Fan Fiction

Space Age Doofus, part 15
By Dwayne Anderson

At that moment, Willy is sitting alone at the table in the Planet Express Meeting room drinking a soda and sighing to himself at the possibility of never seeing his family or any of his friends, whether they be human or animal ever again.

"Something on your mind?" asked Leela as she joins him at the table.

"Nothing," said Willy. "Except for the fact that I'm stranded here in the future. Since the professor will never repair the Photon Accelorator, I can kiss any chance of ever seeing everyone I once knew goodbye forever!"

"You know Fry used to feel exactly that way," said Leela patting him consolingly on the shoulder, "even if only for a moment."

"I don't belong here," said Willy. "I belong in the twentieth century with my family and my friends, especially those in the anniverse. They need me!"

"I'm sorry," said Leela. "You know how stubborn the professor can be."

Willy sighs. "I might as well make the most of it while I can."

Leela stands up to leave. "We'll be waiting for you in the living room watching television if you need us."

"Thanks," said Willy. Even though he had only been here in the thirty-first century for a few hours, it looked liked he had made more new friends. Still they could never capture a special place in his heart the way his other friends could. And his family...

"Willy?" a familiar voice is heard out of nowhere. Leela stops in her tracks at the sound of the voice. "Come in Willy. Are you there?"

"It's Jenny!" Willy said releasing his unfinished can of soda and taking out the Alberdaran memory stone. It's once dark surface now has a reflection of Jenny's face within it. "I'm here Jenny!"

"Oh Willy!" Jenny smiles at him. "It's so good to hear your voice. I'm so glad you are safe!"

"Not as glad as I am to hear from you!"

"By the way, where are you?" asked Jenny.

"Believe it or not," said Willy, "I'm in the thirty-first century. The Photon Accelerator transported me forward in time instead of to the Anniverse."

Suddenly, Leela snatches the stone from his grasp. "Now look here!" she shouts at Jenny's reflection. "I demand to know what you have done with Fry!"

"Whoa, take it easy!" said Jenny. "We haven't done anything with or to Fry. He has proven his trustworthiness long ago."

The door to the Meeting Room slides open as Amy, Kif, Bender, and Zoidberg rush in. Obviously, they all heard Leela's shout.

"If he is there, then let me talk to him!" said Leela.

"Leela, I'm here!" said Fry's voice.

"Oh Fry," said Leela calming down, "we were all so worried about you! Except for maybe the professor."

"Relax Leela," Fry's voice said, "nothing to worry about. Trouble may find me wherever I go, but this time I am really not in over my head! But don't be in such a rush to come save me. Bucky O Hare and the rest of the crew have personally asked me to join them on their latest mission. Well, maybe not Deadeye so much. You are personally looking at the newest space hero in the...um...the...um..."

"Anniverse you idiot! Deadeye's voice shouts.

"Whatever cyclops," said Fry's voice.



At that moment, another door slides open and Farnsworth steps into the Meeting Room. He pauses in shock at the sound of hearing Fry's voice.

"Well, can't stick around on this non-collect call," said Fry, "even if there is no charge. We're about to head off on our next mission."

"Fry, before you go," said Leela. "Why did you leave? It's just not the same without you around."

"Well I think you can all blame that on the professor," said Fry. "After all, what was it he said?" What he says next is a good immitation of Farnsworth. "I don't know why I even bother keeping you here! You're the worst assistant ever imagined!"

The rest of the crew turn their heads to glare in the direction of Farnsworth.

"Well, gotta go now! Bye!" Willy takes back his stone just in time to see Jenny's face disappear, leaving the surface blank once again.

Leela, Amy, Bender, Zoidberg, and Kif all glare at Farnsworth now knowing that Fry's disappearance is because of him. Amy, Kif, and Leela have their arms crossed. Bender is drumming his metallic fingers on the table. And Zoidberg looks like he wants to challenge the professor to Claw Plaque the way he claps his claws shut at his side.

"So now we know!" said Leela angrily. She steps forward and points an accusing finger at Farnsworth. "Fry is gone because of you! Because of what you said to him!"

"At least now I know it's not my fault," said Kif. "It's yours!"

"I never would have expected this from a distant relative of his," said Amy.

Farnsworth only glares back at everyone in disgust that they would side with Fry against him. "So what?!" he shouts unrepentantly. "He even said so himself in that note that he is the worst employee Planet Express ever had! We're all better off without him! I can manage this business just fine without him!"

"Then let's see how you manage without us!" said Leela. "As of now, we're all going on strike until you fix the Photon Accelerator!"

"Fine then! You're all fired! I can hire new employees to manage this business! I don't need the likes of you... or Fry!"

Leela suddenly seizes Farnsworth by the front of his lab coat. "Now look here professor! Fry is more than just an employee, he is our friend! One of us, the heart and soul of the crew! And don't forget he is a far distant relative of yours! In other words, he's family! And you should be ashamed of yourself for treating a member of your family this way!"

"Don't you dare call him that!" shouts Farnsworth. "Fry is a embarrassment to my family, to this business, and a disgrace as a human being! Good riddance! Now all of you get out of here! After all, you have been fired!"

"Fine then professor," said Leela as she releases Farnsworth. "But don't think you can be rid of us that easily! Fry has always been there for us as a true friend and now I think it's time we all repaid him! We'll boycott this business until our former employee agrees to fix the Photon Accelerator!"

"How many times do I have to say it!" said Farnsworth angrily as he folds his arms over his chest. "No means no! No!"

"If you don't repair the Photono Accelerator and help us get Willy back home and bring Fry back, we'll make camp outside Planet Express and practise the bagpipes twenty-four hours a day!"

In reponse, the others smile smugly at this thought of torturing the professor with one of the most annoying musical instruments ever made.

"You..." Farnsworth looks genuinely shocked and scared. "You wouldn't! That's inhuman!"

"And don't forget professor!" said Amy. "If I'm gone, where are you going to get your much needed blood transfusions or organ donations?"

"You're a monster!" Farnsworth shouts like a scared panicked little boy. "A deranged monster!"

"Well?" asked Leela putting her hands to her hips.

"Alright already!" Farnsworth shouts in surrender. "You win! I'll fix the Photon Accelerator! I'll give you all your jobs back! Just don't do what you intend to!"

Leela smiles. "Glad you see it our way!"

"Hey, maybe Willy can help you fix the Photon Accelerator," said Amy. "He built his. He once fixed his friends' in the Anniverse. So maybe with two of you working on the Accelerator we'll be able to go after Fry much sooner!"

"Let me know when we're ready to go," said Kif as he turns to leave.

"Kiffy, where are you going?" asked Amy.

"Don't you remember?" asked Kif. "I've gone AWOL and need to hide from Zapp Brannigan."

"That's true," said Amy. "We'll come for you when we're ready sweetie."

"It sure sounds like your friends miss you," said Jenny. "It will only be a matter of time before they start searching for you."

"Hopefully not too soon," said Fry. "The fun part has only just begun if we're to embark on our next mission soon!"

"We should hurry on out of here now," said Bucky, "before Al wakes up. Don't forget, we still have a report to make back to UAC headquarters."

"Do you think maybe we could pay one last visit to RADS first?" asked Fry. "He still owes me a cookie!"

"Cookie?" asked Deadeye.

"Don't ask," said Jenny rolling her head in her eye sockets.

In response Deadeye slaps himself in the forehead. "Oh brother!"

To Be Continued ...