Fan Fiction

Changing Places
By Lee Roberts

Planet Express Headquarters Living Room (50 Years ago - 2953)

There was a guy that looked like Fry, but he had a green beard and green hair. There was a women that looked like Leela only that she had two eyes and blue hair. There was male-bot that looked like Bender only that he had triangle eye and a bronze coating. There was a girl like Amy but she has yellow hair and didn't come from Mars! There was a Doctor that looked dumb, so I'm quessing he is the past Doctor Zoidberg. There was also a guy that like Hermes but had brown hair and circle glasses.

A younger Farnsworth walked into the room.

Farnsworth: Goodnews Bums, there is a programme on TV explaining how I changed the Future!

Fry Look-a-like: Yeah! That was one fun afternoon

Bender Look-a-like: I won this Teddy Bear for my collection!

Leela Look-a-like: Turn on the TV Fly! Oh and Flender, that is a turtle not a Teddy Bear! A real Turtle.

Bender Look-a-like: Oh, so that's why it doesn't move much! (Throws it out the window behind him)

TV: Today one old Git nearly killed us all. Yes, true but he changed the future. Who knows what year it will change, who knows. Well we have someone who might know, Micheal Greomsdoom, our Median!

Greomsdoom: I say that it is 3003, year, thats what it says here in this electrical crystal. See Look

Farnsworth: Ha, Ha, Ha! Maybe I'll be dead by the time it's the year 3003!

Planet Express Headquarters Living Room (50 years later - 3003)

Farnsworth: I ain't dead yet! Ohhhhhhhhhh.

Amy: Why did you say that Professor?

Farnsworth: Err, because you are errrmmmm Ugly, (angry pointing) look at that stupid face of yours and that pink sweatsuit!

(Amy runs out the room crying with her hands to here face)

Farnsworth also leaves the room, to write a note. He puts it in the wire draw with all the wires in, blue black,anyway he walks out saying "Tonight it will happen, the change is upon us. Dame 2953 Television!"

That Night outside Planet Express Headquarters

Fry and Leela are saying goodbye to each other.

Fry: Leela, maybe you could come back to mine for a bite to eat.

Leela: No, sorry Fry but I have other things to bite like non Bender Food.

Fry: I'll cook! I'll cook!

Leela: Sorry Fry (She gives hima kiss on the cheek and walks away)

Fry walks the opposite way. He talks to himself (out load)

Fry: Why can't I get her to like me sexually. I am all male, it's not like I'm a freak! I got to try something!

Later that night. Everyone in the whole of America is asleep. The sky turns from pitch black to red. Then a storm starts, people personalities are changing. Even Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Professor, Amy and Hermes, but it doesn't seem to work for Fry. What could Fry do, could he save the world ..... again?