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Terminator Mutant 3: Takeover of Mutant Machines


Fry: (voice over) In 1974, a machine, called the Terminator Mutant was sent from the future to kill my mother before I was born, it failed. Then in 1987, when I was 13, a different Terminator Mutant was sent to kill me, it failed as well. Now in 1999, about 2 days before the eve of the next millennium, I know what has to happen, or will it ever happen? I don't know...

Chapter 1: The TCN Arrives
New York City. December 30, 1999

Nightfall. In an alley, a Time Sphere came up. The TCN (aka Alcazar [cyclops form]) had arrived. Since he realized he was nude, he needed clothing. So he walked in the shadows to a men's clothing store and took some clothes. The TCN went back into the alley and 5 minutes later, he was dressed in a jean jacket, jean pants and boots.

TCN: OK, I'm gonna need some type of vehicle.

So the TCN went to a closed car store, tampered with one car's power system, and drove away.

Chapter 2: The TM-101 Arrives

8 blocks away, another Time Sphere came up, to reveal our heroine: the TM-101(Leela). She was once again face down.

TM-101: (to herself)I need some clothes AND I got to protect Philip J.Fry and Michelle.

So the TM-101 walked to a parking lot near a mall. A 1987 Jeep Wrangler was there. She opened the door and found a set of spare clothes(that look much like the outfit she wore in Futurama Comics #7). Several minutes later, the TM-101 was dressed and ready to go. She got into the Jeep and drove away.

Chapter 3: Meet Michelle and Philip J.Fry

Fry: Wow. Sure is a great night. Right, Michelle?

Michelle: It sure is.

Fry and his girlfriend, Michelle were out on the last part of their date: looking at the stars in Central Park.

Fry: So, Michelle? You wanna go to Time Square for New Year's Eve?

Michelle: OK. I love you, Fry.

Fry: Love you, too. See you tomorrow.

Fry walked back to his house. Sadly, though, there was one Fry family member had passed away: Mrs.Fry. 3 years back, she had been infected with AIDS. And of course, she died. It was a severe blow to the family, especially to Fry. Fry went to bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 4: Constantine Ambushed

The TCN, at 11: 45 PM that night, was taking care of his other business: killing Fry's future soldiers. The TCN had already assassinated several of Fry's future soldiers and now he had one more: Michelle's OTHER boyfriend, Constantine.

Constantine was sleeping, but he suddenly woke up, possibly for a glass of water or a quick late snack. Anyway, he walked to the fridge when...


...the door kicked off it's hinges!

Constantine: Hey! Who in the name of Hell are y--!

Before he could finish, he on the ground...dead. The TCN had terminated Constantine. Now...Fry and Michelle were next!

Chapter 5: The Pickups

The next day in the early afternoon, Fry was finishing up typing a Fan Fiction for his favorite TV show, "Seinfeld". When he completed, he printed the story. He beamed proudly of his work.

Fry: Man, if I were to send this to the company that makes Seinfeld, this would for a great new episode.

When Fry walked into the living room, his dad, Yancey Sr. and his brother Yancey Jr., were watching NBC-10 News on the TV.

Newsman: We have some breaking news this morning: local resident Charles Constantine was murdered last night. Unfortunately there is no evidence of the murderer. Police are trying to figure this out, though. In other news...

Fry: (thinking) Oh my God. (Now speaking) Hey, Dad.

Mr.Fry: Yeah, Phil?

Fry: I'm going out. I'll be back later.

Fry walked down to Manhattan Bagel cafe and got himself 2 bagels and a coffee for his breakfast. When he left 30 minutes later, Fry caught sight of someone who nearly gave him a heart attack: He saw a woman with long purple hair, pink lips, an attractive body and (what was visible to Fry) one eye.

Fry: (thinking)HOLY CRAP! It's her! The TM-101! How could she be back?!

Fry walked up to her.

Fry: A-A-Are y-you the TM-101?!

TM-101: Yes. Are you Philip J.Fry?

This question pissed off Fry for the first time since earlier (when Yancey Jr. tossed a water balloon full of cooking oil at him).

Fry: (angered/confused) Don't you remember me?! Mrs.Fry, kicking the hell out of the TM-120, "Eat bullet, metal bitch!"? Ring any bells?

TM-101: That was a different TM-101.

Fry: What, you cyborg mutant women come off an assembly line or something?

TM-101: Yes.

Fry: Why are you here?

TM-101: I'll have to tell you later. We got to get your girlfriend, Michelle.

So they both drove off in the Jeep to Michelle's home. Once there, the TM-101 was carrying a rather large container with holes in it.

Fry: What the hell are you doing?

TM-101: You'll see.

Fry watched to his horror the TM-101 kicking down the door of Michelle's house. He then saw the TM-101 walking back out with the container hearing screams of anger and terror from Michelle.

Fry: What the **** did you just do?!?

Chapter 6: The 1999 Chase

Before the TM-101 could speak, a car came several yards away from them. The TM-101 immediately knew who it was: The TCN.

TM-101: We got to go!

They drove as fast as the Jeep's wheels would carry them. The TCN was catching up.

Fry: Do something!!

She did. The TM-101 had a pistol hidden in her leather outfit. She fired one bullet after another. It was almost no use, the TCN had not only a metal endoskelaton, but he also had liquid metal skin!

TM-101: I got an idea.

She started to gag and then she finally vomited up a grenade which hit the TCN's car. KKKKAAAA-BBBOOOOMMM!!!!

The car bursted to pieces. While Fry, the TM-101 and Michelle got away just in time.

Chapter 7: Night-time Info and Self Surgery

It was dark when the 3 were out in the interstate roadway. Michelle had broke off the container door and was now banging against the Jeep's walls.


Fry: (tired) OK, just drop her off at the next bus stop.

TM-101: Negative.

Fry: Why?

TM-101: Michelle is your second in command when you lead the resistance.

Fry's eyes widened.

Fry: You mean---?

TM-101: She's your wife.

Fry: Oh, goddamn! How'd you puke out that grenade?

TM-101: Before they sent me, they filled my alloy with grenades. So I have a unique addition to me.

Smoke started to seep from the TM-101's abdomen.

TM-101: I require a cutting tool.

Fry hand her a jack-knife and she began to cut herself open. Fry turned green.

TM-101: One of my batteries were damaged when I went through time.

She opened up the battery compartment and removed the damaged battery. Tossing it out the window of the Jeep, the battery landed in the farmland. It lit fiercely and brightly until finally...


...it exploded in a big mushroom cloud. It nearly knocked the Jeep off course.

TM-101: When the batteries are damage, they tend to explode when removed.

She heared Michelle scream louder.

TM-101: Calm down. CALM DOWN!

Fry: So, how do we stop End-Point Day now?

TM-101: I don't think we could stop this from happening, but we will try.

Fry: Fire away.

TM-101: You and your late mother, Mrs.Fry, have actually postponed End-Point Day from the year 2951 all the way to the year 3000, which is the year you defrost in, when you disposed of the TM-101 from 1974 and the one from 1987. There is a large government company called Spacenet which will unwittingly launch Mutant Machines and nuclear bombs around the Earth. But in order to stop this for good, we must find the system core of Spacenet and shut it down...

Chapter 8: Spacenet

Spacenet was having problems of their own at that moment. They were trying to kill off a computer virus which was disabling every computer in the world. General Ross was in charge of Spacenet and a formerly a general of the Soviet Union against the Nazis in World War 2 until it ended and he converted to America in 1947 before the Cold War began. General Ross was determined to get rid of this virus.

Spacenet was located in Dennison, Ohio(a long journey for Fry, the TM-101 and Michelle).

G.Ross: Maxwell! Have you found the source of this damn virus?

Maxwell: No, sir. But I think I found out how it's destroying computers.

G.Ross: What would that be?

Maxwell: It seems, sir, that it goes into any turned-on computer that someone is using (if they typed Fan Fiction stories all day for a TV sitcom's website). Anyway, once there, it would multiply sort of this...

He showed General Ross a simulation of what the virus would do. The simulated virus begins multiplying at an alarming rate and finally it's shown crumbling the hardrive's energy source.

G.Ross: (to himself) Sweet mother of God!

General Ross spoke to everyone.

G.Ross: Listen everyone! This virus is getting more serious with itself and we must do our best to destroy this virus as quick as we could before it reaches us. So let's go!

Chapter 9: The Wawa Station

Meanwhile, Fry, the TM-101 and Michelle had stopped a Wawa with a gas station. Fry filled the Jeep with gas while the TM-101 got food for Fry and Michelle.

Fry: What is taking so long?

Inside, the TM-101 finished getting food and was about to leave when the cashier stopped her.

Cashier: Are you paying for that stuff?

TM-101: Shut your mouth up.

The cashier didn't know how to react to this. The TM-101 walked outside.

Fry: Finally!

The TM-101 opened the door when Michelle immediately jumped out. She started to try fighting, But the TM-101 just simply put her hand against Michelle's face while her arms tried punching her. The cashier had just noticed.

Fry: We gotta leave.

Chapter 10: The TCN Sneaks In

Meanwhile at Spacenet, everyone was in a hurry. The TCN was outside the building thinking.

TCN: (thinking)How to get in there without concern. Wait!

He noticed an officer at the door. Soon he was in the form of the officer (presumable killed the real officer). He walked into a room that was restricted from employees. It was a room of tank-like Terminator Mutants! They had machine guns for arms and surveillance cameras for eyes.

TCN: Perfect.

He transformed his index finger into a needle and injected energy into each terminator mutant...

Chapter 11: Guns in a Coffin

Soon, our 3 friends stopped at a nearby cemetery.

Fry: Why are we here?

TM-101: You shall see.

They walked into the coffin house and stopped at a plaque that read...




Fry gasped.

Fry: My mother was buried here? I was never told.

TM-101: Stand back.

She punched a massive hole into the plaque and pulled out the coffin. Fry was shocked and he tried to stop her. But when the TM-101 opened the coffin, he stopped immediately. There were weapons in the coffin rather than Mrs. Fry's body.

TM-101: Mrs. Fry was cremated and her friends scattered her ashes in the sea. In her will, she requested these to be left in her coffin.

Fry: In case of a situation like this. God Almighty!

Suddenly Michelle grabbed a pistol aiming it gunpoint at the TM-101's mouth.

Michelle: This is enough bull crap! I'm not falling for this! A one-eyed freak who's a machine?! Get real!

Fry: Go on. And you'll see.

Michelle: FINE!

She fired the gun and the TM-101's head jerked back. It seemed nothing at all happened. But then she spitted out a flattened bullet to the ground.

TM-101: Don't do that.

Michelle gaped.

Michelle: Oh, my God!

Fry: C'mon. Let's get the guns and get the hell outta here...

Chapter 12: "Spacenet Is the Virus!"

Back at the lab, General Ross and the employees manage to set the computers for destruction of the virus.

G.Ross: Alright. Everyone! At the count of 5 we'll all at the same time hit the virus-killer buttons. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5! Now!

Soon the computers were rolling. But then they all turned off, much to General Ross' suprise.

G.Ross: What the hell is going on?


It was the TCN. He was armed with a 45 pistol. He walked toward General Ross.

TCN: General Stevenston Ross.

G.Ross: Who the hell are you and how do you know me?!

Before he knew it, General Ross found himself on the ground with a bullet in his knee and bleeding. Everyone ran as the TM-101, Fry and Michelle kicked in the door. The TM-101 shot the TCN repeatativly until he fell through a vent shaft. The TM-101 looked down the shaft. No sign of the TCN anywhere.

TM-101: He'll be back.

Both Fry and Michelle ran to General Ross.

Michelle: General Ross! Speak to us!

G.Ross: (weak) The virus infected Spacenet.

Fry: Spacenet IS the virus! It's the reason everything's gone wrong!

TM-101: Spacenet has become self-aware. Soon the Mutant Machines will launch the war.

G.Ross: (weak) War with what?

Michelle: Us! Humans!

Chapter 13: "Go Back Again?!"

In other rooms around the building, the Mutant Machine Tank Terminators were shooting their machine gun arms everywhere killing anyone in their way. Our 3 friends and General Ross heard the gunshots from everywhere.

Fry: The mutant machines! Their starting to take over!

They headed for cover, with the TM-101 behind them armed with a Uzi9 Millimeter. They made it to Gerenal Ross' office.

Michelle: What the hell do now!

G.Ross: (weak) Open the safe.

Michelle: What?

The TM-101 ripped the safe's door off and inside...were coordinates to a second Spacenet base all the way back to NYC's Applied Cryogenics!

Fry: WHAT THE HELL?! We have to go all the way back again?!?

G.Ross: (weak) Go there and you'll find the alternate shutdown system to Spacenet.

Fry: Then what we will do if it doesn't work?

He didn't respond.

Fry: Gerneral Ross?

He was dead. Gerneral Ross had lossed a big percentage of blood from his gunshot wound.

TM-101: We got to go now!

They left the room and walked through the empty hallways. As they turned a corner, there was the TCN waiting for them!

Chapter 14: TM-101 vs. TCN

TM-101: RUN!!! I'll hold him off!!!

Both Fry and Michelle ran to safety leaving the TM-101 to face the TCN. She tried to fire, but her gun was out of ammo. She dropped the gun as the TCN walked up to her. The TM-101 ripped a pipe from the ground whacked the TCN several times. But it didn't work. The TCN made his move. With the force of a runaway freight train, he rams her into the wall leading to the next room. The TCN grinned.

TCN: (chuckle) She ain't so tough.

TM-101: Think again, Smart-Ass!

The TM-101 pulled out a massive sized fire extinguisher and bashed it on the TCN's head, smashing the extinguisher to bits. Now the TCN was pissed! He tossed her through another wall leading to the tool room. Unable to get up this time, the TM-101 looked on helplessly as the TCN, with all his power, knocked her head hard enough to nearly decapitate her. She passed out. The wires in her robotic neck were exposed. The TCN turned his finger into a drill/needle and put into the TM-101's robotic vertebrate.

Chapter 15: "I Am A Mutant Machine!"

Fry and Michelle, meanwhile, were halfway to the plane base of Spacenet.

Fry: C'mon! We're almost there!

Back in the tool room, the TM-101 came back to life and put her head back into place. But something was terribly wrong with her now. She was fidgeting as she walked and her voice was more robot-like. Fry and Michelle to the plane base and got into a Biplane. Before Fry could get in, he spotted the TM-101, who was beat up and half of the flesh on her face was gone.

Fry: You made it! Say? Are you OK?

TM-101: Get away from me...NOW!!!

Michelle: C'mon Fry, get in!

He got in. But not before the TM-101 grabbed him and tossed him across the ground.

Fry: What the hell!?!

TM-101: T-T-The TCN has t-t-tampered with m-m-my system.

Fry: You don't wanna kill me. You have to do this. YOU DON'T WANNA DO THIS!

TM-101: My s-s-system is irrelevant. I am a Mutant Machine.

She grabbed Fry again and threw him onto a car. She pinned him down.

Fry: What is your mission!?

TM-101: To insure the survival of Philip J.Fry and Michelle.

Fry: You're about to fail that mission!!

The TM-101 was stuck with a difficult choice: let Fry and Michelle go or give in to her tampered system. Finally, with all her remaining strength, the TM-101 punched the hood of the car within centimeters of Fry's head, leaving a 10 inch deep hole next to him. The TM-101 let go of Fry and stood dead still. She had shut herself down.

Michelle: What happened?!

Fry: She couldn't do it. She just shutdown. Let's go!

Chapter 16: "I'm Back Again!"

It was the eve of the new by the time of getting back to NYC. Fry and Michelle landed at the airport, left the plane behind, and made it to the Applied Cryogenics. When they walked into the entrance, they read the coordinates.

Fry: OK. It says we have to go to Floor#64 and---.


Everyone in the lobby scattered out of the building as the TCN blasted a grenade. He had caught up with Fry and Michelle!

Michelle: Oh God! He's coming!

Fry: Run!

But before they did, a wall came crashing down onto the TCN. It was the TM-101! Half of the skin of her arms, legs, hips and biceps were gone exposing her robotic insides. But she was still moving. She looked at Fry and Michelle, who were surprised.

TM-101: I'm back again, dude.

Chapter 17: Terminated 3!

An alarm went off and a metal compartment door started to come down in front of the elevator.

Fry: NO!

The TM-101 ran under the door and using her body and arm, she held the door open wide enough for Fry and Michelle to crawl under. Michelle got under first and Fry second.

Fry: Thank you!

TM-101: We'll meet again!

The TCN was struggling to get out of the wreckage. The grenade had set the lobby on fire. The TCN freed himself, but not without amputating his arm and leg. He looked up at the TM-101.

TCN: You bitch! If I can't kill them, I'll kill you then!

TM-101: Wanna bet?!

She opened her battery compartment and pulled out a bound-to-burst battery. The TCN tried to get away but the TM-101 pulled him in and crammed the battery into his mouth

TM-101: You are terminated!

TCN: (muffled)NNNOOOOOO!!!!

In one big explosion, the both of of them were gone.

Chapter 18: Freeze Up

Fry and Michelle had made it to the 64th floor just before the explosion came. They looked back.

Both: She did it.

They looked at the coordinates again. They got a door which read...




Fry: This must be it.

They walked in. To Fry's disappointment, all that was in there were several cryogenic tubes, a desk, a waste basket and a power switch. Michelle had already figured it all out.

Fry: Why the hell did she bring us here?! THERE'S NOTHING HERE!!!

Michelle: To live and save the world. She said we'll be frozen for 1,000 years. C'mon, Fry.

They count down to 2000 began.




Fry and Michelle walked into Tube#40.







Then before they froze, Fry and Michelle shared a kiss.


They froze.


Chapter 19: The Battle Has Begun

Fry: (voice over)The machines a Spacenet had shutdown for the next 1, 000 years until 3000 came along. When Michelle and I thawed out in that same year, we got a transmission from an army needing help. I, of course, became the leader and began the rebellion against all Mutant Machines and Michelle became my wife and co-leader. It turned out that we couldn't stop End-Point Day after all. So our future has been set. But I believe that we can end this horrific war. But for now, the war has just begun...


Based on the film"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"directed by Johnathon Mastow

Based on the characters created by Matt Groening


Turanga Leela: TM-101
Alcazar: TCN
Philip J. Fry: Himself
Michelle: Herself