Bender and Fry came in late. The crew done their Deliveries and things were even more boring than usual. But our hero’s didn’t know that today would change their lives forever.

Bender: Anyone got any more beers? I’m out. What the.

Everyone was looking at the intercom. The screen was fuzzy but they could hear a strange voice.

s.v: Fry… Leela …Bender we…need your… help

The transmission cut and Professor (Farnsworth) turned to everyone.

Farnsworth: Good news everyone.

Bender: Why us.

Farnsworth: You’re going to save whoever that was.

Leela stood up.

Leela: Well crew let’s go.

Fry/Bender: Aw man

The ship was now in space but something didn’t feel right. On an abandoned space station two shadowy figures were in a large room. One had just sent a call to PE.

sf.1: Good work.

Sf.2: Thank you Master. But what now?

Sf.1: I’m glad you asked. You see now it is time to get my creations into action.

They both look at robots that look so human. One looked like Fry another like Leela and the third Bender.

Sf.1: They follow my every command.

Sf.2: I will deploy them now Master

Sf.1: Yes. You do that

Shadowy figure 2 left with the robots.

Sf.1: It’s only a matter of time.

Meanwhile in the Planet Express ship everyone was in their normal positions.

Bender: 5 minutes’ to destination.

The ship got a little bump and suddenly being pulled backwards toward earth.

The ship landed on a remote part of Earth and the crew stepped into a dark room with just strands of sunlight brightening the room. Up ahead was a man with a laser rifle.

Fry: Who are you?

Man: Name’s Sting.

Leela: Ok sting why are we here.

Sting: Because it’s a trap. Me and my crew were sent from the future to protect you.

Bender: Your crew.

Sting: yeah.

More men stepped out of the darkness also carrying Laser guns.

Sting: This is Danny my sniper. Denis his spotter. Jimmy my youngest troop. Mal my demolition’s. Chuck my right hand man and N my heavy weapons. Oh and Danielle he’s on look out right now.

They were all human except N. He was an alien with a green face and scaly.

Danielle came rushing in.

Danielle: There coming.

Sting: Load up. (To Fry,Leela and Bender) Stay here

To be continued ...