Fan Fiction

Matters of Life And Death part 7 - Chemi-kill
By Dwayne Anderson

Warning - The situations portrayed in this story are based on real deaths and are extremely graphic.

People choose their path in life depending on many factors: enjoyment, skills they possess, a desire to help others, or just to satisfy their desire for personal glory.

Wernstrom is a scientist, but he's not interested in helping humanity. What he truly cares about is making a name for himself in the scientific world. And he doesn't care about who he has to step on in order to achieve his goals. Fame and glory are a confection, but Wernstrom doesn't just want a piece, he wants the whole bloody cake.

But he's also one of a kind. He chose his path in pursuit of revenge. Wernstrom is an example of what happens to a man who won't forgive or forget. Ever since his former mentor and teacher Farnsworth didn't give him the score he believed he deserved back in university, Wernstrom has vowed revenge against the professor, even if it took him a hundred years. He did the exact same thing when Farnsworth saved the Earth from a giant meteor constructed out of the planet's garbage, foiling his own plans to do the same and become a hero to the people of Earth.

A hundred years sure is a long time to hold a grudge isn't it?

Even today, their rivalry continues. And so the feud goes on.

The upcoming science convention is a gathering for the world's greatest scientists and their recent discoveries and experiments. Farnsworth and Wernstrom are competing as usual to win.

Farnsworth is in his laboratory, mixing chemicals and noting their reactions, when suddenly, the door opens. In walks Wernstrom.

"What are you doing here?" asked Farnsworth.

"It never hurts to analyze the competition," said Wernstrom. "What are you doing?"

"None of your business!" said Farnsworth.

"Anyway," said Wernstrom. "I was wondering if I could borrow some of your flasks," said Wernstrom. "The klutz of an assistant of mine broke all mine."

"Alright already," said Farnsworth, "help yourself and get out!"

Wernstrom takes a couple of flasks, but that's not what he's here to "borrow". He actually has plenty of flasks back at his laboratory. He lied to win Farnsworth's trust. What he's really after are the professor's notes. He intends to steal Farnsworth's idea and present it himself to win all the glory, and hopefully make out Farnsworth as a plagiarist.

After Wernstrom pockets another flask, he peeks over Farnsworth's should to look at his notebook. Bad timing Wernstrom, because at that moment, Farnsworth mixes together two chemicals. The mixing of these two chemicals releases a cloud of gas that engulfs both scientists.

Wernstrom starts screaming in agony. "My eyes! I can hardly see!"

Farnsworth isn't at all affected because he obeyed the most important rule about working in a laboratory: always wear safety goggles.

"Serves you right for not wearing safety goggles!" scoffs Farnsworth.

Wernstrom blindly stumbles about as his vision blurs, damaged by the toxic cloud. His hands flail, knocking over test tubes, flasks, and other equipment. And then he spots his salvation: a small tub of water. One dunk and the toxic chemicals wrecking havoc on his eyes will wash away.

Wernstrom makes his way towards the tub and dunks his face into the water. A few seconds pass. But then, he pulls himself away, screaming even more intensely, his hands covering his face. A sickening sizzling sound is barely heard over his screams of agony. But then his screams die down and he is quiet. His hands lower, revealing a face with portions of skin eaten away. And then, he crashes to the floor...dead.

That tub of water was actually filled with hydrochloric acid, an extremely corrosive liquid. Farnsworth was using it to dispose of a few things he found in his office and his laboratory that he no longer needed. When Wernstrom dunked his face into the corrosive liquid, it burned through his skin, fried his eyes, and poured into his mouth. The acid ate away his esophogus and destroyed his internal organs: his stomach, his intestines, lungs, and his heart. Massive organ failure ended the ancient rivalry once and for all.

There's an old saying: Forgiveness is divine. Wernstrom had eternally chosen the path of revenge in the name of his wounded pride. He tried to steal Farnsworth's ideas and make them his own. But his plan backfired and karma did the rest.

In your face Wernstrom! In your face!

To Be Continued