Fan Fiction

Freedom Day
By dinkdrinker

Scene: Planet Express. Everyone is gathered around Zoidberg, chanting...


ZOIDBERG: (slurps down the rest of a flag, belches) Oh, I don't think I could eat another one! Thank you, friends!

FRY: No problem, Zoidberg! It's FREEDOM DAY! You wanna know what I wanna...

HERMES: (interrupting) Here's what I wanna do for Freedom day! (cracks Zoidberg upside the head with a blernsball bat)

ZOIDBERG: (Screams in pain) That hurt, it did!

HERMES: Freedom!

ZOIDBERG: Ha ha! What a jokester!

AMY: Hey! Let's go shopping for all the SALES!

FRY: But I...

LEELA/BENDER/HERMES/PROFESSOR/ZOIDBERG: YEAH! (everyone boards the ship and goes to the mall. They all come back with bags full of crap bought/stole)

FRY: (placing Leela's bags down inside, and buckling up) Hey, you know what we could do? We could...

PROFESSOR: We can use THIS! (holds up a doomsday device, which gets put into a torpedo tube and fired at a small mostly uninhabited planet)

POLICE OFFICER: (pulling up the the P.E. Ship) Did you just fire off a...


POLICE OFFICER: Oh! All right! On your way!

LEELA: I have an idea!

FRY: Let Fry do...


Leela punches in coordinates to DOOP HQ, and fires a missile at Zapp's quarters. Half the building disappears.


FRY: Now can we...

BENDER: Do BENDER'S idea? What a pal! Thanks Fry! (grabs the controls from Leela.)

Bender lands the ship outside the Buttwiper Brewery. Going in, he walks up to a large copper kettle, breaks it open, and starts to drink. Security comes running...

BENDER: (Stops drinking) FREEDOM. Sorry chumps!

SECURITY: Freedom! (grab cups)

Later, we see the crew, extremely drunk, on the ship...

PROFESSOR: Well, good news, everyone! Another Freedom Day has come, and is almost gone, and everyone got do do...

FRY: But, Professor, I DIDN'T!


FRY: I never got to do what I WANTED for Freedom Day!

PROFESSOR: Oh, very well, crybaby! I suppose we should let little baby FRY do what HE wants before we head home! (everyone looks at each other and reluctantly agrees)

FRY: Here, Leela. (he hands coordinates to Leela)

LEELA: (flying the ship to the specified coordinates) Fry... Saratoga? It's too late! All the horses are done at the track by now!

FRY: (suddenly serious) No, Leela, it's not the track... we're almost there- just to the left of the Hudson...

Leela lands the ship in a parking lot, and the crew have all hushed upon seeing the sign...


FRY: (getting off the ship, with tears in his eyes... takes Leela's hand) See, Leela? Rows and rows of heroes. Grandma took me and Yancy here every summer not only for track season, but to teach us... Did you know how MANY people DIED for our freedoms? One of the greatest battles of all Earth history happened close to here... This... THIS is what FREEDOM means to ME... do you understand, Leela?

LEELA: (looks down at a headstone, with the name YANCY FRY. She then starts crying and hugs him) Yes, Fry... Yes I do! Rows and rows...