Fan Fiction

Confession - a closer look at Into the Wild Green Yonder
By Singer1108

The only choice they had was to run for it. With Zapp Brannigan holding them at gunpoint, all Fry could do was think about Leela and how he could protect her. She had been acting strange towards him the last few days. She was expressing emotions Fry wasn’t use to seeing coming from her. As he ran close behind her, he knew that there was very little time left to finally tell Leela how he felt.

The ship roared to life and Leela piloted it away from Zapp as fast as she could. Fry stared at her, taking in all her beauty and steadying himself before he spoke.

“Well,” said Fry. “This is the end. There were so many things I wanted to say to you.”

“Like what?” Leela asked sweetly.

“Like, this is NOT the end…but mostly just, I love you, Leela.”

Leela smiled. “Maybe I waited too long to say this but…I love you too. WORMHOLE!”

Fry’s heart leapt in a joyous reprise. After years of fighting for her love, being rejected time after time, and battling the feeling of hopelessness, she really was in love with him. This thought made him smile from ear to ear, but not for long. Leela was right; they were heading full speed into a wormhole. Everyone was shouting as to what they should do. Should they go for it or turn around? The decision was made; into the wormhole they go.

Chanting had begun as they ship moved closer to the wormhole. Time was running out. Fry stopped chanting and gently touched Leela’s arm. She turned to look at him and smiled while facing her fingers between his and moved in to kiss him. The kiss was so passionate and sincere that Fry realized that everything that happened in the past seemed to melt away. All that mattered was now. He had finally won the woman of his dreams, and nothing would stop him from holding on to her forever.

The End.