Fan Fiction


[Disney's Dinosaur, Futurama style.]

On the world of Jurassic Planet, from within an egg, is a baby Futuramasaur.

Leela: (voice over)On Jurassic Planet, some things that happen to us Futuramasaurs and Lemur Mutants start big, while the other things start out small...

The baby opens his eyes.

Leela: (voice over)...Very small, but these little things make the largest changes ever known.

The baby gets ready to come out his egg...

(Title Appears)

30th Century Fox presents
A Curiosity Company and DSS production


(Title Fades)

The mother of these eggs is a Futuramasaur called Fryguanodon(Fry as Iguanodon). She sniffs her eggs, knowing that within minutes, she'll have children. All around her are more Fryguanodons and many other Futuramasaurs. From Philipceratops to Amysaurolophus and from Professorontosaurus to Hermesaurus. This was a nesting ground. The mother Fryguanodon moves one of the eggs to the side of the nest. Then, a curious baby Amysaurolophus looks into the nest. A nearby baby Amysaurolophus, being a playful one, runs about the nesting grounds, entirely care-free. She then spots a small lizard and follows it into the woods. She stops when the lizard passes a massive foot on the ground. The Amysaurolophus looks up to see the creature bare it's teeth. She runs out in terror and bellows a distress call. All the Futuramasaurs looked toward the forest and began to run as a massive robotic behemoth bursts out. It was Bender, a Bendersaurus Rex. He charges at the herds as they run for their lives. The mother Fryguanodon, however doesn't leave her nest as the herds nearly trample her. But she finally runs away when she sees the Bender running full-speed.

Bender: (Roars)

Bender crushes all but one egg in the nest as his foot comes crashing down. But he takes no notice as he zeroes in on a Philipceratops. The Philipceratops ran faster and faster.

Philipceratops: (panting)

But it was too late. Bender knocked him to the ground and bit the Philipceratops with a bone-shattering force, killing him instantly. Bender looked into the distance, roared victoriously and begins to feed.

The one surviving egg just lies there on the ground. Soon, a small Nibboraptor(Nibbler as Oviraptor)walks over to the egg. The egg makes a feeble shake, the Nibboraptor grabs it and he runs into the forest. He finally finds a suitable place to try and eat the egg. Though, he this egg is a little hard to crack open. But before he can try to bite it, another Nibboraptor starts to challenge him for the egg. But fight soon ended once one of them accidentally knocked the egg into the river below. The egg followed upstream passing by a herd of Philipceratops. The egg is then swooped up by the flying Zoidbergodon. She flies over the vast lands of Jurassic Planet, over the many herds of Futuramasaurs and over the ocean towards a mid-sized island 3 miles from the shore: Lemur Mutant Island. But as she reaches the nearby trees, the Zoidbegodon accidentally drops the egg...

A group of Lemur Mutants(The mutants as Lemurs)scatter about and hide in the branches as they look at the intact egg. One, however, goes to take a look.

Morris: Leela! Get back here.

Munda: Morris. Let her go.

Leela: I'll be fine, Dad.

Leela crawled up carefully to the egg. She stops as the egg suddenly begins to crack. She opened it up and she called to Morris and Munda, her parents.

Leela: My, God! Mom, Dad, take a look at this.

They came next to her.

Munda: What was it?

Leela: We have a visitor, look!

She turned to reveal the baby Fryguanodon. Morris gasped.

Morris: That's a cold-blooded killer!

Munda: I don't see that in this little guy.

Leela: She's right, besides, he's a baby, Dad.

Morris: They grow up! That thing will kill us!

Leela and Munda ended up having to convince Morris that the baby was plant-eater.

Leela: Here, watch this.

She gave the baby a leaf.

Leela: C'mon, little guy. Eat up.

He ate the leaf and made a tiny burp. Leela and Munda giggled.

Morris: (sigh)Fine. Just be careful.

He walked off into the trees to rest. All the others gathered around.

Lemur Mutant#1: What do you think we should name him?

Lemur Mutant#2: How 'bout John?

Lemur Mutant#1: Na!

Leela: How about....Fry?

All: OK.

Years have past since Fry had hatched. Now an adult, Fry was a friend to every Lemur Mutant on the island. He had grown up taking Leela's compassionate advice about being brave, encouraging, hopeful and never giving up.

Fry and some of the kids were playing a game of Lemur Mutant Tackle. Fry serched around a clearing for her.

Fry: Come out. Come out. Where ever you are.

Voice: TACKLE!!

Al the kids came out of the trees jumped on his back.

Fry: (laugh)Oh no! It's an attack! Help!

Leela looked through the leaves and smiled. She came over to them.

Leela: Alright, break it up.

She looked at the kids.

Leela: Ya know, courtship seasons is tonight. Your gonna see all that kissin'.

Kids: (embarrassed)Oh, come on, Miss Leela.

Fry: No problem, Leela, we can all kiss right now.

He started making smooching sounds and Susie and the others ran off laughing. Leela chuckled.

Leela: C'mon, Fry. Let's get going.

Morris and several other guys were having their annual pep talk.

Morris: Good timing, guys. Now let me get you bacholers prepared.

On a bluff, overlooking the ocean nearby, Munda, Leela and the other women were having there pep talk as well.

Several minutes passed and Courtship Season was ready.

Fry: C'mon, guys, let's not let the ladies down!

They all jumped onto Fry's back.

Morris: Make sure they do great, son.

Fry: No problemo, Morris.

Fry ran out of the trees belowing to get the ladies attention.

Fry: Yo, girls! You got some casanovas comin' your way!

The girls giggled. The guys jumped off Fry's back and headed to the bluff. They preformed their mating dances to impress the ladies. All went well. But Leela saw that Fry wasn't really feeling happy.

Leela then realized something. She hopped over to Fry.

Leela: Hey, Fry. What's wrong?

Fry: (sigh)I don't know, I guess I feel a bit left out.

Leela leaned against Fry's massive front foot.

Leela: Fry. If only there was somebody for you.

Fry: Jeez, ya don't know how long I dreamed of that, Leela.

A bang was heard in the distance. Fry reared back on 2 legs to see that the bang was a volcano, that jutted out of the water, erupted.

Fry: Whoa.

Leela had just noticed, too.

Leela: What's going on?

Fry: Beats me.

Morris and Munda sniffed the air.

Leela: Mom? Dad?

Munda: Something isn't right about this.

Leela was now terrified. Sh ran to Fry.

Leela: (paniced)Fry?

Fry didn't answer as the volcano made a violent, earth-shaking blast. A flash of white passed and the volcano was then seen with the entire side collapsing. Cinders and boulder-sized lava fragments suddenly came out and began bombing the island. All the Lemur Mutants began to flee.

Leela: Mom! Dad! Get on Fry's back!

They ran quickly to Fry. Leela got on Fry's back. So did Munda and Morris.

Leela: RUN, FRY, RUN!

They ran into the forest as a pyroclastic ash flow started forming and began to race across the ocean towards the island and the mainland. More cinders and lava bombs fell on either side of Fry as he and his family ran from the wall of ash.

Leela: Faster, Fry, faster!

He ran on all fours, but then to gain more speed, he ran on two legs. They stopped at the very edge of the other side of the island.

All: NO!

Fry then heard the wall of ash blow up the bluff. With all his strength, the mighty Fryguanodon jumped off the cliff just as the wall of ash ravaged the cliff edge...

They survived. They swam to the ravaged shore of the mainland. Fry looked back to the island and began tearing up. He and the rest of his family knew all the other Lemur Mutants were gone for good. Leela got off Fry's back and broke down and sobbed.

Munda: (soft)Don't cry, Leela.

Fry: We can't stay here. Let's get going guys.

They all climbed onto his back, took one last look at the island and went away more inland.

They walked on for the rest of the night through an old volcanic ash field and by sunrise, they were in a desert. Tired, Fry and his family stopped to catch their breath. After all, they did just survive a volcanic eruption.

Munda: LOOK!

Fry: Whoa!

Up ahead, Fry and Munda spotted something purple moving.

Leela: Where'd it go?

Fry: Better check it out

They walked over the sand dune to see a creature as tall as a grown man with one eye grooming it's purple feathers. The creature was the same length as Fry's tail. She stopped and noticed Fry and the Lemur Mutants. Then another showed up next to the creature. Then 3 more appeared. Fry was realizing something was wrong when soon enough, 16 of these things surrounded him: they were Turangaraptors!

One of them jumped in front of Fry and hissed loudly at him, frightening his family.

Fry: Lets get outta here!

With his family hanging on tight, he ran away from the raptors. But they were faster. One jumped up and snapped at Munda and Morris, missing them. Both nearly lost their when Leela grabbed both their hands.

Leela: Mom! Dad! Hold on!

Both: We can't reach!

But they managed to climb to safety just as another Turangaraptor snapped at Munda's tail.

The raptors suddenly changed course and ran the opposite way. Fry stopped. Sand blew everywhere, nearly making visibility impossible.


Fry and his family found themselves on the ground as another Fryguanodon, much bigger than Fry, went passed. Under all the loud noise, Fry heard him say"Don't you dare get my way!". Then another, bulkier and older one passed and Fry heard this one yell"You heard my son, MOVE YOUR ASS!". Fry got up and his family climbed on his back as dozens and dozens of Futuramasaurs passed. Fry got distracted as a small group of Kifomimus(Kif as Gallimimus)pass all around him. With that, a massive Philipceratops knocked him to the ground. More Futuramasaurs passed, Hermesaurs, Amysaurolophus and Nibboraptors. Flying overhead, 6 Zoidbergodons passed. At the end, a massive 20ft high, 70 ton Professorontosaurus came in front of Fry. He moved out of the way, he and his family looked on in amazement.

Voice: Hey, why are you all the way back here, young fellow? C'mon, Simon! You'll be left behind!

It was an old Wernstrumoracosaurus(Wernstrum as Styracosaurs)and his little companion. Fry and his family realized that this was a herd. A huge herd! They raced after them and caught up.

The herd stopped as the leader looked ahead.

Voice: Yancey Jr, you know there is a better---.

Yancey Jr looked over to his co-leading father, Yancey Sr, and interupped him.

Yancey Jr: We will rest here tonight.

Yancey Sr sended up the herd and they all began to find a resting place.

Fry overheard a complaining voice. It was the Professorontosaurus. He complained about the overcrowding to the Wernstrumoracosaur. He walked over to them.

Fry: Hello.

He introduced himself and so did they. They were Wernstrum and Farnsworth.

Wernstrum: Wern't you that guy I ran into back there?

Fry: Yeah.

Wernstrum's companion, Simon, a baby Philipceratops who acts like cat, cuddled up on Fry's foot.

Wernstrum: Be flattered, Simon loves to meet new comers.

Farnsworth: Say? What are those on your back? Parasites?

Morris: Nope.

Farnsworth: Ah!

Fry: Um, they're my family. They're Lemur Mutants. But they're all that's left.

Farnsworth: I'm terribly sorry.

Wernstrum: Farnsworth's the last of his kind. He was all alone like you guys were when we found him.

Leela: So where are we going to?

Wernstrum: The Nesting Grounds. Where all Futuramasaurs go to have children.

Munda: Are there Lemur Mutants like us there, too?

Wernstrum: Yes. There are many types there. But for now, we're having a tough time just getting there.

Farnsworth: Plus we have a really self-centered, cruel leader.

Fry: Who the hell is he?

Wernstrum: Yancey Jr.

Farnsworth: It's hard to catch up with everyone because of him.

Fry: What's the worst he could end up doing.

Farnsworth: Here he comes.

Yancey Jr pushed Fry aside as he went by. So did Yancey Sr. Next to Yancey Jr was a younger female Futuramasaur who had a small"sail"on her back and a flatter skull, she was a Michellenosaurus(Michelle as Ouranosaurus).

Fry: Uh excuse me, Yancey Jr?

He walked over to Fry.

Yancey Jr: What's your name?

Fry: I'm Fry. I was back here talking to the elderly. They're having trouble catching up to you and the rest of the herd. So do you think you could slow down a bit for them?

The Michellenosaur overheard and listened.

Yancey Jr: You let me do the thinking, Fry.

Fry: They need help!

Yancey Jr: You better watch what you say to a leader.

He snorted and walked away.

Michellenosaur: I'm Michelle. It's nice to meet you.

Fry: What up? I'm Fry.

Michelle: Don't mind Yancey's additude. That's how he always treats others he's never met. No matter how mild-mannered they would be.

Leela noticed the look on Fry's face when Michelle walked away.

Leela: You think she's pretty, don't ya?

Fry: I guess.

Wernstrum: I wouldn't talk to Michelle that much if I were you. From word of mouth, Yancey Jr likes her, too.

Morris: Since what time were we ever to listen to the likes of that bastard, Yancey?

Wernstrum: He is many times bigger than you, Gramps.

Morris: Jeez, I could hold that tiny, little brain of his in---.

Leela jabbed her father with her elbow.

Leela: Dad! Wenstrum's gotta point.

Fry: Yeah, better listening to Yancey than getting chased by those things.

Over the hill, were the Turangaraptors.

Farnsworth: Your lucky, those Turangaraptors are the ONLY things following us...

The sun rose in the distance. All the Futuramasaurs yawned and got up from their resting spots. Leela hopped to Fry and woke him.

Leela: Hey, sleepy head.

Fry: (yawn)What going on?

Leela: The sun is up. Let's get the others up.

Fry walked away as Leela woke the others to check out the situation. He bumped into Michelle.

Fry: Oh! Sorry.

Michelle: It's alright.

Fry: So, uh, I wanted to say that---.

He got interupted when Yancey Sr bellowed to the herd to gather up. Yancey Jr walked up to him.

Yancey Jr: We have several new comers here, Dad, make sure they get the message.

Yancey Sr looked at the herd.

Yancey Sr: For any of the first timers, listen up! Your gonna have to try to amke across this desert because there is no water except on the other end! Better try to keep up, too, because predators could be anywhere! Let's move!

The herd started to walk as the followed Yancey Jr, Yancey Sr and Michelle.

Farnsworth: That looks like a complicated journey for us to endure.

Fry: We'll have to try.

Thus began the trek across the desert. Fry, the Lemur Mutants, Farnsworth, Wernstrum and Simon were at the end of the herd. Time passed and Munda and Morris were on Wernstrum's back, shaded by his frill. Leela was on Simon's back shaded by his frill, too. Fry looked into the sky, only to look away as the intense light of the sun nearly blinded him. Yancey Jr then bellowed for the herd to move quicker. Night fell and Fry walked in front of a Futuramasaur, who died of dehydration and hunger. Looking at his family and elderly friends, he knew that if didn't complete the journey, they'll die. The Turangaraptors were right behind them, ready to go for the carcass. The next morning, Wernstrum was getting tired, but Fry helped him on his feet. Meanwhile, the raptors were still feasting on the Kifomimus carcass. Behind them...was Bender, the B-Rex, and his mate, Coilette! The raptors raced off as the male snapped at them. Both B-Rexes ripped the carcass in half and swallowed the 2 pieces whole. They looked ahead to see footprints. They followed the prints to their next meal.

The herd stopped. They knew, over the hill...was the lake! They all started running.

Wernstrum: We're here!

Fry: We did it! C'mon guys! Water!

They climbed to the top. But to their dissapointment, the lake was dry. Yancey Jr was stunned.

Yancey Sr: Son? What do you suggest to do now?

Yancey Jr: Dad. Go and serch the whole perimeter of the lake to check for any water.

At this point, Yancey Sr, in his head, was beginning to question his son's dominance and leadership. But he went off to serch.

Yancey Jr: Herd! We can at least survive 3 more days without water to get to the nesting grounds. Move out!

The herd was shocked! They had to suffer 3 MORE days without water? Michelle tried to reason with Yancey Jr.

Michelle: Yancey, the herd can't offord this. We'll lose most of them if don't find water!

Yancey Jr: Then let's save the half that actually TRY to go on.

Michelle frown as Yancey Jr. But before the herd could move, they overheard Wernstrum moaning about the water as he walked to the center of the dry lake bed. Fry and Leela went over to him and tried to get himm on his feet again. Farnsworth, Simon, Munda and Morris followed. As Farnsworth's feet hit the ground, Fry caught sight of wet streams across Farnsworth feet.

Fry: Move your foot a sec, Farnsworth.

He pressed into the footprint harder until finally...a huge puddle of water flowed up! Both Farnsworth and Fry went wide-eyed!

Both: WATER!

Fry looked at the herd.

Fry: We found water! Look!

Yancey Jr was the first to arrive. He huffed in Fry's face.


He dunked his mouth into the puddle. The herd was now in a stampede for the water. Fry had to help get the elders out of the way of the herd. They were just in time. Michelle watched from the hill as Yancey Jr frightened off the others.

Yancey Sr was still trying to find water in the perimeter that evening, having no knowledge the the herd had found water because of Fry's help. But now he was less concerned of the water because he had picked up the scent of something stalking him. Unknown to him, his stalkers were the Bendersaurus Rex pair, Bender and Coilette!

Suddenly, he found himself cornered by the B-Rexes. He tried almost invane to get away as one of them snapped at his tail.

Yancey Sr: Bender and Coilette?! NO!

The next day, Fry was already awake drinking some water. He looked up at the beautiful colored sky. He sighed.

Fry: (sigh)It's so beautiful. But only 93% as beautiful as Michelle.

Voice: Awww, that is very sweet, Fry.

Fry turned to see Michelle. The scales on his cheeks went red.

Fry: Hi, Michelle.

Michelle: Hey, Fry. I wanted to ask you something.

Fry: Anything.

Michelle: Why'd you help the eldest of our herd?

Fry: They are my friends. Friends help each other...

Leela woke up to see Fry talking to Michelle. She woke up her parents.

Leela: Mom. Dad. Wake up and look.

Fry...and so do families.

Michelle: Who taught you all this?

Fry: My compassionate mother, Leela.

Michelle: The past few days, I seen how nice your family is. Your pretty lucky.

Fry: What do you mean?

Michelle lowered her head turned away.

Michelle: My family was killed by those raptors...

Leela and her parents listened on.

Morris: This his first time talking to someone like him?

Munda: Yep.

Fry: ...I'm so sorry. Say, uh, you want some water?

Michelle smiled.

Michelle: Sure.

Fry dug a hole and pressed in when water came out. Together, he and Michelle drank the water.

Yancey Jr watched them. He was jealous not only because of Fry's helping of the herd, but because he was getting Michelle's attention. He huffed.

Yancey Jr: Stupid kid.


He had just showed up almost severely wounded from the attack.

Yancey Jr: Since when did those monster B-Rexes ever come through the desert?

Yancey Sr: That eruption days ago must've driven them to follow us!

Yancey Jr: You mean they're still following now?! Dad! Move this damn herd out double time!

Now ticked, Yancey Sr bellowed the"Get Up and Go Quick"signal. The herd instantly got up and moved. Michelle and Fry ran up to him.

Both: What in God's name is going on here?

Yancey Jr: Bender and Coilette, those B-Rexes are catching up!

Fry: But Yancey, what about the elders?

Yancey Jr: Just leave them, they'll stop the predators.

Fry: What did you just say, you jackass?!

Angered by the remark, Yancey Jr pinned Fry to ground.

Yancey Jr: You wanna live, you stupid Futuramasaur? Then never don't ever call me that again!

Fry and Michelle hurried to the Lemur Mutant and the elders. They told them about the danger coming. But the had to go with the elders pace because they obviously didn't move as fast...

That night, Fry, Michelle, the Lemur Mutants and the elders were all alone.

Farnsworth: Oh my, we lost them.

Wernstrum: Don't worry, Fransworth. We have Fry and Michelle helping us. C'mon Simon.

Simon had found a perfectly round rock earlier and had played with it like a ball of yarn. He brought along with him. The friends had formed their own mini-herd with Fry and Michelle as the leaders. They turned a corner and saw someone. It was Yancey Sr. He was limping and had fallen behind, too.

Fry: Yancey Sr? What happened to you?

Yancey Sr: My son sent me to check for water and I got attacked.

Michelle: It's best if you join us.

Yancey Sr: Oh, save your breath.

Fry: Suit yourself. But if you change your mind, join us.

As they turned another corner, Yancey Sr caught up to them.

Leela: Hey, Yancey. Don't worry, you'll be safe with us.

Yancey Sr: (quietly)You got it...friends.

Leela: (thinking)I guess he's one of us now...

It was midnight and the mini-herd were sleeping. Around the corner further away, the 2 B-Rexes appeared. Their footsteps woke Fry and Yancey Sr.

Fry: (whisper)Is that Bender and Coilette?

Yancey Sr: (whisper)Yes. Let's get the others up.

It was almost pitch black and the B-Rexes almost couldn't see that well. But their hearing was better in the dark than their eyes. So the group was getting up and moving quietly. Fry woke up Simon who made a brief and loud bellow. Fry covered Simon's mouth. The B-Rexes looked up, but then resumed sniffing the ground. The group had just turned the corner when a bolt of lightning exposed Fry.

Bender charged after him.

Fry: Guys! Run fast!

Before he could catch up, Fry was pulled by his tail in the jaws of Bender.

Leela: FRY!!! NO!!!

Yancey Sr witnessed this, turned back and tail-whipped Bender in the face, knocking him into Coilette.

Yancey Sr: I'll fight them off! Go with the others quick!

Yancey Sr started to size up the 2 B-Rexes as Fry ran. But he turned and ran back to help him. Yancey Sr rammed Coilette into the rock wall. A boulder came rolling down. Rockslide! It instantley buried Bender and Coilette, while Yancey Sr tried to escape.

Fry: Yancey!

Yancey Sr: Fry! Help m---!

It was too late. More rocks ran him over.

Fry: NOOO!!! YANCEY!!!

He ran over to him when the rocks stopped falling.

Fry: Yancey!

He was dead. Tears streamed down Fry's face. Leela hopped over.

Fry: He's dead.

Leela: But he saved all our lives. Without him, we would've been food.

Fry, Michelle and the others turned the corner and went down a different pathway. Meanwhile, at the rockslide area, Bender bursts out of the rock pile. He survived, but his mate, Coilette, didn't make it. He pulled himself out, looked up and roared loudy into the night sky.

Bender: (roars loudy)

The next morning, the group was playing a game of Who's Who to pass time as they walked.

Farnsworth: Who has purple fur and has one eye?

Leela: Me. OK, now who has orange horns and likes to play?

Wernstrum: Simon.

Leela: Yep.

Morris saw something ahead.

Morris: Guys? WHAT is hard and blocks anything?

All: What?

Morris: That dead end.

Munda: Now what?

Fry: I guess we take that other path.

Michelle: Yeah.

Simon and Leela suddenly smelled something.

Michelle: What is it, Leela?

Leela: I smell pine cones.

Fry smelt it, too and so did eveyone else.

Wernstrum: There's something on the other side!

Farnsworth: Yes indeed!

Fry: Wernstrum? Simon? Do you think the 3 of us can smash this wall in?

Wernstrum: I hadn't done that in a while, but let's do this thing.

Simon meowed in agreement. Together, Fry, Wernstrum and Simon bashed down the wall. Through the dust, the group was stunned!

They had made it to the nesting grounds! It had everything: A large lake, grounds covered in ferns, a large Western Canadian-like pine forest, a Conifer forest and a Vine Tree forest.

Wernstrum: We are home!

Leela, Munda and Morris jumped off Farnsworth's back and raced to the lake. Wernstrum, Farnsworth and Simon followed.

Fry: What an amazing place! But where's the herd?

Michelle: Uh-oh.

Fry: What's wrong, Michelle?

Michelle: Our old enterance. It's blocked.

The rock pile rosed 20 stories high.

Fry: The herd can't climb that!

He ran back to the path.

Michelle: Fry, no!

Leela: Yancey Jr will kill you!

Fry: We'll see about that.

Michelle: Be careful...

Fry disappeared in the path.

Michelle: ...I love you.

Night fell as Fry continued on. He stopped to catch his breath when the ground began to vibrate. He turned around and to his horror...he saw Bender! His metal exterior had multiple severe sratches, puncture marks and dents from the rockslide. Fry hid behind a boulder and snuck around Bender. Bender sniffed the air and picked up Fry's scent.

Back on the other side of the blocked enterance the following morning, Yancey Jr was trying to get the herd to climb it.

Yancey Jr: C'mon everyone! We all want to see our next generation! Let's climb this thing and go home!

The herd itself had lost all confidence with Yancey Jr's leadership. But before they gave in to his comand, Fry showed up.

Fry: Yancey Jr! Get the herd outta here! Bender is coming! I've been to the nesting grounds, there's a safer path there! So we gotta get moving quickly!

Yancey Jr: Where?! To Bender?!

Fry: You can't go over that wall! It's a cliff on the other end! Your gonna kill everyone! C'mon everyone, follow me!

Yancey Jr finally lost patience and charged at Fry. He knock him to the ground.

Yancey Jr: I warned you, you bastard! NOW YOU'VE ASKED FOR IT!!!

He reared up and was ready to kill Fry with his thumb spike.

Voice: NNNOOOO!!!

A figure tail-whipped Yancey Jr off his feet and slammed him to the ground. It was Michelle! She had followed Fry and arrived just in time. She got Fry to his feet. Yancey Jr was shocked.

Yancey Jr: No. Michelle. YOU BITCH!

She looked on forward not paying attention to Yancey Jr. The herd started to follow them. All seemed to head for victory. But then...

...a loud roar was heard. Bender appeared. He bared his teeth made of thin, sharp yellow copper and hissed.

Yancey Jr: He lead that metal monster to us! Follow me!

The herd began to turn around, but Fry stopped them.

Fry: Everyone! Stop! If we move, Bender will kill us all! Face the threat!

Bender roared again and charged at full speed towards the herd. Fry, thinking fast, began to challange the beast. He bellowed at Bender. Soon Michelle joined in, then another Fryguanodon and more, 3 Kifomimuses, a group of Amysaurolophus, a pair of Hermesaurus, a group Philipceratops and Nibboraptors. Soon the whole herd were all challenging Bender. He started to back down into a corner as the herd passed him by.

Bender, now clearly annoyed, need to take out his anger and hunger on someone. He spotted Yancey Jr climbing the wall, having refused to listen to Fry. Bender ran after him. Michelle noticed and followed, along with Fry.

Michelle: YANCEY!

He saw Bender catching up to him. Yancey Jr climbed up faster until he reached the top. Fry was right. There was a cliff.

Yancey Jr: No!

Bender charged and Yancey Jr gave him a mighty tail-whip to the head. Bender shook it off and resumed fighting. He tried ramming Yancey Jr off the edge, with no avail. Bender finally clamped down on Yancey Jr's tail and tossed him aganist the wall. He looked to then see Michelle trying to shove Bender off the cliff with her 1ft tall sailed back. Bender pinned her to the ground. Fry slashed his nose with his thumb spike only to be kicked into the wall. Fry got up and shoved Bender off the edge with all his strength. Bender roared as he fell to the bottom with a thud. He was dead. Fry and Michelle had won the battle.

Michelle: Yancey?

She check if he were OK.

Yancey Jr: (weak)Fry?

Fry: Yes?

Yancey Jr: (weak)Take good care of Michelle and the herd.

Fry: You got it, Yancey.

Yancey Jr: (weak)Thank...you.

He eyes closed and he died.

Fry: C'mon Michelle, let's get back to the herd...

Fry led the herd to the pathway. And after a long journey, they were all home. Fry looked the herd and said...

Fry: We're home, everyone.

They bellowed with excitment and joy as they ran about the nesting grounds.

Months later, Fry and Michelle were looking into their nest at the eggs. They smiled at each other. Leela, Munda, Morris and the local Lemur Mutants they had just met came over.

Leela: We have some happy parents.

Wernstrum was having Simon catch his favorite round rock. It was in his mouth. Wernstrum put it to the ground.

Wernstrum: Wanna play, Simon. Get the ball!

Simon got the ball and bounced it on his feet. Farnsworth laughed.

Leela: (gasp)Look!

One of the eggs were hatching. She opened up the shell.

Leela: Aww. You are the most adorable little one I've ever seen.

Fry looked.

Fry: He looks like me and you, Michelle.

The baby had the same skull shape as Fry and had the small sail on his back like Michelle. He was really cute.

Munda: What a cutie.

Wernstrum: Happy birthday, little one.

Farnsworth: Congratulations, Fry and Michelle.

They all bellowed with joy for the next generation. All the other Futuramasaurs had their children and joined in with joyful bellowing. Several Zoidbergodons fell into the sky and all around the nesting grounds, seeing every Futuramasaur there.

Leela: (voice over)Together, we had made through the toughest of of our journey. Together, we made it to our new home. And together, we will see our next generation. It seems that if we all join in together in difficult situations, we can all make it to freedom...


(Fade to Credits)

Directed by:


Based on the film"Dinosaur"created by:

Walt Disney Pictures

Executive Producers:

Matt Groening and David X.Cohen

Starring the Voice Talents of:

Billy West as Fry and Farnsworth

Katey Sagal as Leela

Tress MacNeille as Munda

David Herman as Morris and Wernstrum

Sarah Silverman as Michelle

Tom Kenny as Yancey Jr

John DiMaggio as Yancey Sr

Frank Welker as Simon

Futuramasaur Sound Effects by:

Frank Welker

CGI Effects by:

Rough Draft Studios

Music Score by:

Christopher Ting