Fan Fiction

Death Clock Countdown, part 8
By JustNibblin'


               00:06:00, 00:05:59, ...

               LEELA fiddles with the holographic display, which has
               shifted to join her at the wall.

                      ...air ducts, wall space, bedroom,
                      bathroom, window interior, window
                      exterior, surrounding space, hall,
                      adjacent rooms: lateral, upper, lower.   
                      Vitals: heart, lungs, EKG...



               LEELA is silent for a few moments, then begins scanning

                      ...air ducts, wall space, bedroom,
                      bathroom, window interior, window
                      exterior, surrounding space, hall,
                      adjacent rooms: lateral, upper, lower.
                      Vitals: heart, lungs, EKG...

               And again.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      ..air ducts, wall space, bedroom,
                      bathroom, window interior, window
                      exterior, surrounding space, hall,
                      adjacent rooms: lateral, upper, lower.
                      Vitals: heart, lungs, EKG...

               00:05:00, 00:04:59, ...

               She stops and looks up, exhausted, dispirited.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      I... I don't know what to do anymore. 
                      I've tried everything I could think of. 
                      The countdown has been steady as a rock
                      since last night.
                      I'm going to win my bet. 

               LEELA realizes that she's just told Fry she's placed a bet
               on him, and looks over at him, feeling a little ashamed.

                      Cool.  But I think I'll win mine too.

                      You knew I bet on you?
                      What time did you pick for me?

               FRY stares at the clock, then comes to a decision.


                      Might as well tell me now.

                      No, that's the time I bet on.  Right,

               BENDER sighs.

                      He wanted to do 'never', but I wanted to
                      give him at least a slight chance.  So
                      without telling him, I changed it to the
                      day after the death clock prediction.

               LEELA's lip trembles slightly, and she looks toward FRY.

                      Why didn't you tell me?

                      I was going to this morning, but I saw
                      that when you were angry you forgot to be
                      sad and were strong.  And I figured you
                      were happier when you weren't sad.

               LEELA looks toward the floor.

                      I've failed you in so many ways.  I
                      didn't trust you, never relied on you,
                      never really worked with you, and in the
                      end I won't be even be able to save you.

               She stifles a small sniff.

                      Leela, it's OK.  You've never let me
                      down.  Never.

               She looks at him with a glassy eye.

                      And I don't understand you.  How can you
                      sit there so calmly, when Bender's
                      cooking is usually enough to scare you? 
                      Since when have you been brave? 

               She tries to laugh, but it is a hollow sound.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      Sorry.  I know how brave you can be.  But
                      acting like this moments before your
                      death?  I thought it was stupidity, but
                      I'm not sure of anything now.

                      You've been asking me about this a lot. 
                      So I thought about it a lot in the closet
                      last night.  It hurt a bit at first, but
                      then I realized I needed a pillow.  And I
                      did write something down, but I lost it
                      somewhere in the sewers.  Oh well. I can
                      try to explain anyway.  

               00:04:01, 00:04:00, 00:03:59, ...

                                FRY (CONT'D)
                      It's funny, but when you know death is
                      coming, all the background noise of your
                      life seems to die down, and suddenly
                      things that were fuzzy become clear. 
                      Like a wind blowing over a lake, and the
                      wind stops, and you can begin to see the
                      stones that lie below.  Complicated
                      things become simple, and thinking isn't
                      as painful anymore. 

               3:30, 3:29, 3:28, ...

                                FRY (CONT'D)
                      The reason I'm not too scared with all
                      this is that in some way I've already
                      died once.  In the past, when I fell into
                      the chamber.  I was nobody, in a dead-end
                      job, dead-end life, and didn't even know
                      how much my brother and dog loved me... 

               LEELA is silent, staring intently at FRY.

               3:10, 3:09, 3:08...

                                FRY (CONT'D)
                      And so I was frozen and came into the
                      future with no family, no friends...it
                      was like being born again.  A second
                      chance at life.  And what things I've
                      seen in this life!  And what I've done!
                      I've been best friends with a robot. 
                      I've seen the Earth from the Moon, and
                      helped move stars.  I finally got to
                      drink 100 cups of coffee, and I got to
                      see another me wear a green jacket!  I
                      saw Robot Hell, filmed a TV show, fought
                      Zoidberg with one arm, met the
                      Globetrotters, climbed up my own colon,
                      made out with my own grandmother...
                      Although I'd like to forget that one...

               2:45,2:44,2:43, ...

               LEELA is crying and laughing at the same time.  

                      Stop, Fry!  Please stop!

                      ... and I've gotten to meet you.  So
                      really, Leela, it's OK.  Everything I've
                      been able to do here happened because you
                      made the decision, years ago, not to give
                      me that career chip, and so you set me
                      free.  With that one move alone you've
                      given me so much more than Death can ever
                      take away.  So please don't feel bad
                      about me.

               LEELA's head is buried in her hands, tears trickling
               between her fingers.  Her shoulders are shaking, but she
               makes no sound.

                                FRY (CONT'D)
                      You know, I've also found myself thinking
                      that maybe dying is kinda like being
                      frozen.  Maybe its simply a way to reach
                      a whole new world.  Yet another chance to
                      get it right.  Maybe I'll get to see
                      Yancy!  And Seymour!

               1:55,1:54,1:53, ...

               LEELA is now motionless and silent, head in hands, but the
               intensity of her grief is so strong that it is almost
               palpable in the room.  Fry, perturbed, continues to try to
               cheer her.

                                FRY (CONT'D)
                      Another reason, Leela, why I don't mind
                      going this way.  Because I know that when
                      I die you'll figure out what's going to
                      happen to you, because you said our
                      deaths are tied together, so you'll
                      figure out how to save yourself, as you
                      always do.  And when I start to feel
                      little butterflies in my stomach I think
                      of you playing the holophoner as an old
                      woman and the butterflies stop.  So
                      though you tried to stop me from doing
                      it, I'm going to end up saving you with
                      my death after all.  That's...what's that
                      word I want to say?

                      Ironic.  And it's not ironic.  It's

                      Thanks, Bender!  I'm glad you've been my
                      friend.  You've been my best friend.  Oh
                      yes, feel free to sell my body.  Sorry
                      it's not in better shape.

               BENDER only nods sadly.

               1:30, 1:29, 1:28, ...

               LEELA takes her hands from her face, glances at the
               holographic display, then looks steadily at FRY, but tears
               still trickle down the sides of her nose.

                      Fry.  I may not be able to watch. 
                      Because... because...

                      You don't need to say it.  I know you do. 
                      I've known since.... 
                      And that's another thing! I've written an
                      opera!  Me! An opera!  I've changed. 
                      I've taken my second chance and become
                      more than I am!  And I've loved well, and
                      I've been loved back by someone
                          (laughs in delight)
                      And after all that, Leela, how could
                      Death possibly scare me?  What additional
                      surprises could it possibly hold for me?

               He stops, and in unison both he and she turn to look at the

               01:10, 01:09, ...

               BENDER has gotten bored with this talk, and is looking at
               the clock as well.  Thus he has no time to react when LEELA
               suddenly stands and strides to the center of the room. She
               stands over FRY, and stares down at him for a moment, no
               longer crying.  Having also been watching the clock, FRY is
               startled to turn and see her face so close to his.

               She cradles his head in her hands, bends down, and starts
               kissing him, gently.  The first kisses are shy and tender,
               but just as a rising tide pushes the breaking waves farther
               onto shore, so her hunger grows and makes each kiss last
               longer and deeper.  Within moments she is kissing him
               intensely, with a fierce longing that rips away any
               tattered wisps of restraint.  Like a dying soul in the
               desert who reaches a well, or like a drowning sailor
               grabbing a lifeline in a storm, so does a despondent
               Turunga Leela draw faith, hope, and life from a rather
               surprised Philip J. Fry.

               And life is the appropriate word, for three things are now
               happening.  First, FRY's coffee-weakened heart is pounding
               away at a rate it has not experienced in years.  Second,
               FRY is not breathing nearly as much as he should be.  His
               mind, not the most observant thing to begin with, is
               completely overwhelmed right now.  Finally, high
               concentrations of Slurm by-products are shooting around his
               circulatory system, thanks to the forced drinking schedule
               he's been adhering too.  

               Each factor, by itself, would have meant nothing; hearts
               eventually do slow down, men do eventually remember to
               breathe while kissing, and the body eventually cleanses the
               blood.  But as the oxygen level in FRY's blood dips, the
               myriad saturated Slurm by-products in his bloodstream find
               themselves in an unfamiliar blood chemistry, and the
               hundreds of Slurm-related chemicals begin to react with
               each other, producing a slight toxin.  This fact has never
               been noticed by Earthican regulators because the toxicity
               is quite mild.  Also, the bribes are pretty good.  FRY's
               desperately pumping heart cycles these new ingredients
               through his body, including through the heart itself.

               Damaged by coffee, exhausted by shock, nervous about the
               drop in oxygen, and irritated by this slight toxin, FRY's
               heart decides to take some vacation time to think about its
               situation.  It skips a beat for a moment.  Just for a
               moment.  Then it skips another beat.  Then another.

               BENDER is watching the heart display.

                      Umm.. guys...

               FRY slumps in LEELA's arms, lips blue, face ashen.

               0:02, 0:01, 0:00, -0:01, -0:02.

                                                                SCENE 36


               LEELA is performing CPR on FRY, who is lying on his back on
               the floor.  He is still blue in the lips.  The clock reads 
               -7:00, -7:01, -7:02 ...


               He shocks FRY with his self-jackinator.  LEELA checks his
               cardioid pulse, then slumps down, staring at the floor.

                                BENDER (CONT'D)
                      I still can't raise Kif or anyone else on
                      the commlink.

                      He's gone...

               She is completely silent for a moment, then quickly bites
               her fist as she stifles a sob.  She straightens up.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      Of course.  It all makes sense...it's so
                      obvious, in hindsight.  The times when
                      the countdown adjusted, everything.  I
                      should have seen this coming.

               She looks at her clock on the wall, currently counting down
               from 9:57, 9:56, 9:55 ... .

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      And he was right.  His... his... 
                          (she can't say the word)
                      passing on... has made the manner of my
                      death perfectly clear.  

               She stares down at FRY's body.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      Cosmic irony, all right.  I guess the
                      joke's on me.  Good joke.  I can see how
                      it's kind of funny.  I hope somebody's
                      laughing.  Hope they enjoyed it.  Me, I'm
                      just tired.  So very, very tired.

               She calmly stands up.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      There's a booth just around the corner. 
                      The one we saw yesterday.  It all fits
                      together perfectly.  Yes. Perfectly. 
                      Perfect punch line.  I'm coming.

               She starts to walk for the door, but a metal arm grasps her
               upper arm, arresting her motion.

                      One malfunction at a time, please.  I'm
                      still working on not losing the first bet

               LEELA looks back over her shoulder.

                      Let me be, Bender.

                      Look, like Fry, I also had kinda bet you
                      would last a little longer than this, so
                      sorry, Leela, I'm afraid you're just
                      going to have to keep functioning for
                      now.  Can't you read a magazine or
                      something for few minutes?

               LEELA's eye narrows, and she suddenly looks very, very

                                                                SCENE 37


               Note: the following action all takes place without
               dialogue, but set to the music of Beethoven's 5th Symphony,
               second movement.

               Existence is divided in half.  

               On one half, a vertical wall rises from the infinity below
               and disappears into the infinity above.  The wall also
               stretches from infinity to infinity laterally.  The wall
               seems composed of some type of translucent crystal, and
               hewn into this wall is a narrow path, which is not level,
               but inclines slightly until it reaches a flat area,
               followed by a sharp cliff.  The other half, outside the
               wall, is blackness, punctuated by a set of intricate
               striated patterns that loom across the "sky".  Each pattern
               is comprised of countless strands interwoven together.  It
               looks organic and branching, a bit like a tree, but much
               more complex.  Each pattern stretches laterally from
               horizon to horizon, although no horizon is actually

               Along the path small figures can be seen floating, like
               leaves in a current.  The figures float up the path until
               they reach the cliff.  A hazy WHITE figure stands to the
               side of the path, and the small figures float past it, and
               then out over the ledge, spiraling out into the darkness,
               toward the patterns.

               FRY floats along the path, but unlike the other figures, he
               seems to be trying to swim against the current, but to no
               avail as he sweeps up toward the cliff.  Suddenly, as he
               floats by the WHITE, he drops to the ground.  The other
               small figures watch him with a little curiosity as they
               float past over the cliff and into the darkness.

               FRY looks around.  He is startled, but for some reason not
               completely surprised, to see a group of NIBBLONIANS
               standing alongside the path.  They are all very ancient in
               appearance, and one female seems to be paralyzed and
               malformed.  They are watching him silently.

               FRY looks up toward the large WHITE figure, and finds
               himself staring at something that looks almost, but not
               quite, like LEELA in a classical Greek dress, like a purple
               haired Athena.  The billowing white gown obscures
               everything but her face.  A purple haze surrounds her head,
               sometimes looking like wispy strands of hair, but also
               looking like the gaseous strands of a nebula.  Tiny pricks
               of light flash on and off around her face, as she looks
               down at FRY and smiles gently.  A sleeved arm lifts from
               her side and it points up the path.

               FRY looks sideways.  Next to the NIBBLONIANS a MAN and a
               DOG stand on the very edge of the cliff.  FRY instantly
               knows who they are, and he runs over toward them.  But he
               stops at the cliff when he sees that the two are actually
               suspended just a few feet past the cliff, suspended in
               space.  He turns and looks at UNKNOWN LEELA.  She nods.

               FRY lifts his foot off the ground, over the threshold, and
               into space.  Suddenly a large fraction of the striated
               pattern above him vanishes, as if an ax has been taken to
               the pattern, chopping off everything to the right.

               FRY steps back, and the pattern is whole again.

               UNKNOWN LEELA sweeps her sleeved arms.  A bright orange
               strand and a bright purple strand appear in the pattern
               above.  The orange strand actually seems to be two strands,
               separated laterally by a gap.  The orange strand to the
               left seems tied in an overhand knot.  The orange strand
               farther to the right is entwined with the purple strand.

               FRY steps forward again, and again a large part of the
               pattern vanishes, including most of the orange and purple
               strand.  FRY steps back, pattern on. FRY steps forward,
               pattern off.  This being FRY, he is entertained by this for
               quite some time, but he doesn't understand.

               He looks back and now there is a large crowd of figures
               standing with the NIBBLONIANS, many more than should be
               physically able to fit on this shelf.  The figures are of a
               variety of shapes and sizes that overwhelm the mind, but
               they all seem intelligent, they all seem to be ancient, and
               they all seem to be very interested in FRY.

               Step over, step back.  The pattern flashes on and off in
               the inky blackness.  No one is impatient.  No one moves to
               push FRY in either direction.

               FRY looks up.  He understands.  He looks at the MAN and the
               DOG.  He decides.  They understand.  He reaches his hand
               out to say goodbye, and they reach out to him, but they
               begin to float and spiral away like leaves blowing away
               from a tree.  FRY begins to turn away toward the path.  The
               ancient races part to make way for him.

               He stops and turns around.  Everyone freezes.  He strides
               quickly to the cliff, and there is a ripple of uncertainty
               through the crowd.  He stands at the edge, looking down,
               then looking straight out into the blackness.

               And he spits--

                                                                SCENE 38


               FRY awakes, hazily, on the floor of the apartment.  BENDER
               is on his knees, leaning over him.  A bloody wad of spit is
               sliding off BENDER's face.

               The apartment is a complete wreck.  The camera and tripod
               are smashed, scattered in pieces across the floor. 
               Likewise, the sofa, monitors, and chairs are also smashed
               and scattered, with some chunks embedded into the walls and
               ceiling.  Numerous BENDER-sized indentations lie in the
               wall, floor, and ceiling.  The room lights flicker on and
               off, and loose electric wiring hangs from the ceiling,
               still sparking.  One of BENDER's arms sticks from the wall.

               BENDER's body looks a bit like a crushed beer can.  One eye
               and a few teeth are missing, and a little dart of
               electricity dances between the gaps of his teeth.

               LEELA lies on the floor next to FRY, hair smoldering
               slightly.  NIBBLER is leaning over her, silently.

                      You know, I've always been jealous that
                      humans can spit, but robots can't.

                      Smells like burning.

                      Yeah, I've been busy.  Looks like your
                      reboot was successful.  I didn't even
                      have to shock you.

                      My wha?

                      Your reboot.  Although it took me a while
                      to realize you'd swallowed your tongue. 
                      My hands are too big to reach in.

               He holds up the butter knife.

                                BENDER (CONT'D)
                      Fortunately, I found this on the floor. 
                      Must have fallen out of her pocket during
                      our little disagreement.  Took me a while
                      to pry the tongue out.  Sorry about
                      stabbing it so much.  I kept some of the
                      blood, since type O- is pretty valuable
                      right now.  Hope you don't mind.


                      However, we have a problem here. 
                      Technically you died, so Leela won.  But
                      I bet you wouldn't die today at all,
                      which was the final slot, and since
                      you're alive now, technically I've won as
                      well.  The rules are a little fuzzy on
                      what happens when you die and come back
                      from the dead.  So maybe your dying can
                      be our little secret?  


                      You should also know you'll win your bet
                      on Leela, cause she never actually ever
                      died.  I know that because before her
                      time ran out, both her and your clocks
                      reset at the same time.  That's when I
                      knew you were coming back, even though
                      you were still technically dead.  That's
                      also about the time when she threw the
                      sofa at me and smashed the clocks.


                      Yeah, looks like she was trying to pull a
                      Juliet to your Romeo, but a few amps of
                      electricity persuaded her to take a
                      little nap.  But not after she took a
                      bunch of bites out of my shiny metal ass.  

                      Juliwhat?  Whaz happenin'?

                      I admit, she would've gotten away had I
                      not seen the new time her clock reset to. 
                      After looking at that time, I knew I
                      didn't have to restrain myself with the
                      Do you remember anything?  Do you know
                      why the clocks reset when you were dead?

                      Chair.  Tied to chair. Then nothing.

               FRY falls unconscious.  Bender stares at him for a moment,
               then sits back and looks at both organic life forms lying
               peacefully before him.  NIBBLER sits and watches BENDER
               with interest.

                      OK. Both still functional.  Next
                      important thing--how to make money off
                      this?  Fry remembers nothing.  Not
                      certain what Miss Self-Control here will
                      remember.  Therefore:
                           Case A--she remembers everything, he
                      remembers nothing.  Would she want me to
                      tell him?
                      Ah yes, that surged my humor circuits. 
                      Therefore, blackmail guaranteed for case
                      A.  Very profitable.  Hope she remembers. 
                      But, what about 
                           Case B--she also forgets everything.
                      Then main objective is preserving winning
                      bet on Fry.  Which means removing all
                      evidence of Fry's death.  Which also
                      means removing all evidence of Leela's
                      malfunction.  Profit opportunity of Case
                      A can still be preserved by keeping
                      selected evidence in my locker.
                          (Looks around apartment)
                      Conclusion: apartment must either be
                      cleaned to initial state, or apartment
                      must be destroyed. Let's see, hard
                      pointless work or large scale

               BENDER pretends to processes the possibilities, then

                                BENDER (CONT'D)
                      Aw, who am I kidding?

               He straightens up, picks up the large cask of Olde Fortran
               sitting in the corner, and pounds it down in seconds. 
               After fetching and reattaching him arm, he slings LEELA and
               FRY over what passes for his shoulders, and lets out a
               ripping belch, producing a set of methane emissions that
               would make AL GORE'S HEAD frown.

                                                                SCENE 39


               BENDER walks to the door, smoking a cigar.  LEELA and FRY
               can be seen slumped on the far side of the hall.

                      Well, Bender, I've said it a thousand
                      times, and I'll say it again...

               He opens the door and tosses the cigar inside the methane
               filled room.

                                BENDER (CONT'D)
                      Bender is great!

                                                                SCENE 40


               LEELA is sitting in a hospital bed, NIBBLER on her lap. 
               FRY and BENDER are sitting in chairs next to the bed.  FRY
               is dressed, but LEELA is still in a hospital gown.

                      So it was a gas explosion?

                      Yep, not in your apartment, but two
                      floors beneath us.  But the blast took
                      you both out, and the fire that followed
                      destroyed everything, including half the

                      The camera?

                      Yep, all the equipment, including the
                      camera-- melted to slag.  Fortunately,
                      your parents had a copy of your insurance
                      policy, so you'll be all right.  Other
                      than losing a month's wages on betting on
                      Fry's death.

                      I'll have to live with that.  So both of
                      our hearts stopped for a few minutes?

                      Yep, and when I defibrillated you with
                      the jackinator, the clocks on the wall

                      So simply stopping the heart for a minute
                      or so generates a worldline constriction. 
                      Wow.  Something doesn't sound quite right
                      with that...

                      Well, it happened.  I couldn't see the
                      new times on the clocks, because by that
                      time the fire was all around, and I had
                      to do some truly amazing stuff to get you
                      out.  Had to leave everything else

                      I guess we owe you our lives.  Thanks,
                      It must have been a close call, because I
                      sure can feel it.  My ribs feel like
                      they've been kicked a few times...

                      Yeah, well...

                      Yeah, thanks, buddy!

                      I'm just sad you didn't see how great I

                      But I'm glad you didn't see our true
                      death times.  I'm not sorry about that at
                      all. I am sorry about losing a bunch of
                      my stuff, but I'm glad Nibbler escaped. 
                      Amy told me he even threw some of my
                      photos and personal mementos out the
                      window onto the ground, saving them!
                          (squeezes NIBBLER's cheek)
                      Aren't you the smartest thing!

                      Yeah...Nibbler. Forgot about him.  So
                      what was the last thing you all remember?

                      I remember Leela tying me to a chair,
                      smelling pizza, Leela causing trouble in
                      the bathroom, and then it gets fuzzy.  A
                      lot of yelling, burning, and...

               He falls silent.

                          (to BENDER)
                      Pretty much the same.  All I can remember
                      is putting Nibbler into the bedroom, and
                      you and I starting to argue about
                      something.  And then a pink smell, then

               AMY and FARNSWORTH enter.

                      Leela!  Fry!  You're up and about!

                      Yep.  Everything getting back to normal.
                          (to FARNSWORTH)
                      We still have our jobs, though?

                                PROF. FARNSWORTH
                      Yes, of course, why do you ask?

                      Our replacements.  You haven't hired our
                      replacements yet?

                                PROF. FARNSWORTH
                      What replacements?

                      The people you were going to hire to
                      replace us after our deaths?

                                PROF. FARNSWORTH
                      You were going to die?  How could you
                      have known that?

                      The death clock, Professor?

                                PROF. FARNSWORTH
                      A death clock?  But such a thing is
                      impossible!  Yes, impossible.  Because of
                      the chaotic nature of life, small errors
                      in the measurements would propagate into
                      huge errors when extrapolating your death
                      day from the worldline constrictions.  So
                      I say that, fortunately for us, death
                      clocks cannot exist.

                      I guess I have to agree with you.  Best
                      to live your life without thinking about
                      death all the time.

                      And Robot Santa is back on Neptune, and
                      all the strikes and robot gambling issues
                      have fizzled out.  Kiffie said they never
                      found the strange saucers, though.

               LEELA yawns.

                                AMY (CONT'D)
                      You guys must be exhausted --especially
                      you, Leela.  You didn't sleep for days.

                                PROF. FARNSWORTH
                      Just remember, you have to start work
                      again on Monday.  Good night!

               AMY and FARNSWORTH leave.  As BENDER starts to walk out the
               door, he looks back at LEELA.

                      Are you sure you remember nothing after
                      putting Nibbler away?


                          (muttering to himself as he
                           exits the door)
                      Another money tree cut down.

               FRY gets up.

                      I'm glad we're both alive, Leela.  I was
                      really worried about you for a while

                      I was worried about you too.  I'm glad
                      we're alive too, Fry.  I--

               About to say something, she changes her mind and instead
               pulls a small box from underneath her pillow.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      I have something to return to you.

               FRY opens the box, revealing the holophoner.  

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      I believe this belongs to you.  You have
                      a promise to keep to me.  Just as I've a
                      promise to keep to you.

                      I can't explain, but I have some music in
                      my head... I think I may be able to start

               FRY starts to turn toward the door.


               He stops.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      This morning when I woke up, Bender told
                      me I had lost my bet on you.  He seemed
                      to enjoy saying that.  But I did manage
                      to trick him into giving me the date you
                      had bet on me.
                      I just wanted to say... thank you.  And
                      I'm sorry.  Look underneath the

               FRY looks down at the still-open box, and lifts the
               holophoner, revealing a freshly-baked cookie.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      I--I'm not proud of some of the things
                      that I've done recently-

               LEELA looks up and notices that the cookie is gone, as FRY
               has already crammed it into his mouth, and is blissfully
               chewing with his eyes closed.

                          (mouth full)
                      Hmm? Whaddu say?

                          (exasperated but amused)
                      Never mind.  Did you at least notice the
                      note I left you in the cookie?

               FRY sprays some crumbs in surprise, then swallows, looking
               faintly sick as he does so.

                                LEELA (CONT'D)
                      Just kidding.  Look in there again.

               FRY lifts a little holographic calling card out of the box. 
               Small figures are dancing gracefully around a central
               figure, who is speaking.

                                FLYER VOICE:
                      'Have two left feet?  Two right feet? No
                      feet? No problem! Learn ancient Earthican
                      dancing in six easy lessons. Classes open
                      to anyone with two to six legs.
                      Pseudopods welcome with prior
                      arrangements and prepaid floor cleaning

                      When you play the holophoner, we're
                      always dancing together.  And I've always
                      wanted to learn to dance, ever since I
                      lived at the Orphanarium.  I promised you
                      we'd learn together, so I guess we'd
                      better get started. After all, life is
                      short and fleeting, isn't it?

               And she beams at him.

               To FRY, the room seems to blaze with light.  As she sits
               there, enshrouded in a white hospital gown, her hair down
               past her shoulders, a faint memory stirs deep in his mind. 
               He smiles slightly and takes a deep bow, a musician
               finishing a performance, a knight pledging fealty to his

               He turns and walks out the door.

                                                               FADE OUT.

               FUTURAMA...DIED 2003.  BACK FROM DEAD 2007.  LONG LIVE