Fan Fiction

Darkness Surrounding
By Smarty

…May 12, 3009…

The darkness around the small ship surrounded them. Leela was piloting the rented ship from the ship depot, as this was a mission that needed a small one. Fry was in the copilot chair relaxing, but he had his eyes open in case Leela needed any help piloting. But he had confidence that she’d be okay. It was only them two in the pit, and on the ship, because the Professor only needed two crew members. He said he would have sent Bender too, to help, but he was worried that he would steal the cargo. They had no clue what the cargo could have been, but they had given Bender $20 to see what it was. He had told them that he had overheard the Professor talking to Hermes, and that there was a small test time machine that he was sending out to be tested on the planet X-83J.

Leela stared at the empty space ahead, and once and a while, she’d stare at her wrist computer to check the time and coordinates. She frequently hummed tunes she heard on the radio often, but Fry didn’t notice much. Fry played with his fingers in his lap, twiddling them in circles. He sometimes looked up at Leela, and the path ahead, but he usually quickly brought his head down again, as not to disturb her.

Fry then spoke up, “Are we almost there? Where are we going anyway…”

Leela replied softly, “I don’t know. I have no clue where this place is,” she explained, “I am relying on this ancient Universal Positioning Unit to guide me. It says we are about five hours away.”

“Ugh,” Fry complained, “I just want to get there. The bed in the cabin is way too small, and my back hurts. I haven’t eaten in hours…”

“Then eat.”

“I’m too lazy…” Fry said.

Leela rolled her eyes at him and continued to steer.

“Wait a second,” she started, “What the hell is that thing up there?”

Fry leaned to the window and saw the thing Leela was now pointing to. He gasped. The “thing” was a bright blue vortex of light that seemed to be bringing the ship in. Fry sat down quickly and buckled his belt.

“Oh my God!” Leela said. “That is a wormhole! I have to steer us out!”

“Hurry!” Fry screamed. He tightened the belt a notch more and grasped the arm rests like they were going to actually save his life. The interior of the ship began to glow bright blue.

She tried to pull on the wheel, but the ship was taken over. “I can’t! Oh no! What are we going to do…no one has come out of one alive, or at least returned to tell the tale.”

“Great!” Fry said, “Scare me, why don’t you. That’ll help.”

“Fry! Just brace yourself,” she ordered, “I have no clue what will happen next…”

Leela sat down, buckled in, and they both waited for their fate to be revealed. With the ship being sucked into the object, they could do nothing. The power went out suddenly, and Fry gasped. It was pitch black, and all they could see was darkness and blue as the wormhole engulfed them. A high-pitched buzzing was heard throughout the deck and the two both passed out.

…May 12, a few hours later…

Fry sat up. He had awoken from a three hour nap. He rubbed his eyes and unbuckled his belt. After getting up and stretching his arms, he noticed that the power had turned back on, so he shook Leela awake.

“Wha? What happened?” She asked.

“The wormhole?”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, we need to continue piloting. Where are we…” Leela looks at her wrist computer in search of the time and the position in space where they are. “Oh, it is only 2:00. We only slept for three hours. Hey…why are we close to Earth? Maybe the wormhole turned us around.”

“Aww man..” Fry said.

“Let’s just go home and explain to the Professor what happened,” she suggested.

“Yeah,” Fry agreed.

They piloted towards the earth, but as they got closer and closer to the rock, the big blue planet seemed not as blue as they remembered. It was almost like it had rusted. As they entered the atmosphere, there was a sense of destruction, air pollution, and death. They looked on in horror as they reached New New York.

Their home city was in ruins, as the Old New York was then. They saw graffiti in places like the Statue of Liberty and the streets. People ran around, shooting each other. Bombs frequently went off in random buildings in the city. Buildings were torn down, or near collapse. Fry solemnly looked on. How many times had he been through the destruction of this city? Too many. But he had been frozen then.

“What happened? We have only been gone three days!” he exclaimed, angrily.

“Are you sure? Maybe we have been gone a week…let me check.” Leela checks her wrist and looks at the time again. In block letters on the screen the date reads: March 12, Tuesday, 2:17 PM, 2019.

“Oh my God,” she gasps, “It has been 10 years! The wormhole completely zapped us 10 years into the future…a horrible future.”

“You sure? Check the ship’s clock…”

She looked onto the dashboard and saw the same. “Same thing, Fry. We have been bounced to the future.”


“Maybe the time machine in the cargo hold was triggered somehow by the wormhole,” she explained.

“Maybe…what happened?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, “Maybe if we land we can ask a surviving person what is going on. Let’s see if the Professor is at Planet Express.”

“Good idea, he’ll know what is up.”

The two piloted the ship down into the nearest parking lot, unsure of where their former work could be. The ruins made it too hard to tell which building was which. Leela took out two plasma guns and handed one to Fry. She loaded her own and placed it in her belt.

“Here, in case we need it. We are going to split up. Call me on your walkie that is in your pocket when you find Planet Express or if you are in trouble.”

“I have a walkie-talkie?” He checked his pocket and found a small, round walkie-talkie. “Oh, yeah, I forgot that we brought these.”

“Yeah, Fry, don’t waste it!” she said.

“Right!” He said, with a mock salute. They ran off in separate directions in the way they thought the building was. Behind Fry was the walkie-talkie he just found.

Leela turned her head to the side repeatedly to see if there was anyone following her. No one there. She looked everywhere else. She had been paranoid since the two split up, unsure if there was someone on her tail. She crept into an alley where she started walking, gun in hand. She heard a step behind her.

“Who is there?”

Nothing. It was silent and calm, and all that could be heard was the fluttering of a piece of trash. She turned around and continued to walk. Her eyes shifted side to side as she walked down the alley. She then heard a trash can fall behind her. She turned and saw four men who looked like all they wanted to do was killing. And that was their intention. They had their guns in their hand, and turned all four of them on her. She turned to run but all that was there was a wall. Dead end.

“So this is how it ends?” she said. “In an alley waiting to die ten years in the future on a destroyed planet?”

“Yep,” one of the men said who seemed to be the leader. “You are about to die, Pretty. Pretty odd for one eye! Ha!” He moved closer to her, staring her down with his beady black eyes and scraggly mustache and beard. He never stopped, and Leela continued to be pressed to the wall.

“Shut up!” Leela said, pointing her gun, changing targets one at a time, cautious on who may shoot her first.

“Eh, she’s a monster,” the one with the eye patch said.

“What are you going to do? Shoot us?” the third said, “We will just shoot you. You can’t shoot all of us, Ugly.”

“Damn right, Stitch. Boys, sic her. Like dogs with guns,” the leader said. They all turned their guns on her and got ready to shoot while Leela huddled in the corner. There was no way she could defeat them on her own…

But then, right there, a mysterious figure jumped from the escape ladder onto the leader of the group. Like a ninja, he brought the man down. He wailed for help but the man punched him out cold. The second, Stitch, went to shoot the man. The man got up, barely missing a shot of the laser. He kicked the Stitch, who was to his left, in the face in one swing of his leg. He turned to Leela and motioned to her to help. She quickly got up and knocked out the third man. The mystery man ran down the fourth and final gang member to bring him down. The man started walking back down the alley out of breath, and he wiped the sweat that had accumulated off of his forhead. Leela sat on the ground, and she laughed.

“Whew that was close,” she said, “Thanks. That was kind of fun.”

He looked up with his hair in his face and said to her, “No problem.”

She looked him in the face and gasped.

“Hey, you’re just a kid!”

“Got a problem with that?” He answered, wiping off his vest.

“Uh, no,” Leela answered. “Just that…well never mind. Do I know you?”

“No…” he replied. “If you knew me, why would you be asking if you knew me? And wouldn’t I have recognized you?”

“Oh, right. Ok then, what are you doing out here? And where did you learn to fight like that? What’s your name?” Leela asked.

He sighed. “I am out here trying to survive. And I didn’t learn to fight like that. It just came naturally to me. I needed to teach myself to defend me, so I did. You need to be able to survive in World War III.”

“Oh,” she said, “Wait. World War III?! There is a World War III now? The Earth hasn’t had one since the 20th century!”

“Wow,” he answered, “you are either nuts or you have been traveling way too long. It has been going on for 9 years.”

“Oh my…well how did it start?”

“No one really knows, or even cares to remember. It is just happening. That is all that I can think about. I was only 6 when it started.”

“Wait…so you are only 15?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “That was good math,” he added, sarcastically.

“Funny, kid,” she said, ruffling his hair. “My name is Leela by the way. What is yours?”

“Don’t touch my hair again,” he said, starting to walk away.

“Wait!” Leela called to him, “What is your name?”

He called from the end of the alley: “It’s Jon!”

“Jon…cool name,” she said to herself. She saw him walking farther away. Afraid of more killers, she ran after him.

They kept walking for a while, always on guard. When they got to a safer place, Jon explained to Leela about the war and why everything is as it is:

“It had all started in the United States, of all places. Of course, it would have started there. The politics of the world was stationed there. Many of the countries hated the USA for having that kind of advantage. Half the leaders since the Earth became one had been from America. The Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Germans, and the British all disapproved of this, them also representing neighboring countries. The US was disgusted by how the countries acted towards them. They stopped trading, speak, and UN meetings. The United States warned that if the countries did not behave like a one Earth, then they would have to come over to them themselves, and make them.

“Of course the countries didn’t stop. And of course the United States went into them to stop them. With the US in about 23 countries at that time, trying to get them to follow the conduct of the Earth, the world was almost free for the taking. But no one wanted an Earth that was fighting with itself. It was like the American civil war but at a greater scale. World War III had begun.

“Countries started to take sides. Australia immediately took Britain’s side, Canada and Mexico took the US, along with many other Latino countries and various European sites. Countries like Japan, Russia, Germany, and other independent countries went independent and used their own armies. The world was officially divided. The war spread to everywhere, even New New York, where the French had bombed. The United States were devastated, almost the same as the incident on September 11, 2001, almost 1000 years ago. The US became more determined to win back the countries and regain power. They are still at war today and we are in as much danger now as back then.

“My parents were helping in the army a few years ago. They are still there, but in this day and age, I was ready to be on my own by the age of 9. They will be coming home soon. I’ve been waiting.

“Wow. I can’t believe that the US started the war…living without your parents must be tough. I was an orphan, so my parents were always away to me…” Leela said.

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, but we met up in the sewers…I became happier when I met them...”

“That’s cool. So, where are you even headed?”

“Oh! Fry…I hope he found it. I am going to Planet Express. Or at least what’s left of it,” Leela explained.

“I know where that is! Come on, Leela.”

“Oh!” Leela said, surprised. “Ok then.” She shrugged and followed him.

They walked a few blocks, turning corners cautiously. The only things that they had to deal with were some dogs and some homeless people who wanted food. They soon came up to the disheveled front door of the place Leela worked, or used to, at least. Jon went first, to look for anything out of the ordinary.

The place was a wreck. Chairs were thrown into corners, stains covered the walls and floors, and beakers and glass covered the ground. Old paychecks were ripped and the safe in the wall had been ransacked, or at least very thoroughly gone through. It looked as though the French had bombed just that one room.

“It is a mess in here!” Leela exclaimed, “It is worse than the time that Bender and Fry threw that party…ooh I don’t even want to go into that again…”

“Yeah, it is a mess, like the whole city...hold on.” He listened. After a few seconds, he placed his finger over his lips to signal to Leela to be quiet. He started to walk down the hall to a door where he heard strange sobbing sounds. Leela was behind him, and he opened the door to reveal Fry kneeling in front of a frail Professor. And Fry was the one crying. Leela ran over to him.

“I’ll guard the door…” Jon said, gun in hand.

“Fry! Fry! What happened?”

Fry sniffed. He wiped his nose and eyes and looked her in the eye. His eyes were red from crying and his nose dripping. “The Professor…he…he says he is going to die…” Fry leaned on Leelas shoulder.

She pat him on the back to let him know that she felt sorry. “Fry...I am so sorry...I know he is close to you, and your only relative alive.”

“I know…It’s just that...He is so sick...he is going to die any second.”

The Professor started to wheeze. He sat up a little, reached out his hand and touched Fry’s shoulder. He then spoke: “Fry...Leela...I need to tell you...you...”

“Tell me what? What!” Fry screamed. But it was too late. The old man took his final breath and fell, lifeless, to the pillow. “He is gone,” he started to cry more. “Gone!! Why? Why did we have to leave for 10 years…”

“Oh, Fry,” Leela said, hugging him. They both cried. In the corner, Jon even felt a little grief. He didn’t cry, or at least if he did he hid it, because he turned away. After he had heard enough crying, he turned back and said, “Let’s move from here. The enemy is getting closer. I can feel it.”

“Come on Fry,” Leela said quietly. They both got up and left the Professor on his death bed.

They traveled for an hour towards the place where Jon stayed. It was in central New New York. This time, they had no trouble on the way. There was just silence, silence and the patter of feet walking down a cracked street.

They reached their destination after 10 minutes of more walking, and Jon showed them in. For a run down building, it was nicer than the rest. It was most likely because since he lived there, he wanted to keep it as clean as possible. It had a couch, a bed, a TV that played movies, and a radio. He walked in and sat on the couch like a normal teenager would—relaxed and laid back. Of course, he was a normal teen.

After a while, they told each other some stories about each other. Leela and Fry told Jon about their previous experiences with missions and such. Jon told them about the war, his parents, and what it was like when he was in school. Suddenly, they heard steps from the other room. Jon got up with the gun in his hand, aiming it at the door. He looked through the target…The door opened quickly, and the intruder barged in. They all screamed and Jon was ready to attack.

“Who is it?” Jon asked. The dust cleared and he could see that it was only a friend, “Amy! It is you. You gave me a heart attack!”

The two, Leela and Fry, gasped at the fact that Amy was still alive. She was the last one they would have thought to have survived. She was dressed in green camouflage gear and had 3 guns in her belt, and a knife. Under her eyes was eye black and her hair was longer than before, just enough to put in a ponytail. She hugged Jon, and Leela went ballistic.

“Amy? Is that you? What are you doing here? You two know each other?”

Jon and Amy laughed. Jon whispered something to Amy, and she nodded. She started to speak.

“Yeah, we are good friends. I saved him when he was 13 from a pack of rogue dogs and we have been helping each other ever since.”

“Wow,” Fry said.

“Yeah. How did you get here? I thought you were...dead.”

“Well, we did leave 10 years ago and--”

Ten years ago?” Amy asked, “I recall you guys leaving only three…”

“Huh?” Fry asked, confused. “No. We were on our delivery when the wormhole brought us back here, ten years into the future and...”

“Wait,” Amy interrupted. “Wormhole? Ok, hate to break it to you, but Fry and Leela did die three years ago. Just not...you guys. I think you are from a different universe. It is the only explanation. ”

“What?” screamed Fry, almost simultaneously.

“Yeah…the time machine in the back sent us forward 10 years…and the wormhole could have sent us to a different dimension...but how can that be true?”

“It is true,” Jon said. “I still remember Fry and Leela. They were married.”

“Married?” Leela said surprised.

“Then it can’t be us...we have to be from a different world...Leela won’t even go out with me,” Fry explained.

“Don’t get into this again, Fry,” Leela started.

“Wait. How did they die, anyway?” Fry asked.

“I’ll tell them,” Amy volunteered. She took a breath and began. “Well, the war started 9 years ago. I am taking it that Jon told you.”

“War? What war? The world didn’t just get attacked by space monkeys or something? Because that is what usually happens.” Fry asked.

“Ugh, World War III, Fry. The first world war since your last one in the 1900’s,” Leela explained.


“Now, Leela and Fry—not you—were married, and they got married in...Uh…3002. They were so cute together. They became the best spaceship pilots in the country. (Leela taught Fry how to fly well and accurately.) When the war started, they tried to stay hidden so as to not get drafted. ALL of the pilots got drafted, an order issued by none other than Zapp Brannigan. They unfortunately got called about three years ago to go on a special mission to stop a ship convoy in Egypt. They left...but they never returned. They found their bodies in their ship a week later.”

“Oh...” Leela said. “What about the others, Bender, Hermes and Zoidberg?”

“Ah. Zoidberg disappeared about a month after the war, who knows why, I definitely don’t...Hermes unfortunately was robbed and his family was killed in their home...that was a terrible loss for all of us. Bender was drafted into the robot army and got crushed by a land tank on Mars…And the Professor is still at Planet Express. He is alive.”

“No,” Fry said. “He died...today.”

“Oh my God, that is horrible! I was going to check up on him today, too,” Amy replied.

“So basically, all of us died?” Leela asked.

“Yeah, everyone except me. This war has already lost 200,000 million Earthicans, 75 million of those American.

“That is horrible,” Fry said.

“You are telling me!” Jon said, “They even drafted some teens who were 16. One of them was my best friend, Jeremy. I haven’t seen him since he left last year.”

“I’m so sorry, Jon,” Leela said.

“It’s ok; I am used to people leaving.”

Leela turned to Amy and asked, “What are you doing now?”

“Well, there is no more DOOP just to let you know. Once the Earth had gone into war, the Order fell apart. Now, the American army started up again as soon as the war started. I was enlisted. I couldn’t do battlefield stuff, so I was given the job as secret agent. I scope out spies and enemies in disguise. I know every type of martial arts in the world, so I can defend myself in the most efficient way possible. Not bad for a former engineer of Planet Express, eh?”

“Wow, that is awesome,” Fry said. He looked around, and out the window. There was a homeless man struggling with another for a slice of bread. He could hear a bomb explode in the distance, and the sky filled with orange. The air, even though he couldn’t smell it, smelled like death and hatred. “You sure there is nothing to end this war that the Professor had invented?”

She thought a second. “I don’t know. We could go check his blueprints. Come on! We can take the hover board.”

“You still have that thing?” Leela inquired.

“Yeah, I rigged it to hold 5 people in case I needed to help someone around while doing my job. It is outside.”

The three followed Amy out onto the stairs of the building, and she pushed some buttons on the side of the door. A latch clicked and lo and behold, there was a hover board stashed inside a hidden compartment brick in the wall. She pulled out a small box and pushed a button. The box expanded to a large board in which they all got on. They sped off towards Planet Express and got there in about 15 minutes.

“Here we are,” Amy said. She hopped off first, then Jon, Leela, and Fry. They walked back into the gloomy building, avoiding the room with the resting Professor. They ran to the basement and opened his blueprint file. It contained hundreds maybe even thousands of papers. They began to search for anything that could help.

...March 12, 3019. One hour later...

“Found it!” Jon exclaimed. The other three crowded around him, waiting to see what he had found. He opened it up and showed the others. He pointed to the name: War Ender. “This has to be it!”

“Yeah, Jon, good job,” Leela says. “Let’s get this thing built. Let’s save the world. Again, right Fry?”

“Yeah,” Fry replied, “Many times we have stopped Earth from ending.”

“Ok, guys, we need all these supplies,” Amy said, pointing to the list. “I will start building the mechanics and Jon, you the electronic parts.”

“Right!” Jon said, hurrying to the spare electric pieces in the corner of the basement.

Fry and Leela searched the basement for spare parts to build the contraption. Amy started to gather nuts, bolts, hammers, screwdrivers…

...March 12, 3019. Three hours later...

“Almost...done...there!” Fry said. “The wing is on, Amy!”

“Good!” Amy yelled from the balcony ahead. (They were now in the ship garage which they picked because the roof could open. The ship wasn’t in there anymore, though. Amy had said that the army needed it for war deliveries, but since Leela and Fry were in hiding, they had no choice but to sell the ship to them instead of offering themselves up to pilot.)

Leela turned to Jon, “We are almost finished, Jon. Your parents will come home soon.”

Jon said, “Yeah, they will...” He tightened a bolt. “I’ll be right back.”

Jon walked out of the room and up the stairs to the outside balcony. Fry looked at Leela then they left to follow him. Fry got there first, and he heard crying. He peeked in and saw Jon, with his head in his hands sitting on the edge of the broken terrace. Fry went up and sat next to him.

“Hey, man, what’s wrong?”


Fry looked concerned. “Something is wrong. Tell me.”

“Fine. My parents aren’t coming back, Fry.”

“Don’t say that! You have to believe,” Fry answered.

“They aren’t, ok? I have to live with that, so leave me alone.”

“We are going to bring them home! I am sure of it. Leela come here!” He waved her over.

Leela, seeing him through the doorway, made it to the balcony and sat on the other side of Jon. “What’s wrong, kid?”

“He says his parents aren’t coming back,” Fry explained.

“Oh, come on don’t say that. Of course they are—“

“They aren’t coming!” Jon screamed, tears streaming from his face. “They are dead! D-E-A-D. DEAD!”

Leela’s mouth gaped. “What? You said they were in the army! You said they were alive! Why did you lie?”

“I didn’t lie...well sort of. I can’t tell you.”

“You can tell us,” Fry said.

“No. I can’t tell you. Both of you.”

“Tell us!” Leela said.

“Fine. But you won’t like it,” he said. He wiped the tears from his eyes and took a deep breath. “So, my parents got drafted into the army 3 years ago because...they were good pilots. They died...trying to...stop a convoy in Egypt. I was twelve.”

“Wait...that means...” Fry said.

“Yes. That means you two were my parents. Well not you...them...they’re gone...you reminded me of them. I thought it was you, my mom, when I saw you Leela, but since you didn’t know it was me, I knew my dream was gone. I knew my parents were dead and you had to come from somewhere else. I had to tell Amy to cover and say she met me a year after they died. That is enough, I bet you are mad at me enough.”

He stopped. Leela put her hand on his shoulder and said to him, “Keep going. I want to hear more.”

“Ok,” he said. “Well, my mom—you Leela, basically—was very much like you are now. She was a fighter. That is where I got all my skills from. My dad said that I have her nose, if you can tell. My dad...he was awesome. He was a great mathematician. Yes, I know you are probably amazed...my mom said that he was quite the goof before she married him. She said that she put him in line, and made him go back to college. He said it was the best decision that my mom made for him since their marriage. And he said that she made a lot of decisions for him! Yeah...both of them together though...so in sync. They said they were soul mates. They flew together perfectly. They became famous for flying ships. Man...They left me...when I was only 12...it wasn’t their choice, the commander of the army needed them. Everyone got drafted, so I understood. If only they had been stronger, ready even. If only I could have stopped them...”

“Jon...there was probably no way you could have stopped the army from sending them. It is not your fault,” Leela said. She stared off into space, thinking about what he had said about his parents. “We were really great in this world. You must really miss us—I mean—your parents.”

“Yeah...they were always a great married couple...”

“Just to, uh, let you know…There is no way in our world that she’ll marry me. But maybe in this one…,” Fry whispered to Jon. Jon laughed a bit and then looked at Leela who looked mad.

“Yeah, Fry. Maybe it is because you say things like that.”

“But—“ he started.

“Just kidding Fry. Let’s not think about that right now. Let’s think about saving the world.”

Jon nodded and got up. He wiped the remaining tears from his cheek and breathed once more. He went back to the object and before he could get to work, he stopped, and stared at the garage. Or at least, what was in it now.

“Hey, looks like Amy went and finished it!” Jon said, grinning.

He had been right. The thing was standing, 100 feet in the air, ready for its launch. They all ran down and prepped for it, opened the roof, and made sure all the pieces were together. They were ready. Jon grabbed the blueprints to double check.

They all sat on the roof waiting to set it off. They were all laughing around a small table. Jon started to take out the blueprints to do the final check. He read through the list of objects needed to complete the thing, the dimensions, and the labels. He found something in the corner though…He saw an arrow pointing to the back. He saw a label on the back, and he gasped. He quickly shoved the blueprint in his pocket.

“So, ready to launch?” Jon said, uneasy.

“Yeah, let’s end the war!” Amy said.

“Yeah!” Fry said.

“Woo!” Leela cheered.

“Woo. Yeah. Let’s go,” Jon said.

They all walked to the control panel they made. It was on the ground outside the building. They had brought Leela and Fry’s ship to the outside in case they needed it. They were ready to push the button. Jon opened the latch to the launcher.

“Ok, moment of truth…10…9…”

“8…7…” Amy added.

“6….5…4…” Leela said.

“3….2…….” Fry anxiously said.

“….1….” Jon whispered.

He pushed the button. The thing rose from the building to the space above, and the group waited to see what would happen. Jon quickly turned to Fry and Leela.

“You guys have to leave. NOW!” Jon yelled.

“Why?” Leela asked.

“That thing is…an atom bomb…it will destroy the whole earth,” Jon explained. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Amy, shocked, slump back into her chair.

“But…it said war ender…” Fry said.

“War ender could also mean end of the world. You guys have about three minutes to leave before it destroys us.”

“This is the end…” Amy said, a tear coming from her eye.

“Jon we can’t leave you…” Leela said. “Come with us. We can take you in, you can be our son. We are like your parents. I mean, we kind of are them in a way!”

“Yeah,” Fry said, “Please, Jon, please! We can’t leave you here to die!”

“Yes, you can,” he said.

“Jon!” Leela said.

“Jon, go with them,” Amy said to him.

“No! I won’t.” He turned to them. “Look, I would love to stay with you. I’d give anything. But…I belong to this world and I believe I should die with my world. I will be with Mom and Dad soon…we’ll all be together in heaven…”

“Jon…” Leela said.

“Go! You need to. You have a life ahead of you. Who knows? Maybe you guys will eventually get married and have a kid just like me. Go. Back to your own world. I need to stay here.”

Fry looked at him. “That is very mature of you, Jon,” he said. “I wish I was that mature when I was your age. Maybe I would have married Leela like your mom married your dad. Or maybe I would have had a job in the 20th century and I wouldn’t even be here right now. Keep that maturity…unfortunately you don’t have much time to keep it…I wish you would come with us.”

“In a way, I would. But I don’t want to abandon my parents.”

“Well, bye Jon. I wish I could have been a mother to you…” Leela said. She hugged him and turned to Fry and nodded.

“Kid, I would really have liked to be your dad…” he said, and then he whispered in his ear, “And to have married that woman right there. I hope that your thoughts about us getting married and having a kid like you will come true. You really are some kid.”

“Thanks, Fry,” Jon replied. “Now go! Get! YOU need to leave NOW! The bomb crashes in about a minute…”

“Bye! Both of you…have a good time…up there,” Leela said. “Say hi to your parents for me, huh Jon?”

“I’ll be sure to, Leela. Bye.”

They waved as they went into their ship, almost reluctantly. Leela and Fry buckled their belts and they took off into space. Leela slowed the ship to a halt as they reached the moon. They watched solemnly, in tears, as the clock counted down and hit 0. The world blew up. It imploded into a mess of nothingness. The war was over, but the world had ended—and so had their parallel son’s life.

The two stood in the window, both crying. Fry sat down. He covered his face with his hands and wiped the tears that streaked down his cheeks. He shook his head over and over, repeating to himself, “If only he had come with us…”

There was silence. Then Fry got himself back into reality and stopped crying he breathed deeply and said to Leela, “I can’t believe he was our son, sort of.”

“Yeah. Do you think that could really happen to us, Fry?” Leela asked.


She was silent for a second, and then she told him, “That we could get married, have a kid, live like Jon’s parents did…”

“I don’t know, Leela... It’s really up to you. I already love you with all of my heart. And I always have. I just need you to give me love back.”

She sighed. “I hope that happens eventually, Fry. I really do, honestly. But I am not ready for marriage and kids just yet.”

“We don’t have to do it all at once. I don’t know one person who would in their right mind.”

Fry smiled softly and they looked at each other. Leela smiled as well and looked down. Then they looked at the remains of an empty, destroyed earth.

Leela’s hand went to the side on the table next to her, and Fry’s went atop.

…And the darkness around the small ship surrounded them…