Fan Fiction

The Fryish Revolution
By ChurroTheKidRS


Professor Farnsworth has invented the Time Machine and Calls in Fry, Bender and Leela. Fry and Bender walk in the room and noticed the time machine and Bender asks

“Professor, did you finally get a suicide booth?”

“Wha?, Oh no no, it's a time machine and I need you, Fry and Leela to test the mac-”

Leela walks in, interrupting the professor “Ok I'm here, what's the plan?”

The professor gets upset and yells “Oh will please be quiet Leela! Now, today's meeting is that I want you to test the the time machine and gather footage.” Leela replies “What kind of footage?” The Professor angrily replies “Any kind! Now off you go! Get on the platform!”

CHAPTER 1: CUBAN WOODLANDS,JULY 24th 1955 1800 (6pm):

“Um...Why are are we here?” said the nervous Fry,

“I'm not quite sure why we're here Fry. Bender. check for any life forms in this area.”

“Why does it always have to me be me Big Boot's?” Bender said angrily

Guerilla Warriors crept up on the group and had them surrounded then a unfamiliar voice spoke “¿Cual es la contraseña?”

“Uh oh.” Leela said unknowingly and frightened

Without knowing where the voice came from. Bender had no idea what the voice said but he replied:

“No sé, ¿por qué lo preguntas?”

Not knowing where the voice came from. Bender ran from the scene and Fry, stayed low on the ground and take cover while Leela remain alert until Fry grabbed her and put her to the ground with a serious face and voice “Get down! Don't you realize that they are guerilla warriors?” Leela responded with a mean response:

”Oh Fry, do you even know what are you talking about?!!”

“Leela, I'm doing my best here trying not get killed!”

a voice was heard again.

”Comandante, ¿qué quieres que hagamos ahora? Capturarlos?”

“Capturarlos, pero llevarlos sin ningún daño e integrarlos.”

Suddenly, the small squad ran at them and held at gunpoint yelling “Arriba las manos y obtener las puso sobre su espalda! ¡Ahora!”, Fry putted his hands up and putted his hands on his back, Leela tried to defend herself but she got pinned down by three of the troops threaten her “Ponte de rodillas ahora bastardo, no haga que le tira un ojo!” and picked her up, a troop spoke in shocked “Dios mío, ella sólo tiene un ojo!”

“Jesús Felipe, ¿qué clase de mierda estás fumando, Mierda! Comandante, y se apresura mira esto!”

“Lo que está pasando aquí, ¿por qué me necesita, oh dios mío, ¿qué pasa con su ojo?”

Let me go you sneaky bastards and leave Leela alone!” Fry cried out loud and angrily, a troop came close to Fry and kick him in his crotch resulting Fry to collapse. “Fry!” said the sobbing Leela “Why are you doing this to us you insidious bastards!”

“Because we don't know if you're American.”

“Why do you want to know that we're Americans?”

“Because they're spies, evil capitalist dogs!”

“así, vamos a ir y volver a la base y rápido! no podemos estar aquí más tiempo antes de que el ejército se ve por nosotros!” Said the Commander, the Troops got up and headed to the base, Fry and Leela in the middle of the march, walking through hills and rivers in the Cuban woodlands, it took hours to arrive at the base.


Pierdo el tiempo pensando en lo esencialque a veces dejo pasar.¡cuántos instantes he ignorado yacapaces de haberme cambiado!Y no hay oracióncapaz de decidir por mí


I waste my time thinking about the essentialssometimes let it go.How many seconds have ignored andcapable of having changed!And no prayerable to decide for me

The Squadron arrived at the Outpost and stood up waiting for commands by their officer “bien la patrulla llegó.” Said the Outpost Commander “Hemos encontrado que los estadounidenses en las proximidades de la base principal, ¿qué le gustaría que hagamos con los prisioneros? (We have found these Americans in the vicinity of the main base, what would you like to do with the prisoners?) The Commander shrugged and spoke “mira, lo que se va a hacer es mantener a los prisioneros en la misma celda y esperar a que el ejército para venir por ellos, mientras que avanzamos hacia la bahía y obtener los suministros necesarios”.


Look, what is going to do is keep the prisoners in the same cell and wait for the army to come for them, as we move towards the bay and get the necessary supplies.)

Two guards escorted Leela and Fry to the the prison cell, both of them resisted from the guards but wound up in the cell either way. Fry was utterly angered and paranoid, in the other hand, Leela, still sobbing from what she witnessed when Fry got kicked in the crotch.

“Fry?” Leela said in a sad tone.

No response.

“Fry, I'm sorry for not listening to y-”

Fry responded angrily “Oh, all of the sudden you're saying sorry?, since when did you felt sorry or anything for me? I nearly got killed by that space bee when we were at the space hive and I stood there for you at the hospital for two weeks. Do you realize that I obviously care for you? Don't you realize that I love you Leela? Huh?!? No, you don't. You don't even give me a chance to make you happy Leela. Is it cause that I'm from the “Stupid Ages”? Is it caused by that?!? Now look at us! We're in this fuckin cage and locked up in the middle of the woods! I got kicked at my crotch for you!”

Fry, I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you earlier! I had not idea where were we, I had no idea of anyone hiding in the bushes, I didn't expect that we were gonna be in the middle of the woods.” Leela cried uncontrollably. “This isn't Fry. This isn't the man who I worked with for the last thirteen years of my life. What did I do to deserve this?” She thought. “Fry never behaved like this? Why would he act like this now?” She laid down crying uncontrollably with dirt on her face. Wait. She thought. “They tied my hands with a rope!” Leela attempted to untie the rope but failed, Fry in the other hand. Untied the rope successfully “Well that was easy.” Fry got up and went to Leela and untied her also. Fry looked at Leela and spoke seriously”Leela, I want you to listen to me, I want you to stay behind me and not do anything idiotic.” Leela nodded and got up.

A guard was standing in front of the cell smoking a cigar and holding an AK 47. Fry preceded to sneak up on the guard and strangled him and then grabs the cell key and hands it to Leela, Leela the opened the cell door and waited for Fry. Before Fry went to Leela. He went to the guard’s body and grabs the AK 47 and M1911A1. “This guy had a good sidearm with him.” Fry thought.

“Leela, take this sidearm.”

“Fry, I don't know how to operate these kind of firearms.”

“It's the same way of shooting a laser gun. It just has a little recoil when you shoot it.”

“Ok, now let's get the hell out of this camp.”

Fry and Leela then headed towards the main outpost in order to find out where they're at and what year they are in.


Fry and Leela hid behind a stack of barrels near the gas reserves. A Guard was patrolling the area until Fry held him on gun point. “Put the rifle down to the ground.”

“Ok, easy there with the trigger man. Easy.”

“Where are we supposedly?”

“We're in Cuba, Outskirts of Guantanamo Bay. Now please. Put your rifle down and speak like men.”

Fry didn't want to put his gun down but he did either way. “Alright. What do you want to say to us.”

“Just let me do my job. I'll get you out of this mess that you're in. Now act like I'm putting you in your cells, ok?”


Fry and Leela sighed and said “Fine. Take us where we need to go.”

Moments later…

Fry, Leela and the guard were out of the area and went towards a huge debris where the guard uncovered his equipment and tuned in a frequency and spoke.

“Central Command. This is Venom. I have the package. Over.”

“Copy that Venom, this is Central Command, escort the packages at Guantanamo Bay. Over.”

“Copy that Central Command. Venom out.”

Fry and Leela were suspicious of the Guard and looked at him in a serious look. Leela grabbed the guard by his shirt and questioned

“what package are you delivering and who are you working for?!?!”

The guard looked at her eye and said “I’m a CIA agent, I am under a special operations unit that is classified to the public. I am here to gather information but since you two showed up. I had to escort you out of this country.”

Leela then asked “What's your name then, Mr. CIA?!?”

“My codename is Venom. As far and I know, your name is Leela. And Orange Joe is Fry.”

Fry, surprised “Hey, how did you know our names?!?! Are you keeping tabs on us?!?”

Venom responded “Unfortunately, yes. I am only doing this for the sake of you two getting executed. So be thankful for once.”

“Thankful?” Fry replied angrily. “Thankful for what? Thankful that I nearly felt like a dump to the point of agony? The only one who I should be thankful for is Leela, She kept me alive since we met!”

Leela grabbed Fry's and Venom's ears “Enough is enough both of you!” Leela looked at Fry giving him the say-something-dumb-and-your-dead face “And Fry! You better watch it with your outbursts towards me! I had enough of you yelling at me!”

Fry removed Leela's hand from his ear and looked at Venom, Venom in the other hand, grabbed Leela's arm and toss her towards the ground and spoke towards her in a mannered way “you should not be touching a man young woman!” Leela, laid down on the ground, in agony. Fry yelled in a blue tone “Leela!”, Fry went and laid Leela's head on his arm. Leela! Please, say something!” Fry had tears swelling up in his eyes. Leela then moaned in pain. “Fry. She's ok, well get her to a ICU unit if we make it to the ships at Guantanamo Bay. For now carry her will you?” Fry nodded and then carried Leela on his shoulders. “Now. We must get moving to the bay.”


Venom,Leela and Fry walked toward the mountains of Sierra Maestra, Fry complained of his legs and that he’s tired of walking towards to mountains, Leela, in the other hand, pat Fry’s shoulder as sign of telling him that she’s ok and able to walk. Fry went and laid Leela down into the ground. Fry collapsed onto the ground, tired and exhausted of carrying Leela and walking to the mountains on foot with Venom. “Alright, you two get some shut-eye.” Venom spoke with a soft tone. “Thank God! I thought I would never get any rest at all.” Fry thought. “Wait Venom.” Leela spoke. “You should get some rest also.” Venom stared at Leela. “Should I really trust her?” he thought. Venom couldn’t say anything due to his lack of explanation. “It’s Leela either way, She can’t let my guard down because if she did. I would have been dead already before the naked aliens tried to kill me!” Venom could not let Leela find out that Venom is another copy paradox of Fry. “No Leela, just get some rest. I’ll be fine, but thanks.” Leela noticed a sudden identical facial feature that Lars and Fry had. Venom had the same beard as Lars but the same hair color as Fry’s but his hair was combed and fixed and more physically stronger then Fry “NO! HE BE, HE CAN’T BE FRY!” Leela screamed in her thoughts. Realizing that Venom is another living paradox copy of Fry.


Bender returned in the Professor’s lab, running like a lunatic and yelling like crazy. The Professor walked inn the lab, shocked that Fry and Leela didn’t come back along with Bender. “Bender!” The Professor exclaimed. “Where is Leela And Fry?” Bender weeped and mourned for Fry and Leela. “They were captured by these...these guys in green and they caught Fry and Leela. I ran off to god knows where i went to.”

“Bender, You Coward!”


Venom went and grab shook Leela’s and Fry’s shoulders, both of the them barely opened their eyes “Get up you stacks of potatoes and let’s get going. The Cubanos are on their way looking for us.” Leela and Fry groaned and got up and waited for Venom. “Just one more thing *Tosses four cans of peaches* here’s something to eat and drink. A hungry soldier is a dead one.”

“Thanks, Venom.” Leela gave Venom a nasty, yet untrusting look at him. Fry had no idea what was going between the two so he asked “Leela, what is going on between you two?”

“It’s nothing Fry.”\

“No, it is something Leela, you know something that you don’t want to say to Fry. i know it is. You just don't want to say it in front of him. That’s why.” Leela kept her mouth shut after the statement. “How did he know?” Leela thought and walked with a tear swelling up in eye. “How could he get into the CIA Operations.” Venom goes towards Leela and asks “You know something about me, correct?” Leela sobbed and refused to speak to Venom. “I know you’re feeling confused and hurt about this, Leela.” Leela spoke on misery. “How could you do this to me Fry!”

“Because it was for the best for me ok?!?! I used the time code and went back in the 1950s a few years back because of those darn alien scammers! If you want, don’t believe me. It’s hard to convince a stubborn mutant. I was angst for the sake of christ!” Venom didn’t thought that Farnsworth would invent a time machine in order to go back in time. Venom got up and grabbed his rifle looked at the horizon in the mountains. . “Alright. We are near Guantanamo Bay.” Venom handed Fry and Leela a M1911A1. “

Leela, Venom and Fry headed towards the bay, the sky started to rain. Venom kept walking till Fry slipped from the mud and nearly fell to his death which caused Venom to get Fry before he loses his grip. “Leela! Grab my shirt and hold on to it! I’m going to grab Fry!” Leela helded Venom shirt and Venom went down three feet down and stretched his arm and yelled “Fry! Grab my hand!”

“Bu-but I’m scared!”

“Do it for Leela!”

Fry reached to Venoms arm and held on. “Leela! Pull us up!”

After when Leela pulled Venom and Fry out of the edge of the cliff and sat down on the ground. Venom and Fry cleaned their shirts but Venom checked his backpack and grabbed two olive uniforms and handed over the pair to Fry and Leela. “Here. You're gonna have to put these on so we can pass the guard's and head to freighter. You guys understand?” Leela and Fry nodded. “And Fry, you better keep close to me.”

CHAPTER 5: GUANTANAMO PORT,CUBA: JULY 25th, 1955, 1200 (12:00PM)

Fry and Leela were at a restaurant, eating white rice with peas and small bits of carrot.

“This food is actually good!” Leela said happily with a full stomach. She thought of Venom, not knowing where he went to. She stood by Fry. Fry had Carne Asada with red rice and a glass bottle of classic Coca Cola.

“John, is everything ok and is the package safe?”

Said another agent in the area with Venom.

“The package is safe, we just need the ship to get going right now and head to the Carolinas, the President is going to wait for us at the docks in Charleston.”

Meanwhile, Fry and Leela went to the docks and to enjoy the view, Fry sat down on a chair while Leela stood up. “Isn't this a wonderful view, Leela?” “It is a beautiful view right here Fry.” Venom crept up on Leela and surprised her, “Boo!” Venom yelled, making Leela scream in horror and punched Venom in his stomach and laughed. “That's what you get for scaring me!” Leela said playfully, “*Laughs* I sure do deserve it.” Venom smiled boyishly

“INCOMING!!!” shout a soldier and ran for cover, a bombardment was in process, Leela and Fry ran quickly as possible and scattered from Venom, Venom ran to a building and looked for his MG42 and the ammo box carrying the munitions for the machinegun. The Batista Regime surrounded the bay. Gunfire roared along with explosions and screaming from the scared civilians. Leela and Fry ran in an alley, only to be surrounded between the Cuban Rebels and Batista firefights. Both Leela and Fry took cover behind a metal container. A Cuban rebel ran to the metal container and asked “what the hell are you two doing here?!? You need to get out of here quickly!” After the rebel spoke, he kept repetitive fire until blood splatter on Fry and Leela's faces, the soldier immediately collapsed as a bullet enter in his skull, “Damnit!” Fry thought, Leela puked after looking at the dead troops body and cried. Venom ran to the alley with his MG and took cover and started to fire at the incoming Batista troops, Leela noticed how Venom became an emotionless,killing machine at the matters notice. “THIS FOR URBANO AND THE PEOPLE!” Venom cried out loud. “Leela, Fry! You better get your asses over here quickly!” Fry and Leela were never as scared to death until this was happening in the moment. Leela ran to Venom but Fry stood behind, looting the dead man's ammo and AK47 and then ran to Venom. “Venom, you go in front, Leela, you better stay in the middle. I stay at the back. Now let's go!” They got up and ran to the nearest building, along the way, Fry fired at 3 approaching troops, taking 2 lives out of three. “Get in Leela, quickly.” As they approached the building. A grenade was thrown in the building which Fry tackled Leela to the ground and cover her with his body. After the grenade detonated, pieces of shrapnel wounded Fry at his back and head making him unconscious, “Fry?” Leela spoke panicky and moved his unconscious body from hers. Fry gave no response and was heavily bleeding and fast from the shrapnel in his back. “Oh no! Fry, please talk to me!”

CHAPTER 6:GUANTANAMO PORT,CUBA: JULY 25th, 1955, 1215 (12:15PM)

Fry was dying painfully to the point where Venom wanted to put a bullet into his head but Leela protected him but he was already suffering in pain.

Minutes before…

“Shit! Fry's injured Badly! We're going to have to leave him here at the warehouse.”

“No! We're going to take Fry with us or I am going to stay here with him!”

“Leela! No! I am not going to let you stay here alone

Along with him. He's dying slowly and painfully, it's best to let me end his life and get going. He's not going make it to the boat!”

Leela stood by the wounded Fry. Venom reloaded his pistol, cocking it and shoved Leela out of the way and pointed his pistols barrel at Fry’s forehead but was stopped from Leela by getting kicked onto the ground. Leela then got hold of the pistol and pointed at Venom.

“Woah Leela! Put that pistol onto the ground. Please.” Venom spoke seriously and stepped back from Leela.

“That's right you coward! Step back from me!” Leela laughed insanely but she let her guard down for a second which gave Venom to seize the opportunity to snatch the pistol and he took the shot. He then grabbed the pistol and forced Leela to sit down. Leela sat near Fry and covering him with her own body. Her white tank top soaked in his dark red blood. She wept and mourned of Fry's pain.

“We have to go right now. We'll weep and mourn later. I don't want you to get hurt.’

“Oh, all of the sudden you don't want me to get hurt but you don't want to take Fry along with us, why is that?!”

Venom sighed and looked at Leela in a distinguished way. He didn't look at her in the usual way. He looked at her with a saddening look she couldn't believe what she saw in his eyes. Pain,Misery and Agony and emptiness in his eyes. Near lacking a heart for love but a thirst of blood in his hands. He wasn't the man she thought that he could be turned into a man who has been torn apart in the game of war and love. He has no one to trust or someone to look up to because he refuses to believe that he is a different person. He nearly sacrificed his own life for Leela such as the stinger going through his stomach.

Fry spoke before his passing

“Leela…. Please….go….they’re…... coming…..”

Fry spoke his last words before passing. Leela Shaked Fry's body and checked for vital signs of him living but there was none. Venom had no emotion of his old self. Leela cried and Venom went to her and comfort her. “There there Leela. I am still here for you.” Leela wrapped her arms around Venom. By then, Bender had found the three and he opened his chest cavity , revealing a wormhole onto the future,

“Get in meat bags!” Bender said. Unaware of the paradox copy of Fry. The three went in his chest cavity. Leading them to the professor's lab.


“There you are!” said the Professor. “Professor! Have you realize the mess you made us in? Fry's dead cause of you!” Leela exclaimed, “So what! I can clone him again!” the worned out Venom heard the remark, causing him a fit of rage and went to the cloning machine and smash the invention, Leela and Bender ran to the area where the machine was it and stopped Venom on his tracks, “Fry! What the hell are you doing!” Bender shouted. “I DON'T WANT A CLONE OF ME! I DON'T WANT ANOTHER LIFE OF MYSELF AFTER OUR LIVES!”

“Fry, you are just paranoid!”


“Fry, please relax, I have to tell you something”


Bender had his hands tight gripped on the late Fry but Fry manage to slip out and ran off to god knows where...