Fan Fiction

'Til Death Do Us Part: Not Even Death
By dinkdrinker

Just as soon as the darkness enveloped him, it was banished by the most intense white light. He shielded his face, and let his eyes adjust. He couldn't explain it, but suddenly, he had a wonderful sense of peace overwhelm him. No pain. Literally no pain!- his back, neck, knees, feet... everything felt fine for the first time in decades! 'Could it be?' he thought? No. He decided it wasn't heaven if she wasn't here.

He walked a few steps forward, when suddenly he was surrounded by old family and friends, all calling him by name, slapping him on the back, hugging and kissing him. He greeted them warmly... well, as warmly as he could, but even they knew he was preoccupied. They couldn't do this to him any more- enough was enough. Without saying another word, they all smiled at him, and parted before him. He then saw what they had slyly hid from his vision. Was it!? Was it REALLY her!?

“Phillip! Oh, Phillip!” She purred.

“Oh, OH GOD!!! LEELA! MY LEELA!!!” For the first time for what felt like an eternity, the tears that ran down his cheeks were happy ones. Tears of sheer joy.

She blushed slightly, and held out her arms to him, expectantly, lovingly. He took a step forward gingerly, then ran, yes, RAN to her, not as an old man, but as a man in the prime of his youth! As a man should run to the arms of his beloved. He nearly tackled her, he ran up to her so fast, and bear-hugged her with all the strength of a strongman. He kissed her over and over, and she hungrily, and greedily responded to his touch.

“Oh Phillip, I love you, I love you I love you I love you!!!”, she laughed. She started kissing him again and pulled him tighter to herself.

“That's good! 'Cause I love you too!” he giggled.

“Baby,” she said, “I, I want to thank you...”

“Thank me? For what? It was nothing!”

“Don't lie! Is was NOT nothing! It must have been so hard to endure! How did you do it?”

“That part was easy,” he said shyly, as he looked down at his feet. “I just thought of all you've done for me, and what our vows meant! I figured I owed you!”

Leela gently took Fry's chin and raised his face back up to meet her gaze. 'What a goof ball!' she thought. 'HE owes ME!?' She then kissed him again with a burning hunger.

“How could you possibly owe me? I owe you a billion times over!” she chided him playfully.

“Easy, babe. I owed you for all you've ever done for me. Everything was always good because of you! You taught me to always see the positive side of things!”

“Fry,” she rolled her eye upward, “YOU taught ME to always look...”

“No,no! Definitely the other way around!”

“Fry, I was always a pessimist before I met you, so that...”

“I know! See!?”

“Oh you ARE my sweet goof ball!” she laughed and grabbed him in a loving embrace. “Oh my, look at us! We're a couple of old farts now!” She laughed again.

It was true. They were both old. They certainly didn't feel it, but they sure looked it. It didn't bother either of them in the least though. She did miss his hair horns though, she thought.

“Does anyone know what time it is?” Fry asked.

“Baby, time means nothing here!” she teased him.

“Oh, O.K. then. What is the time on earth?”

“It is exactly 23:45... and thirteen seconds, mon!” their rastafarian friend said.

“It's still our anniversary, Leela!”

She looked down on her hand. She looked at the gift and admired it lovingly. Then...

“Fry, damn it! You spent entirely too damned much on this...”

He put a finger to her lips to quiet her.

“It's tanzanite! The rarest and most precious gem on earth! I had it cut in a heart, 'cause I love you! And I added the diamonds too because I thought they were pretty! They sparkle like your eye does when...”

She shut him up by shoving her tongue in his mouth. He didn't argue. This certainly was turning out better than he thought- he was fully expecting a tongue lashing from her over the ring, but not THIS kind! As she broke their kiss and embrace, music began to play somewhere, not from any one place, but not just from every place, either. All they knew is that they heard it. Looking into each other's faces, they knew it.

“Oh, Leela! It's... it's...”

“It's our song! Please... dance with me, my love...” she said as she buried her head into his neck and wrapped her arms around him.

As they danced to the song they danced their first dance together as husband and wife so many decades ago, all the hurt from their past was forgotten. All the pain from long ago was erased from memory. They were able to see in their minds' eyes everything from an eternal perspective, and discovered, quite shockingly, when viewed from this side of life, all the abrupt changes, all the hurt, even some of their anger and pain, made for an incredibly intricate and beautiful tapestry. It was indeed too beautiful for mere human words.

They continued to gently sway to their song, whispering sweet nothings in each others ears. They kissed again and again. They looked at and longed for one another as only true lovers could.

“You're mine! All mine.” He whispered softly to her. “I hope this lasts forever!”

“This night can, and will last forever!” she cooed back to him. “Besides, our song says so!”, she laughed, and he joined her whole heartedly.

They didn't know when it happened, but it did- sometime before their song/dance ended, they were their youthful selves again. Somehow, their age and feebleness melted away revealing their youthful selves. How fitting, they both thought- at last, we are once again as young as we feel! She ran her fingers though his hair. How she had missed that! He greedily clung to her taught, strong body. They looked one another in the eye, and both grinned their 'special' grin. Yes, they truly WERE young again!

Finally, they were once again as young as their love. Now together here, their bodies could be just like their love- unfailing. Unending.

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous;
love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly;
it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,
does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;
bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails...But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13