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Terminator Mutant Liberation, part 1

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NNYC-August 9, 2999

A woman was in a going into a cybertronics lab. She had long, black hair, apple-red lips and one eye. She wore brown shorts, a green T-shirt and green striped boots. Behind her were her parents. They had anxious expressions because of what the daughter was doing.

Mother: Layla, are you sure you wanna go through with this?

Layla: I'm sure, Mom. I would like help others with this whole thing.

Father: We'll miss you, Layla.

It was finally time for Layla to go into the room. She looked back at her parents. Both had tears in their eye(s) .

Layla: (teary) I love you, Mom and Dad.

Cathy: (sniff) We'll never forget you.

Shawn: We might not see you again, but we wanted to say that you'll always be our baby girl in our memories.

Layla: (teary) Goodbye.

She walked into the room where a table was set up. In the corner was a cyborg endoskelaton. A professor showed up.

Professor: Ma'am, would you please change into this apron and we'll get started.

Layla: Alright.

Soon changed, Layla laid down on to table as a group of professors gathered. Restraining locks were put on her each of her wrists and ankles. Layla was getting really nervous.

Professor: Layla, I'd like you to stay perfectly still. We'll use some sleeping gas on you.

They put a breathing devise over her nose and mouth and attached the pipe to the sleeping gas tank.

Professor: When I count to 3. You'll fall asleep. 1. 2. 3.

Layla's eye closed. One of the professor's had a needle with a chemical in it. They put it into Layla's arm and injected it.

Layla's heartbeat stopped as well as her breathing.

Fry: (voice over) In the year 3000. The cybernetics company Spacenet became self aware and launched destructive attack against Earth. The survivors called this day End-Point Day. Spacenet created a fleet of cyborgs called Mutant Machines who were programmed to kill all humans and other robots. The survivors predicted the key to liberation. Others didn't believe it would happen. The predictors were right. The key was me, Philip J.Fry. 20 years ago, three terminator mutants were sent to kill me and my mother, all of which failed. Before the was ever happened, my mother and I tried to prevented it, but it was inevitable. Now this year, 3020, we're preparing our final battle...

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Billy West Sigourney Weaver


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A desert. It's vast and the heat is unforgiving. But across the ground, a few skeletons are lying on the ground. Suddenly, a five-eyed machine runs by and crushes the skull of one of the skeletons. It's a mutant machine. It turns around to shoot a triple-blade helicopter which has a GA Minigun attached to the bottom.

From within, a soldier is one a seat with an aiming screen in front of her. A lever with a button on top is also in front of her under the screen: it was the trigger.

Man: Target locked, Susie?

Susie: Yes!

Man: FIRE!!

Susie pressed the button and the GA Minigun shot several dozen bullets, knocking the mutant machine to the ground. The man at the cockpit was Philip J.Fry. He picked the pager next to the radio.

Fry: EARTH 1 to Base, mutant machine is taken down and we are at the destination. We are landing, over.

Base: Copy that, over.

The EARTH 1 helicopter lands on top of the mutant machines body. It tries to intervene, but Fry pulls out a Sniper and shoots the machine's head.

The destination was a small Mutant Machine area. A group of soldiers were already there, finishing off several terminator mutants. The soldiers saw Fry and Susie coming by. The general was there.

General: Fry! You got here just in time, sir! We've got hostages trapped in that building and we gotta save them, sir!

Fry: OK, General. Gather the men we'll get moving. Susie!

Susie: Yes, Fry?

Fry: I'll need you to back me up.

Susie: Yes, sir!

Fry headed for the large doors which were closed off. He turned to one of his men who had a plasma cannon.

Fry: Hicks! You and I are gonna blast this door in! Ready?

Hicks: Sir! Yes, sir!

Fry set up his gun and Hicks set the cannon. In one shot, the door was blasted off it's foundation. The soldiers began to enter. Fry and Susie serched the area and eventually, they and the soldiers had to walk through a partially flooded room.

Susie: Must of flooded when the mutant machines blasted the water tanks.

They walked through the water quietly and opened the next door. Walking through, Fry past a stretcher with a blacked-haired, one-eyed woman layed dead silent. She had a blanket covering her nude body.

Soon they found the hostages. They were locked in cages like animals. An elderly man came up to the bars and looked at Fry.

Old Man: Your Philip J.Fry! Please save us.

Fry: We'll get you and everyone else outta here alive...


Fry: Oh crap!

It was another terminator mutant. It was a TM-600C which had an extra set of arms and a third eye. It carried 4 guns and was preparing to fire. Hicks saw it just in time and fired, blowing it to pieces.

Fry: OK, start freeing the hostages. Susie, Hicks, follow me.

They walked passed the room were the woman on the stretcher was. They left into the next room. The woman's one eye opened up.

Fry, Susie and Hicks entered an huge room were computers were set. Susie looked at the monitor of one of them.

Susie: My God!

Fry: What?

Susie: I think I just found the reason we're here.

Hicks: The hell is it?

Susie: Seems that Spacenet planning something big here. It's a new plan to kill us all.

Fry: Goddamn.

They left the building to check on the others who were outside. But something was up. 2 dead bodies lied in front of them.

Fry: Something's wrong here. To EARTH 1, fast!

They ran to the EARTH 1 and started up the engines. Next thing they knew, several TM-600Cs were flying after them.

Hicks: Damn it! They have rocket boosters on their feet!

Fry: Susie! The gun!

Susie ran to the GA Minigun seat and aimed. But before she could fire, one of the TM-600Cs blasted one of their engines.

Fry: We're going down! Prepare for crash landing!

As the EARTH 1 plummeted to the ground, Susie fired the GA Minigun, killing most of the TM-600Cs.


EARTH 1 was on the ground. It had landed on top of it's cockpit, crushing it. Fry had jumped clear of the the cockpit seconds before the crash. Fry got up from the ground and looked around. Susie and Hicks were still alive.

Fry: You alright, guys.

Both: Yeah.

Fry: Susie, you got them all?

Susie: Yes.

Hicks looked up. His eyes went wide.

Hicks: Good God! Look!

A mushroom cloud was seen a mile away. The building where the trapped hostages were had detonated.

Susie: No!

Voice: Base to EARTH 1, are you there, over?

It was the pager and radio. They were still working. Fry got the pager.

Fry: We're here. We crashed.

Base: Was this mission a success?

Fry: That is a negative, sir.

Base: Meet us at the Main Base tonight. We'll send EARTH 2 to pick you up.

Fry: Copy that...

Later that night, the area was ablaze from the resulting blast. The water from the flooded room was now spilled out on the ground. Out from the debris, came the one-eyed woman. She was naked and covered in mud.

Woman: I'm alive! FREEDOM!!!

She found a body on the ground with clothes. She kneeled down and check.

Woman: These will do.

5 minutes later, she had washed the mud off her body and her black hair and put on the clothes. She walked away from the area, wondering what happened.

EARTH 2, meanwhile, had just taken Fry, Susie and Hicks to the Resistance Base in Trenton, New Jersey. Their waiting for Fry, was his wife and co-leader Michelle. She raced to him and hugged him. Also waiting was the Australian General, Jake Robert.

Jake: Fry, Susie, Hicks. To the lab.

He took them to a lab where a hologram was set up.

Fry: Jake, we don't know how the hell the area just explodes! What the hell happened?

Jake turned on the hologram to show the area.

Jake: Well, one reason the hostages were there was so that you, Hicks and Susie can be lured there and could kill you.

Susie looked at Fry.

Susie: These damn machines are just gonna do the craziest crap in order to kill you, dude.

Hicks: What was the other reason we were sent there other than to save those hostages?

Jake: There's was key clue.

Fry: To what?

Jake: To end this war. It seems Spacenet has also made a list. A list of the main resistance fighters. And Fry, they've marked you a #2.

Fry: Who the main one?

Jake: Some bending/battledroid named Bender Bending Rodriguez.

Fry's eyes widen.

Fry: (thinking) My friend...

2 days had past. The black-haired, one-eye woman was still searching around the remains of NNYC.

Woman: Oh, lord! What the hell happened?

Then she saw, in the distance, a figure walking.

Woman: Hello!

The figure turned to look at her, it was a TM-600C! It began to open fire on her when another figure pushed her out of the way. It was a robot.

Robot: If you wanna get out of here, follow me!

So she did. She followed the robot to a building where a little robot pulled a lever. A large 2-ton block of concrete came falling on top of the TM-600C, killing it instantly.

Woman: You! What was that son of a bitch!?

Robot: Don't talk to Tinny Tim that way, ma'am. Who the hell are you?

Woman: Layla. Layla Worthington. Who are you?

Robot: Bender Bending Rodriguez. You're a resistance fighter?

Layla: No. But I'm gonna ask you again. What the freak was that machine?

Bender: Terminator mutant, model 600C.

Layla: What day is it?

Bender: October 18th.

Layla: Year?

Bender: (confused) Uh...3020.

Layla: What the hell happened to NNYC?

Tinny Tim: End-Point Day, Mrs.Worthington. It was awful.

Layla: Where you guys headin'?

Bender: We're trying to get to the Resistance Base. My friend Fry had sent us here, along with some others soldiers, to gaurd this area and...

Layla: All, but you two, were killed?

Bender: Yeah.

Layla: Gonna need a hover car.

Bender: There are some up ahead in the fields.

Layla: Can you take me there?

Bender: We can, but it's risky, with all the flying mutant machines sciping out this place.

Layla: I'm willing to take that risk.

At the Resistance Base, several scientist had carried in a dead TM-600C and set it on a lab table. Fry walked in.

Fry: What's going on here?

Scientist: This thing was found dead out on the battlefield, sir. We're testing it's communication with Spacenet is operating or not.

Fry: Let's see then.

The scientist hooked a plug in the machine's head and a screen. The machine came to life and violently shook, trying to free itself from the straps that held him down. The screen showed a graph with a line going up and down. It was showing the level of communication with Spacenet. They pulled the plug on the TM-600C and it shutdown.

Scientist: Strong communication.

Fry: Damn!

Hicks showed and had just saw what happened. Both looked and they knew...they realized this is one way to find out deeper secrets hidden in Spacenet and how to use it aganist their enemy.

Layla, Bender and Tinny Tim had just found an abandoned car sitting at an overlook.

Layla: You think this'll do?

Bender: I guess, if we can fix it fast.

Layla opened the hood and started to repair the wires inside. 3 minutes pasted and she started up the car. The original 2005 recording of Nickelback's "Savin' Me" played on the radio.

Layla: The song my father and I liked.

She turned off the radio. Bender got in the passenger side of the front seat and Tinny Tim got in the back seat. Layla started up the car and they drove off down the hill.

Layla: Anywhere we can get food, Bender?

Bender: I think, I recall seeing a 7^11 when me and Tinny Tim were on our way back there.

Layla: Better check it out, then.

So after a 5 minute drive down the hill and bumpy road, they reached the 7^11. It seemed deserted. Layla walked out of the car and looked around. There were several other vehicles, including an armored Semi truck, a few jeeps and a somewhat "broken" tank.

Layla: C'mon, guys.

Tinny Tim: Look!

A few feet away was a half-empty can of robot oil. He limped towards it when suddenly a hand grabbed his built-in crutch.

Tinny Tim: Bender! Layla!

Both rushed over to find Tinny Tim pinned to the ground by 3 full-grown men.

Bender: Get your fleshy foot off him!

One of them pointed a gun at Bender's head.

Voice: Boys! Stop at once!

All stopped to turn to a darkened building. Out came an elderly woman who wore a blue sweater, black pants and black high-heeled boots.

Woman: Walt! Get your foot off the little one.

Walt: Yes, mother.

Layla: Wait. I know you. Your Mom, right?

Mom: Why yes. And these are my sons, Walt, Larry and Igner.

Walt was the tallest of the sons. He also seemed to look smarter. Larry was the shy and nervous one. And Igner was the innocent but rather stupidest of the sons. He looked at Layla, Bender and Tinny Tim with a kind face.

Layla: Look, Mom, we came here because we need some food and supplies.

Bender: We're trying to get to Philip J.Fry, my friend.

Mom's eyes widened.

Mom: Larry, get these 3 some food.

Larry: Yes, Mom.

He went into the building and later came back with some fueling alcohol to reboot Bender and Tinny Tim's systems (they were almost out before they had arrived) . Walt looked at Layla.

Walt: You hungry, ma'am?

Layla: Not really, for some reason.

Mom: You may stay if you like.

Layla: As much as I want to, we can't. You and your sons can't stay here either.

Mom: Why?

Bender: The mutant machines are coming this way and if you don't leave, your gonna die.

Tinny Tim: Wait! Do you here that?

All went silent as they heard thuds coming closer and closer. SMASH! A giant hand came and grabbed Mom. A second grabbed Walt and Larry. And a third grabbed Igner and Tinny Tim.

Bender: NOOOO!

Layla: C'mon!

They ran outside to see a huge robot. It had 3 arms and it's body was shaped like a box car.

Bender: A Collector! Let's use the semi!

They both ran to the amored semi. Layla took the wheel and Bender took the turret on the semi. The drove ahead of the Collector as it leveled the building with the shot of it's laser.

Layla: HEY YOU!

The Collector turned to face the semi.

Layla: Ready Bender?

Bender: Ready as I'll ever be!

The drove away from the Collector as it chased them down the abandoned highway. Bender set the turret as Layla drove.

Layla: Shoot that bastard!

Bender fired. Th blast fractured some plating on the Collector's leg, but it continued to chase them.

Layla: Hit him again!

But before he could, the Collector snatched Bender by the foot.

Bender: LAYLA!!!

Layla: BENDER, NO!!!

The Collector placed Bender into it's boxcar-like body and walked away. Layla floored the semi and followed. She set the auto drive for 20 seconds. Smashing out the windshield, Layla jumped onto the leg of the Collector. The semi then lost control and crashed. She got to the boxcar body.


Bender: (gasps) Layla! Get us outta here!

She tried to pick the lock, but then the Collecter tossed her off and she fell into a river 100 ft bellow!

Tinny Tim: No! No!

Bender and Tinny Tim watched in terror as Layla fell into the river with a splash....