Fan Fiction

Follow that Bender
By Mitch

Futurama created by Matt Groening. Developed by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Owned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Used without permission.

Kim Possible created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. Characters designed by Stephen Silver. Owned by Disney. Used without permission.

On a bright early afternoon in the town of Middleton, a car carrying two noted female robotics experts sped from the town's famed space center to the Middleton Institute of Technology. Dr. Sara Renton was driving as fast as she legally could, while Dr. Vivian Porter was still pouting in the other seat. Dr. Renton felt a bit guilty of that; she had dragged Vivian out rather quickly.

"What's this about, again?" asked Vivian to her driver, "you sort of blurted it out when you dragged me out here."

"Sorry, I guess I was sort of rushed," admitted Dr. Renton, secretly glad that the silence had been broken, "you know how since weather machines became common place, the Institute has been experimenting with time-travel?"

"I've heard," responded Vivian, "but that's not our field; we're robotics experts."

"So is he," added Dr. Renton, pointing in front of them. There was a sports utility vehicle with a vaguely familiar African-American in a lab coat riding in front of them. He didn't seem to be driving, but his vehicle was going quickly and safely.

"I can't place…wait a minute. Isn't that Dr. Freeman, the world's leading expert on artificial intelligence?"

"That's him," affirmed Dr. Renton, "in his systemized artificial driving intelligent vehicle, SADI. He's been called in, just as we were. I just happened to get the call while you were finally buttoning up your lab coat."

The voluptuous Dr. Porter preferred her tube top and mini-skirt even at work and shunned lab coats unless pressured.

"Let's not talk about that," said Vivian a bit grudgingly, "why do they need us at the Institute?"

"The time machine the staff at the Institute had built was faulty," Dr. Renton began to answer, "but something came through, something that may be up to our area of expertise, something from… the future."

"What does a bot hafta do at get some booze around here?" complained the silver humanoid robot in the protective chamber.

"The Institute only has water fountains," explained Dr. Freeman through the speaker phone as Dr. Renton and Vivian took notes.

It had been almost an hour and Sara still felt impressed, which was something she commonly felt since moving to Middleton, but not like this. She was well known for her breakthroughs in cyber-robotics and was impressed with Vivian and Dr. Freeman's work with artificial intelligence, but nothing could match what was now seen below her. This robot was protective, powerful, and even cursed and complained! Her best robots were protective of themselves physically, but this one seemed to be protective of itself emotionally. It was rude, ranting, and kept demanding alcohol, claiming that it allowed him to function.

Sara and the others were called in just to observe, but she began to feel guilty. This robot was acting a little out-of-the ordinary for a protective AI. It seemed almost…alive. She almost felt as if she were observing a captive being. She wondered if her peers were thinking the same thing.

She was so lost in thought that she almost didn't hear the automatic door open. She turned around and saw two strangers approaching. One was a red headed young man in a red jacket and blue jeans. The other was a built woman in a tank top, stretch pants, and boots, with her hair in a purple ponytail. Some kind of oversized protective lens covered the woman's eyes.

Sara felt wary about these two, especially since only top scientists were allowed in this building and neither of these people looked the part. Although the woman seemed a little dangerous, she decided to confront them

"Excuse me, but this is a restricted building and you are…?"

"I'm Leela," said the woman, "and this is Fry…"

The young man called Fry was preoccupied with something he was seeing, as his blank stare and dropped jaw indicated. Dr. Renton followed his stare to Dr. Porter.

"Vivian, maybe you should button your lab coat again."

An annoyed Vivian did so as Dr. Renton turned her attention back to Fry and Leela.

"We're looking for this robot," explained Leela as she removed a photo from her boot.

The photo featured the robot in an apparently drunken state, holding a bottle and wandering aimlessly. Surrounding him (and apparently clapping to some beat) were this same man and woman, with the woman's back to the camera. A banner was hanging from the ceiling reading "Happy Robohaki".

"I'm afraid I've never heard of that holiday," stated Dr. Renton as she handed back the photo, "are you sure you didn't make it up?"

"Actually, the robot did," explained Leela, "he did it to get out of work."

"Well," observed Sara, "it's the same robot, but you need better proof than that to claim that you own him."

"Actually," explained Fry, "Bender sort of owns me. I'm his pet."

Now, Dr. Renton felt more certain that she was being put on. Her every instinct told her to call security, but now her scientific curiosity had been peaked.

"His name is 'Bender'? Does that have anything to do with his function?"

"Yes and no," explained Leela, "he's an alcohol powered bending robot."

Alcohol-powered? These two may have known more than Sara suspected.

"Hey, Fry, Leela!" shouted the robot from the observation booth, "you here to save me?"

"Yeah," Fry shouted from the balcony to the robot, "the Professor jumpstarted the time machine. He figured we could use the one here to get home!"

"Lotsa luck with that. They said that thing don't work so well."

Noticing the familiarity between the robot and the strangers, Dr. Renton began to suspect some truth to their story. Apparently, these people were also from the future. It would explain the photograph, their knowledge of the robot, and it identifying them. Despite the overwhelming aspect of the situation, she tried to remain professional.

"All right, it knows you," Sara admitted to Fry and Leela, "but I'm afraid I'm not in charge here; I was just called in, but I'll see what we can do…"

Suddenly, in the chamber below them, the wall burst open. Three blue and black blurs sped from that gaping hole, engulfed the robot, and went back the way they came.

"Or not."

At the gymnasium of Middleton High School, the green eyed, red haired junior Kimberly Ann Possible was keeping herself busy. As the captain of the junior varsity cheerleader team, she was putting the girls through their usual drills, but she was secretly working off some stress. Her volunteer work and her school work had preoccupied a lot of her time lately. Normally, she would be especially stressed by her work as a teen hero promoted by her personal website. Fortunately, that side of her life seemed to have settled down for her of late. Her greatest enemy, the mad scientist Dr. Drakken, had been lying low and most of her usual crop of enemies were in prison at the time. Despite the stress of it, she was enjoying her time having a somewhat "normal" life and was putting more energy into this practice than usual. Still, she was starting to miss being in action.

The girls started to form the "Doghouse Pyramid" as Kim took her usual place on the top. Then, she heard a familiar beeping.

Reality's calling, Kim thought, as she reached under her skirt. Sometime back, she got permission to have a pocket sewn on the inside of her cheerleader skirt to hold her Kimmunicator in case of emergencies. The Kimmunicator, a custom-made device, had many functions, but Kim usually used it to receive and give call's to it's genus inventor who was also her site's webmaster.

"What's up, Wade?" she asked the familiar ten year-old face on the screen.

"You got a hit on your site from the Middleton Institute of Technology. Something about a robot being found, stolen, and two strangers claiming it."

"These strangers…any description?"

"A young man in a red jacket and a woman with purple hair…"

"Say no more, Wade I'll get Ron. It looks like I'll have to cut practice for the first time this week."

After a quick change to her work clothes (black top, green cargo pants, brown gloves and belt), and a short trip to the institute via Ron's scooter, Kim Possible and her friend Ron Stoppable made it to the security room where they found behind a tinted window two familiar forms being questioned by familiar voices.

"Who sent you?"

"Do you have anything to do with those blurs?"

"I know you don't believe us," said Leela, "but he's not your robot, you know. You don't even work here."

"Gotcha," whispered Dr. Renton.

"It's alright, guys," said Kim, entering the room, "I know these two."

Leela and Fry looked surprised to see them, although it was harder to tell with Leela with that blast shield hiding her single eye. Kim understood her caution, but it bothered her about how Leela would have to conceal herself in this time.

"Kim? You're that 'specialist' they said they called?" asked Leela.

"Well," Kim modestly confessed, "I do what I can. I assume that Bender was the robot that was taken?"

"Yeah," said Fry, "but he was taken by three blurs."

"'Blurs'?" Kim had an idea what that meant, "May we all see the security footage, please? I think we have our answer."

"Wait a minute," Leela started to ask, "We get questioned and they let you have full access? Are you a super hero around here or something?"

"Eh, something like that," Kim returned, "I end up fighting villains if that's what you mean."

"Shouldn't you have a secret identity or something? What if your enemies strike at your family for revenge?"

"It was sort of late for that," explained Kim, "besides, they're usually after me, not my folks."

"You're lucky," said Leela.

The security tape was repeatedly played for them at a slower speed each time. Ron was becoming rather bored by it, but at least it wasn't dangerous. While the others were concentrating on that, Ron turned his attention to Leela. Fry had told him how there wasn't much luck with starting a relationship with Leela. Ron would have had even less of a chance than Fry, being so young, but he still liked admiring "art" from a distance. His thoughts were soon interrupted by Kim's voice.

"There! See?" asked Kim as she pointed at the screen.

Ron looked at the screen and saw that the three blurs were familiar. They were shapely female robots with blue metal plating, black torsos to represent clothing (but with "mid-riff"), glowing red eyes, and blond "hair" in an '80s style hairdo.

"The Beebe robots," identified Dr. Renton, "I studied the report on them soon after I moved here. They were built by Dr. Drakken, weren't they?"

"Yeah," said Kim, "but they have their own agendas now. Let's see…"

She removed her Kimmunicator from her pockets and activated it.

"Wade, it's the Bebes. Can you track their energy signature?"

"Let's see, ah! I have them…and they're heading through the sewers northwest."

"Okay," began Kim, "we go in two groups. I'll go with Ron…."

Kim noticed Ron's expression toward Leela. She sighed, bothered once again by his lack of focus, but it gave her an idea. Their previous adventure in Fry and Leela's time taught her that Leela was handy in a fight, even against robots.

"On second thought, Fry goes with me. Ron goes with Leela."

Ron snapped out of it and looked at Kim in disbelief.

"Just don't do what I wouldn't," warned Kim.

"You're a girl! You wouldn't do anything," Ron pointed out.


Later, the teams were finalized. Leela and Ron would be tracking the Bebes through her wrist thingy. Fry and Kim would be using the Kimmunicator. Ron gave them his pet naked mole rat Rufus for backup. Also, after a quick call and delivery, Fry and Leela received, for their respective sizes, copies of Ron's work clothes.

"What's with the clothes?" asked Fry.

"What's wrong about them?" asked Ron, "it's for stealth, sort of."

"'Stealth' would be all black," argued Leela, "and Kim's showing a bit of skin."

"It's different, but not more than you do normally."

"I'll shut up now."

Leela didn't like taking orders from a kid, but Kim wasn't an ordinary kid (and wouldn't be a kid at all in a couple of years). Plus, Kim could watch over Fry as well as Leela could, perhaps even better since Fry and Kim were from this time period.

Some time later, Kim and Fry were searching the sewers.

"Boy, this is foreboding," said Fry, "it's like one of those movies where your looking for the monster and you look everywhere, but can't find him ,but that's because he happens to be right beside you and you keep expecting your date to jump into your arms at the scary part, but you forget that and jump into her…"

"Fry! Sush! Now, we need to stay on the trail. Any idea why the Bebes would want Bender?"

"No, but I can think of what he'd want to do with them…"

Bender would have thought he was in Robot Heaven if he had ever believed that there was such a place. Here were the three fembots of his dreams carrying him to some remote location. They soon stopped and set him down.

"Must stop and recharge, "one said.

"Since the last battle," said another, "speed and strength upgrades were lost."

"Must rest," said another, "and re-examine final plan."

"Y'know," said Bender, as suave as ever, "there are a few things we could do to pass the time…"

"Checking for viruses?"

"Checking our hard drives?"

"Preparing a new folder for future information?"

"Uh, kinda, but nastier."

"Like destroying all humans?"

"Ah!" said Bender, "now you're talkin' my language. Still I was thinking of, y'know, 'interfacing'?"

"Indeed," said one of the fembots, "that is vital to our plan."

Bender grinned, expecting that this could be the start of a beautiful upgrade.

Leela didn't like this arrangement. She started to feel like she was babysitting. Of course, she always felt as if she was babysitting Fry and Bender, and this wasn't much different. This guy seemed intimidated by the situation, but he was close behind her. This was probably why it all felt familiar to her.

According to her wrist device, these "Bebes" were moving again. Leela sighed, wondering what else would delay them.

"Well," said an unfamiliar voice from nowhere, "looks like the sidekick got a beefy new partner!"

A young woman stepped out of the shadows. She was in good shape, very long black hair, a greenish tone of skin, and a black and green jumpsuit. Leela frowned.

"Who're you calling 'beefy'?"

"That's what I'm calling you, Miss 'Sunglasses in the dark'," the woman retorted, "and if you're after the Bebe robots, I'm under orders from the original owner to retrieve them."

"Actually, I'm after them because they have a friend of mine, missy!"

"The name's 'Shego'," said the woman as she began to place herself in an offensive position, "and that's not my problem, but I guess you are!"

As the woman launched herself at Leela with a flying kick, the latter started to wonder if this would be more than a delay.

Leela back flipped as her opponent hit her former spot.

"Well," said Shego, "not too shabby."

"You ain't seen nothing yet," declared Leela as she leaped to deliver a flying kick of her own. "and the name's Leela." Shego back flipped to avoid it, but just barely.

This may take a while, thought Leela.

They had been going so fast while carrying him since they started again that Bender shut off his external senses; he couldn't keep track of what was around him anyway. When he felt as if his body had stopped, he saw his captors looming over him.

"Welcome, Mr. Bender."

"To our new home."

"The new Bebe Hive."

Bender looked at his surroundings. As far as he could tell, he was in an abandoned factory withequipment, sadly obsolete in his time, that looked advanced for this period.

In the center of the room, there were two human-sized tube with hoses and wires leading from them. One was open. There was also a small personal computer.

"You know," said Bender, "this isn't my idea of a make-out spot…"


"What we want is…"

"…Your technology."

"Woah! That sounds like commitment, baby!"

The fembots looked at each other, shrugged, turned back to Bender, rushed to him, picked him up, and put him into the open tube.

The big booted lady threw another flying kick. Shego cart wheeled out of the way, surprised that her opponent still had the stamina to keep going after all the times they made contact.

Shego couldn't believe it; perhaps she really had gotten rusty. She had become so used to fighting Kim Possible that she was expecting similar defensive moves from this mystery woman. Instead, this lady was just as offensive as she was.

Shego decided to try something different. She cart wheeled away to give herself some space. Then, she delivered a sliding kick. She almost surprised her enemy, but Leela cart wheeled away at the last second.

"I see you're no amateur," said Shego, "Well, time to skip the kid gloves!"

Shego's hands charged up with her comet-derived force blast power. Green energy covered her hands and needle-tipped gloves. She could tell from the surprised look on her opponent's face that the tide had turned, even if that face was half-covered.

Shego charged at the mystery woman, but Leela cart wheeled away. She obviously prepared herself for a hand-to-hand attack. Shego smiled at herself; the woman had no idea what she would face.

Green force blasts came out of Shego's hands. This woman wasn't as fast as Possible, so she was sure that the blasts would hit their mark. However, the woman dodged the blast, if just barely.

Shego was about to try again, when she realized that she would be signaling her move. She needed a change of tactics. Then, she remembered that Stoppable was around somewhere.

Kim and Fry had spent a couple of hours wandering through the sewers until they were right under the location of the Bebes and, hopefully, Bender.

"Okay," whispered Kim, "the signal's pretty strong. We're close."

Fry had felt insulted this whole time. It always bugged him to be taking orders from Leela, who was only slightly older than him, but he felt just plain hurt to be coming in second to a girl a decade younger than himself. And what was with that naked rat squirming in his pocket that Ron gave them? Still, they had to save Bender. Also, he felt pretty envious of Kim and felt like this was a good time as any to voice it.

"You know, Kim, you're lucky."


"I mean you're a kid and you're a hero. When I was your age, I was stuck in a mundane existence and dreamed of fighting bad guys, going into space, what have you, but I ended up in mundane jobs! So, how'd you do it?"

"I looked for mundane jobs and ended up becoming a hero," explained Kim, "and it was pretty much an accident."

"An accident? Didn't you want this?"

"Evil villains wanting to kill me? Not really, but it was something that I had to do. But your own life isn't exactly boring, last I checked."

"Good point, I guess," responded Fry, not quite understanding why someone wouldn't want this kind of life at their age.

"Heroism isn't a game, Fry. It's something we have to do sometimes, although I guess I have some fun with it. Anyway, we're right under the old factory," Kim explained in a hushed tone, "we can surprise them now. I suggest you distract them."

"Hey, you can't have me face killer robots unarmed! It's a violation of Democratic Order of Planets protocol 00-something! Leela told me that once."

"Armed? Sorry, but I don't carry really dangerous weapons and the ones I do have wouldn't be any good against robots."

"Then what do you have?"

Kim searched her pockets. Fry was puzzled that she was searching the pockets of her pants and not her belt. Still, those were big pockets.

"Let's see…elastic lipstick, stun 'stopwatch' borrowed from the spy agency Global Justice…Oh, here's something you could use."

Kim sighed and pulled out something from her pocket.

"It's a hand-held lazar," she explained, "it's meant to be a tool, not a weapon, so use it carefully."

"Yeah, yeah, that's the same thing Leela says when we use guns. She said that it was written by some precursor to the DOOP. 'GJ' or something."

"Let's use it to get in first," Kim explained as she used the lazar to cut an opening above them before handing it to Fry.

Fry lifted the piece of floor and put it aside. They crawled out, but they seemed alone in the dark factory.

"I guess no one's home…" began Fry.

Suddenly, lights flickered one all over the place. The three robots arrived in a quick blur.

"Didn't you think…?"

"That we would smart enough to build…?"

"A generator if it were needed?"

"Where's my friend?" Fry demanded to know.

"In the tube…"

"And he should be 'done'…"

"About now."

The tube opened and Bender tumbled out. Fry ran to his side.

"Bender! You okay, buddy?"

"Oh, just peachy…No, I am not okay!" snapped Bender, "without alcohol, I've been runnin' on empty and these fembots are tougher than the ones back home."

"They wouldn't let you wrestle them, huh?"

"No, but they cut straight to the probing, though."

Kim covered her ears during what Bender was saying; she knew her parents wouldn't want her subjected to such material. When it looked like they were done, she turned her attention to the Bebes.

"Okay," Kim demanded, "what did you need Bender for?"

"Since you have beaten us in the past…"

"We needed some advanced technology to give us…"

"Something with an edge."

The second tube opened and Kim gasped at what she saw…

It had been far too long since Leela had a fight this challenging. She paused for a moment to catch her breath.

"Leela! Help!"

That was Ron's voice. Her brief pause was a mistake. She followed the voice and found Shego holding Ron with one arm and threatening him with that green energy with her other hand.

"Look," said Shego, "I just need to find the Bebes! If you tell me where to find them, I'll let him live!"

"You want the Bebes? Then why didn't you just follow us?" asked Leela.

"Let's say 'force of habit!' Now, are you going to take me to my boss' robots or…"

Leela took off one of her boots and threw it at the woman, knocking her out.

"Wasn't that cheating?" asked Ron, rubbing his sores.

"Maybe in Kim's book, but not mine," explained Leela, "now, let's find the others!"

Kim had seen a lot in the past couple of years and she had gotten to the point where she thought little could surprise her anymore. However, this came close to doing that.

It was a robot in a female shape, much like the Bebes, but it had arms more like Bender's. It also had Bender's visor encasing the otherwise standard red Bebe eyes. Kim felt as if she was looking at evil incarnate and she had seen evil in plenty of forms before.

It threw a punch at Kim, almost literately, with it's expanding arm. Fortunately, experience and cheerleader practice had Kim dodging the punch with perfect timing.

"You made a Bebe with Bender's tech?" asked Kim, "I thought you saw yourselves as being perfect!"

"We are perfect!"

"So perfect that…"

"We made the perfect weapon!"

As Kim dodged another punch, she remembered how annoying their shared consciousness was.

"Hey," said Bender, looking at the battle, "what's with the chick fight?"

"We happen to be in Kim Possible's town," explained Fry, "and she's fighting that robot to save you!"

"So, I finally have two girls fighting over me and they're both kids and one's human?"

"I guess you could say that."

Bender paused for a moment.

"Well, I guess the Bender charm had to reach this level at some point."

Just then, something pink and organic crawled out of Fry's jacket pocket and onto Bender's shoulder.

"Woah!" exclaimed a surprised Bender, what is that freaky thing and why do I have the urge to break out in song?"

"That's Ron's naked mole rat," explained Fry, "Ron gave him to us for protection."

"Protection? A rat is supposed to protect you guys?"

Rufus squeaked in protest at Bender. Bender considered giving the rat something to protest about, but he got a better idea.

"Hey, green eyes!" Bender shouted to Kim, "think like a supercomputer!"

He threw Rufus at the surprised Kim, who was busy dodging the blows of the souped-up Bebe. She caught Rufus and was about to put him in one of her pockets…

"No!" shouted Bender, "aim for the ch…"

Before he could finish, the Bebes quickly surrounded him and Fry and knocked them out.

Kim rushed to the sides of her friends, but soon found herself between three regular Bebes and one "Benderized" one. She leaped over the regular ones, but was grabbed by the stretching arms of all four, grabbing her arms and legs. As she struggled, she heard a sound coming from the opening from the sewers she and Fry had used.

Since they reached the expected location, Leela had heard sounds of a battle above them. She was not too disappointed in that respect when she and Ron emerged to see Kim held by four robots and Fry and Bender unconscious, but she was not at all comfortable.

"Where's Rufus?" Ron wondered out loud with fear in his voice.

Suddenly, a familiar pink blur ran from Kim to a grateful Ron's hands.

"Ron," shouted Kim, "the Beder-like Bebe! Do something to it's chest!"

Leela got an idea. She took Rufus and ran to the altered Bebe. She tapped it's shoulder to get it's attention. It let go of Kim and tried to attacked Leela with it's flaying limbs. She dodged and hit the robot with a flying kick that knocked off it's torso plate, revealing it's engine. Rufus leapt into the robot before it could stop him and pulled apart the wires that connected it to it's brain and it shut down.

Basing their adjustments on Bender's tech gave them some weaknesses, thought Leela.

However, the other Bebes let go of Kim and surrounded the two of them. Suddenly, the fembots exploded into a sparking mess of torso plates. Leela and Kim saw Fry with a smoking hand-held lazar.

"Like you said, Kim," said Fry, "it's something you have to do sometimes."

Just then, the wall exploded and a vehicle familiar to Kim was seen when the smoke cleared.

"SADI? Is that you?"

"Hey, Kim," said a female voice, similar to Roseanne, "long time, no radar impression. I brought some friends."

The doors opened and the three scientists exited SADI.

"We came to help…," started Vivian.

"But it looks like you finished things without us," observed Dr. Freeman, looking at the Bebe remains.

"What a minute!" said Bender, "are you guys gonna drag me back to that torture chamber?"

"To be fair," said Dr. Renton," that was an observation booth. Second, we also came to apologize."

"Yeah," agreed Vivian, "the three of us have 'kids' with AI and we know there's ethical stuff involved."

"We sort of let our scientific curiosity get the better of us," explained Dr. Renton, "so decided to help you escape."

Dr. Freeman reveled a piece of machinery glowing with a familiar blue energy.

"We 'borrowed' the essential parts of the time machine," he explained, "it should send you all back to where you came from. Besides, it feels like cheating to receive data from the future, not to mention it would be quite a paradox."

"We have a cover story, explained Vivian, "we'll say that you all disappeared before our eyes, probably to your own time."

"It would be true enough," explained Dr. Renton.

"Wow," said Leela, "thanks, we…Bender, what are you doing?"

"So," said Bender in a sly voice to SADI, "you single, big mama?"

"Yeah," said SADI, "but I live with Doc Freeman and my appliance brothers."

"There's always my place," said Bender.

"Sorry," said SADI in an uncomfortable voice, "but…your 'place' won't be available for a thousand years and…I'm not into long distance relationships."

As Bender groaned, Kim smiled, glad that SADI let this Don Juan robot down easily.

Turning her attention away from Bender, Leela almost expected similar behavior from Fry concerning Vivian, so she turned and actually did see them talking to each other, making her feel rather jealous.

"So, Fry," said Vivian in a semi-flirtatious manner, "are you and that tough lady an 'item' or…"

"I wish, well, things are better lately."

"Oh. Well, good luck with that. I can see that she would be a lucky girl."

Fry's eyes went wide at that statement, as did Leela's eye behind her blast shield.

"I'm afraid the goodbyes have to be shortened," explained Dr. Renton, "the time device has little power left. Dr. Freeman."

Dr. Freeman put the device on the ground and activated it. Fry, Bender and Leela were covered in an blue light.

The trio from the future disappeared.

"We'd better 'vanish' as well to return those parts so that we give the Institute our story," said Sara Renton, "Kim, Ron, thanks for whatever you did."

"I think our friends from the future did more than we did," admitted Kim, "and thanks for helping them."

Sara headed to Sadi and took her seat. Dr. Freeman was already there with the makeshift time machine. She noticed Vivian button her lab coat. Sara sighed.

"Vivian, I'll talk to the others at the space center," said Sara, you can go without your coat."

"Really. Woah!" Vivian quickly unbuttoned her lab coat and threw it over her shoulder, but still holding it to return to the space center.

"Wow!" said Ron as Kim glared at him. The three drove off, leaving the teens and mole rat alone in the factory.

"Oh, yeah," said Ron, breaking the silence, "we ran into Shego in the sewers."

"Shego? What happened?"

"Well, long story short, she was knocked out."

"Did you and Leela tie her up or anything?"

"Uh, no. Didn't think of it."

Kim sighed.

"She would have gotten away by now."

"So," asked Ron, "Bueno Nacho restaurant at ten?"

"Yeah," said Kim, "after all this, I feel like drowning myself in a soda."

As the two organics left, the small computer began to download the Bebe backup program.