Fan Fiction

Darkness Prevailing, part 1
By Smarty

December 31, 1999

“You’ll never amount to anything… I mean, you are only a pizza delivery boy, Phil.”

It was Yancy, Fry’s older brother, who was speaking to him. It was New Year Eve at about 11 o’ clock in the morning, and they were sitting across from each other in their parents’ basement playing cards. There were a few dollars, a watch, and a baseball in the center of the table.

Fry snickered and said, “Well, since I have beaten you at every game so far, maybe I can be a world famous poker player?”

“Phil, seriously, when are you going to get a real job?”

“I have a good-paying job…I get pizza all the time, not that it is free or anything, but at least I have a job.”

“Phil, I went to college. I have a job. At least go back to college, get an education, and figure out your life from there.”

“College was boring, and it was hard,” Fry answered, looking at his cards.

“That what college is!” Yancy said. “You have to go through it. It is a test. If you pass, you become successful. If you don’t, well…you become a pizza delivery boy.”

“Just shut your mouth, Yancy,” Fry said to him, now angry. “Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and he is doing fine!”

“Exception,” he explained, “he is smart.

“Ugh! Yancy shut up! I will make my own decisions!”


“Oh yeah? Well, I will lead a successful life and you will see me! Just wait,” he snapped. He put down his cards and said, “Read ‘em and weep, bro.” There were four aces on the table with the king and queen he also held. Yancy was astonished, but he quickly became angry.

“Lucky hand.”

“You don’t even believe I can be successful at winning this game! Ugh! I am sick of you and your jealousy!” He started to walk away.

“Jealous? You think I’m jealous?” He grabbed Fry’s hand and pulled him so they were face to face.

“I am not talking to you, Yancy, so leave me alone. I have to go to work.” He pulled free from his brother’s grasp and walked up the stairs and out the door.


Fry woke up. His forehead was drenched in sweat and the blankets in his bed were scattered on the ground. His hair stuck to him in all the wrong places, and he breathed heavily. He looked around to see that he was just in his apartment.

He walked into Bender’s room and poked him.

“Bender,” he whispered.

“1…0…1…” Bender said, in his sleep.


“Money…” he continued.

“Bender!” He finally yelled.

“Huh? Wha? Who’s there?” He said, panicking. He looked to see Fry looking at him. “Oh, it is just you…what do you want, meatbag?”

“I need to talk to you.”


“Because! Come on, we can have some beers.”

They went into the fridge and grabbed two beers, and then they walked to the table where they sat down and talked. Fry told Bender the whole dream.

“…what a dream. And that was the third one this week! And, like, the twentieth since Leela and I came back from our mission!” Fry said. “I haven’t thought about that since…well…I never thought about that. I don’t even remember that happening…” He thought for a second while Bender took another sip of beer. “Wait…Oh yeah, now I remember. I was supposed to take the day off for New Years that day, so I played cards with Yancy. But then we got in that fight so I decided to go to work anyway, instead of spending the day fighting with him…”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, it does. That was the last thing I said to Yancy. Before…before I got frozen.”

“If I were you at that point in time,” Bender started, “I would have taken the stuff on the table, then left.”

“Bender!” Fry snapped, “I am pouring out my life and you are thinking about money?”

He took a gulp of beer and answered, “Yes.”

“Ugh…I am going back to sleep,” he replied. He walked to the bed and covered himself with the blanket again. He turned off the lamp near his bed and went back to sleep. Bender chugged the last of the beer and went back into his “room.”

The next day, June 3, 3009

Fry sat at the conference table with the newspaper in one hand and a Slurm can in another. His feet were resting on the table. The Professor could be heard tinkering in the lab.

“Damn screwdriver! Why won’t you hammer the nail in?” behind Fry the Professor hit a nail repeatedly with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Fry continued to read the paper. He took a sip of his soda.

“Hey!” The Professor continued to scream, “Why is the robot panda loose? Stop! Stop! Hermes!”

Leela came to the table and sat across from Fry.

“Hey,” she started, “Don’t you think we should help the Professor?”

“Nah,” Fry replied, “He did this yesterday.”

“Oh,” she stated, “Hey, I didn’t know you read the newspaper.”

“I’m not,” he replied, “I am reading the comics.”

“Oh, I do that too. I just rely on the TV to give me the news. So, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Shoot,” he said.

“You have been really tired for the last couple of days…I just wanted to know if something was up.”

“Well,” he started, putting down the paper, “Can I tell you something? I mean, can you keep a secret?”

“Of course, Fry.”

“Well, I have been having some weird dreams lately about the past. Not just things from the 20th century but from anything that happened. One of them was about my brother and one was about…well…Jon. Actually, a lot were about him.”

“That is weird,” she said, “I have been having dreams all the time about Jon…If only we could have saved him.”

“Yeah,” he said, “My dreams about Jon are always about him coming home with us and getting a part time job here, and he always sat in the chair right…”

“Right where I am sitting?”

“Yeah…wait. You had the same dream?” Fry asked.

“Yes!” she said. “I always wake up in the middle of the night and I cry about how he hadn’t come with us. He was so young…he had such potential. Too bad he had to grow up with war.”

“Yeah…so have you been thinking about that a lot?”

“Fry…” she said, “I know you want to go out with me but I don’t know. It is still too soon and…”

“It has been a month,” he said, throwing the can of Slurm in the recycling bin, then returning to the paper.

“That is still too soon!” she said. “These dreams are preventing me from wanting to be happy, Fry. We need to wait until it goes away.”

“Ok,” he said calmly, putting the newspaper down again, “I agree. I can’t focus with these dreams tormenting me…They are all about mistakes I’ve made, things I wished I could have done.” He put his head in his hands and cried, subtly.

“Fry,” she said to him, putting her hand on his shoulder, “You will figure it out soon enough. Just…just hold on. I’m sure Jon wants you to be happy, Fry. That’s why he died.”

“I know,” he said, sniffling, “I know. I just wish that he could have come with us. That would have made me happy.”

“I think it would have made us all happy, Fry, but he made his decision,” she said, making her grip on his shoulder tighter. “Come on; let’s go see if we have a delivery to make.”

“Ok, Leela,” he said. And with that, they got up and left the room.

Meanwhile, at DOOP headquarters…

“So what do you expect? The universe is run dry of fuel! Of course everyone is turning against each other,” Nixon argued.

The DOOP headquarters was filled with races from all over, and everyone was fighting with each other. They were still located in New Jersey. Nixon’s head was to the left of the Amphibiosan leader and Zapp Brannigan was to Nixon’s right, behind the woman. Kif was next to Brannigan, sighing as usual.

“Order! Order!” The woman said, “We aren’t going to solve this problem if we are all fighting. So, let us organize and…please!”

Everyone continued to bicker at each other. It was pure madness. An Amazonian woman finally had enough and stepped into the aisle and yelled, “QUIET!!”

“Thank you, Thog, please sit down,” she said. “Now that I have your attention, does anyone actually have an idea on how to solve this problem?”

The room fell silent. No one knew an explanation. Zapp stood up to the stand.

“I say we blow up planets until we find fuel.”

“Zapp, that is completely illogical. I will have to decline that, because no one here has fuel.”

“Alrighty, then,” he said, “How about we nab some scientists and make them find an answer?”

The woman thought, then answered, “That is a fine idea, Brannigan. But maybe if you could get them to do it willingly.”

“Yes,” he said, “Willingly…unless they decline.”

“That I am okay with. Commence the consultation of all scientists everywhere! Meeting adjourned.”

Back at Planet Express

“Everyone into the conference room!”

Everyone in the lounge turned to look at the Professor. He had an angry look on his face, and they chose not to argue with that. Everyone dropped what they were doing and went to the conference room.

“Good news, everyone,” the old man stated, going from angry to happy. “Well, for me it is, at least.”

“Oh, God, what it is this time?” Leela asked.

“What?” He asked.

“The good news,” Amy said.

“Ah, yes.” He fixed his glasses. “Well, I have just been informed by DOOP that I must report to a scientific conference.”

“So,” Leela said, “Are you going to leave one of us in charge? Or—”

“If you are going to leave anyone in charge, it would be me!” Bender said. “Now give me all the combinations and keys to the safes—but only the safes with money. You know, in case someone comes in and tries to steal it, I can stop them by taking it first.”

"No, it should be me!" Zoidberg yelled. "I never get anything around here, I don't, and I deserve to watch the Professor's business, I do!"

"You ain't gettin' nothin', Crab Cake!" Bender started to strangle Zoidberg.

“Bender, Zoidberg, calm down. You have it all wrong,” he said, laughing. Bender and Zoidberg abruptly stopped and sat down. The Professor adjusted his glasses again, smiled, and said, “I am taking you with me!”

Fry stood up and yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He stopped and looked around only to see that no one else was screaming and he sat back down.

Leela stared at Fry. She then turned back to the Professor and said, “What if we don’t want to go?”

“Well, they told me that if we declined and decided not to cooperate, then they would forcefully drag us from our homes, kicking, screaming, and all.” He smiled.

The crew looked at each other like helpless dogs. Fry fell backwards off of his chair. Bender looked down at him.

“Can…Can dey do that?” Hermes asked.

“Oh, my, yes,” the Professor answered. “It IS the government.”

“Stupid government…” Fry mumbled, pulling himself up back onto his chair.

“Well, we might as well leave now!” The Professor got up and started shuffling to the ship. No one moved. He turned around and said, “Leave, or else I will fire you. Or worse: not pay you!”

Everyone started shuffling into the ship, reluctantly. Bender swore the whole time up the ramp. Leela grabbed hold of the ship’s wheel and strapped herself in, while Bender and Fry took their normal spots, and everyone else sat on the couch.

Bender stood up and pointed in the air. “Mush!”

Leela turned and stared at him angrily. He turned back to his spot and said, “Take your time, then…”

She pushed some buttons, started the engine, and in a few minutes they were off to the DOOP headquarters.

At DOOP’s Gathering Hall…

The ship landed in the nearby lot. The crew was late, so they hurried out of the ship. Fry tumbled onto the ground and Bender landed on top of him, but Leela quickly helped them both up and they ran to the front entrance.

“Oh,” Leela said, “Professor, if you didn’t have to stop at the store to get your glasses fixed, then we wouldn’t be running in!”

“Well,” said the Professor, carried by Zoidberg, “If Amy hadn’t fallen on them…”

“It was an ACCIDENT!” Amy yelled.

“Ok, we get it, just stop da fightin’!” Hermes exclaimed.

They finally made it to the door and were escorted in. They found their seats, and luckily, they hadn’t started yet. The crew looked around. Scientists were talking so much, the DOOP leaders could barely control them. People were fighting…

“Did an angry bomb explode or what, huh, guys?” Fry asked.

No one responded. They weren’t late, unless they were in the middle of a very heated discussion. They realized that it hadn’t started because they could hear the people on the stage trying to quiet people down. The crew walked down the aisle to their seats in the back.

“Guh, why do we have to sit in the back?” Amy whined.

“Because,” Leela explained, annoyed, “the Professor was too cheap to buy seats close to where we don’t need a TV screen to see the stage...

They sat down and filed in, Leela being on the outside. Fry looked around at the building, and saw that it was just a stone ceiling with carpeted aisles and theater seats. He reached into his pocket and took out a candy bar and started to nibble on the end. Bender was sitting a good three seats away from Zoidberg, by the Professor’s orders.

Fry took a big bite of the chocolate and turned to Bender, who was sitting next to him. “Bender,” he started, swallowing his food, “you’ve been quiet. Have you had enough to drink? Do you want me to go to the concession stand or something?”

“What?” Bender asked, as if surprised, “Oh, no thanks, Fry, I am just not feeling well…”

“Hmm…” Fry said, “Well, okay then.”

“That was weird,” Leela whispered, to Fry.

“Yeah,” Fry mumbled, “Bender never passes up a drink. He has been awfully quiet. By now, he would probably be striking up a conversation with the fembot in front of us, or at least chugging some beer…Something is up.”

“We can ask the Professor to examine his wiring later,” Leela said. “Maybe he blew a fuse.”

“Yeah, that would be gr--”

“SHUT UP!” the Professor yelled, interrupting Fry’s sentence. Everyone turned to the inside of the row, where the Professor stood. In the midst of 100,000 arguments, one knew it wouldn’t take long for Farnsworth to strike up heated argument. Of course, it only took him five minutes to get face to face with none other than Dr. Ogden Wernstrom.

“Oh, please Farnsworth, you couldn’t quiet down the crowd let alone find the solution for fuel,” Wernstrom sneered.

“Oh, sure,” he said. He turned to Leela and across the crew, he yelled, “Leela! Go quiet the crowd, or you are fired!”

Leela quickly got up. She ran down the aisle as quick as possible and even passed some scientists going to their seat, and a young one walking down the aisle, nearly tipping him over. She looked behind to see that she had tripped him, and yelled, “SORRY!” as she continued her run. It took her 15 minutes, but she made it to the stage panting, and before anyone could stop her, she went to the microphone.

“Hey, hey, who do we have he--” Zapp started, but was interrupted by Leela hitting him in the nose.

Leela smirked at Zapp, who was holding his bleeding nose and returning to his post by Nixon. She adjusted the microphone on the podium so it became level with her mouth, and she took a large breath and yelled at the top of her lungs, “QUIET!!”

Heads turned to the stage immediately and the scientists covered their ears. The bad part about the stone walls in the auditorium was that it was a perfect habitat for echoes. It even reached the Planet Express crew in the very last row of Section ZZ. When she got everyone’s attention, the councilwoman went over to her.

“That is quite a voice you have there,” she said.

“Well,” Leela said, “I am always yelling at my crew members, so I am used to it.”

“I would think that they would listen to you if you ever yell like that!” The Amphibiosan woman smiled. “Well, thank you, now to get this crowd of scientists on the road to a solution.”

“Ok,” Leela said. She walked off of the stage and avoided the confused stares of some of the scientists. She passed the scientist she had before knocked down, and looked back, thinking if she should apologize again. She decided to continue walking since he took no attention to her. When she made it back to her seat, Fry held up a hand.

“High five!” he whispered. Leela slapped him on the hand and smiled, then turned her attention to the stage. The woman had waited for her to sit down, apparently. The councilwoman nodded and she started to speak.

“That, my friends, was the best display of childishness I have ever seen,” the woman said. “Go on, congratulate yourselves.” She started clapping. No one joined with her. Everyone was confused. “Oh, come on? No one is proud?”

Everyone’s heads went down, almost as if the gravity had been increased. The Professor just sat with his arms crossed, though. The woman continued to speak, “Good. That was the worst display of manners I have ever seen. Scientists fist fighting over fuel…sounds like a newspaper headline. You behaved no better than the delegates at the previous DOOP meeting! This world is beginning to come apart!” She looked around and sighed. “Is there anyone who can think of a solution?”

“I have one, ma’am.”

The voice came from the middle of the aisle, near the steps to the stage. Everyone turned their heads to see him. A young man carrying a large box had begun to climb the stairs towards the podium. When he reached the top step, he was stopped by Zapp Brannigan.

“What do we have here?” he asked. “You don’t look like a scientist…”

“I went to Mars University and majored in quantum physics. I think that is enough proof.” He seemed cross, but that quickly faded and he smiled coolly. “Look, I have a solution, and you are stopping me. See a problem with that?”

“Zapp,” the woman said, “let him speak, please.”

Zapp stepped aside and let the young man pass. He walked to the podium, and people started chatting. He coughed and said into the microphone, “Now, I wouldn’t start talking. Unless, of course, you want that young lady to come and make you deaf.”

Immediately people stopped talking. He looked around and nodded. He started to speak again, “Ok, so, I have the fuel solution!”

“And what is it, uh, what is your name?” Zapp asked him.

“Well, the solution is plasma,” he answered calmly.

“Plasma?!” The Professor yelled, now standing. His nostrils flared and his fists were clenched. “That is impossible! Plasma never worked for the scientists before, it is too hot for anything to contain the required amount!”

“Ah, sir, but this is special plasma.”

“Special?” Farnsworth asked, “The only thing that is special here is Fry!”

“Hey!” Fry said.

“It is special, sir,” he said, “You see, regular plasma wouldn’t be normally contained by this test tube.” He held it up for all to see. Scientists adjusted their glasses, amazed that the plasma was contained in it.

“How is that even possible?” Wernstrom chimed in. “Glass can’t hold plasma!”

“But I said that this was special. What is in here is regular plasma. But what was added to it was dark energy. Not dark matter, but dark energy.” Everyone was now paying attention. “You see, the dark energy, when mixed with plasma, cools it enough to be contained in anything. Also, when mixed, the plasma absorbs the energy from the dark energy, and it can be used as fuel. It can even be used in the existing dark matter tanks. Another thing…since plasma is an excellent conductor, it can be used in an electricity powered motor, giving it quadruple the power of normal electric motors, giving it two ways it can be used as fuel.”

“And this…plasma…does it really work?” The councilwoman asked.

“How do you think I got here?” He laughed. “If you want proof, take this fuel powered R/C space ship.” He pulled out a spaceship about a foot long, and placed it on the stage. He then poured the test tube of plasma into the fuel tank. He took out the remote, pushed some buttons, and the ship began to fly. Scientists were gawking at the miracle ship, flying on plasma. When it reached the back, Farnsworth and Wernstrom were open-mouthed.

“Cool…” Fry muttered.

“That is one cool ship,” Bender said, “I wonder if I should steal it.”

“There is the Bender I know!” Fry exclaimed.

“What? I’m not going to steal it, it isn’t mine!” Bender said.

“Uh,” Fry said, concerned, “okay…”

Leela looked at Fry in a concerned way and Fry was the same. They knew that something was up with Bender, he just wasn’t acting right.

Back on the stage, the young man landed the ship in the box. After a second of silence, the crowd erupted with applause for the discovery. Zapp slapped him on the back and he jerked forward, smirking. The councilwoman nodded with approval. She went up to the podium.

“Obviously if this young man can find the solution to fuel, we can find solutions to anything. Now, what is your name, sir?”

“My name is Gregory Mason, ma’am. I am sorry, but I don’t know yours either.”

“Oh, I am Aef Amfibios, leader and newly elected councilwoman of the Democratic Order Of the Planets. You are a bright young man.”

“Thank you,” he said. He then put all of his things in his box and walked off the stage. He then ran up the aisle to the back where his seat was, which was across from Planet Express.

“Hey,” Leela said, whispering to Fry, “That is the dude I bumped into on the way down.”


“Just thought I would point it out,” she said. She turned to the Professor. “Hey, Professor?”

“Huh? Wha?” He looked around. Leela waved to him. “Oh, Leela. What?”

“We should ask him to come back to Planet Express with us. Maybe he can get us some free fuel.”

“Oh good idea! Let’s ask him when the meeting is done.”

“Why not ask him over to dinner and to your house too?” Fry muttered under his breath.

“Meeting adjourned!” Amfibios said.

The crew quickly went over to Gregory. He was getting his box together and he looked up, finding the crew surrounding him. He looked around and said, “So, uh, want my autograph or what? I mean, really. What?”

“We are from Planet Express, and dis is Professor Hubert Farnsworth,” Hermes said.

“Yeah, we were wondering if you wanted to come back with us and have some coffee and chat about your discovery,” Amy added.

“Oh, well, I’d be flattered,” he replied. “As long as she doesn’t yell!” They all laughed. Leela blushed. “What’s your name, miss?”

“My name is Turanga Leela, captain of the Planet Express ship, nice to meet you, uh, Gregory, is it?”

“Yes, that is my name!” he confirmed. “Nice to meet you, Turanga.”

“Just call me Leela.”

“Ok, Leela, and who are the rest of you?”

“I am Amy, the engineer intern,” Amy said.

“Hermes Conrad,” he said, shaking his hand.

“Dr. Zoidberg, doctor of Planet Express and best doctor in New New York, to add,” Zoidberg said, with the crew staring at him. “What? Ok, I am second best.”

“Hey, I am Bender, the ship’s chef…and I’m not feeling that great…meet you guys in the ship.”

“Hmm,” Fry said. Then he turned to Gregory. “I am Phillip Fry, delivery boy, nice to meet you, Gregory. Just call me Fry, though.”

“Okay, Fry, just call me Greg, then,” he said. He looked around and said, “Well, let’s get going. I wanna see this ship of yours.”

They walked out of the doors to she ship. Greg happily took out some more plasma, and poured it into the tank.

“That won’t be enough to get home…” Leela said.

“Yes,” he said, “plasma has quadruple the fuel power as dark matter had, so it goes four times the distance. I mean, you only have to go to New New York right? Right across the river.”

“You live around here?” Fry asked.

“I live in New New York,” he explained.

“Oh,” Fry said.

“Well, let’s go!” He said, smiling. Then he ran onto the ship.

The way back was jerky and slow. The Professor was, of course, as stubborn as ever and threatened to fire Leela if she didn’t let him drive. He told her that it would be a bad image if he let her drive, even though she was the captain. Leela made Bender and Fry get up so that she and Greg could sit on the chairs, and Fry grumbled as he squeezed in with Zoidberg, Hermes, and Amy on the couch. Since there wasn’t any more room on board, Bender went to the cabins. He explained that his head hurt.

“So, Greg, when did you decide to like physics?” Leela asked.

“Well, it all started when I was young. I always liked math and science, and physics just snagged me on a hook, I guess,” he said, shrugging. He stared out the windshield at the city coming up.

“That is cool,” Amy said, “I am studying to be an engineer.”

“That is awesome, Amy,” he said, “keep it up and maybe I can ask you for some help on better fuel tanks or something.”

Amy giggled and turned back to the windshield. Leela looked at Greg.

“So, Greg, how old are you?” Leela asked. “You look young.”

“Huh?” He asked. “Oh, I’m twenty-three.”

“Wow,” Hermes said, “dat is young!”

“I’m 160 years old, and I started inventing when I was 5 years old!” The Professor added.

“You, you are really 160 years old?” Greg asked.

“Yes, and don’t repeat it,” he said.

“Cool,” he said. “Hey, is that Planet Express?” He pointed at the red building on the corner of the street.

“Yes, it is,” Fry said. “Best place in the world.”

“Really?” he asked. “Well, if it really is the best place in the world, I should have a good time here.”

The crew sat around in the lounge, in their usual spots. Fry and Leela were on the couch, with Greg joining them, and Amy, the Professor, and Hermes sat at the table. That left Zoidberg with the floor. Bender, again, was away, resting in the ships cabin where they left him.

“So,” Greg started, “Where is the robot?”

“He is…uh…not feeling well,” Fry said.

“Actually, we are worried about him,” Leela added. “Professor, do you think you can check his wiring? Something is definitely up with him.”

“Yeah, he didn’t want to steal or even drink beer!” Fry said. Everyone in the room gasped.

“So, will you help Professor?” Leela asked, turning to Farnsworth. She discovered that he had fallen asleep in his chair. “Must have been time for his nap…we will have to wait a few hours.”

“I can do it,” Greg offered. He took the last sip of Slurm and placed it on the coffee table. “I have fixed a few bots before, shouldn’t be hard.”

“Okay,” Hermes said, “But if you break him, well, just tell him dat we aren’t payin’ any insurance.”

“I will be sure to, uh, not break him then.” Greg walked out the door towards the ship. Leela and Fry followed, and Zoidberg quickly took the opportunity to jump on the couch.

On the way to the ship, Leela grabbed the toolbox and Fry took Bender’s blueprints for his wiring. Greg took off his white lab coat, leaving him in a black T-shirt and jeans. They entered the ship and headed for the cabin.

“Do you really think that you can fix him, Greg?” Fry asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “at least, I think so…”

“I hope so…I miss him,” Fry said.

They reached Bender, asleep in his hammock. He was muttering in his sleep. Greg took a screwdriver out of the toolbox and carefully removed Bender’s head. He cleared a space on the junked up desk in the corner, then placed it down.

“Hey…hey!” Bender yelled. “What the hell are you doing with my head? And who are you?”

“I am Greg, remember? The scientist from the convention?”

“No, I don’t, I don’t remember anything from the last 3 hours,” he explained. “Now what are you doing? Fry! Stop him!”

“Bender, we are trying to see what is wrong with you!” Fry tried to explain.

“Nothing is wrong with me!” Bender yelled.

“You have been acting awfully weird, Bender,” Leela added.

“No I haven’t! I am the same old bending unit, now hands off my head!”

“I have to unscrew the panel on your head, so shush!” Greg yelled, loosening the screw.

“No!” Bender yelled. His body got up from the hammock and he quickly and brutally punched Greg in the back of the head. He took his head and ran out the door to the cabin, and out of the building completely.

Greg collapsed onto the ground, holding his head. It wasn’t bleeding, but it made him unconscious. Leela quickly went into a panic attack, while Fry gaped at the door Bender just exited.

“Oh my God!” Leela yelled, crouching down to him.

“What the hell was that about?” Fry asked, in panic. “Why would Bender do that?”

“I don’t know, but we need to get him some help,” Leela said. “Help me bring him to the lounge, quick!”

Leela grabbed him under his arms and Fry held his ankles, and they both walked off of the ship together, as quickly as possible with the unconscious scientist.

Leela and Fry got to the lounge after about ten minutes. They quickly rushed him to the couch, and set him down. All at once the crew crowded Fry, Greg, and the crying Leela.

“What happened, Leela?” Amy asked, hands on her mouth.

“He…he…Bender…” Leela sobbed.

“What?” Amy asked.

“Greg was trying to fix Bender, you see, and…well…he went crazy,” Fry explained.

“Greg?” Amy asked.

“No, Bender!” Fry exclaimed. “His head was off his body because Greg needed to open the panel or something, and Bender started freaking out, saying nothing was wrong with him. Then his body got up from the hammock and…and…”

“What? What did he do?” Hermes asked.

“He hit Greg…in the back of the head,” Fry explained. He put his arm around Leela and she cried on his shoulder. “It’s okay, he is just unconscious.”

“I know, but what if he dies? Or goes into a coma?” Leela said. “Not only may we never talk to him again, but we may never solve the fuel problem! The whole world can be in danger…”

“He will come around. He is a strong guy, I guess,” Amy said.

“Do you want me to check him?” Zoidberg asked.

“I would say yes,” Leela said, “but I don’t want you to make it worse. No offense, but let’s just wait a while, and if he doesn’t wake up in a few hours we can bring him to the hospital.”

“Aww…” Zoidberg commented. “Well, we just wait, I guess.”

Leela wiped her eye and sat down on the coffee table in front of Greg. Fry leaned against the wall and slid down. He put his head in his hands.

Leela looked at Greg. It was the first time she really looked at him. His hair was messed up from the trip of them moving him. It was long, a little below the ear and was light brown. He had a full, almost scraggly, beard. He looked so young…but yet he was so mature for his age. He was frowning, as if he was sad, or just in pain. Leela looked away in tears. She moved to the ground and lied on the floor and closed her eye.

Leela walked into Planet Express. It was the morning, and it was time for work. She was in a surprisingly happy mood. After a quick trip to the coffee pot, she went to the lounge, where Fry was. Amy was also in the room, filing her nails.

“What’s up, Fry?” She asked.

“Nothin’ much, Leela,” he said, flipping to the next channel on the television, “just watching some TV.”

“Oh, cool,” she said. “Is he here yet?”

“Oh, yeah, he is in the conference room. Either that or he’s with the Professor.”

“Thanks, I better go see him,” she said. She got up and walked out the door, towards the conference room. There she saw him next to the Professor, striking up conversation.

“So, this really changes your voice?” he asked.

“Oh, my, yes…Listen!” The Professor spoke into the microphone, sounding exactly like Leela, “Hi, my name is Leela and I like to ask for raises!”

The two laughed and then he saw Leela walking towards them and he immediately stopped. The Professor also looked over stopping.

“Ok, enough you two…” she said, taking him by the arm towards the conference table.

“Talk later!” he said to the Professor.

They got to the table and they sat down. He twisted in her seat while she just sat.

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

“Just turning in my chair, I find it entertaining.”

“You are a science and math whiz and you like to turn in your chair?”

“Uh, yeah,” he answered.

“That’s kind of predictable, Jon. You are sometimes childish.”

“Hey, I am fifteen,” he said.

“Fifteen is still a kid, Jon. I remember when I was fifteen…yeah don’t want to remember the braces…”

“Ha! You had braces? I don’t need ‘em according to the dentist.”

“Lucky you,” she said, laughing.

“Yeah…” Jon said. “You know? This place is the best. And I am glad that you and Fry made me welcome here and...” he turned and fear covered his face. “Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Bender came up the stairs towards Jon and he started to run, but it was too late. Bender had beaten the boy to a pulp, and Leela couldn’t help. She was glued to her chair. The image of Jon flicked to Greg, and the two most influential people she had met in the last month were getting destroyed by a sick robot.

“Ahhhhh!!!!” Leela yelled. She was covered in sweat and she started crying. It was dark, and no one was in the room except for Fry, who was asleep.

But he wasn’t asleep for that long. He yelled as well, just as Leela had. He sat up and wiped his forehead. They looked at each other. Then at Greg, who was still asleep.

“Fry…” Leela started.

“Leela, I had the worst dream…” Fry said.

“Jon…and Greg…and Bender...”

“Hurting them?” Fry asked.

Leela nodded.

“So we…” Fry started.

“Had the same dream?” Leela asked, completing Fry’s sentence.

The streets of New New York were quiet that night. The wind quietly rustled between the buildings. The alleys were empty. In this quiet, foot cups could be heard running. Bender was running through the streets. He muttered as he was on the run.

“Nothing…wrong…just…nothing…” he said, erratically. He had reached the corner of a building, but had stopped because he heard voices.

“…on the run. I repeat, rogue robot on the run!” said the communicator.

“This could be our big break,” Smitty said, jumping.

“Yeah, man, we could finally be number one…” Earl said.

“We just need to find this robot…” he said, pulling out his light saber club. He twisted it around in his hand and he hit himself in the head. “Ow!”

“Man, you need to stop doin’ that,” Earl said.

“Whatever, man,” Smitty replied. He went over to pick up the dropped saber. Next to it was Bender’s foot, and he looked up. What he saw was Bender, hugging the wall. “Earl! I found the robot! Get—“

Bender hit him in the helmet, and Smitty went down. Earl came to help, but Bender punched him out too. Both of them lied in a heap on the ground, unconscious. Bender ran down the street as he had been doing.

All you could hear from Bender was him muttering, “Nothing…wrong…nothing…”

“It just isn’t possible!” Leela said. She was pacing the floor of the locked room. They had fallen asleep earlier while waiting for Greg to come to, and the Professor had just left them in their. Being his forgetful self, and being one who locks all the doors, he locked them in without even realizing it. Fry sat at the table in his T-shirt, his jacket on the back of the chair.

“I’m hungry…” Fry complained.

“Fry, you are thinking of food?” she asked. “Greg could be dead, we are locked in the lounge, and this freaky dream thing is going on, and you are thinking of food?

“Well, yeah, I haven’t eaten in seven hours…too long, Leela,” he said. “When does morning come?”

“I don’t know Fry, there isn’t a clock,” she said, “but judging by the light outside…like an hour or something.”

“Okay…want to try to wake Greg up again?”

“Sure…” Leela said. She went over to him and nudged his shoulder. She stroked his hair and put her hand down. “Oh, it is useless. It was a good week before I woke up from my coma, Fry.”

“Yeah, but the whole time, I told you to wake up,” he said.

“Yeah…” she said, “And, well, I heard you! Maybe we can get him to hear us, too.”

Leela kneeled down next to Greg. Fry took a spot on the coffee table and watched. She took a deep breath and whispered in his ear.

“Greg…” she started. She looked at Fry and he nodded, “I…I need you to wake up…It…it’s really important. Just wake up, Greg, please, wake up! We need you…everyone needs you…I can’t…I can’t afford…to lose…”

“Leela, keep going,” Fry said, calmly.

Leela shed a tear. “I can’t afford…to lose someone else…not like Jon…not like before, Greg…please wake up…”

She started sobbing. Her head was in her hands, and she was truly crying. Fry put his hand on her shoulder.


Leela looked up. Greg was talking in his sleep, so he was waking up.

“Fry!” Leela exclaimed, “He is waking up! But, he is having some sort of a bad dream…oh…Greg, wake up!”

“Help! Help! Stop them! STOP! NO!” Greg thrashed his arms around. Leela had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. She buried her face in Fry’s shoulder as he just stared, unable to help him. His legs kicked and he punched at the air, as if he was fighting something. And, suddenly, his eyes opened. He breathed heavily and deeply, and he looked around the room.

“Wha…where…Leela?” Greg turned to her. She looked up and she smiled with joy. She went over and hugged him.

“You are alive!” she exclaimed.

“Of course I am…what happened? Why am I asleep here?” he asked, confused.

“Well,” Fry started, “Bender…went nuts and…well, he kind of punched you in the head.”

“God,” he said, “my head does hurt…I don’t remember a thing about that.”

“Wow,” Leela said.

“What?” Greg asked.

“You are alive!”

“So…” he started.

“Never mind,” she said, “but something was going on with you. You were thrashing in your sleep, like you were fighting…”

“And yelling, too,” Fry added.

“I was?” he asked. “Well, I guess there is no way to keep it from you now…”

“What?” Fry asked.

“I think I had a vision of the future,” he said, “and it isn’t good.”


Nixon, Amfibios, Zapp, and Kif were sitting at a small round table in the DOOP headquarters. The place was empty, and the room was guarded on the outside wall. Amfibios held a vile of the Dark Plasma, as they called it for short. She looked at it as if she was inspecting it, moving it around in circles and sometimes tapping the glass.

“I still cannot believe that that young man found the secret to the fuel,” Amfibios said, shaking her head in disbelief, “It is almost a miracle!”

“Yes, yes it is,” Nixon replied, “a whole fuel problem solved by a damn hippy…”

“He is most definitely not a hippy, President Nixon,” she replied.

“Did you see that boy? He was almost like a caveman!”

“Yes, his looks were…different than normal scientists,” Amfibios said, “but he is a bright boy, Richard.”

“Whatever,” Zapp said, butting in. He stood up and pounded a fist on the tabletop. “He was definitely trying to impress Leela…I can’t let that happen.”

“Zapp,” Amfibios started, “worry about personal troubles later, please.”

Zapp sat down and put his chin on his hand, and he looked away from the table in anger. He motioned for Kif to get him a coffee and Kif went into another room, which was the building’s kitchen. Nixon suddenly shook his head.

“I don’t get it, Amfibios,” he said, “The fuel problem is solved and yet there is still war between countries on Earth. This is another problem!”

“Yes, I have seen that your planet has been having trouble with that,” she said, “Zapp, any ideas?”

“Why not just create another World War?” Zapp asked. “I mean, usually everything is fine after that.”

“Damn it, Zapp!” Nixon yelled, “We are trying to prevent war, not encourage it!”

“I’m just saying,” he said, “sometimes war is necessary, and you have to do anything to get what you want!”


The three turned to the back of the auditorium where the voice was heard. They all gaped. A sweet old lady with three sons walked down the aisle smoothly and calmly. Her hands were clasped together and she walked lightly.

“Mom?!” Zapp asked, confused.

“Yes, Zapp, dear,” Mom said, quietly, “It is me. And, I agree with your statement.”

“You agree that war is necessary?” Amfibios asked.

“Oh, dear, no…not necessarily. But I do agree that sometimes you have to do anything to get what you want, which is why I am terribly sorry to say that I must do this.”

“Do wha—“ Zapp started, but was interrupted. Mom had pushed a button on her dress and the fat exoskeleton that she had been wearing disappeared into her blue jumper. She pulled out a laser gun and her sons, Walt, Larry, and Igner did the same.

“This, you bastards!” she said in her gruff tone. She held the gun to them and pulled out another, now aiming two guns at them. She motioned to her sons to go over and each one put a gun to their head, leaving the three DOOP members helpless as Mom bound them.