Fan Fiction

Starship Oil Crash

(Note:Inspired by "Dirty Objects" from Thomas the Tank Engine.)

Sal,the Hover-Truck Driver,was parking at a truck stop station along Squre Root 66. He was just filling up on fuel when Leela showed up in the sleek and clean Planet Express ship.

Leela:Good Lord! Look at that piece of crap.

The other truck drivers laughed.

Sal:Heys! Whats yous making funs of?

Leela:Your crappy truck.

Sal:Ohs! So whats makes yours ship looks so goods,puke?

Leela went red as Sal and the others laughed at her.

Leela:For you information,it's called"Electric Mucus".

Sal:Mores likes puke! Pukey-doddle-do!

Leela frowned angrily at Sal.

Sal:Hows abouts a race. Mes and you.


Sal:In the Space Oil Tank Fields. Whos evers goes through withouts getting dirtys wins.

Leela:(accenting Sal)Yours Ons!

So they climed into their ships and headed for the Field. Once there,Leela almost had second thoughts about the race. But she digressed. The view screen came down and Sal appeared on it.

Sal:Ares yous ready?

Leela set the engine to max.

Sal:Gets sets.

Leela gripped the wheel.


They flew off simultaneously. Dodging each oil tank one by one. Leela decided to tease some more to Sal who was going carefully yet very fast.

Leela:Hey Dirty Turtle! Seems that Leela is gonna---


She had crashed into to 5 filled oil tanks. The ship was covered from cockpit to rocket engine in sticky,gooey oil! When the crash came,the oil went through the air vents. So Leela was also covered in oil. She felt so upset and embarrassed when Sal came back with the tow-truck.

Sal:Well,wells,well! If it isn't Princess Pukerella and her pukey puke-mobile.

Leela pretended she hadn't heard. Sal towed her back to Planet Express. Sal dropped the ship into the building where an angry Professor was waiting for Leela. He inspected the damage to the ship. He was very cross.

Professor:LEELA! YOU INGERANT DOPE! You tease a truck driver,go into a race,and damage the ship and nearly kill yourself. What do you have to say for yourself?

Leela looked down and was very embarrassed. Her face was as red as a STOP sign.

Leela:I'm sorry,Professor.

Professor:Now I want you think of what it means to be a respectful person.


After that,Leela learned her lesson and is now a good friend to Sal. Leela hopes she won't end in a mess again. Don't you?