Fan Fiction

The Day Love Stole Leela, part 1
By Cat1-Leela fan

This story continues from ‘Into the wild green yonder’

Leela and Fry tore themselves apart. The ship had got out of the worm-hole, but where?

“We survived!” Amy squealed and hugged Kif so tightly, his head swelled up. But suddenly, she pulled away. “Where are we, then?” Leela stood up and went to the radar. She sighed at the results. “I don’t know for sure, but somewhere near Tokon 9, in the Smirton galaxy I think” she shook her head. “The whole galaxy is basically a time portal back to 1 thousand years ago. I don’t know how we’ll ever make it back!” Leela started to cry. Fry went over to her and placed his arm around her shoulders.

“Hey! Don’t cry, Leela!” he wiped a tear off of her cheek “We’re together now, and that’s the only thing that counts. Nothing can tear us apart that easily!” he turned to face the rest of the gang, who were all looking very scared. “Now I can show you guys what it was like in my time!” he smiled at Leela, who was lapping up every word. “We must have heaps of cash with us! We can probably all afford a flat to share, so we can stay for a while…like a vacation! It’ll be fun!” Encouraged by Fry’s speech, Leela spoke up.

“Yeah! Fry is right! We should treat it as a vacation! Come on, let’s have some fun!” Fry held Leela tight as the rest of the gang cheered. Leaning down, he kissed Leela on the top of the head and went over to his coat, which was draped over Leela’s chair. He searched in the pockets and soon produced his wallet.

“I have $105.80 with me-my wages from Mr. Wong. Amy-you must have loads!” he looked at her. “Me and Kif have exactly $10,008.60 with us, and we’re willing to share. What about you, Leela?” Everyone’s attention suddenly focused on Leela, who was looking sadly at her purse. She sighed. “I only have m savings, and that’s all the money I own. It doesn’t amount to much” Fry sighed. “Leela, we would never ask you to give it all up! Just some, so we can have somewhere to stay” “UGHH! Fine! I’ll give you half! That’s $1,000,003.12. OK?” She looked over at Fry, who was speechless.

“Way to go, Eyeball! We could buy a house with that!” bender slapped her on the back. Fry sprang to life.

“I love you!” he said, and kissed her. Leela stroked his hair, pleased that she had made him happy. “I love you too!” she smiled, when Fry finally pulled away. The two laughed, and Zoidberg joined in, though not even Zoidberg knew why.