Fan Fiction

What Happened To Fry, part 2

[Now what!? In Anthology of Interest 1(my favorite episode),Leela did something REALLY impulsive to Fry: sleep with him. It was revealed in "What Happened to Fry?" how Leela plotted that whole thing during the 6 hours of time. Now in this sequel,what could be the next unexpected thing that happens to Fry?]

(Leela wakes up in her apartment laying next to Fry,who is still asleep. She gets up and walks into the shower.)

Leela:(to herself) Oh s**t, me! What have I done?

Leela's Mind:You slept with Fry you impulsive psychopath!

Leela:Hey! Don't call me a psychopath!

LM:Sor-ray, but you were! You killed your other friends!

Leela:But how come I never killed Fry?

LM:Obvious,isn't it? You love him!

(Leela stopped cold. Was this true? Does she REALLY love Fry?)


LM:Then why did you sleep with him?!?

Leela:So he wouldn't rat me out.

(Afterward,Leela dried off,got into bed and pulled up the blanket.)

Leela:(whisper)Oh Fry.

(Fry wakes up as if he had just been in Hell for 100 years.)

Fry:AH! What?!

Leela:What the hell was that?

Fry:I had a nightmare

Leela:Of what?

Fry:You actual killing me instead of this.

Leela:Fry. What I'm about to say to you right now is NOT an impulse:I love you.

Fry:(suprised)So THAT'S why you didn't kill me?

(Leela responds to this by giving Fry a French Kiss.)

Fry:Wow! That's new!

Leela:You know that's the first time I kissed someone like that,right?

Fry:(long pause)OK...so what do ya wanna do now?

Leela:I guess we'll have to wait and see.

(Fry and Leela got up and got dressed. Soon they left the apartment leaving one thing:Leela's impulsiveness.)