Fan Fiction

Disaster on Dog Doo 5
By AmZ Future


Author's notes: This is a Fan Fic on two very good friends that end up in a very bad situation. Fry and Zoidberg venture to the planet Dog doo 5 and end up in a rather sticky situation. It's up to Leela and Bender to save the day.


Chapter one: Zoidberg will help

Leela: Fry cant you do anything except eat, watch TV and sleep.

Fry: Hey, I help a lot around here its Bender who won't work.

Bender: How dare you offend, how very dare you.

Bender pinches Fry and Leela hits them both round the face.

Both: OW!

They both storm off. Leela sighs and flops down on the couch. Zoidberg walks in.

Zoidberg: What wrong scary, mutant woman. I saw Fry and the robit flee a couple of seconds ago; they knocked over my only food for the week. Waaa why the cruelty why oh why.

Leela: Ugh its just Fry is such a lazy b****rd.

Zoidberg: (shocked) Leela my god he's your friend why use such language.

Leela: Sorry Zoidberg I'm just upset.

Zoidberg: So am I when people hit me.

He runs out.

Zoidberg: woop woop woop woop.


Chapter two: Serious talk between friends

Fry: (sighs) I wonder what's wrong with Leela lately. She's been so moody.

Bender: She's probably moody because of that face of yours. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Fry gestures Bender to leave.

Bender: Feh. You don't have to tell me twice.

He storms out. Zoidberg walks in.

Zoidberg: Why so glum chum.

Fry: Eh it's nothing.

Leela calls out to Fry.

Leela: Fry we have a delivery.

Fry: (in a mood) OK! Hey Zoidberg you want to come.

Zoidberg: (thoughts) Go with Fry and get a free meal and quality time with buddies especially Fry. Plus he's never struck you once. (To Fry) Ok!

Fry: Cool I'll tell Leela. (Thoughts) With Zoidberg tagging along I'll have more time to talk to him then Leela.


Chapter Three: trouble in paradise

Leela: (shouts to Fry) Fry we're leaving!

Fry: OK! Come on Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: Gotcha. Woop woop woop.

Zoidberg runs onto the ship.

Cut to ship in space, Fry and Leela see a strange but beautiful site.

Fry: Whoa isn't it beautiful.

Leela: Sure is.

Leela rests her head on Fry's shoulder. His mouth drops wide open. Just before he could speak the ship shakes.

Fry: ah what's happening?

Leela: I … I don't know.

Zoidberg: Aah not good not good.

Leela: Fry, Zoidberg get to the battle lasers quick!

Both: Ok.

Leela: Bender help me steer the ship.

Bender: on it.

Fry: Zoidberg help me fire at the ships attacking us.

Zoidberg: Ok!

Fry manages to shoot the ships. They flee, but just before they flee one shoots a missile at the top of the ship.

The ship gets hit again and knocks the station Fry and Zoidberg are in it knocks Fry and Zoidberg off balance and they fall in an escape pod. Fry falls on the release button. Unluckily for them a laser zaps through the pod just before it launches and shoots Fry on the chest. Zoidberg puts an oxygen tank on them both and lifts Fry up onto a seat.

Leela: Bender we did it (she cried in happiness).

Bender: hooray.

Leela: Come in Fry and Zoidberg nice shooting.

There was no reply.

Leela: Fry?! , Zoidberg?!

Leela: Oh No!

She runs upstairs to see no sign of Fry and Zoidberg. The escape pod had been launched and there was blood on the floor. Leela spots a piece of material on the floor it was red. It was a piece of Fry's jacket.


She starts to sob and then notices the computer beeped it picked up a signal on Fry and Zoidberg they were on a planet nearby.

Leela: (wiping the tears from her eye) it says here they just landed on Dog Doo 5.

Bender: Well what are we waiting for lets get this junk heap a moving.


Chapter four: Stranded on Dog Doo 5

Zoidberg: Fry! FRY! FRY! I better get you to a hosp...OW!

Zoidberg blacks out.

Zoidberg: Ugh what happened?

Voice: Shut up Yankee!

The voices continue mumbling. Zoidberg lifts his head up and noticed two figures over another figure curled up on the floor. It Was Fry! He had been beaten up and knocked out.

Zoidberg: Hey leave my friend alone! He hissed.

The two figures got closer showing their true identities two Dog Doo officials. The leader which appeared to be the taller one yelled something in alienease at Zoidberg. Then came closer and said..

Dog Doo official: Now shut up punk.

He then Kicked Fry in the head.

Then a voice came and shouted attention! It was a general. Fry finally came to and gave the general a dirty look.

General: don't look at me like that you pathetic excuse of a spy.

Zoidberg: what we are not spies.

The general turned round.

General: shut up shell fish.

Fry then got up onto his knees and yelled angrily.

Fry: shut up yourself he's my friend and we are not spies.

Back on the ship.

Leela: well here we are let's looking.

Bender: aw this'll take ages he moaned.

Leela: Hurry up Ben…

Bender cut her off.

Bender: hey look there's a hole her maybe we can whoa.

Leela and Bender fell down a hole and fell on top of the general.

General: ah get this scrap of commoners off of me!

The officials tied them up. Leela noticed a figure on the floor it was FRY!

Leela: Oh No FRY!


Chapter five: The real shock

Zoidberg: Leela, Bender they hurt Fry bad I tried to stop them.

Leela: it's ok Zoidberg.

Bender; yeah shell fish you did what you could.

Fry got on his knees again and saw Leela and Bender.

Fry: Oh my god are you guys alright.

General: shut up prisoner.

He whacked Fry and glared at Leela. Maybe if I got rid of your girlfriend you'd listen. He picked up his gun and aimed it at Leela.

Just then Fry got so scared. He had to do some thing he yelled something at the general similar to how the general talked and spat in his face.

Bender, Leela and Zoidberg: FRY! WHAT THE…

General: You will pay for such disrespect he said now pointing the gun at Fry. He pulled the trigger and shot Fry 5 times and spat on the mingled corpse.

Leela yelled and sobbed at the same time.


General: shut up worthless bitch.

He now held up three guns with his three arms. And shouted.

General: you will all pay. Fry heard this and opened his eyes there was no time he jumped in front and had three bullets in his hardly living body. Then grabbed the guns and shot the general. The officials saw this grabbed Fry and oddly enough hugged him. Fry had blacked out and Leela, Bender and Zoidberg were astonished.

Officials: we will rush him to the nearest hospital.

Leela: Thank you but can I axe you something.

Official leader: Yeah and by the way the names Bob.

Leela: Ok Bob why did you not help us before.

Bob: Because the general was controlling us if we stood up to him he would kill us. But any way we better hurry we're almost there.


Chapter six: Happy ending

5 days later

Leela: I can't believe he's been in a cam. What are we going to do?

Bender: nothing to do but wait.

A doctor rushed out and looked for our three worried friends.

Doctor: Um hello my names Dr. Pensham.

Leela: Hello are you Fry's doctor.

Dr. Pensham: Ah yes Mr Fry. He is awake if you want to see him but be careful he's had quite a day. 8 bullets must have been hard to take on a couple of days ago I didn't think he'd pull through.

Leela: Thank you doctor.

Zoidberg: (to Dr. Pensham) you know I'm a doctor too.

Bender: come on squid breath we got to go see Fry.

Leela walked in. Fry was awake.

Leela: Hi sleepy head.

Fry: Leela thank god your ok.

Leela: Me? What about you.

Fry: I don't care about me as long as your alright.

Leela: Oh Fry. (Starts to cry) I'm so glad your alright I would feel awful if you died.

Fry: (Softly) Leela it's alright im here and I always will be.

Leela kisses Fry on the cheek.

Fry: (Softly) I promise.


The End